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  • I’ve been doing HIIT for just over a month now. I get in app. 36 minutes (with warm up and cool down) 2 or 3 times a week on my bike. I also cycle around functionally several times a week where I leasurely cycle at about 25km/hour and do a lot of stairs. Oh and the occasional swim. Does that put me in the Sedentary or Lightly Active category for my TDEE? I know people tend to overestimate their amount of exercice so I thought I’d ask the good folks over here.

    hmm i believe thas moderate exercise.. but i am no expert

    Hi Flemish:

    Given your other activity – walking around during the day, etc., it probably puts you in the Lightly Active category. If you go to my last post on this thread – – there are some general guidelines.

    Good Luck!

    HI Flemish..I luved it and u explained it so tdee is 2100 but I tend to eat 1500 or 1600 cause I am scared to eat more..its mental for me of being so over weight for so many yrs…I need only 15 pds more to be at my goal weight ..I havnt been there since I was 17..


    Hi @simcoeluv, I always love your posts, very informative and often very funny. They’ve been a huge help to me.

    Hi @lorraine11, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been trying to stay well below my sedentary TDEE as not to mess up my progress. I don’t mind things going slowly but we don’t want to sabotage our efforts now, don’t we? I’ve now calculated my lightly active TDEE but aiming to still stay under my sedentary TDEE – which is 300 calories under my lightly active TDEE – just not as steeply as before. So I can relax just a tad but know I’m still have calorific breathing space. congrats on almost getting there, I love hearing everyone’s success stories on here. I’m less than 8 lbs away from a BMI of 25 and less than 14 lbs from my 1st GW. Let’s keep on going, right? 😉

    Good morning. .I agree and congratulations to u..its amazing what we have accomplished. .and I believe in no time we will do it..having a great Saturday and keep me posted ..what r ur fasting days? Mine r Monday and Wednesday.


    I do Monday’s and Thursday’s. I’ve tried it a few times fasting with just one day in between but I felt they were a bit close and I started feeling a bit bloated by the end of the week, with 5 days of not fasting in between.

    I hope you had a great weekend.

    I started today again…I had a bad weekend and I even binged….but before u say anything I want u to know I am making progress. .I hadnt binged in a very long time…so I am gona keep going..I dont know why I did this..I been doing so good:( I am gona weigh in tomorrow after my first fasting day..hopefully I didnt do to much damage to me:( how was ur weekend?

    Lorraine xxxoooxxoo

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