Tall woman ? Can I eat more than 500 cal?

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Tall woman ? Can I eat more than 500 cal?

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  • Does being a tall woman (5 foot 11 inches) alter the amount of calories I can have on a fast day? I usually feel dizzy and have headaches.  I am taller than many men who will be allowed 600 cal.

    Hi jcrfastdiet, the calorie intake can very reasonably adjusted to 600 calories daily for you given your height, particularly if you are feeling dizzy. Also worth checking that you are drinking enough water as this can also cause dizziness and headaches. Good luck !

    Many thanks Michael. I’ll try eating a bit more and drinking a lot more. The diet is working well though (lost 6lb).

    Phew! Glad to have read this! I am female and 5’10” and kept meaning to ask if I could eat 600 because of the height thing. Although to be honest I’ve been eating a smudge over 500 (520 or so) on my fast days, all three of them so far!

    Just over three months on the fast diet and my husband and I have each lost a stone and feel healthier for it. The dizziness and headaches I suffered (referred to above) have long since gone. My body seems to have adjusted to the new regime. On fast days now I don’t weigh out and count calories just guess and our weights have stabilised to a comfortable level. My husband’s nightly heartburn has also disappeared – he thinks this is due to drinking more water as well as loosing weight.

    hi, I’m not tall but someone on the forum pointed me at this post as I was asking if I can increase calories a little on fast days if they need to fall on a day when I have a very physical job?! I work some of the time as a remedial/ sports massage therapist for horses & people & whilst I try & avoid having a fast day on those days, sometimes its unavoidable. Some days I may be massaging horses for 6-7 hours with only a short lunch break & when I have tried it on a fast day I havent managed & had to either abandon massaging & carry a few over to teh following day, or eat more later on in the day!

    I think it would help a lot if I can add an extra 100-150 or so calories, dont think I would need much. Or maybe I just need to stick it out & body learns to adjust?! I’ve been on the diet for 2-3 months & have lost almost a stone so far so its been working well & I do manage ‘normal’ exercise (i.e. 1hr gym, or 1hr cycling etc) fine on a fast day, just not a full days massaging…

    I am 6′ tall, 60, female and I now weigh 78 kilos. On height grounds, I have always eaten 600 cals on fast days and I probably would have failed if I’d had to manage on 500. I have lost 21 kilos since February on the 5:2 diet + moderate, regular exercise. I am now on 6:1 and I eat far fewer carbohydrates on ‘normal’ days than I used to as I have gone off eating stodge. I drink alcohol but try to keep it sensible. I feel immeasurably better and fitter than I did 9 months ago but I have no idea whether or not I am actually healthier as I’ve never had my cholesterol tested etc; maybe I should!

    I would agree with everyone’s comments about drinking plenty on fast days.

    Maybe someone more expert could advise Fiona6 but I would have thought that if you’re exercising so heavily you may still succeed while slightly exceeding the 500 cal limit. If your main goal is weight-loss, Fiona6, maybe you should just try it and see what happens. Good luck anyway.

    I am being a token man and sticking to 600 cals on my fast days!!

    no problem to take 500 cal.but need to exercise

    Hi all – Thanks for this. I’m another tall woman (5’11”), and was wondering how my partner (he’s 5’7″) can qualify for 600 calories yet I have to make do on 500 calories.

    My TDEE is 2052 per day.

    I usually find my fast days hover around 550, and that seems to work for me, but it’s good to know we can have a little more.

    The 500/600 calorie limits for FDs were based on the estimate that average TDEE for mens/women is 2000/2400 calories. A fast day is meant to be 25% of your TDEE.

    However, Michael Moseley has said in the media lately that some people had a great deal of trouble with such a small number of calories on FDs and his suggestion was to increase fast day calories by 200 calories. His belief was that if you find it easier to stick to, then you’ll keep going with intermittent fasting for longer.

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