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  • Decided to take up swimming. Spinal problems have become exacerbated recently, so will see if the buoyancy of the water makes it easier to take exercise. I dislike the water, and indeed was scared of it when young, and only learned to swim when in my late twenties. Also, hate myself in swimwear! So, taking my courage in both hands, am going to don a cozzie and take the plunge. Wish me luck! Happy fasting.

    How brave you are, toms. You tick all the same boxes as I would if I were thinking of swimming. I did learn to swim at age 11, but then every summer while at the grammar school I unfailingly got athlete’s foot or veruccas – my record was 9 in one go – so was never allowed back into the water.

    I have one other problem that makes swimming in public places a no-no for me – quite apart from scaring old ladies and small children with the sight of me in a cozzy. I’m so badly coordinated that while I stay afloat I only move very, very slowly which tends to annoy some of the gung-ho types.

    The only time I started to enjoy swimming was when we lived in Zurich and a friend got us membership to an up-market health club for a very reduced rate. There, they had a small pool about 25 metres in length. I managed to get there at a time of day when no one was around so I had the water to myself. After just managing 2 lengths to begin with, I worked my way up to 1 km, but it took me nearly an hour each time.

    I’m not whether I’ve got my facts right, maybe someone else can help, but might it be possible to do aerobic exercises in the water, taking advance of the bouyancy you mention, while still clutching the bar? I know some pools offer classes. Maybe there’s one around your way.

    Yes, well, considering a few one to one classes just to get me going again, Hermaj. Been a long time. Remember when I first learned, we had a holiday abroad and I spent two weeks under water! Anyway, have to find a new cozzie first. Not an easy task. Will post with my success or otherwise! Luckily the digging season is almost on us so the allotment will be getting it’s first visit this month. That’s great exercise, obviously, and enjoyable.

    Well, bought a cozzie so will get my daughter in law to book the lessons. Problem: having lost quite a lot of weight from my legs the thighs are – ugh! Do I just go for it, or waste my life worrying about what I look like in swimwear? At 60, does it really matter? This is what blokes don’t understand about being judged on how you look as a woman!

    Congratulations on buying a cozzy, toms. I sympathise with the yuck thighs, to which I myself can add obscene bingo wings and a tendency to look like the Michelin Man, at least around the middle.

    However, three things spring to mind:1) you may well see people of either gender who are in much worse nick than you and don’t give a toss; 2) while certainly blokes don’t understand how we feel about being judged on our looks, they in fact hardly notice our physical faults as they are too busy being blokey and worrying about their own bits and 3)it’s more likely to be another woman who makes snide comments about any wobbly bits. We aren’t always as sisterly as we’d like to think.

    Hi Hermaj. I agree with everything you say. I think I mean that previous experience has made me self conscious, so I suppose it’s my problem really. Well, deep breath and take the plunge! Love your style, by the way.

    I started 5:2 last June and have lost over 20kg so I felt confident enough to buy a new racer-back Speedo swimsuit, grabbed my goggles, fins , towel etc & headed off to the pool. I’ve always loved swimming – my favourite form of exercise as I HATE to sweat!! So far this week I’ve done freestyle sessions of 3.2km, 3.7km & 3km and I feel terrific.

    I agree with Hermaj – women are WAY worse than men. Don’t worry about it (says the chick who refused to don a cozzie 10-15kgs back). Your towel makes for good camouflage – just wrap it around you until you are ready to jump in then you can drop it and be in the water in the blink of an eye 😉

    Good Luck

    I’m in a same boat with you, I hate sweat! So swimming is just perfect! I also want to lose 20kg, but I’ve just started so I have a loooooong way to go:) I’m going swimming on my fast days so tuesday and friday 🙂 yesterday I did almost 2km in the pool, could have done more but my bad knee was getting tired (had surgery on it few years back). Hoping my knee gets better with everytime I go swimming.

    Good luck to everyone! We can do it:)
    -Husky xo

    Hey Husky,

    If you have a bad knee then swimming freestyle shouldn’t make it worse as you keep your legs straight – my knees are also susceptible to impact injuries etc but swimming doesn’t effect them negatively (I use short-blade fins). If you find it tiring then just drop the legs all together (or use a pull-buoy between them to prevent you kicking) & just exercise your upper body for a while while they rest.

    Cheers & Good Luck 🙂

    PS If you really want to drop 20kg then track every single calorie you eat and burn on Fast & Non-Fast Days. Only after you can accurately estimate your calories & the excess weight is gone can you really afford to follow this regimen without recording stringently.

    I go swimming three times a week and am learning the crawl. It’s been getting easier but I have to use a pull-buoy between my legs or I sink! Having said that, it means my arms get a great workout!
    I just received my now cozzie from a well-known on-line shop for women with big boobs. it’s brilliant!
    From hating peeling off my clothes and getting into a cozzie in the winter – I feel quite down if I can’t go now! I’m addicted!

    Ok, all these comments are very encouraging, so will start next week! Will report the results. Thanks.

    Well done toms – go for it!!

    Hi Chrissie,

    You’ll find that you won’t sink at all when you learn how to hold your torso and head when stroking. If you crane your neck & lift your head out of the water then you will sink – just watch any kids learn to swim class (this used to happen to my son all the time when he was learning). Try using short-blade fins. They provide a good line for your legs by forcing you to use them correctly (as long as you don’t flex your knees to kick but use the whole leg) and provide good resistance as well.

    Cheers & Good Luck 🙂

    Console yourself with the thought that you can’t possibly look worse than a pal of mine – he caused a bit of a stir at the local pool when he arrived at the poolside … he’d forgotten to put his dookers on …

    Hey Ripcurlgirl
    I haven’t had any problems with my knee now that I’ve started swimming,it feels good :)And yeah when I feel that my legs or knee gets tired I change my swimming style and let them rest for a while.
    And about the losing 20kg,I’m working really hard for it,I have a food diary where I write everything I eat everyday. It’s pretty useful, you can see exactly what you eat and how much and you’ll see if you’re eating too much or too little, I highly recommend everyone to have a food diary 🙂

    Hello liesl1303, that must have been a sight for sore eyes!

    Husky, kept a food diary when I first began fasting, but have lapsed. May start again because it did help a lot.

    toms- have you taken the plunge yet? I am cheering for you!

    Piper, hi. Am going with my daughter in law at first, so it will be when she can fit it in for the first few times. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long off! Hope you are finding being smoke free ok. I stopped smoking about 30 years ago, but it two me 2 attempts. It is well worth it though. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Well, first session booked for Friday morning. Eek!

    thanks for all posting this information is very important for my and help full

    How’s the swimming going Tom? I’m new to the site but I’ve been swimming to help with my weight loss as well. I really enjoy it and go twice a week in a 25m pool, I spend an hour doing 80 lengths. I was self conscious about going swimming at first but once you realise most of the people at the pool are in the same situation as you its all good. I’ve even made some friends randomly chatting to others as we take a breather from the exercise.
    Someone once told me that swimming wasn’t good for weight loss but I can’t agree with that as we’re exercising all out body in the water, so far it’s working for me so I’m a very happy lady.

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