Summer gets to keep my fat!

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Summer gets to keep my fat!

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  • I started my weight loss journey a year ago, did not follow the plan and plateaued and then of course stopped. I got inspired again the last week of Feb this year. Started at a little above 216lbs though I didn’t write it down at the time because at the time I was worried I would fail and it would be easier if I didn’t write it down. I did weigh myself though. I started with IF in March. I started with 16:8 daily fasting. It wasn’t working fast enough…less than a pound a week and I have about 90lb to lose. So anyway, by mid April I had graduated to 18:6 and in early May I was up to 20:4. It was then easy to just do one meal after I got used the 20:4. All in all I had lost 10ish lbs in 10 weeks. Which isn’t horrible, but I expected more since I have been doing IF for 10 weeks. I thought when I went 22:2 that I would really see the weight change, but 2 weeks in and I was the same (no patience because it was too extreme for me). I then was schooled on how to properly do 5:2 here. I started with in on May 18. Decided I wanted to do 4:3 because I have a lot to lose. On my fast days I have around 500-600 calories at the end of a 24 hour no-food fast. I don’t count my calories on non-fast days but stay within my limits as I have calorie counted before and can guesstimate.
    So, what are the results of just 1 week 4:3??? 3 lbs!!!
    Current weight 202.6
    Looking forward to a great summer shedding weight. I can do this!

    Great job, PinkQueen!
    Cannot wait to hear more about your success. πŸ™‚

    Sounds good πŸ™‚ 5:2 doesn’t quite work for me any more so most days I do essentially 23:1 – I only eat dinner and it’s working well. This weekend I’ve been having just breakfast and then fasting again until dinner. Although my other half decided sangria was a suitable bank holiday drink! The diet starts again Tuesday :p

    Good luck!

    Thanks again coldpizza.
    Atcgirl, are you counting calories for the one dinner meal? I was wondering if you were doing 500.

    No. When I did 5:2 I’d just have a 500 calorie dinner. Now that 5 days a week I only have dinner, I eat what I fancy.

    Feeling guilty today, a non-fast day, but I ate some movie popcorn 🀐


    Popcorn is low calories compare to french fries or chips. It is better choice than bread or cake. So – no worries! πŸ™‚
    I probably need to buy some for home instead of cookies.

    I am sure the movie popcorn was over the top πŸ˜† But thanks for trying. Today I feel frustrated because I have not seen my low of last week again and it’s frustrating because I am wondering if it was a scale malfunction. I really think I need to stop weighing myself. It is driving me crazy to see higher than lows, but at the same time it assures me I am staying on a losing trend…

    Popcorn is fairly low GI if memory serves…

    I hope so, didn’t check, but that movie popcorn had a ton of oil that my teen could not stop pumping into it, lol. Lately I feel less enthusiastic about my diet. It feel like I am on the edge and waiting to fall. It’s been 14 weeks and about 13 lbs. Not easy since my kids are home all summer and I see so much fresh fruit. I am indulging in the fruit and just counting the calories on my FD’s. My downfall is white buttercream vanilla cake. I can eat a whole cake and gain several pounds when I binge. I need to stay away from cake during this weak moment. Good news is that today is a NFD. Yesterday was a FD and I had a surprise visitor for dinner and was very careful with my portion size. Originally I was just going to eat way less, but I had to sit down and have a meal. I think I did well though even though it was hard to count the calories in the stew. I had just a palm-full and one tortilla. I skipped the rice and chips with salsa and just put the salsa on my meat.

    Love the name of your thread! I hope you stick with it & see great progress by autumn/winter.

    One pound a week is nothing to sneeze at! In one year, you could be 52 pounds lighter… without ridiculous sacrifice (can still enjoy tastes of your favorite foods on non-fast days!)

    Wishing you loads of success!

    HappyMargo, you are right. I could choose to stay the same weight or be 52 pounds lighter. Defiinitely choose the 52 lbs lighter! Thanks πŸ˜€

    Happily completed a 37:45 hour fast with just a splash of milk in my coffee. Weighed in at just 1 lb loss in 2 weeks. Not great, but I think I have been way too sedentary and it is affecting my weight loss. I am going to stay positive and continue 4:3. On I trudge.

    Congrats PinkQueen! Very impressive, especially with kids in the house.
    HappyMargo is so right. It helps to see ahead a little bit and see the results of our sacrifices in a long run.
    And really – the cake is not even yammy or tasty if you think how it trigger your insulin level (I watched too many Dr. Fung’s youtube lectures!). πŸ™‚

    Coldpizza, I was pretty happy I completed the fast, seemed I was in the right frame of mind. I can’t hope to do it too often I think. Hopefully it helps me get to 1 lb a week at the least! I am so sedentary and lately I have been going to 700 calorie fast days, no bueno. That is why I decided I at least need to do one water fast a week. Plus two 500 (read 700 πŸ˜‚) fast days. So, a 4:3 continuation but with a slight customization. I think this will work for summer. It helped that I took the kids out and about town and kept us busy. If I can make it over the 1-3pm hump, I am okay.

    Well done, PinkQueen!

    I also fasted yesterday and did not eat until morning. Today is non-fast day, my yogurt and cottage cheese for breakfast tasted so good after 36-hour fast. πŸ˜€

    We can do it!

    So today started a little shaky. It’s a fast day, but all I could think about were left overs in the fridge from last night. I ate too much yesterday as it was, so I didn’t want to skip today’s FD. I all of the sudden decided to distract myself with some cleaning and it worked. I took a shower, felt fresh and great. The only thing that has me slightly bummed is that the scale hasn’t tipped below 200 yet and I have been pretty good the last few weeks. I feel like I should be there this week, I really hope so. I was at about 201.6 a few days ago. I weigh myself daily, but ever since I started my diet, it always goes up and down so much. I think because I am carrying so much extra weight that I retain more water than normal. I can go up 5 lbs from my weekly low almost every day of the week, and thats morning weight before any liquids. Then after a good fasting day, I will be back to my low again. I hope the 5 lb fluctuation is decreased as I lose weight. I remember when I was in my normal weight range that it was more like 3 lb fluctuation.

    Coldpizza, yes, one problem I have now use that I have become more selective with my food. I no longer crave crap, but I still crave rich foods and some simple carbs like flour tortillas. I noticed I crave rich dairy way more than I ever did and they have become more satisfying. I want sharp cheddar with olives and fruit pairings. I feel like my tastes have been heightened, food tastes better! I am enjoying more natural foods and ignore boring Little Caesar’s type pizza or cold sugary cereals. I used to eat those a lot, all my life as a matter of fact.
    I think I shall go make myself an iced herbal tea ☺️

    Completed a 37.5 hour fast again! I can definitely do this once a week plus 2 additional 500-700 calorie days. I love the flexibility that I have on this diet. Another lb gone this week! Next week I will be breaking below 200!!! so happy, it’s been 6 years since I was in the 190’s.
    So, with my Fasting app, I was calculating how many weeks it would take me to be at my weight from when I was 18. 70 weeks at 1 lb loss a week. Which seems like forever, but by some crazy coincidence, that is the same month that my family & I were planning a trip to Disney! What a fantastic way to celebrate 17 years of weight struggle finally gone!! Now I definitely have to set that trip in stone πŸ˜ƒ

    Great job!!!!

    I screw up mine fast and ate normal food and sweets that co-worker brought. πŸ™
    Will try again tomorrow.

    Well Coldpizza, how far are you from your goal weight?

    Hello, I’ve enjoyed reading your progress and how flexible 5-2 can be so here is my story

    Started Feb 2015 the day after my birthday, was going to wait till the Monday but felt so bloated and fed up decided to jump on in.
    First weigh in I was 196lb, my doctor had already pointed out to me that my weight was not good for my rising blood pressure and risked having to take medication…..didn’t want to go down that route.
    Throughout the year I lost steadily, not huge amounts but I was still pleased to be able to see the scales go in the downwards direction. By the end of September I had lost 27lb and felt great, however I sort of got a little complacent and thought I could drop a couple of FD here and there.
    Fast forward to Jan 16 the scales had increased by 7lb, so back on the 5-2 train for me.
    I’ve stuck with it with some weeks harder than others, I’ve also been to France for a week and enjoyed the lovely food and wine.
    So six months on and I lost another 10lb with a total loss of 31lb and can now fit into size 14 (UK size) jeans (used to wear size 18)
    Don’t give up keep going, my loss is very slow in comparison to some but I’ve decided I’m not in a race and if it takes me another 12 months to lose to get into the 150’s then that’s OK for me

    I need to lose about 25 lb till my goal of 118-120 lb. Now my weight varies from 143-145 lb. My official heaviest healthy weight is 144 (which I just recently hit), so my mini goal is always stay below, and get to under 140 hopefully soon. I started at 163 lb in January. I am hoping to get to my goal during 2016.

    Unfortunately, sometimes I need some kicks since I am not very disciplined. I screw up another fast yesterday. So trying for the third time today. Scale was evil today putting me in overweight category again (145) and I hope it will be my needed kick and will encourage me to stay fasting till tomorrow’s morning.

    What is your final goal?

    Nice story. You are right, the diet gives us a lot of flexibility, and ability to continue after some blips. Congrats on your success and new slimmer sizes! It is amazing and so encouraging to see how wonderfully this process works for everybody. Sometimes slow process is actually better, it gives time for the body to adjust to new “normal” weight. I always lose some, and then plateau for a while (I call it stabilizing ). The important part is that overall the weight is going down.

    Stay strong and continue! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the encouragement πŸ™‚ I like that this diet feels like it’s broken up. So if you are bad, it’s okay because you can just fast tomorrow 😁 So many options, though I have enjoyed the MWF model, gives me some structure. today was my grandmother’s birthday, I accidentally forgot it was a FD and had a small slice of cake. I have no idea how many calories it was and hope it wasn’t too bad 😦. I checked calorie approx for a small piece of white cake and it said 200 calories. I will estimate it at 300 to be on the safe side. After my 300 calorie lunch I went over the 500 calories a bit, but I already have that worked into my plan, so all is good!
    Coldpizza, My goal is to make it to my healthy weight range for my height which is around 128 if I remember correctly. My goal is to make it to at least 130, which was my weight when I got married. I always felt more comfortable at 120, but I don’t want to think of that hurdle just yet. First, make it to healthy weight! I am 5’1″, so I think my healthy low is 105. Though I could not imagine being that thin.

    Here is Saturday and I just completed another 36 hour fast on only 40 calories of half & half in my coffee. I felt good yesterday fasting, no cravings whatsoever. I just didn’t feel like eating.
    Scale says 200! So close!

    Great job! I little bit more and you will have “1” as a first digit. So excited and thrilled for you!!! πŸ™‚

    I did not complete any 36 hour fasts last week, but I did several 22-24 hours fasts. Additionally, my Saturday and Sunday usually filled with food, but now we are so busy with cleaning up the old house on weekends, that we (my husband and I) don’t really have time to eat. So my Monday morning scale was surprisingly nice. πŸ™‚

    22+ hour fasts are effective too. They were just too hard for me to maintain. Found it easier to strive for the 24 than mandate it πŸ™‚ I will say that the 20+ hour fasts are what got me to the stage I am now. Seems like I can easily go a day now without food, after many months of practicing fasting, just comes natural.
    Glad the scales are being good to us this week, I am just glad that we are seeing them move down! For a few weeks there I was discouraged, now I know, it was just a little mound to get over, onwards and upwards over the real hill! Happy Fast day! 🌟

    Copied from another area (side effects). My post
    The only thing I can think is that since the weather is hot, that I am really hot, but since my extremities are running cold, I get this weird sensation of cold within hot! The only feeling I can compare it to is when your limbs are exposed to too much cold and your body is trying really hard to warm them, so you feel cold on the outside, but hot sensations on the inside…well, the opposite of that. Weird that this is far into my diet and I am just now experiencing this (all this past week). Anyone else? Like I don’t recall having cold limbs before and I have been losing weight for months. I am actually taking in MORE calories on my non-fast days than I need, so, what gives?”
    Now, I felt like this prior post of mine is important to yesterday’s fast day. Yesterday was a 36 hour liquid fast of less than 150 calories. As I said, my temps have felt weird, so I took my temp late last night and I was approx. 97.5 in both infrared and oral thermometer… Weird right? If I am burning more calories, shouldn’t I be hot? Well, it is a welcome symptom in the sweltering south.

    Victory! I hit my first big milestone of 199!! It has not been extremely easy but way easier then other weight-loss methods. I am currently practicing 4:3 with 2 liquid
    fast days instead of the 500 calorie. Monday and Friday are my liquid-fast days. My Wednesday is my 500 cal day but I usually take in a little more than 700. The other days I have pretty much stopped worrying about calorie counting and I indulge in foods I like in moderation. So happy to have finally hit below 200. I still have a long road ahead but not a bad road.
    Update on my temperature, on fast days, specifically liquid fast, my temperature drops to the 97 range. Still not sure how normal this is.
    Also, highly recommend the Fasting Secret app on iOS, keeps track of my fasts, plans future fasts, keeps track of weight, measurements, etc. lots of features, go Pro to avoid ads.

    Immensely enjoying the ability to cross my legs πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Š…that is all! Oh no wait, getting rid of my 2x clothes is the cherry on top!

    Hooray for PinkQueen!!!
    That is a huge milestone indeed! Congratulations!!! πŸ˜€
    Can I give you a hug? Here it comes: HUUUUUG! πŸ˜€

    I was not very good lately, and today my scale was laughing at me. Emergency fasting today. I will show the scale who is the boss!

    Lol, I just came from replying to your thread asking you how you were doing. Today I wanted to do a full fast, but I decided to ease back as I have been feeling deprived a little and I binge the next day. I will leave it at 2 liquid fasts a week for the time being with a reduced calorie day in the middle of the week. Today I am going to have lunch with my mom at a Chinese place…better find something low calorie and filling πŸ™‚

    coldpizza-Oh and thanks for the hug!! *Hugs you back*

    Guess what – I screw up my fasting yesterday. Fasting today. I really needed it because the scale was not just laughing, but it was kind of mean. :-G

    My mom is coming to visit me on Saturday, she will stay for month and a half. It will be fun to lose some weight together with her. πŸ˜€

    Coldpizza, hey, just continue with the shorter fasts more frequently, you know you can do it…look where you came from! I noticed that you mentioned the evenings are hard for you, consider soup broth, a few calories really help me pull through the 36 hours. In my case I use a few tablespoons of half& half in my large iced coffee (40 calories) but it makes a world of difference for me. I have done soup broth when I feel hungriest and want to fill up. 20-40 calories of broth continues the liquid fast and helps you feel content, hope this helps!

    Today the scale was nice to me 198.4! So I finish June with a loss of 4.6 lbs! My next mini goal is to be far enough from 200 so that even on my “heavy” days, I still don’t touch 200! Probably need about 5 lbs to go for that πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for the tips, I will try those.
    I feel determined so far to keep 36 hours no-calories, but I keep broth in my fridge for evening if needed.
    Yes, I also would like to lose 5 lb in July. We can do it!

    My mom is usually more discipline than me, and could keep me away from food. I will discuss with her our strategies, and hopefully I could do 1 or even 2 fasts per week during her visit.

    PinkQueen– how exciting that you have dropped into WonderLand (One-derLand?) Out of the 2’s & into the 1’s.

    You sound so strong on your Fast Days. I still struggle…start out strong, then once I eat something, anything, It gets the appetite revved up! I’m working toward no food, just liquids, on Fast Days. It’s really helping reading your progress & tips!

    Thank you for posting your ideas. I’m happy for your success so far. Will keep an eye on you for more inspiration.

    Another fast gone by, I stopped at 35 hours because I wanted some food with my coffee, and why not, I had a good weigh-in! 198! What a beautiful number, by this time next year I will be less than 150! Yesterday afternoon was a little difficult, mostly because I didn’t have much to keep me busy, the key to fasting is staying busy. My next 36 hour fast was supposed to be on Monday, but I have to move it because that is the 4th of July…we will see how this works out. I am thinking of just switching my Monday and Wednesday so that Monday is my 500-800 calorie day.
    Last night I took a detox bath for the first time, can’t say I loved lying in the water for so long.

    HappyMargo- not every fast day is easy, but I never regret pushing through. I understand about the start eating, that is why I got rid of the “500” calorie recommendation, more work than just not eating. I do take in on average 40 calories of liquid calories during the 36-hour fast, which helps keep me on track without spiking my insulin levels (no sugar)! Yesterday it was less than 30 calories, maybe I needed a few more and that is why it was more difficult. Thanks for cheering me on, it really helps πŸ™‚
    Weight 198

    I must summon some strength today. It has been an emotionally difficult day for me and I am not looking forward to the rest of the week. I am not going to bother weighing myself for a while as I know it might send me on a binge or cause me more harm than good. On the bright side, my blood pressure is looking great. Being the 4th of July I decided not to fast today. I hope tomorrow looks better and that my week does not go downhill. I am just not in a good frame of mind and I expect that recent personal and family issues won’t let up so easily. I need some strength to stay on the wagon.

    Stay strong! Hugs to you. πŸ˜€

    Coldpizza, thanks for the cheer!

    Yesterday for the 4th I had a big double meat, double cheeseburger on Texas toast from Sonic Drive-in…it was so worth it to fast today for 36 hours, lol….did I forget to mention I had fries and a strawberry sundae with sweet tea on the side?! Oh my, πŸ˜‚…
    I never do that, this was an exception…


    Oh PinkQueen…I miss Sonic so much, I wish one was closer to me. Well, sometimes I do….I would probably overdose on Limeades, burgers and shakes. So yummy.

    Have a great day today!


    I recently, on my way to work stopped at Whataburger (normally i never eat there), and bought burger with fries and cola (and I don’t drink soda). I don’t know why, it was impulsive decision.

    It did bring me some happiness, I really enjoy my “rebel” against healthy eating. The warmth and heaviness in my stomach was an unusual sensation, and I decided not to panic when the next day the scale was not nice. But the next fast fixed the problem quickly. I love the diet, when you can do occasionally stuff like that, and still lose overall. πŸ˜€

    It’s funny that you mention “heaviness”…since I’ve been really paying attention to my diet for over a year now I noticed that I can no longer…SERIOUSLY eat McDonalds or Burger King anymore. I literally get sick. If I eat at Sonic or someplace like that (Oh Hardee’s…how I have missed you.) I’m OK…but I can no longer handle the big chain places anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Theo527 I love Sonic, but try to get a Jr burger when my family goes there. I stay away from shakes as much as possible . I think the heaviness comes from the system overload. I don’t usually eat McDonalds so I can’t comment, but these days it is hard for me to overdo it because I eat as moderately as possible and try to stay away from fast food. I will have it maybe 2-3 times a month max.
    Coldpizza, I love Whataburger, but we hardly ever have it, maybe once a year, the nearest location is just not convenient for us.

    I finally weighed in this morning, I only lost .3 of a lb the last 12 days. I have done very well with my fast days but I went on vacation and ate lots of delicious food and sugary mixed drinks. I am happy I did not gain weight! I got to indulge and be worry free when it came to food, no more stressing about my food choices. I love it! So, I am still down, just not as much, but boy did I enjoy my 3 day vacation to San Antonio….which even included The Cheesecake Factory!
    Keep Calm and keep on fasting πŸ™‚

    Did my Saturday weigh-in. I like to weigh myself after a 36 hour fast. I was a lot lower than I expected, it has to be scale malfunction. I mean I know I was retaining some water the last week and a half, but even if I was losing weight as expected, I would be at about 196. But today I was at 194.8. (Weighed myself 20 times)
    I don’t like these weird dips because I worry they are fake, it happened to me in May and took me weeks to “get over” that I indeed needed to ignore the scale for that reading…I didn’t see it again for 2 weeks. Well I need to stop overthinking. I am doing it now.
    I’ll take it as good news, lol. πŸ˜‰
    Weigh-in 194.8

    PinkQueen! I am so happy for you! I was upset with my own weight-in today (I do it on Mondays), so your great news cheered me up. Fasting today.

    Coldpizza-yup, some weigh ins are going to be upsetting or lukewarm, but we are nonethe less at a better place because we are fasting. I remind myself of the other health benefits, my blood pressure looks so great! For a decade I struggled with pre hypertension readings, not anymore!
    Today is a fast day for me too, enjoying a large iced coffee with 1 Tbsp. of half & half.
    Keep Calm and keep on fasting, you are so much closer to your goal weight than me! But I am so happy, not because I am delusional about the long journey ahead, but because I know it is a sure thing.

    Yesterday’s fast went well, and my scale is happy. I am a little bit stuck lately: during fasting going down, during non-fasting going up, but the average is about the same. I wish to make push down more. Need to watch what I eat during NF days.

    You are right, we are here for a long run. Losing weight and gaining health benefits! πŸ™‚

    Yeah, my fast went well too, but I didn’t move on the scale. I will conclude the scale is hateful, lol. I should have drank more water, I was dehydrated yesterday but because my back was very sore I didn’t want to get up and use the restroom, hence I drank not much water. I believe it really helps keep the flow of toxins out and it is very cleansing to drink more water, but sometimes we can’t be perfect. So, I am drinking a large ice water right now before I have my morning coffee.

    I have had an off week. I threw out my back and have not moved much. I feel bloated from carbs and sitting/lying all day. No weight loss last weigh in. Wondering if I should add back in my Wednesday 500-700 calorie Fast Day which I dropped because I was a little tired of fasting 3 times a week. Currently only fasting Monday and Friday, complete liquid fast of about 40 calories. I think overeating and not moving just made me feel off and not good. I need to reign in and fast a little more, that is when my body feels best. Currently having coffee and watching the news, which is quite crazy these days. Of course I feel the news is only a reflection of what we attract into being, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We are one. Have an awesome day and keep
    Your chins up.

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