Summer gets to keep my fat!

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Summer gets to keep my fat!

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  • Another upsetting scale weigh-in…I am going to ignore it and keep on keeping… πŸ˜‘

    Yes, just keep fasting and watching TDEE for non-fasting day. This will move the scale eventually. Thinking of you and sending you hugs.

    It’s been a tough fasting day. Some days of fasting are just tougher than others. I have stayed strong and only had 30 calories of milk.
    Coldpizza, I am no longer counting my calories because I am actually conducting an experiment. I want to see if I can lose weight with just 2- 36 hour liquid (ultra low calorie) days a week. I want my daily calorie counts to vary to keep my body from getting used to a certain calorie count…I want it just to be what I eat on a normal day on any given week. I know it might sound confusing, I just want to stretch the limits and see if I can still lose weight with the least restriction possible. I know the other day I know I was bloated even after a 36 hour fast and that is why I was weighing heavy, just trying to figure out what was causing the bloat. I think it was artificial sweetener to be honest. I usually stay away from it but I had quite a bit during that time. I felt so much better on the eating day afterwards when I had zero artificial sweetener, I was actually less bloated, but then of course I had food in my system so I could not accurately weigh myself. I am also having issues with my scale and am wondering how best to take care of that as it consistently gives me bogus readings. Hopefully tomorrow will be a new low, we shall see, I won’t beat myself up if it is not, but definitely a week from now if I don’t have a new low then I will have to add another fasting day.
    Luck to us both!

    OK so I finally figured out that I need at least three fasting days a week to lose the weight I want to lose at the speed I want to lose it. Averaging out that weight loss from my last 6- 36-hour fasts the weight loss is .42 lbs…so if I want to lose at least a pound a week I need to lengthen my current fasts or add a fast. For some reason my last few fast have been very hard. The thoughts of food have weighed heavy on my mind constantly. Today I will be picking up some new teas. I have had none recently that might help.
    As I thought, my low of 194.8 was a fluke. On the bright side I am still losing. So July was a little low weightloss wise as I started out at 198. No days in July did I implement my Wednesday fast, so I totalled 9 days fasting for an average of 36 hours with only a dash or 2 of cream in my coffee. 9 days is a big sacrifice for less than 3 pounds and I will make sure it does not happen again I know I must have overindulged.
    Weight 195.2 lbs

    Three days fasting is tough!! I admire your strength and determination.
    I am making some bad choices this and last weeks. Ate some sweets, did not complete fasting. Trying to push myself back to the schedule… Your post actually help me. Somehow I feel ashamed that you are trying 3 fasts per week to get the results, and I am skipping my 2 days fasts… Ok-OK, will try not to eat today for a while. Black coffee only. Will see how long I could last. :-\

    Congrats on losing some more!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement. I think the reason my last several fasts have been hard is because of carbs. It is easier to fast when the day before I had little to no carbs. Having carbs before a fast day just makes me hungrier! I really don’t want to go to 3 fasts a week, seems harsh…but I need to do something…maybe lengthen fasts to 48 hours instead? It’s a thought. Hang in there, the struggle is real!
    My next goal is 190 and I want to reach it by the end of August! 😊

    I survived 3 fasting days, though I don’t think I will make a habit of it as it interferes too much with family time. It can be stressing to my family to eat so many meals without me. 2 days a week seems good. I think I will make my regular 36 hour fasts a little longer to accommodate my sometimes going over my daily calories on non fast days. I am glad I threw in that third day this week because I went nuts on Tuesday. I don’t know what happened, but I ate and drank like there was no tomorrow. Sometimes that happens.
    I blame the mixed drinks.
    Anyways, good weigh-in.
    I decided I was going to reward myself for every 10 pounds I lose. I made a list of some things I have been wanting like a new lipstick, a purse perfume, jeans, blush, etc. I figure when I reach 190 that I can pick one! I think I will go with the perfume first (Victoria’s Secret Rapture Purse Perfume). 4.4 lbs to go πŸ˜‰
    Weight: 194.4

    I must add that with my month long experiment of fasting 2 times a week (36hrs) still resulted in Weightloss, but less than when I was adding in a mid-week 500-800 calorie day. My weight loss dropped to half. I really do need that nudge to hold myself accountable for more than just 2 days. I see how many people can be on Fast Diet (5:2) and not lose weight. I know the book says you can, but I really think they underestimate how much we truly eat sometimes. 😝

    THREE FASTING DAYS!!! Wow!!! Great Job!!!

    Coldpizza- Thanks πŸ˜‰
    Today I am trying a 48 hour fast but it is harder since coffee without milk or with just a splash of cream is starting to gross me out. My go to has been black coffee but it’s getting hard. Maybe I should switch to green tea, but I am afraid that will be the same. I am addicted to caffeine so going without is a bit torturous!! πŸ˜‚
    I started my fast yesterday at 1 pm….I almost broke down today after cooking some delicious parmasean and garlic angel hair pasta….it smells Devine with bacon and lime! Look at me I am writing poetry about food πŸ˜…

    I can make it til tomorrow, yes I can! That will make up for no mid week fast this week. My only issue is that I am currently bloated, nothing I can do about that…so I can’t weigh myself 😩

    Okay, so I fell short of my 48 hour fast and did 43.6 hours. I said I couldn’t weigh myself because I was bloated (not good for morale) and I still snuck a peak. 😣
    I weighed more than before starting the fast, lol…no food by the way…why did I weigh myself? 😑 I shouldn’t have done it, oh well. I have the weekend off…no more fasting. I must say that the 40+ hour fast is mentally taxing for me.

    Ugh, another after-fast weigh-in and still no Weightloss. More like weight gain. I don’t feel like I have gained weight and I don’t think I have, but the scale does not lie, I learned how to calibrate it.
    It’s been several weeks with this slump. I am trying to figure out how best to tweak my diet to make it as easy as possible and so far I can only think that I MUST add in a 3rd fast day. I don’t know why I was doing fine for months and the past month I have thrown more fast hours in and I have lost less weight.
    There are a few things it might be.
    -I am leaving my non-fast day eating window too long…it used to be something I paid attention to and tried to keep to 8-9 hour feeding window.
    -Alchoholic drinks are adding too many calories
    -not drinking enough water.
    I know I am over eating on non-fast days, that is why I do more strict fasting (less than 100 calories liquid on fast days) versus eating 500 calories. I am thinking the no regards to eating window has hurt me the most. But I am not over indulging or going crazy. I don’t even eat till full…which in itself might be a problem since I go back to eat later. Back to 8-hour window. πŸ˜‘

    Did you recalculate your TDEE?
    The more we lose,the less we supposed to eat. [this feels soooo unfair though!!]

    In order to consume less calories on non-fast days, I started to eat more soups – they have more liquid, and less calories, but still manage to fill me up.

    Unfortunately, I also has to watch out what I eat. The idea that I can eat whatever I want during non-fast days is not working anymore. I still have some days when I “rebel” and eat whatever I want, but I definitely not losing for those days and even could gain some. Still, it helps to get out some “build-up steam”. When I fast two days, and do not overeat – I lose.

    I am trying to regulate my rebellious outbreaks. For example – if I reach my goal, I could eat 3 day whatever I want. Then work on the next goal.
    Good thing that we have plenty of time, and overall we are going right direction! πŸ™‚

    I am sure that you will figure out what works best for you and will continue your success story! πŸ˜€

    So I went to the TDEE calculator to calculate for where I want to be and not for where I am and my TDEE
    would be less than 1400 calories !!

    Hi Pink:

    Here is some information on plateaus that might help:

    Good Luck!

    What a great idea to calculate TDEE at the goal weight. Mine is also below 1400. Urgently adjusting my calories intake. It will take a while to get used to that small amount of calories, but I will never need to adjust it anymore. πŸ˜€

    Fasting today. My first fast after my Mom left. It is harder for me to do it alone. Join me?

    I got the TDEE idea from someone else, can’t remember, think it started with an f. It certainly is a better plan that can help us get where we need to get sooner. Coldpizza, About the work snacks, don’t take money! πŸ™ƒ
    Yesterday I skipped dinner and I feel that will be key to getting back on track, to skip some meals even on my non-fast days. I was doing it before, don’t know why I went back to having 3 full meals a day on most non-fast days. That is the reason my Weightloss slowed down and it took me a while to figure it out, lol.
    Fasting today to help support Coldpizza and to help lose a stick of butter πŸ™‚β˜ΊοΈ

    Yes, the scale moved down!! Just completed a 41-hour no food fast and finally my weight moved! Well it’s not that’s it’s been so long, it’s the amount that I am excited about.
    Weight 193.4 Not too shabby!
    I had a big home cooked breakfast this morning…so worth the wait.
    Coldpizza, hope you stuck it out!!
    Simcoeluv, thanks for the link, I followed it a few days ago, great reading πŸ˜‰

    This has not been a great week…just an okay one. I only did one fast last week and this week I have not been able to keep to my daily window. I blame the disruption of back to school. :/

    Ashamed, that I did not stick around… πŸ™
    Gain a lot… maybe that will make me angry and strong enough to complete the fast.

    The last several weeks I have lost nothing. Not sure why it has been harder for me than before. I may be eating more on non-fast days an not realizing it. I am still fasting 2 days a week with 35-150 liquid calories from creamer in my coffee. I thought about extending my fasting time, but I don’t feel happy doing that. I trust that next week I will finally see the scale dip below 193. Think this was just a bump in the road.

    I did forget to mention that I have lost some inches overall in the last 40 days, even though I have supposedly only lost about one pound. I am still smaller in body measurement. So that is good news.πŸ€—

    Only I could make it possible to fast for 2 non-consecutive days a week and only maintain!!! UGH! People who are not losing weight, I feel you and your frustration. There are some of us that can defy normal, or at least what the Fast Diet book considers normal. Honestly I am not going out and just eating whatever I want on non-fast days, but obviously my body just encourages me to overeat. I don’t feel like I am overeating, but there’s is no other explanation. 😑😑😑😑

    Okay, I am back!! I have been on a crazy carb fest for many weeks and although I have been fasting, I have lost no weight and probably gained weight. Not only that, I have a cavity which I am deathly scared of because it is in a spot in which I would not like to have further damage. There is research that suggests that bread, grains are horrible for tooth decay, more so than sugar. So, I guess as an experiment I will again go on a low carb version of 5:2. I have no choice. I can not let this tooth decay happen. It will be hard for me, but I have to try. I need to increase my fruit, veggie and meat intake so that I do not crave bread and cake.
    This is what I need to do to start losing weight again.
    It is Monday, I am fasting today and I only had about 100 calories of milk in my coffee. I shall stay strong the rest of the day as usual and fast, but tomorrow I will NOT start chewing on carbs as I have all month. I will stay away from donuts and pure candy. I will stay away from grains. I will also start posting again as I have been staying away because I have not lost any weight and probably put some on to be honest.
    I usually fast on Monday and Friday, this might change, I am thinking of doing Monday and Thursday.
    I will post my weigh in tomorrow and hope that I have not gained a horrible amount.
    Cakes and donuts are the devil and killed my diet!

    My halted weight loss mystery is solved! I started to suspect that even though the scale wasn’t moving that I must be losing weight because I was still fasting and I didn’t feel I was eating so much that it would negate 2 (36 hour) liquid fasts a week. I stared to pay attention to my diet and knew carbs were giving me false water weight even after fasting because I was way overdoing it with carbohydrates…all kinds.
    So, my weight had not moved in 6 weeks and I was still fasting! I kept at it knowing something might be happening behind the scenes or it might just be a slight plateau. Finally today after cutting back on carbs since Monday, the loss shows on the scales!!! 2.4 lbs loss.

    Weight 191 lbs.

    Carbs are definitely slowing weight loss and I take note and will be cutting back like I was back in the Spring when I had more consistent weekly weight loss.

    Oh, those carbs!!! – Love hate story! You cannot live without them, you cannot lose with them! Vicious cycle.

    So agree with you PinkQueen. Carbs are giving us a hard time. I just could not resist them. The more you are into them, the harder it is to get out. I am back now and starting all over again after submitting for a while to carbs attack. I gain some of my hard-lost pounds back, and now trying cut carbs intake to a minimum.

    I am so glad that you continue fasting and fighting carbs temptation. Congrats on you loss. πŸ™‚

    Thanks coldpizza. The carbs are evil! I try to just have a little and then eat a lot. I have still done my fast days but have not posted because my wrist is injured and it hurts to exert my wrist too much.
    On a happy note, I bought Jason Fungs New book release and I am reading that. It is encouraging me to try a week long fast! We shall see.

    Been unable to update.i have been pretty good with fasting, but stresses making me over eat carbs. Today is election day and all I can think about is eating!!! Though today was supposed to be a fast day because I skipped yesterday’s. Ugh….

    Nice to hear from you, PinkQueen!

    We can both fast tomorrow, after the election day. πŸ™‚
    Don’t give up. And look what those carbs did to me – I gain more than 10 lb back just for loving carbs too much for 2 months. Please don’t believe the carbs’ songs, don’t vote for them. Choose apple or carrot for stressful chomping. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the encouragement coldpizza πŸ™‚
    Today is a fast day and so far so good! My wrist still hurts, so my response will be short, but let’s keep on at it πŸ™‚

    Well the holidays were bad for me. I overindulged and made some pretty bad food choices. I gained weight and am okay with it. I am back up to 198.4 lbs, hoping some of that is water weight, but I don’t think much of it is since that weight is after about 32 hours of liquid fast! But hey, let’s hope. I am on hour 32 of fast and thinking I want to continue until tomorrow and clean out my system a bit. I have been feeling bloated and my thinking has been foggy. It has been hard to stick to my eating window on NFD’s . That is what is killing the diet. I might fast 2 days of the week, but then over eat on NFD’s. Has really thrown me off the tracks. I will report my weight back tomorrow! Happy New Year!

    Well I wanted to go till tomorrow but I had a surprise visit from extended family and they were bearing food. Well shoot. Reset.

    Hi PinkQueen, I kind of know how it feels. I too was fasting today and got diverted by a similar type situation and in then in the aftermath, I really overdid it and binged. So, I’m fasting tomorrow now, even though I got quite far into the fast today.

    Thanks for the words Lael. The past few weeks it has been tough to complete a fast. I am not sure why, I had been doing well, somewhere along the way I got thrown. I think it is having a few drinks here and there, throws off my blood sugar, plus all the carbs I am downing. I don’t know why I have been unable to stay away from them considering I had been doing well the better part of last year. I need to revisit some words of inspiration. πŸ™ seems like I have gained more weight and I am afraid to weigh myself. Today I shall try fasting, I tried Monday and failed.

    Okay, lasted about 20 hours and I was feeling really cruddy. I gave up and ate a huge salad with chicken, low carb style. I felt so horrible. My head was killing me, my neck was so tense, and my stomach kept nagging me. I would drink water and coffee… nothing. I gave up and ate since I felt so miserable. I am not used to this feeling, thinking it might be hormonal. My blood pressure was fair. Well tomorrow is another day and I will keep it low carb and then fast again on Friday. I think starting back up low carb will help fix this rut.

    Another upsetting weigh-in and I have no one to blame but my stubbornness of not counting calories on non- fast days. I fast for 36 hours twice a week and I have GAINED WEIGHT. I feel hopeless because I try so hard and see no results. I have yet to try an extended fast, Intermittent fasting seems easier than an extended fast. My TDEE is so low that it is depressing. I am again riling up my strength to get more strict on non- fast days. I am hovering above 200. I have lost very little in the last 12 months (net loss)…That makes me sad because I have been IF all year.

    Well, it’s been more than a year. I am stuck. I still IF but it’s not working. If anything it only keeps me from gaining. I am about the same weight I was a year ago. I had lost some, but gained it back. I am frustrated. I started low carb again, but that is always a drag for me :(. Think that maybe IF has messed with my body and I can no longer eat normally? I have to fast even longer to get benefits.
    I recently decided I am kicking caffeine, so I am slowly weaning myself off as I get horrible headaches if I don’t shave caffeine for just 24 hours. I have been addicted to it for more than a decade, plus I always had caffeine since I turned 5. Back in those days no one thought twice about letting kids have caffeine. But truly hard core caffeine, about 12 years ago. I have several cups a day. And it was getting worse.
    So, another disappointing weigh in 203.

    Hi Pink Queen, saw your post and just want to send some good wishes and sympathy. You are having a hard road and feel for you.

    I remember your very first post!

    When you say you have fasted for over a year, do you mean that you have 5:2 nicely settled into your life so that the two fast days are easy and regular, and that what you are eating on the other five days have led you to no weight loss?

    Like you I am short and sedentary (I have CFS, a chronic illness that means activity is restricted). A couple of years before I began 5:2, I cut out sugar, so that might be what has made it so much easier for me.

    I hope you can keep on keeping on. Keep analysing what you eat and why. How social things, childhood experiences, whether you binge eat or not, effects your health. You can’t work on everything at the same time, and it can be a long complicated business. But remember this is a longterm strategy for longterm health.

    Hello girls!)
    I have fat on my sides, I’m dieting, nothing helps, I tried fat-burning, I still have the infection. What should I do? I thought about liposuction .. how to be where to do, probably a lot of money is worth, what do you advise? Who did?

    Cinque, sorry for the many months late response, I stayed away from this forum for too long. Thanks for the encouragement. I have actually been doing good! I am currently at 186.2 lbs and very excited that I have been low carb-ing it since the summer. I lean to less than 20 carbs a day. I lose slowly mostly because I don’t count calories so I eat close to my total allowed calories. But it is less stressful to do it this way. My current routine is to just have creme coffee for breakfast and follow keto lunch dinner. I haven’t been doing anymore 24-36 hour fasts. I should, I would be losing faster. But I just haven’t felt like doing it. Hope everyone who reads this is doing well, we can do this!
    Note to MartaMo, sorry for never responding!

    A new loss! Weighed myself this morning because I felt I had lost more weight and I am at 185! So happy that I have been slowly shedding without feeling deprived. I feel happy and I am losing weight, finally something I can work with. It might take me 5 years, but I have a feeling it won’t. My goal is to lose another 10 pounds by Valentines and hopefully 15 by Spring Break…It’s setting the bar a little high though, I will have to start moving more!! Fasting for 16 hours seems to be going well for me.

    Good job, PinkQueen! You have had your ups and downs, but you know the drill by now. PLUS you are discovering that certain foods make you gain/retain weight and you are avoiding them. For me it is white rice, which I now avoid. I’ve been Fasting for 4 years with my husband with good results. We are now Maintaining and life is good.
    You can meet your goals as you gain wisdom about what works for you.
    Keep posting.

    Thanks fasting_me! I have another pound lost since the beginning of Jan. Now at 183.4! So excited! The best thing is that I no longer get the same satisfaction from eating bad foods. I crave some things that are unhealthy, but the category has shrunk very much. I am thinking I may not make it to my Valentine’s goal at my weightloss rate, BUT I am so happy to be losing anyway that I won’t be upset. I a have not felt deprived. The only downside or negative is that I started drinking diet soda again last year and I still am! It’s okay, I am trying to moderate the amount because of all the chemicals. Here is to crossing my fingers to a great rest of Jan.!

    Had another weigh in today and lost another pound! Now, it’s been more than two weeks so it may seem odd that I am excited about .9 lbs. But, it’s been a crazy half month! Not only did I cheat on two of my kids’ birthday parties but I had relatives in town and also cheated then too! So three days of cheating and I still lost weight…I am very happy! Still continueing with skipping breakfast. I do have my coffee with heavy whipping cream, I try not to overdo it, but I also do not deprive myself. I have continued to practice Keto (excluding my cheat days). I don’t want another cheat day…maybe Valentines? I am going to work a little harder to try and get to 180 by Valentines, that would be good.
    I am quite excited to add that I have been digging in my closet and discovering I fit into my old clothes that I had not seen in about 9 years! That is so awesome, I knew I kept all that for a reason, lol.

    IMPORTANT TIP, DO NOT, DO NOT KEEP YOUR SHOES. I STORED MANY MANY SHOES THAT I COULDN’T WEAR BECAUSE OF MY WEIGHT (mind you they were stored in a cool dry place) AND THEY ARE ALL FALLING APART. The worst case was one where I was in the middle of a fast paced walk into my daughter’s high school and the shoe just flew apart. I had to walk around the campus barefoot!! I have had 6 pairs fall apart and they were not originally cheap shoes, that is why I stored them after all because they were moderately pricey. (Some in the $300 range) Not only do they fall apart, but the inner sole flakes off and just looks and feels gross. On some the heel just literally flakes off with any touch. So basically I will never collect shoes again. Those shoes were 10 years old and I could not wear them after both I gained weight and I sprained an ankle (it was a long term injury in which I could not wear heals that coincided with weight gain). Now that I lost weight and can wear them again they are all falling apart. Now maybe you are thinking I was stupid for expecting my shoes to last in storage…but there must be someone else like me out there who is holding on to shoes as well…DON’T. Donate them while they are still good.
    End of shoe rant.

    Okay, back for an update. It has been a few months and I have not lost any weight, in fact I may have gained some, though I usually don’t like to say that because I haven’t really weighed myself too much….but for sure I have not lost because I have no new lows.
    I decided to reevaluate what I was doing wrong. This is what I found out.
    ! was eating more nighttime snacks and sneaking in fake sugars more and more.
    I was using a “sugar-free” caramel sauce in my morning coffees and I now come to learn that the sugar alcohol it contained has the same or similar effect to real sugar. I am very disappointed as I have been unknowingly sabotaging my efforts with fake sugar. I also purchased other sweets with sugar alcohols, specifically Maltinol. Well I a have also noticed that I am snacking more and more each night, which is probably why I am so hungry in the morning. This has set up a hunger cycle that is getting me out intermittent fasting constantly. And lastly, I have been eating out more and sneaking in carbs. This is not good for my low-carb diet. I feel that I now have to reevaluate what else has snuck into my diet and adjust accordingly. But I am committed!

    Hi PinkQueen! Not read your whole journey, but quite a bit of it, sounds a bit similar to me! I have done ADF for 8 months (2 FDs weren’t enough to help me lose any weight!), did well to start with but since Christmas I’d been in a fasting / feasting cycle, eating way too many carbs, so barely maintaining even with 3 FDs per week. I decided to give keto a go like you, as well as 3 FDs to try & get rid of the cravings. It’s definitely helping, my taste is already changing & losing some of the cravings… I steered away from artificial sweet stuff to start with, but made a keto cinnamon bun recipe with Truvia & I don’t think it’s helped, like you said setting up a hunger cycle… I have to face the fact that I really need to steer clear of anything like that, keto or not, as I’m quite all or nothing! So you’re not the only one on this journey, hope that helps a bit!

    Yeah, fake sugar is a bummer. And so many of them on the shelf, all competing to be the best to help you ‘avoid sugar’. Rubbish. Ditch the lot of them. Truth time: I still put sugar in my AM coffee, though lots less than previously. Have been secretly reducing the sugar amounts in cookie recipes, too, so that when my ODH scarfs up a plate of cookies on a Slow Day, at leas they will be a tiny bit healthier…

    Good for you, Pink, to figure out about those sneaky little snacks which were sabotaging you. Same here. Must. Not. Eat. Snacks.

    I have had the same experience with fake sugar. Initially, I was adding pure organic stevia in my tea on FD, but found that my body wants to hold on to the lbs when I used it so I have had to give it up –at least until I get to my goal weight.

    Since I only do water and tea on FD, I have turned to Yogi licorice tea and their fasting tea as well since those are so far the only 2 herbal teas I have found I like plain. I definitely need to find other options though.

    Fake sugar also keeps me from loosing weight, I noticed. That is because , in some people( not all), it triggers similar mechanisms that increase insulin secretion. This also why recent studies found that diet sodas are associated with increased obesity rates. So yep, have to ditch them.
    That said,when I am really hungry, I cheat a bit and add one ( not 3, like I sometimes did!) stevia. That did the trick during my 2 first weeks, but I will progressively decrease them and get rid of them eventually. I just don’t want to go cold turkey,it will just frustrate me!!!

    Nothing wrong with a gentle progression! πŸ™‚

    @mychoice7 – correlation isn’t causation. There have been a few studies that showed diet soda drinkers tend to eat more food when given the opportunity but that isn’t the same as directly increasing insulin secretion. There is something like 700 different artificial sweeteners, some of them have been shown to stimulate insulin production, however many don’t. It isn’t anything cut and dry.

    As a person that monitors blood glucose I can factually claim that most diet colas have no impact on my blood glucose. The reason I no longer use them much is because now they taste too sweet to me most of the time. I’ve avoided sugar long enough that I’ve grown more sensitive to sweet favors.

    The big upside with many artificial sweeteners is that they are often 50x to 700x sweeter than sugar so there is far lower amounts of them consumed.

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