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  • Hi everyone, I started 5:2 after the Horizon programme; I had some early success but then it drifted off and I stopped fasting. I didn’t try any other diet because none of the others makes any sense and I know I wouldn’t keep to a restricted diet. I began again in the new year but at the same time I cut sugar from my diet – that includes fruit juices as well as refined sugars. It was tough for a few weeks (I’m a serious sugar-holic) but now 2 months on I don’t miss it at all. When there are cakes at work, I’m not even tempted by them – I just don’t want them. My only treat is an occasional vanilla latte as I love them! I didn’t have a lot to lose but I felt lumpy and unhappy – I have now lost just over 1/2 stone since Christmas and I can get into the jeans I bought last summer and couldn’t squeeze into.
    If some people are struggling to lose weight even though they’re fasting, it might be worth looking at sugar intake on non-fast days – as a sugar-holic, I know how easy it is to ‘treat’ myself with sweet stuff and forget that sugar really is just ’empty’ calories and a major cause of weight gain.
    Keep going everyone – it’s great to see so much enthusiasm for 5:2.

    thank you Anne

    so very true about sugar grrr, I am sugar-holic too lol, but cutting as much as possible though I just cant entirely 🙁 so I try and burn it off other ways!

    Hi, I came back to the site to see if anyone is trying to aid in weight loss by cutting out or down on sugar. I am recently interested in the work of Dr. Robert Lustig and others in the States who advocate cutting out added sugar. They make a strong case for sugar being the main reason for our obesity epidemic. Fructose is converted in the body to fat and the worst kind of fat and causes so many health problems.

    I am trying to cut way back on my sugar “addiction” and am hoping this will give my weight loss a bit of a jump start since loss has slowed to just about none after 16 months on this WOE. I am still completely committed to the fast diet and find it has made me feel better in so many ways, including having lost 20+ pounds.

    I’d be interested in other people’s experience with cutting back on sugar. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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