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  • In case anyone would like objective numbers on why I’m sold on the Fast Diet System, I’ve just got the labs back from my most recent annual physical. As a firefighter I get a detailed physical yearly. I’ve been watching all my numbers creep up over the last decade and I have been told to consider meds for cholesterol and triglycerides, which I was not enthusiastic about. I saw the PBS Special on the Fast System about six weeks before my physical, and decided to give the Fast System a shot. These results are amazing, and I’m kind of speechless on the whole matter! Numbers are from last years, and most recent labs;

    Weight 205lb then, now 192
    Total cholesterol: 217, 170
    Trigs 183, 135
    HDL 51, 52
    LDL 129, 91
    Non HDL 166, 118
    Ratio 4.3, 3.3

    This is after six weeks of the Fast System, and nothing else! I’m having to think about transitioning to a “maintanence” plan way sooner than expected!

    Those are amazing results in 6 weeks, considering the weight loss was good but not unheard of. I wonder how much of that was due to weight loss rather that the other effects of this diet?

    I want to lose a similar amount of weight but I can do that by just eating less every day and working out more. This diet is an easier way to do that it seems, but I’d like to know if it helped your numbers more than just the weight loss would have?

    Have you lost weight before by other means and gotten bloodwork done?

    I’ve never dieted before. My weight gain has been a gradual life long increase to just above healthy levels. I’d guess any weight loss would provide a similar result in labs. Big thing for me though is the ease of this plan. I really made no changes in my life but cutting down the cals on two days a week. I have no doubt that I will keep this up for the rest of my life. No risk of a bounce back when old eating habits retern.

    Zonnie, congratulations. You are a real success story! I hope that as I lose weight, my cholesterol will normalize. I agree, this is the easiest, no-brainer eating plan I’ve ever followed. Every diet out there (and I’ve been on a lot of them throughout my life) is a chore compared to 5:2.

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