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  • I have a lupus like complex inflammatory condition in which I’m on a variety of medications including prednisolone (Steroid Medicine). Having had a number of unstable years which included developing breast cancer as well as my inflammatory condition things are now relatively stable although I am unable to come off prednisolone. I am about to start the IF diet as I believe it has many potential benefits for me in view of my health problems and I have put on a significant amount of weight while I’ve been unwell. However it has always been a struggle to lose weight on steroids and I wondered whether anyone had experience of doing the 5:2 diet while on steroids and whether they had successfully managed to lose weight. Difficulty with weight loss is exacerbated in my case as my medical problems make it difficult for me to undertake significant exercise although I do my best with this. Look forward to peoples thoughts and I’m looking forward to starting the diet which has lots of potential health benefits for me even if I don’t manage to lose a significant amount of weight.

    hello and welcome, i dont have any adivce for you but do hope others will be able to help xx

    I have exactly the same story as you, although my autoimmune disease has a different name, but similar in symptoms. I was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the last year. You didn’t say how much prednisolone you were on. I couldn’t lose any weight on 10mgs and above, although I hadn’t heard about this WOE then. I have been doing this now for almost 3 months, eating sensibly on days I am not fasting, but have eaten out on numerous occasions, and have the odd glass of wine, and have lost 9 pounds. It has been the easiest weight loss I have ever experienced, and is not at all stressful. I am also hoping that it will keep any further cancer problems at bay, and improve my auto immune symptoms . No improvement as yet, but it’s early days. Good luck with it, just be persistent and I’m sure you will have success, albeit slowly.

    Thanks. I have managed to get down to 7.5mg prednisone so am hoping I can lose weight on that. Like you I am also hoping to reduce risk of cancer recurrence and possibly even reduce inflammation. Just starting so fingers crossed.

    I was on 8mgs for 6 weeks and I lost Ok. I am now on 4mgs and losing just the same, but I’m happy with that, as I feel no pressure. My only extra advice is, be very kind to yourself, we had + have a lot to deal with. Slow and steady wins the race. Only weigh once a month as weight fluctuates wildly within a week. You will then have a truer picture of your loss, and won’t get distracted by the daily numbers. I’m sure you will feel it in your clothes. I try and have a very GENTLE walk each day, or a very GENTLE swim. Are you taking Arimadex or Tamoxifen? Fingers are crossed.

    Your weight loss on steroids is encouraging.A good boost for me. I had planned to weigh infrequently so will follow your advice. Not on either tamoxifen or Arimadex as my cancer was not oestrogen sensitive. Did have Herceptin though. Exercise is difficult as I can only walk short distances with crutches and use a wheelchair For longer distances.. I can swim and am tryig to do that and use exercise bike when I can. I used to be very fit so it is frustrating++. but Losing weight may help my mobility as well with luck.

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