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  • It is Monday and this is my first day on the 5:2 Fast Diet. I am making it a fast day so hope I can manage it. Feeling positive.

    Good luck – it’s my first day too! Here’s to success

    Hi, it’s my first fast day too – hope we all do well!

    My first day yesterday as well……hope it was OK!

    hi all, i;m on my 4 week and going strong. New to forum though. Just remember to drink lots and stay busy & enjoy because it’s a great feeling you get when you fast. Tomorrow will be here soon and you can then eat what ever you like then. All the best!!

    Day 1. I will fast today and thursday, then it’s the isle of wight festival on friday so will endulge over the weekend without guilt and fast again on monday & thursday next week…..
    I have some Cambridge weight plan shake sachets left over from the diet back in march (i lasted 3 weeks on it!) so am using them up on my fast days. I am not great in the kitchen so these seem ideal, i hope this is ok to do?
    I will start a topic about this and see the response.
    cherrynoo xox

    It’s my first day today too – want to lose 11lb which would seem doable! I had a poached egg with tomato for my breakfast today and then nothing but drinks all day until now when I had some roast beef, carrots and a potato. I was quite surprised that I could have all that! I need to eat a breakfast and a tea as I have a young daughter who is getting teased at school about being fat. I don’t want her to see that I am skipping meals so if she sees me eat at breakfast and tea she doesn’t know I don’t have lunch. Hoping for a good result as today was not nearly as bad as I thought!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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