Starting here, giving myself a bit of space for this thing

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Starting here, giving myself a bit of space for this thing

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  • Lots of people on here finding their own ways to health. Me, my weight has started to creep up again after a couple of years of being on a steady overweight plateau. A lot overweight plateau. And it’s affecting my health, energy levels, self-esteem (not that much, sorry you body-shamers out there, you’re not that effective) and I want to do something about it.

    But all the diets seem to require an awful lot of concentration-time and energy that I need for my PhD, work, volunteering and family. So I’m trying this because I only have to think about it twice a week. So this is day one, my food has been planned out and so far stuck to (an apple and miso soup), and dinner is nuke-n-serve balanced ready meal so I can stay out of the kitchen (where temptation might win) and then get back to my research. My days fasting will vary and generally be when my husband is out, as we eat our evening meal together – and I don’t have time to cook two separate meals and neither has he.

    No replies, expect people are busy with their own selves/self-obsessions. No matter. First fast was stuck to and it was hard. I felt like shit, coildn’t concentrate, weepy and naff.

    Today is second fast as it’s the only ither day this week I have minimal social stuff. All my calories will be at lunch and guessed at as that’s the best possible (and if your advice you are thinking of offering has been posted elsewhere, I’ve read it and yes, I still know best. I’m unpleasant, perhaps, but my problem is social engagements not the lack of them…)

    If I stick a month of this I’m buying myself something and deciding if this is viable. So far, it only barely is.

    Hi Festina Lente

    Welcome to 5:2. I hope you find it works for you – the fast days do get easier. Good luck.

    Fiesta Lente –

    Way to go on sticking to the first week! Your 1 month reward sounds like a great plan. Cannot control what the scale does, but sticking with the new plan for a month is something to celebrate! What are you planning on?

    My husband saw a dress the other day that He wanted to buy for me. I’m a dress-loving girl. I thought it too expensive, I usually shop at thrift stores, so anything brand new seems too much. But maybe this would be a good compromise.

    Good Luck!

    Festina…love your posts. Unusual to get someone straightforward and honest on here, with none of the s over the top comments. If it helps, I’ve stuck with it for 12 weeks now, and have lost 12 pounds. No exercise whatsoever. Slow…but remember how slowly it went on in the first place! Really encourage you to stick with it. I guess the only disappointment I have is how little difference 12lbs loss made physically…I am 5ft 9 and 212lbs. It must have all come off internally!!! Look forward to hearing how you get on..

    Hi, Festina. As your name says, you will ‘make haste slowly’ on this Fasting diet. Your idea of a big lunch is a good one, instead of a big dinner on a Fast Day. You said, ” … see if this is viable.. so far it barely is.”
    Is it the food or is it the timing which is difficult for you so far? You have a busy schedule, which in my mind would make it easier to Fast — too busy to eat. You know you don’t have to prepare 2 meals if your husband isn’t Fasting. Just add rice/potatoes/bread to his plate of chicken/fish and vegetables and you both will be fine. I’ve done that plenty of times if my husband didn’t want to Fast one day. We’ve even served Fast meals to dinner guests. They never knew!

    Penz, good advice. The Fasting does get easier.

    Foodfree: is the new dress a ‘reward’ to yourself for hitting a weight goal? Looking/feeling special can be a good reinforcement.

    Debbie: well done on your 12 pounds!! Keep it up and it will show, believe me. My husband lost 40+ pounds by Fasting and wondered where he had put it all and how he ever carried all that around!

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