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  • Hey all,
    i started fasting in august last year up to christmas lost around 1st 3lb which was good for me, howver feb and march i went on holiday and need to shift about 5 lbs…. Now though i have decided to give up smoking and taking tablets to do this, although i have not fasted this week i have really cut down on eating the rubbish foods…. BUT i have put on weight 🙁
    the tablets im taking say “weight gain or weight loss” 1 in 10 people so i thought love it if i am the 1 in 10 that loses !!! BUT NO SUCH LUCK
    I am giving it till monday to see if i lose, even 1/2 will please me my quit date for the fags is tuesday and if i havent lost and gained weight i will be giving up and buying the fags …. i’ll be more dissapointed with myself if i gain weight than failing to quit smoking

    Hi anjpink

    Just wondering how you are getting on? I have been following 5:2 for 12 months and have recently had an unexplained gain which has really naffed me off!
    Hoping you had the result you hoped for.

    hi Nettoner i have gained due to holidays etc at the begining of the year. But now i am giving up smoking, i have gained around 4lbs which i know isnt an awful amount however now trying to quit smoking i dont want the weight to be an upward trend. how much have you lost in the year? do you think the weight gain you have done is because you havent really stuck to the plan? I just need a to kick myself in the behind and start again. People keep saying you cant give up smoking and lose weight at the same time?!?!?! but why not?
    Keep at it nettoner maybe a new start monday fingers crossed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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