Started H.I.T yesterday SURPRISING!

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  • Started H.I.T yesterday, on my exersize bike, i admit i was a bit nervous about giving myself a heart attack after seeing michael in the t.v programme. However, i found it surprisingly doable and if i only get half the benefits talked about, what a result!

    Hi Ben
    I love HIT workouts, I’m currently suffering with a back injury and really miss the energy they give me. Good luck with them. The thing I love about them most , is that can be done anywhere.


    Hi, I am a 67 year old female and want to start on a HIT programme. I have a full knee replacement and arthritis in both hips. I can no longer use a static bike or a a road bike and was wondering if using a treadmill set on a steep incline and at fast speed would give me the same heart rate elevation required for the HIT programme.

    suziliz, I’m your age (68) and have arthritic knees — one bone on bone from a broken patella. Haven’t had the knee replacement yet — I make due with injections to lubricate the spaces missing cartilage.

    I have been doing a treadmill on an inclined plane. My treadmill will create a 12 degree incline. I do it at a brisk pace for 5 minute intervals every 45 minutes or so.

    I tried it with my treadmill on a level plane and increasing the speed for short bursts but I couldn’t resist the temptation to jog and my worse knee was congested by the end of the day.

    I’ve only been doing this for a week so it’s hard to say how effective it is yet, but I can say that it has me moving, the short periods on the treadmill don’t get boring, my respiration is up by the end of my 5 minutes and even my worse knee can handle it.

    When things warm up I’ll add some swimming but that’s *months* away.

    Oh and I also found an exercise recommended for bad knees. I’ll try to describe it. You lay on the floor on your back and lift your butt as high as you can. Holding that position, you lift one leg at a time, drawing the knees as close to the chest as you can. Ten or twelve of those puppies kick my butt without straining the knees.

    Then I got a pair of 3lb hand weights and so some lifts while I’m watching TV or noodling on the computer.

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