Springing Up – April 2021 Challenge

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Springing Up – April 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 19 North Canton OH FD

    I am back to alternate day fasting to adjust to the uptick in my weight. This may be a reaction to my sister and her family’s departure, but I just did not feel like fasting and I did not have healthy options in my kitchen, so I over ate and the scale reflects that. I needed a mindset reset and so I watched a couple of videos to get my head space in the right place; today begins my diet reset.

    @northgeorgia your action plans are sound, kudos

    @i hate lettuce, lately I feel like I blink and the weekend ends. I love Mrs IHL’s sign. True observation, humans were made for human interaction, the more intimate the better.

    @daffodil2010 I hope you continue to feel better-one day at a time

    @nellen that muffin is a saboteur in disguise LOL

    @songbirdme I am glad that you are getting the jab

    Happy fasting Monday everyone. 2 weeks left to make progress this month.

    Pocket list day 19
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    @erikaa67 – sure do hope your symptoms abate quickly!

    @basyjames – thanks for the support. I could have gotten the 1st one quite a while back, but was going to be out of town for the 2nd. This time, I can get them both.

    My normal 8-week interval of blood donation is a week after my jab. From what I have read, I still will be able to give.

    Day 20, Emden Germany, NFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    My first FD of the month too! Obviously I was not going to fast while I was sick (except for the enforced nil by mouth fasting in hospital when surgery was possible) and I still can’t believe my weight has not budged. What’s going on?

    I finished my meds yesterday, so now I want to concentrate on rebuilding my gut biome which has probably been shot to pieces with the dosage of antibiotics over the past two weeks. Funnily though, I don’t have the pains or other symptoms of upset digestive system so maybe the years of fasting and home made kefir have got my gut biome into a good state anyway?

    Today I fast until lunchtime then it’s a blood orange for Vitamin C, a glass of kefir for good bacteria, and a banana for potassium. Evening meal will be a spinach and red lentil soup. I am keeping away from chillis and such for now to let my gut settle down.

    WFH not so bad, but it will be good to get back to the office next week. I know that I am lucky that I have the choice, most of my colleagues don’t and are at home for a year now, and I feel for you @basyjames with the decision that you will be home permanent from now on.

    Jealous of all you guys getting your vaccines and meeting up with friends. Here in Ireland we are only getting to the over 65’s around now, it seems so slooooooow. My sister in the states is younger than me and already had her first jab. Oh well.

    It’s so great to hear of you all getting out and about and I wish you all well @songbirdme, @erikaa67, @brightonbelle and what a lovely sign @i-hate-lettuce in your garden ☺️

    Have a great Tuesday -who is on the pocket list with me?

    Pocket list day 20 -Together we are stronger

    Day 20 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Up and at ’em, off out for as long walk this morning so not lingering!

    @daffodil2010 – Congrats on having a successful ‘grumpy day’ !?! Sometimes it can be hard ‘putting on the smile’ – Just because you’ve been ‘lucky’ doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to have an occasional Victor Meldrew day 😉 Sometimes, when you feel rather rough when you’re ill or have been etc someone (usually someone you don’t know particularly well) with the tact of a hyena, tells you how lucky you are, well just some days you don’t feel lucky, if you were really lucky you wouldn’t have been ill in the first place! …. PS sometimes I do grumpy really well 🙂

    Take care all

    Day 20 – UK – ?FD800/?


    Day 18 was a cloudy and hazy but still warm but had a lazy day catching up with life and enjoying some reading in the garden. Baked a Rhubarb and ginger infused custard tart from Great British Chefs website, a bit of work but well worth it says OH (who did not do any of the work 🤣)

    Yesterday the sun was out in full and it was T-shirt walking weather – a long low level hike of just over 17km and some 400m elevation gained – tired legs last night and slept like a log!

    0830 Yoga class to stretch and strengthen the legs to start today and only going out for a gentle 6km hike as I also have a High Impact Pilates class early evening

    Yesterday was a FD800 and not sure if today will be another or end up a CD – see how things go…..

    @songbirdme – you certainly seem to have this maintenance lark well under control – how fab to have enjoyed a holiday and no weight gain on return!
    @snowflake56 – your Friday certainly sounds like hard work – very sensible to take it easy the next day!
    @emma-taylor – can’t remember if I wished you a happy birthday, hope you had a good one. I’m glad that OMAD works for you – I belong to the ZBC so 2 meals a day on NFDs and often OMAD in the evening on FDs is the way that works best for me – the flexibility of this WOL is the beauty of it!!
    @nellen – like you I had no reaction whatsoever to my first vaccine, sorry to hear from those here that have had some nasty reactions – I’m not getting my 2nd one until mid May so will see how things go 🤞
    @northgeorgia – you can do this and I’m positive that you will start on the downward trend soon – one of the things I learnt along the way was that I did not have to finish all the leftover food just because it’s there…..something to think about perhaps??
    @i-hate-lettuce – lovely to read that you and Mrs IHL are enjoying life and socialising once more and we have had great weather for the BBQ to be in use
    @daffodil2010 – listen to your body and take little steps in your recovery 🤗

    Right off to get changed and stepping out for my walk – the sun is shining and it’s warm – what more can one ask for??

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 20 – Canada – FD

    Good morning. I had my first jab on Sunday and had a headache, tiredness and aching joints. Today I feel fine and I’m looking forward to a nice walk. The sun is shining and it’s 2 degrees, chilly but nice.

    I’m joining you today @dafodil2010. I’ve overindulged over the past 2 days so time to get back on track. Just 11 days left for this challenge so I need to recommit to my goal.

    Take care all.

    Pocket list day 20 -Together we are stronger

    Day 20 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 225 lbs. This is 3 lbs less than last week. So far, it looks like a good reset!

    @at Yes, but I have to figure out how to change my mindset. Let me analyze myself haha! I have been cleaning out my basement slowly over the past two weeks (always wearing gloves; case in point, I found a 1.5 inch black widow spider hiding behind a canvas of a painting I did back 30 years ago. Eek!) I’m not much of a hoarder, but I think 40 cardboard boxes (in case I need them for Christmas gifts) is a bit too much. And jars. Why am I saving three dozen pickle jars? At least both items are easily recyclable.

    Then there is food. I know food will go bad, so I don’t “hoard” it, so to speak. But I will stock a separate freezer until there’s no room (oh no, I’m becoming my mother), and then I’m forced to figure out how to make room. Well, I have to use it! Usually though, the big meals from holidays create the greatest number of naughty leftovers. I know, for example, the container of pasta I made last weekend, should not be eaten in one sitting. But a little coleslaw, a little creamed corn, a little gravy on turkey and stuffing/dressing, a little fried okra, a little pasta salad, a little potatoes: they all add up to an enormous amount, and I forget how many calories are in “a little of this and that.”

    I know what I should do, but I’m very frugal and abhor wasting food. These days, it’s hard to share food, too! But you’ve given me a lot of pause for thought and have inspired me to push myself downwards over the coming weeks. Thanks so much!

    Day 20. USA/DC NFD
    Good morning. Happy to report that despite my English muffin yesterday morning I managed to come in at 525 FD yesterday. Phew. And I am back where I want to be – 130-131 lbs.

    It’s strange that once you get where you want to be a single pound can bum you out, But what I thought yesterday is that if I don’t pay attention when I am up only 1-2 pounds that will quickly become 3-5 and beyond. So my new realization in maintenance is that when I go up even 1 pound I can’t just go – oh well, I am still happy where I am – I have to pay attention or things will change too quickly.

    I agree with @at about left overs. If the goodies hang around, the left overs of celebrations and festivities, they are just impossible for me to avoid. It is as if they are calling my name. so for me, I ask if anyone else would like them and if not they go in the trash. Yes, I know – it is wasting food, but the alternative is my eating it and that is not a good alternative for me.

    Stay safe and well all

    Day 20 USA (Illinois) NFD

    My FD yesterday was just right, and my scale and I are happy this morning. 6:1 is working for me for maintenance.

    Our main kitchen microwave oven decided to die Sunday night. I cannot complain, though – DH and I figured out it must be around 25 years old. Yeah for GE appliances! So I stopped yesterday and got a new one, but it must be installed as it goes over the stove hanging from the upper cabinet. Funny how much I miss it just after 2 days!

    @daffodil2010 – a good “grumpy day” is often a necessity for me too. Others around us just have to take it for what it is worth.

    @i-hate-lettuce – your garden sign is just delightful! I did have to look up “blether” though as I never hear it in the USA. 🙂

    @michelinme – our spring flowers are going strong here too. Came back from my trip to see my lovely rhododendron in full bloom. It’s kind of deep blue. Daffodils are all wonderful with a few tulips already opening.

    @northgeorgia – UGH! I absolutely hate spiders! But you’ve inspired me to go after our cache of Christmas boxes, at least, and more items in our basement too.

    Storm and cold are on the way, but it appears most of the snow will miss us. Spring in Illinois…

    Onward and downward.

    Day 20 Minnesota, US NFD

    Sorry to have been absent for the last 3 days…..it was a busy weekend and then yesterday it got late and thought I’d just catch up this morning.

    The weekend was lovely weather-wise, and got in several good walks and hike in the park system with DD and her family. I didn’t manage a FD on Saturday. I was doing so well until evening and a bottle of wine was opened, and then the FD was no more. But enjoyed it and stayed controlled enough to stick right around TDEE all together.

    I had a good FD yesterday at 430 calories. It was gray and breezy with snow flurries here, so no outdoor walk. But for once I didn’t get cold in the evening, and I think that’s because I had a lot of physical activity during the day with HIIT, aerobic dance, and strength training. I am really pushing to do an hour or more of various activities and workouts.
    I am planning on 4:3 this week instead of ADF because I am scheduled to get my second jab on Saturday and I don’t want to complicate the weekend with fasting or exercising as I expect to feel some side effects.

    I’m going to catch up on posts now. Good luck to everyone!

    Day 20 North Canton OH NFD

    Good fast day yesterday and as usual I slept like a log – Its like the icing on the cake, the great sleep at the end of a fast day.

    Today I am being mindful of calories, because NFD are notoriously sneaky in their ways. I have a couple meetings today out of the comfort of my home, and I tried on clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in 2 years – and they all fit! Some of them are a little loose- happy dance!!!

    Another busy work day, I will catch up on posts later.

    May the fast be with you?

    Day 19 – Ireland – NFD
    Day 20 – FD

    @brightonbelle isn’t it great to be able to see your friends… i so enjoyed my catch up at the weekend…
    @daffodil2010 you’re allowed to be grumpy – you are still feeling rubbish even if you were very lucky 🍀… don’t underestimate the effect meds are having on you either…
    @nellen I’m so sorry but that is funny! I hate when I forget that I’m having a FD and have often done that 😬 Well done on rescuing your FD and well done to all the other Monday fasters..
    @at your rhubarb tart sounds divine!!!

    Can I ask… I know that some of you take magnesium… for those that have taken a supplement rather than oil… did you have any side effects? Funny slight niggly pain in my lower abdomen (like a stitch)…and the only difference in my diet recently is magnesium… just thought I’d ask 🤔 thanks!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list day 20

    Day 20 2nd post
    @jaifaim – I take magnesium daily too, but you have to be a bit careful. Magnesium can be a laxative or act as a laxative – depending on dose and type. I stay within 200-250 mg/day. My guess is that’s what may be going on. It is really good for us, but you have to play with the dosage that works for you.

    Day 20, USA, FD

    Easy Peasy today – only one 500 calorie meal when I got home from work – lentils and cauliflower rice. Fingers crossed I sleep well. That’s the hardest part for me on FDs. Anyone dream about food on FD nights? I confess I do on occasion, but then when I wake up I’m not all that hungry.

    Be well! 💕

    Day 21, Emden Germany, NFD
    Day 20, FD

    @basyjames Well done, it’s such a good feeling when you fit in your clothes again.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 21 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    A fabulous walk yesterday,
    @at – gave you a wave as we passed through Ambleside en route to Elterwater.
    We arrived at the car park by 9.30am and surprisingly pretty much empty! Especially as when we went past Skelwith Bridge there wasn’t a parking spot available for the Loughrigg fell walk! However, we set off from Elterwater through chapel Stile and on into Great Langdale, the air was clear the sun shining and birdsong all the way. Just fabulous to be out, we hardly saw anyone in the morning on the way into Langdale, it was only when we took the higher side towards little Langdale heading back we started to see a few folk.
    We had a really nice day and sat on a boulder having our snack lunch with incredible views of the Langdale Pikes, me very much reminiscing over my days as a ‘crag rat’ with the guys from the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub, very much pushing ourselves to the limit (and beyond) climbing on Raven Crag and Pavey Ark, happy days.

    Quite day at home today, bit heavy boned getting up this morning, but will soon get going!

    @at – Rhubarb and custard tart, sounds rather good, especially as rhubarb is very much one of my favourites.

    @daffodil2010 – Hope the nice weathers with you and you can get out into the garden and make the most of it, taking it easy of course.

    Take care all.

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Completed my FD yesterday but was quite cold as I worked from home, forgotten about the drop in body temperature and it’s only 3 weeks since my last FD 😆

    Decided yesterday, as I was giving a disastrous (to me) walk through on a particular function to 5 of our Process Improvement guys, with just my single laptop and me logging myself out of applications in error while they looked on and were recording ….that I need to get back to the comfort of the office and all my screens and whatnot 😄

    So going back today. I feel so much better today, better than I have felt in a while, just a wee twinge but hopefully that will clear, so I am ready for the office. It’s sparsely populated anyway as only us Operations guys are there, every other team WFH.

    Thanks @i-hate-lettuce, I knew you would understand that sometimes a good Victor Meldrew is needed, grumpy can help the mindset indeed.

    @jaifaim, I take magnesium but as a gel, I rub it into my joints and shoulders and it really helps me but I have heard taking it orally can upset the tum and lead to unpleasant toilet experience 😨 Now, just in light of my own particular experience, when I heard you had a pain in your lower abdomen I was like “No!”…. Keep an eye on that!

    @northgeorgia, don’t know if this is an option for you, but I leave out leftover food to the birds and it’s gone in minutes. Obviously not spicy or mega processed foods or sweets, but the crows, starlings, rooms, magpies, blackbirds, doves, robins, tits….all of them visit the garden and take something from my leftovers …just a thought.

    Have a good hump day. 🐫.

    Day 21 UK NFD

    Had a couple of hours at the hairdressers yesterday and it threw me completely , just shows how quickly we can change out habits ,back to normal today Not had time to catch up on posts hopefully find an hour this aft Happy 🐫 day all

    Day 21 – Canada – NFD

    Good FD yesterday and a lovely walk in a wooded park. Today will be a day of cooking and exercise.

    @nellen – thanks for sharing your thoughts about maintenance. I can understand your worries. When I get to that point I will also be watching the scale with an eagle eye 🙂 it’s so easy to get out of control.
    @basyjames – how wonderful to have your clothes fit! What a great feeling. I tried on a pair of jeans last night but I really need to lose another 6 pounds before I can do the happy dance.

    Stay strong all.

    Day 21 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 226 lbs. Excited to see the outcome of this FD then go into a mindful weekend. If I take Monday off, I’ll turn next week into a 4:3, starting on Sunday.

    Still on the right track: 3 lbs. lighter over last Wednesday.

    Pocket list day 21
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    Day 21 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    And finally, I’m back home and on my laptop, which makes it SO much easier to post! The morning after I got home, I was up two pounds from my week of abandon; I fasted that day and the next morning (yesterday) was back to the weight I left at. I ate normally yesterday, and this morning am almost back up to the return weight. I clearly did some damage, weight-wise, with my Easter excesses and my week-long trip, but have zero regret; both Easter and the days following, and the Texas trip have given me some lovely memories that I’ll enjoy for years. Now, however, to return to discipline and controlled consumption.

    I’ve hit the ground running since I’ve returned, as I walked out the door at 8am yesterday. First, I played for a worship service for pastors, then drove to Omaha to teach a new piano student, did some grocery shopping there, and then came home and spent several hours pulling music for my May 13 hymn fest. I’d love to read everyone’s chatter, but need to head out the door again by 8am this morning; my goal is to have all music pulled and the service pretty much written by late afternoon.

    Being gone all day and absorbed in such a big project will certainly make this week’s ADF easier to get through. Good luck to all of you in your goals for today!

    Day 21 – USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick check in. All is well.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 North canton OH FD

    Welcome back @stitchincarol, life is meant to be lived and I am so glad that you had a great time- no need for regrets.

    @northgeorgia wonderful to see the downward trend for you, diligence and mindfulness pays off

    @dvw thank you and your happy dance is coming

    keep the faith.. and the fast

    Pocket list day 21
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    Day 21 Minnesota, US FD

    Pocket list day 21
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    Good luck to all!

    Second Post:
    Reported the post soliciting money for forgiveness of sins, above. How idiotic to post such a thing. And how opportunistic. I know none of our group would go to that site. I hope no one reading the forum posts (lurkers) would take the bait either. So reprehensible.

    @stitchincarol – glad you made it hope safely and brought memories too. That is far better than being concerned over every bite heading to your mouth. Yeah for a week of abandon!

    @northerndawn – we’re not quite as cold as you, but blooming fruit trees around here are very unhappy with another hard freeze night tonight. Supposed to warm up shortly though.

    Day 22, Emden Germany, FD

    @stitchincarol Nice to have you back with us again, it’s good to enjoy the nice things in life and being with friends is one of them.

    Pocket list day 22

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 22 already! U.K. No dinner today.

    Yes I have been rubbish at posting again, I am sorry and I hope you’re all getting along really well.

    I’ve been doing quite a few ZBCs and No Dinner Days.

    Quite excited to discover that whilst ZBCs help me to maintain, No-Dinner-Days actually help me lose weight!

    Day 22 -Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD/CD

    it will be a controlled day, I usually do ZBC on a fast but as I have to build my good gut bacteria back I am taking acidophilus and that needs food. So I have had kefir and blueberries for breakfast with those supplements.

    I want to start losing weight but I also must concentrate on building back my strength.

    I was tired after the day in the office yesterday, but onwards we go, back to normal.

    Hi @northerndawn I also reported that post last night, we get a few spammers in here, but they are easily spotted. Never the usual happy supportive posts that we normally get ☺️

    Have a good Thursday

    Day 22 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Gardening day today after some recent nice walks, weather warming so getting busier things starting growing properly.
    FD for me today as well.

    Take care all.

    Pocket list day 22

    Day 22 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Hi everyone, I am cutting back on internet time so haven’t been here recently but I’m continuing to be careful. Doing regular Monday and Thursday FDs and nothing naughty on Tuesday and Wednesday and relaxing over the weekends, it works for keeping weight stable but to lose the several pounds to get back to goal weight I will have to be more controlled at weekends and I just don’t feel like doing so right now. So for the time being I will continue as I am……at least its better than giving up.

    Hope you’re all well and happy with your 5:2 progress. Stay safe 🤗

    Day 22 UK FD

    Right time to get organised as the weekend approaches I’m going to plan ALL my food and more importantly drink for the weekend and stick to it , a week left and I’m determined to meet my April goal

    Glad you enjoyed your trip @stitchincarol Can’t wait until we can travel again 🤞

    Pocket list day 22

    Just seen – we must have posted at the same time @missybear Seems like we are having similar weekend dilemmas 🧐

    Day 22 – UK – FD800

    Had a lovely day out joining with DD whilst she out doing her dog walking business – we covered nearly 12km and then enjoyed an alfresco lunch overlooking the see at a little place near where she lives.

    Started today with my regular zoom classes, a 7am Broga class followed by a 9am Aerobic class that my teacher calls “Happy Hour” 🤣 I have to admit that we always have a laugh…….

    Day 20 ended up as a CD and yesterday was a NFD – aiming for another FD800 today 🤞

    @northgeorgia – when we got an empty nest, and I only had to cook for two – it took some time for me to stop cooking large portions……I now weigh carbs like rice and pasta and only cook what I need and if I make a lasagna or a dish that only works in bigger sizes I ensure that leftovers are frozen into meal size portions so I only defrost one portion at a time…….and as @nellen says “Yes, I know – it is wasting food, but the alternative is my eating it and that is not a good alternative for me”
    @jaifaim – it was lush – two of my favourite things – rhubarb and ginger together…..
    @i-hate-lettuce – 👋 fab walk you and Mrs IHL ended doing – have done it myself in the past – wonderful scenery! Like you I haven’t done any high fells for a while but happy memories of high level hikes OH and I have enjoyed in the past remains with me 😊
    @daffodil2010 – thinking of you on your return to work – remember to take things slow and steady and listen to your body x
    @northgeorgia – great job on that downward trend!
    @stitchincarol – good to hear that you had a fab time away and no real damage done weight wise

    Another beautiful sunny day here – some of us from my Happy Hour aerobics class are meeting at 1100 for a coffee and a face to face catch up at one of our local cafes that have set up a cafe in the large gardens of their B&B – lots of space and tables so we can separate into two groups at different tables – how lovely to be doing some “normal” things once more

    Joining the pocket list started by @snowflake56
    Pocket list day 22
    @at FD800

    welldone. i want to start . anyone can help me?

    Day 22 – Canada – FD

    Just checking in and joining the pocket list. Good luck all.

    Pocket list day 22
    @at FD800

    Day 22 – USA/GA – NFD

    Today’s weigh-in: 224 lbs. This is a 2-lb drop from this time last week, and only 1 lb above my low weight of 223 recorded April 1. I have Monday off, so will do my planned 4:3 starting on Sunday, and will continue to eat mindfully on NFDs. Leftovers are no longer my temptation now that holidays are over; it’s the rainy weekend ahead which can lead to TV binging, which leads to you know what…

    Fortunately, I have several projects I’m in the middle of, all indoor, so I should be able to avoid the binge-a-thons in the foreseeable future. I’m trying to reduce my NFD calories around 150 a day, replace a soft drink habit with a water habit when possible, and in general think of how to feel satisfied with less junk and more vitamins/fiber/lean protein things. LOL

    In other words, I think I have successfully turned the ship around and think I might reach the 210s by the end of May. Looking forward to the results on April 30!

    Day 22 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I’m off shortly for a massage before my 1st Moderna jab. Friends at Silver Sneakers yesterday gave me a few hints: take Tylenol after and drink Gatorade to keep up electrolytes. Bought some, so I am prepared for that. I hear people’s reactions can be all over the board.

    I’ll report back and post more later on —

    Onward and downward.

    Day 22 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    I’ve been doing ADF this week to deal with the accumulated weight, and it’s gone decently well. I was at church working on the hymn fest from 8am to 4pm yesterday–you’d think it’s a job, eh?–and that sure made it easy to stick to my fasting plan. Supper was steamed green beans with leftover Easter pork tenderloin that I’d pulled from the freezer. I’m planning on OMAD today, both because that will help control the quantity I eat and also because I’m supposed to go out tonight, and I don’t want the total day’s calories to be too high.

    Thanks for the various good wishes while I was gone, and for the welcome back comments; it’s certainly good to be back!

    @fivetwofan5252 Of all meals to skip, I find supper the toughest of all, so I’m highly impressed that you’ve done it often enough to discover it leads to weight loss for you!

    @northgeorgia A quote that I’ve often repeated with determination as I’ve thrown away food–something I LOATHE doing–is, “It can either go to waste, or go to waist.” Perhaps that will help with those leftovers next time the occasion arises. Or, perhaps you say, “Nope, not gonna do that; I’d rather suffer the consequences and then spend some time losing the weight.” I’ve taken that second attitude myself on many occasions. Either way, I’m CERTAIN you’ll get past these 220s and see the 210s; the 224 you reported this morning proves that!

    @at where’d you find the recipe? It does indeed sound lush! Enjoy your time out for coffee with your happy hour friends!

    @daffodil2010 So glad you’re slowly returning to normal. The fact that your behavior has been spot-on but you haven’t lost weight makes me remember @basyjames who went so long without loss, then lost, what, 6 pounds in one week?? Remind us, @basyjames. Anyway, we can’t force our bodies to shrink, but we can force ourselves to eat appropriately, and it sure sounds as if you’re doing that, so kudos to you!

    @songbirdme I am beyond dazzled that you were gone for as long as you were and came back having gained NOTHING. Well, well, well done! And good luck with minimal response to the Moderna jab. 💗

    I’m off to church shortly to do secretary stuff. I actually did finish selecting music for and writing the hymn fest yesterday, so next on the list is to deliver music to the eight or so people who will be singing in my little choir. That’s a simple job, and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders to have finished putting it together. (I’m already planning next year’s in my mind, so that tells you how long a process it is to choose a theme, pull music, and write it, LOL!) Piano lessons this afternoon, dinner out tonight, but tomorrow is ALL MINE…I do love those days!

    Here’s one we’ve all liked before: “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” May we all be rivers today!

    Brief report on my day: Pre-COVID jab massage was delightful. I ran quite a few errands after my requisite 15 minute wait to make sure I didn’t have adverse reactions. I was fine. Today being Earth Day in the U.S.A. we were asked to recycle rather than put things in the landfill. I had a huge bag for Goodwill and some better clothes for our local re-sale shop. I know many ladies who volunteer to run it as a fund-raising entity for a day care (pre-kindergarten). By the time I left there, a headache was coming on with some tiredness.

    One long-time fellow singing friend who I had not seen in a while remarked about my weight loss. Wow, people are still noticing it for me to tout the praises of our WOL! I had begun 5:2 in March 2016. And know that I am far from skinny now with a BMI right at 25.

    @stitchincarol – thanks for the props on my weeks of vacay with no scale but some built-in maintenance techniques. I would love to sing with your hymn sing! Can you send me a list of the songs you ended up with? I’m always curious.

    @sarehkkk – the home pages of this website have LOTS of helps on how to begin IF and the first page of our Challenge kind of goes into how we operate around here. The water is fine! Jump right in!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 22 Minnesota, US NFD

    This was a planned FD but with the beautiful weather DD and her family came over this evening and brought take out. The rest of the week is expected to be rainy and a few days very chilly until next week early. Spent most of the day outside and got in a 5K walk.

    Now I am live streaming a High School Musical production that my oldest granddaughter is in, and watching a video of my grandson run in the 4 x 100 relay at the Drake Relay’s in Iowa. Technology is really a blessing and so amazing sometimes. I can watch my grandchildren, performing live while hundreds of miles away! So wonderful.

    I intend a FD tomorrow. And will catch up on posts while listening to the rain.

    Second Post:

    @songbirdme – I hope your side effects continue to be mild. Fatigue seems to be the most common one with Moderna.
    After this beautiful day we are dipping to around 40 F tomorrow, and probably a frost Saturday morning. This cold is on the way to your area also, I think. Then, maybe, we won’t have to worry about frost again until the Fall. I’m so wanting to get out and get my planters full of flowers. Fingers crossed the warm weather comes back and stays.

    Day 23, Emden Germany, NFD

    I’m missing posts of @penz and @michelinme, I hope you’re both doing well.

    @missybear Hi, nice to hear from you again! I totally understand why you limit your time on the computer. I mostly go online once a day to post here as I don’t have to use my computer for anything else.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 23 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Weigh in day today….. plus another 1 pound, makes 2 this month!
    Was 14 st 7 lb on 19th March – 14 st 9 lb today

    Reason for this, finally after 5 months since the end of treatment, I am starting to really enjoy food and drink again! Sense of taste and smell is pretty much back, sensitivity towards acidic foods/drink is getting less, the dry mouth is slightly improved. Various tubes and parts are either opening up again or healing properly (I was completely deaf in my right ear until 2 weeks ago!)

    But today being Friday, my 5:2 day off, BBQ and friends round to make the most of the warm sunny afternoon. The 2 lb can wait for next weeks FD’s and more careful days.

    Certainly not going to worry about the 2lb it is in my buffer zone, my thoughts are 1 pound doesn’t bother me, 2 pounds be aware … 4 pounds stop kidding yourself or the ‘Inner Warthog’ will be back in residence!

    Take care all

    Day 23 UK NFD

    Morning all , have to admit disappointed to see scales exactly the same as last week – but if I stay on plan surely that means a loss next week ? Sun shining have a lot to do so I’ll see you all tomorrow

    Day 23 Lisbon, Portugal NFD

    Good morning everybody!!!

    I apologize for my absence, this month has been difficult, my mother-in-law died …

    anyway i already lost 2kg more.


    Day 23 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 226 lbs. Only two more NFDs, today and tomorrow. My 4:3 starts Sunday!

    Day 23 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    The monthly dinner out last night with the group of women ended up being delightful, but OMAD didn’t happen yesterday, and reasonable eating didn’t happen yesterday, and I was NOT happy with myself by about 1am. Isn’t it funny how our desire for X has no memory of how our body will feel during the night if we indeed eat X? I’m working hard at thinking this through constantly, so that when I have a craving for whatever and try to deny myself, I remember that it’s not always an “I-want-to-lose-weight!!” reason, but a “Think-how-you’ll-feel-in-the-middle-of-the-night-because-you’re-no-longer-32!!!” reason. I’ve begun to think that people who are naturally thin, and people on this forum who have moved into maintenance, have mastered that concept and distinction. Yes?

    So, I’ll fast today, and slowly, slowly, slowly I’ll make progress to being the woman I want to be with the eating habits I want practice. It’s all a process, right?

    @songbirdme How fun to have received kudos on your weight loss after all this time! And I’ll email you information; that will be fun to share. (And should you want another vacation in order to sing in the choir, you know where I live!!)

    @northerndawn What a treasured use of technology, to see your DGD in her musical and your DGS at his track relay!

    @i-hate-lettuce How lovely that the healing is nearing “complete”; enjoy the BBQ today!

    @nuno My condolences to you and your family on the death of your MIL.

    It’s a sunny day (at least for now) with a current temperature of 48F and an expected high of 64F. Monday is forecast to be completely sunny with a high of 88, Tuesday is gloomy and 66. Gee. Is it spring???? Soon, soon, soon I’ll get to be outside puttering in my garden beds! Have a grand day, everyone!

    Day 23 North canton OH FD

    @stitchincarol, yes, I was steady for 2 months (neither losing nor gaining) and then I lost 4 pounds one week and 6 pounds over the next 3 weeks, and then I had to put on the brakes. I am also glad that you asked the question, because I was thinking the same thing: technically I am in maintenance; but since I am on the high end of my range, I am sticking to ADF to get either on the low end or firmly in the middle. While I feel like I have some flexibility with my diet, I still feel yucky when I over-indulge.

    Yesterday was a NFD for me and a friend invited me over for late afternoon tea. It was the first non-family gathering I have been invited to since the pandemic shut everything down, and I could not say no; she is an older lady who chairs our local YMCA board. I was recently elected vice-chair and I think she wanted to honor my election and build a working relationship. It would have been churlish to say no, especially since we are both vaccinated. So I went, tea-time was outside my feeding window, there were a lot of carbs and items I ordinarily would not eat, it was all very delicious and I enjoyed the company. Unfortunately, I felt like crap this morning; and I am now recovering from it all. C’est la vie – Life is meant to be lived and relationships are important.

    Today is a fast day (and recovery day for me) and tomorrow is my daughter’s prom.

    Have a grand friday everyone, be kind to those you meet, and hug the people you love.

    Day 23 MN/US FD

    @i-hate-lettuce – It’s good to hear how well you’re progressing. I like your strategy: “my thoughts are 1 pound doesn’t bother me, 2 pounds be aware … 4 pounds stop kidding yourself or the ‘Inner Warthog’ will be back in residence!” I think I’ll adopt that rule for myself.

    @stitchincarol and @basyjames – I also ate “stuff” yesterday that left me feeling
    blaakk” this morning. But as you both point out, relationships and time spent with others is more important than the occasional side track off from our WOL. AS long as we get back onto the wagon and “persist” like that river you mentioned, @stitchincarol, we will meet our goals.

    @nuno – Very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are sent to you, as well as hugs. It’s quite an achievement to have continued to lose weight throughout the stress of such a difficult time.

    @missybear and @brightonbelle – It’s easy to lose weight when doing 5:2, compared to other so called diets, but for some reason it’s not always easy to find the motivation to fast as we know we should. My motivation comes and goes and I have yet to understand why it disappears some days, and even for weeks. Right at this time I am using the wonderful feeling of my clothes fitting me loosely and comfortably as a motivation to at least stay where I am and not allow a gain. I’ve even gotten into some pants I haven’t worn for a couple of years. I don’t want to go back to feeling stuffed into my clothing like a sausage in casing.

    Good luck to all fasters and have a great Friday and weekend to everyone else. I have my second Pfizer jab tomorrow morning, so I’ll be taking it easy this weekend. Hopefully, I won’t experience anything too uncomfortable. I plan to eat healthily and hydrate with gatorade (thanks for the tip, @songbirdme) and plenty water. No alcohol of course, and limited sweets.

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