Springing Up – April 2021 Challenge

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Springing Up – April 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 28 MN/US FD

    @snowflake56 – Thank you for adding me to the pocket list!

    Walked for about 5k. Too busy today to do weight training. Will do so tomorrow.

    All the talk of gardens is making me even more eager to get to work in my own. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to begin. Soon the soil temperature will be warm enough to plant some started perennials and annuals in my cut flower garden. Also, going to do a special garden for the pollinators and butterflies this year.

    Kitchen nearly closed here as it is about 5:45 pm. Good luck to all of you who will be fasting tomorrow!

    Day 29, Emden Germany, NFD

    We worked in the garden for 5 hours yesterday, it was really nice and we got a lot done. The plants I bought on Tuesday are planted and I also planted the hyacints that we had in the house from early Spring on. This morning I plan to do more weeding before the rain sets in.

    @dvw It seems we had the coldest April in 30 years, the nights are still cold. The large cherry tree in the neighbour’s garden is in full bloom now, our fruit trees are much younger and are just starting. Everything seems to have a slower start this year.

    @northerndawn You’re welcome!

    As I can’t remember anyone offering to set up the next challenge, I can set it up. I’m not very good at making the spreadsheet so I would be delighted if @at could do it for another month.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    2nd post

    I set up the May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge, here is the link, I hope it does work.


    Day 29 U.K. FD

    So today is Thursday and although I have tried to do and omad every day this week so far, I only succeeded for the first time yesterday (Wednesday).

    @northerndawn – I so agree with you re fasting mojo! I know all the theory about fasting and I know that it works really well, but sometimes I just don’t want to do it! Some days I just want to have breakfast! I love breakfast! Even hair-shirted breakfasts!

    We have a family gathering coming up in 10 days time so at least that should give me the motivation to stay on the wagon until then!

    I plan to do a FD today and then skip dinner tomo night (Friday)

    Good luck to all 😊

    Day 29 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    @snowflake56 and @dvw – you’re right about the weather, has been a slow start this year, a bit of a challenge.
    Quite a hard frost again last night, really glad the tender plants in the greenhouse are covered with fleece for added protection! Forecast is for more tonight then temperatures start to rise, which is good, the greenhouse is stuffed full now and I need things to go out ready for the next phase. Tomatoes and herbs, tomatoes need moving so they have more room, the herbs have germinated well and potting up into large pots for the season.

    In between this I’ve got some walks to catch up on, plus a couple more days fishing trips next week, that doesn’t include routine jobs that need doing! Hard life being retired.

    Pocket list day 29

    Day 29 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Last FD of the month, where has April gone? For me it was illness and recovery, so to be honest, I am not too bothered now that I am still the exact same weight. I feel so much better, except my strangely, for a sore left foot which suddenly happened a couple of weeks ago 🤔

    Dr Google suggests it might be plantar fasciitis……how did that happen?

    Thank you @snowflake56 for setting up May, you are a star. I will be joining you.

    However next month I am trying out a new regime to do something about my metabolism which is stuck in a groove for the past 6 months. I will still be here, but experimenting with food timings and exercise and rest.

    @i-hate-lettuce, DH spent all Saturday fishing at our local Eco-Park, he caught only a small trout which he put back, but he thoroughly had a great time. We are going to do it all again this weekend.
    Have a great Thursday.

    Day 29 Melb Aust CD

    Had a good day yesterday, yay! Not quite a FD, but considerably less than a TDEE, so very pleasing. I’m easing into this very gently now, after my absence. Plus, my overall diet needs attention.

    @stitchincarol, I agree with you re having to ensure “reasonable eating” at all times, adding in the FDs for weight loss. I’ve been thinking recently about my usual eating in the past couple of years, and it really hasn’t been “reasonable”, even though the FDs aided weight loss, and lack of FDs aided weight gain. It’s time for me to re-assess all that has begun to habitually go into my mouth, and cut down.

    @northgeorgia, you remain an inspiration, well done at almost tipping 222.

    Onward and downwards we go!

    Day 29 – UK – NFD

    Good morning all from a sunny but cool and frosty start to the day in Cumbria – I was up early to do my zoom Broga class with OH at 7am – a tough one today! Even our teacher said it was one of the tougher ones 💪

    I have been loitering in the background but not posting much this month but happy to report that maintenance is still my game – planning a last FD for the month on the 30th ready for the May Challenge.

    I see that @snowflake56 is hosting us for May and has kindly set it up already and yes of course I will be happy to get a spreadsheet sorted for the May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge 🤗

    Had a lovely dog walk with my friend on Day 25, we were joined by another friend visiting the lakes so a great catch up and ended up with tea and scones in the sunshine in the garden of one of local cafes.
    Not as much walking/hiking this week but lots of catching up with friends
    Day 26 – 7am Broga Class and another get together with different friends x 3 to celebrate a birthday with morning coffee and cake and managed to make it a FD!!! must mention that I also managed to fit in a much longed for Pedicure 🦶 later that afternoon!!!
    Day 27 – 0830 Yoga class and this time afternoon tea with 2 friends and a visiting grandchild (3months old 👶) whilst the mum was having a well deserved snooze – apparently baby is not a great sleeper….followed by my regular 1645 HIP class (High Impact Pilates)
    Day 28 – spent the day out with a friend from Suffolk who is in a self catering apartment for the week, her OH took their dogs out for a walk whilst she and I had a lovely walk by the lake, coffee looking at the boats and ducks/geese – walk back to the village for a light alfresco lunch and lots of catching up – have not seen her for over a year!! Her OH then came to pick her up and they went for a wander in the local garden centre before heading back to their cottage – sadly we could still not have a hug 🤗 but still a fab day!!

    Having a Marcus Wareing at Home from Lake District Farmers delivery today (OH ordered as a treat but the finishing off and serving the meal up will be my job!!) Menu sounds delish –
    *London sourdough, Abernethy butter
    *Dorset crab, crab mousse, dressed claw meat, brioche, pickled fennel and bitter leaf salad
    *72-hour braised beef short rib, BBQ glaze, wild garlic velouté, spring carrot chutney
    *Peanut butter, banana and rum gâteau opéra, peanut brittle, vanilla chantilly)
    Waiting to hear my delivery time before I can get out for a walk🚶‍♀️

    @stitchincarol – the rhubarb in my garden is about ready to collect, a bit late this year but looking forward to enjoying it
    @brightonbelle – bet that hot shower felt fab once your boiler issues were sorted out
    @snowflake56 – lots of wild garlic coming out around here too – love the smell and I too collect when out walking as I love adding to my food – a gentle flavour!
    @i-hate-lettuce – Special treat to see that king fisher and hear the cuckoo calling – OH heard his first cuckoo for the year when out running 2 days ago – I have yet to hear one but our bluebells in Dora’s field are out and looking/smelling fab – I need to get out and investigate Fishgarth Woods or Bog Lane where they usually flower in abundance around here…
    @northgeorgia – 👍 doing a great job
    @brightonbelle – bet that hot shower felt fab once your boiler issues were sorted out
    @daffodil2010 – good to hear that you are feeling much better and no weight gain despite all your traumas is a real positive 🤗 I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis in the past – horrible but thankfully have not had a recurrence since! Foot exercises helped but did eventually have a steroid injection in the base of my foot – painful but cured it!
    @betsylee – lovely to hear from you and well done on what sounds like a good CD yesterday!

    Will definitely be joining @snowflake56 for the May 2021 5th Anniversary Challenge and hoping to make it a controlled month and lose a couple of kgs as June is birthday month for OH and I and it would be great to start June at the lower end of maintenance 🤞 Also we are both getting our 2nd vaccine dose in mid May so our 3 weeks post that will make June will be a bit of a liberating and safer month to get out and about a bit more!!!!

    This has stood me in good stead “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 29 – Canada – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD did not go well. I seem to have lost my mojo. Today I’ll go for a long walk and do a bit of weeding in the garden. I’ll eat two meals today and no snacking – if I write it down, it might happen 🙂

    @snowflake56 – thank you for volunteering to host the May challenge. I will once again try to put a dent in this final 6 pounds.

    @stitchincarol – defining reasonable eating, hmmm. Interesting. For me it comes down to not snacking all day. It’s just so easy to have a few nuts, seeds and Cheerios and a bit of cheese. It all adds up.

    @at – it sounds like you’ve had a wonderful few days. Lovely. Your upcoming meal sounds delicious.

    @northgeorgia – well done 👍

    Have a great day.

    Day 28 UK FD

    Last fast of the month ??? Where did April go ? Great to be back in the 21st century with heating and hot water restored Best start planning for May , with 2 bank holidays and the continuation of pubs/ restaurants opening its going to be a challenge

    Day 29 – USA/GA – FD

    Last day of my 4:3. Wasn’t as “good” yesterday as I could be, but did keep in mind to cut out snacking. Still, weigh-in was 225 lbs. this morning. Good luck to all who are fasting today.

    Pocket list day 29
    @northgeorgia (ZBC)

    Day 29 USA/DC FD
    @northgeorgia – you have inspired me. The scales were looking at me cross-eyed this morning, so FD it is. Thank you
    It is hot and muggy here in DC – early for this weather, but here it is.
    Good luck today to all
    Thank you for keeping me honest. It is so easy to just think “oh well”

    Day 29 UK CD

    I’m so sorry to be an absent host! I know you’ll all have been fine without me, but I’ve really missed being with you.

    It was as tho someone had pulled out my plug. My ME-type wiped out exhaustion dragged on for another week and I got really down. I found it really hard to keep connected without a laptop and on a phone with broken screen. So I switched off from absolutely everything, focussed on getting better and getting a new laptop.

    Over the last few days many of my long-covid symptoms have eased and wondering if it’s due to my 2nd covid vaccination last week. I also ran out of BP meds & discovered I can think much more clearly without them – now trying new meds with a better idea of the side effects to look out for. I went to chair yoga on Wednesday lunchtime and this time wasn’t wiped out afterwards – signs of betterness.

    In my no-internet time I finally planted some seeds and have been enjoying watching them grow. I’m a novice gardener and enjoyed experimenting in lockdown last year. This year I’m growing more vegetables and learning as I go. As I type I’m surrounded by seedlings and it’s just lovely.

    Whilst in bed with exhaustion I ate all the easy carby things so my weight’s gone backwards. But I’ve been eating better this week, with two FDs and two CDs. If I end the month where I began it I’ll see that as a huge achievement.

    Very glad to be gently back. I’m looking forward to catching up with the last few days of posts and getting ready to join May’s challenge.

    Day 29 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    Yesterday’s CD was far more controlled than Tuesday’s, which will hopefully make today’s FD simpler. It’s a glorious sunny morning with a forecasted high of 75/24, so it will be so tempting to get out in the yard. I doubt I’ll have time between secretary job and teaching piano lessons, but perhaps I can pot the mint plants I bought; I’ve learned not to put them in the ground ever because they’re far too invasive, so I just buy new ones each year and pot them so they’re exactly where I want them and nowhere else!

    Oh, @daffodil2010, if you indeed have plantar fasciitis, you have my profound sympathy. I had it about ten years ago, and time has not dimmed my memory of the pain of every step!! My recommendation is to get some inserts to add support to your arch; those were what made walking tolerable for me. We also have a store here in the US called “Good Feet Store” and they have advertisements about helping with PF; perhaps you can find something similar. Good luck!!!

    Welcome back, @michelinme, and I’m so glad you’re on the upswing, health-wise. I certainly hope that trend continues and the exhaustion lessens so consistently that it’s eventually simply gone!

    Oops! I just looked at the clock and realized it’s time for me to be walking out the door! So much for lolling around on the sofa! Have a great day, everyone, and remember not to give up/give in!

    day 29 North canton Oh NFD.

    I am in for May, thank you for hosting @snowflake56, I was very MIA in crazy busy April but I am winding down my project (yay!) and I will be more present in May.

    Duty calls and I gotta run

    see you on the other side

    Just thought I’d mention this to those people with long Covid symptoms. I sent a friend with the same symptoms The Earthing Movie which is on YouTube. She lay down on the ground in her back garden, and walked barefoot for a bit, and the next time I saw here she was fine. I know it sounds bonkers, but it works.

    Day 29, USA, FD

    FD went well – again, easier with work all day – then I get home at 4 and have something small for dinner with lots of veggies. Need a controlled day of eating tomorrow as it’s my daughters’ birthday and there will be good food!

    Wishing all well!

    Day 29 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Drinking lots of extra water today per the admonition of our Blood Bank secretary. Also, they stipulate protein and carb meal before giving. Never have heard that. I give my every-8-week pint tomorrow.

    @snowflake56 – I’m in for May! It will be the 5th anniversary of my joining @coda for that challenge. Been through a lot since then, but I’m still here!

    @daffodil2010 – whew, I also remember my bout with plantar fasciitis from walking the stone paths of Rome in 2009. Seemed like it took 2 years for the pain to finally subside. I had heard enough horror stories of nothing anyone tried to fix it working, so I just toughed it out. Hugs to you.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 30, Emden Germany, FD

    The last day of this month already, it went so fast. I had a good month, I liked doing ADF and managed to stick with it. A total loss of 2.2 kg/4.9 lbs which brings me in the middle of my maintenance range. Tomorrow the tough part of staying there starts.

    I totally forgot to mention I had my 1st Covid vaccination last Monday and had no problems at all.

    @i-hate-lettuce What a lovely day you had, I’ve never seen a Kingfisher, we don’t have them here. We have an old greenhouse but it’s standing under a large ginkgo tree so in Summer not much light is coming in. We plan to have the tree cut down next year, it’s too close to the neighbour’s plot. It’s quite useless, we use it to store pots in.

    @michelinme How good to hear from you, I’m glad to have you back with us again. It was a wise decision to take some time off. Thank you for hosting this challenge despite having health and technical problems! 💐

    @brightonbelle Good to have the heating working again, although it’s almost May we still need it this year.

    @dvw I can give you part of my mojo, I’m having lots of it at the moment.

    @at Thank you so much for making the spreadsheet! What a lovely relaxed life you live. Reading you’re having a dinner from Marcus Wareing at Home, that makes me really jealous, it sounds so delicious. When it come to delicious food, Emden is the wrong place to be.

    @songbirdme I looked at coda’s first challenge and noticed a few familiar names. You, @brightonbelle and @northerndawn are the ones that are still here so it’s your 5th anniversary as well!

    @basyjames No stress, just post as you can.

    Pocket list day 30

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 30 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @michelinme – Thanks guiding us along this month, been a weird month!

    My weigh in this morning + 2lb for the month

    Oddly enough I’m counting this as a success !?

    I think my body has started to repair properly at last, apart from the dry mouth which is slowly improving, all the other bits and bobs that were affected by treatment last year have finally healed. Which means, apart from a few things I’m eating and drinking normally, enjoying food and drink again! (Just must not let the Inner Warthog find out or he may return)

    So quite happy and within my boundaries of my target weight, feeling happy.

    Next month, make sure that weight doesn’t increase any further and maybe concentrate on getting back down again.

    Righty, off to town, Farmers Market day and to the outdoor shop, treating myself to some new walking boots ready for next months walking holiday in the Cairngorm Mountains. My old ones have well and truly started to wear through, covered some miles in them even during lockdown!

    See you all in next months challenge.

    Take care all.

    Day 30 NZ NFD
    My apologies for not posting regularly. I managed to get a horrible head cold and needed a medical certificate for work which entailed me having a covid test (negative). We also have had a wonderful week away in our caravan. We travelled to the West Coast of the South Island over the Arthur’s Pass and back over the Lewis Pass (both crossing the Southern Alps). Spent a day soaking in the natural hot springs at Hanmer Springs. Didn’t do any fast days and expected to have gained weight when we got home. Will do my final weigh in tomorrow for the month. Thank you @micheline me for hosting this month.

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Thanks for hosting @michelinme in difficult times 👏

    Not unhappy with weigh in this morning , going in the right direction but very slooooowwlly Might have a rethink for May

    See you all next Month 👋

    Day 30 – USA/GA – NFD

    Beginning April weight: 223 lbs. Ending April weight: 223 lbs. But far from being a plateau month, it was a month of warning. Easter leftovers and mindless habits caused a 5 lb weight gain by mid-April. Getting serious about being mindful on NFDs forced the U-turn and finally got me to 223 lbs this week. April was a lost month, but a very educational one.

    As I start May, my first week has a couple of social events revolving around food (Committee lunch on Wednesday, Rotary breakfast on Thursday. NOO!), so yes, I’ll have an odd 5:2 week with many NFDs back to back. I have to take control. A big lunch means ZBC and a light supper. A big breakfast means no lunch or a light snack. Doing traditional daily diet control for those days is probably wise. As a matter of practice, I want to try to cut 150-300 calories from my regular weekday NFDs. I probably eat more on the weekends, so the weekdays, when time is limited, should be a bit more controlled. I’m strategizing more and more. The weight loss has slowed a lot, which I don’t mind, but I’ve got to get it moving again. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen that happen, losing around 1.5 lbs a week (like in the old days!)

    We can do this, everyone. We’re the first-hand experience experts 🙂

    Let’s make May magnificent.

    Day 30 – Canada – NFD

    I’ll be closing out the month around the same weight as when I started. Not great but must look forward with great promise to the month of May.

    @snowflake56 – congratulations on your weight loss, so fantastic. Thank you for loaning me some of your mojo, I’ll need it for May. 🙂

    Take care all.

    @wacm – we just LOVED our trip to the west coast of the south island of NZ years ago. What a magical area! The absolutely BEST lamb roast I have ever had in the hotel in Greymouth. Hubs and I decided that Americans should never visit there as it would get commercialized. Good to see you here!

    USA. Day 30. FD

    Pocket list Day 30



    Been out of commission for a few days with so much to do but am back!

    Day 30 Minnesota, US CD

    Yesterday became one of those lovely surprises: an unplanned FD500. I had a lovely hour plus walk and then “pottered” around in my gardens. I took my Hummingbird feeders out of storage, made nectar and hung a couple out on their usual hooks. It does seem a bit early, but there have been sitings of them almost this far north. They travel such a long ways (from the Gulf of Mexico to here and Canada) that I want to make sure they have some nourishment when they make it this far.

    Weight shows a 1 Kg loss, (2.2 lbs) from start of month. Like @northgeorgia, that really is more like 4-5 lbs because I gained and then lost about 2-3 pounds in the middle of the month, after allowing myself Easter week (and previous week) over-indulgences. Just shaking my head at the way I sabotage my hard work and plans with short lived gratification.

    @michelinme – So glad you are beginning to feel better, and thank you for hosting us through April.

    @snowflake56 – Thank you for volunteering to host us in May. Yes, I was part of the very first challenge, and have been with the forums off and on since. I always, always do best with my weight when I am here for accountability and support! You have done spectacularly this month! Congratulations!

    @daffodil2010 – Plantar fasciitis can be so incapacitating. I agree with @stitchincarol that perhaps you should try some over the counter inserts with extra arch support. It can’t hurt and is so much less expensive than the ones made just for you, which can run $1000.00 or more here in the states. That is worth it, though, if it helps a person stay comfortably active.

    @dvw – Only 6 pounds to go? Those are the hardest ones to lose. You will get there: be patient and persistent. Good luck!

    @brightonbelle – Glad you are warm again! What an awful experience, even if only for a few days. See you one the May challenge with @songbirdme and myself for a reunion of us “oldies”.

    @erikaa67 – I hope you had a successful FD.

    @i-hate-lettuce – Your fishing expeditions sound like great fun. My DH and I are looking forward to when he is in retirement and we can go out on fishing trips whenever the mood hits us. So glad for you that you continue to improve.

    @wacm – Your caravan trip sounds beautiful and enchanting. I hope you didn’t gain, but some things are worth a gain and then the effort to lose it again. Sounds like that trip was more than worth it.

    See you all on the May challenge!

    Day 30 plus one

    Thanks so much, @michelinme, for hosting April. Despite your health and tech problems, you were warm and supportive and did a terrific job!

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