Sport and fast diet

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  • Hi – I do about about 10 hours of exercise a week over 6 days and want to check that the 500 calories is still right on my two fasting days? I do find those evenings I feel fine but the day after the second fast day I am shattered.

    Only been doing this for three weeks now so still very new to me but loving the challenge of it and the amazing feel good feeling after my Monday fast each week.

    Hi Emma, I think the normal advice is that exercise doesn’t affect the allowed calories – still 500 or less if possible. Depending on you goal regarding weight loss you may need to increase the calories on feed days.

    When I was serious about weight loss I used to do two or three days a week fasting but also cycling 20 miles a day, 5 days a week to get to work and back. It was definitely more tiring the more I fasted.

    I’ve been fasting at least one day a week since nearly 3 years ago (just after the original Horizon prog). I (almost) look forward to a fast day sometimes, especially when I fast early one week and late the next.

    I’m not clear if you are fasting on consecutive days – they don’t have to be and that may make a difference.

    Hope that helps,

    Hi David

    Thanks for that. I fast on a Monday and Wednesday which is no issue particularly the Monday which I find easy. My exercise is a combination of Crossfit, running, biking and swimming. The Crossfit is probably what gets tough at the end of the week after my second fast day.

    The main reason I asked the question was because the weight that I wanted to lose over two or three months has come off in three weeks – 3 kg’s – and wanted to be sure I was not doing it wrong with high levels of training.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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