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  • Read that it’s best to only have 2 meals on fast days. What to do then if your calories are under 500. Is it ok to add snack and if so when is the best time to have it?? Thanks

    Hi, Niki73 – 500 cals is the suggested upper limit for Ms Average on a fast day. If you feel comfortable enough eating below that figure, it’s not essential that you reach it. And during the fast day, you can spread the allowance out in whatever number of small meals/ snacks and at whatever times best suit your needs and inclinations. If you read around on the forum, you’ll see how varied people’s different approaches are – the system is very flexible. I hope it works well for you.

    You are not supposed to snack through the day or you will not be fasting. You are supposed to go as long as possible through the day without eating. Breakfast, No lunch, then a dinner. the two meals should total no more than 500cal if you get really hungry and cannot cope the book suggests to have a apple or a few strawberrys. I would recommend you have a good read of the book to ensure you are following it correctly and not wasting your time. Snacking through the day defeats the object of fasting. Good luck, i would hate to see anyone wasting their time doing the wrong things. Go by the book not what people are saying on the forums.

    Agree that the idea is that you abstain from food for a good long period to having the medical benefit. Your body adjusts and you cope. If you are finding it too hard to have a large gap, you could have a (homemade) smoothie or piece of fruit. Smoothies are best made at home so you can work out what you want to put in it with the caloires you have to use. You can use a lot of green veg in smoothies with a bit of fruit to keep the calorie count low. Google ‘green smoothies’ for recipe ideas.

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