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  • Hi I am going to start this diet next week & was wondering if it is ok to snack between meals i.e. ryvita, crackers etc as long as I stick to 800 calories? Many thanks

    Yes it is fine. You can eat your 800 calories any way that suits you.

    Hi Cinque

    Thanks for letting me know this. I start tomorrow and hopefully this will make it easier on me! Kind regards

    Good luck tomorrow Anita!

    It might take several tries to find what suits you best. Some people like to spread little serves during the day, with carrots and celery to snack on. Others find they need to wait as long as they can to eat (it wakes the ‘hunger dragon’), many people find they sleep best if they keep most of their calories for their evening meal. We figure it out as we go along.

    Here’s hoping 5:2 suits you well. I was so nervous my first day, but by the evening I could see it was something that made me feel good, and the morning after fast day is the best feeling ever.

    All the best Anita!!

    I am a newbie and it is whatever works best for you.
    I find liquid fasts easier as I don’t get tempted to over eat my cals and feel like I have achieved a lot more health wise.

    I have milky drinks, soup, herbal teas and lots of water.

    It has really made a difference on my waistline almost 3 weeks in.

    This forum is great for inspiration, support, ideas and tips.

    Upon reflection this has completely changed my life for the better.

    I can’t recommend this WOL enough x

    Hi Cinque

    Well I survived my first day of fasting which was on Wednesday! I got a bit headachy about 4pm but I managed. It gives me confidence that if I can do it once I can do it again. I am not actually doing it properly as I think you have to do it every day for 2 weeks which I know I cant do but hopefully in a few weeks I will see a difference.
    Thanks for your advice.
    Best wishes

    Hi Caroline

    I survived my first day if fasting (Wednesday)! It got harder about 4pm as I got a headache but I managed. It has given me confidence that if I can do it once I can do it again. I am not fasting every day for 2 weeks as recommended as I think that would be too much for me but hopefully after a few weeks I will see a difference.
    Thanks for all your advice.
    Best wishes

    Congratulations Anita (and you too, Caroline),

    Drinking more water on your fast day might help to avoid a headache.

    Luckily ‘properly’ is a wobbly term with 5:2, especially now Dr Mosley’s Fast800 has come out.

    I started when it was 5:2, and 500 calories on fast days. Because I was nervous, and had just seen a documentary where they had the 5:2 people on 800cals for their fast days, I did that. And it worked! As I gained confidence I found it suited me to have less on fast days, my fasty fast days are less than 400 calories. But now I am maintaining I am nicely flexible.

    The Fast800 idea is that doing 800 a day for a couple of weeks gives you a quick, big weight loss that is good for the esteem, and that is especially important for people facing diabetes. But it isn’t necessary.
    Two days a week and normal healthy eating on the other five will give you lovely results! Cheers.

    Hi Cinque

    I have managed to fast 2 days so far and lost 2lbs! I have now read Dr Mosley’s book, the fast 800, and as you said it is not necessary to do it every day for 2 weeks. I now have a better understanding of what is involved. I think with time and as my body gets used to it I might be able to manage on less than 800 calories and increase my fasting window. I have to change my fasting days this week as I have a lot on and dont think I can deal with the added stress of hunger! So will fast this fri & sun. It’s so inspirational reading your post and thank you for the advice.

    Congratulations on that lovely loss Anita. So glad if I was some help. Best wishes and all good things.

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