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  • Hi I’ve just started 5:2 and it’s going really well. BUT I’m having problems with sleep. Last night, no sleep at all…some nights its OK. I’m going to try the kiwi an hour before bedtime tip to see if it makes a difference but any more tips would be really great. Thanks

    Hi sooby. I find that when fasting I don’t need as much sleep. possibly an hour less, but the basic sleep pattern remains the same. That is the regardless of how hard I fast. Keep going, it will probably sort itself out.

    Thank you that’s reassuring

    I save a bit of my allowance for a bedtime snack.

    Thanks Annie. Things have settled now. I always included protein and fat in my evening meal and I have slept ever since. I always have chicken bovril as my bedtime ‘snack’ too.

    Hi penguin!

    Are you sleeping same hours on FDs and NFDs? TIA

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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