Skipping Lunch to help with maintenance – can't find any info on this!!

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Skipping Lunch to help with maintenance – can't find any info on this!!

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  • Keen to hear if anyone has tried Skipping Lunch as a maintenance methodology?

    Thanks to 5:2 I am broadly speaking in Maintenance these days and I am looking around for new ways to keep the weight off.

    I’m thinking of experimenting with combining 6:1 with skipping weekday lunches.

    I do know that this is not PROPER fasting, so I wouldn’t get any of the health benefits associated with IF.

    However, I find lunch a really tricky meal and I am always tempted to have chocolate in the afternoons if I’ve eaten lunch.

    When I don’t eat lunch, I sail on through to dinner time and I experience ZERO temptation to eat chocolate or drink wine (my two downfalls!!) So I figure that this has to be a good thing!!!

    The reason I am posting this is that I have scoured the internet to see whether anyone has employed my proposed approach successfully, but there is no-one posting on this subject!! The only posts I can find are dire warnings that I will gain weight from skipping lunch (which I’m inclined to disbelieve given my copious research into IF over the last few years!)

    I would love to hear people’s views!!!

    @simcoeluv – would love to hear your thoughts in particular!!


    So why eat lunch? Is it a cultural norm? Or is it necessary? The more my husband and I did 5:2, the less we wanted to eat lunch. So now we don’t. My Husband will have a beverage and a few pretzels or crackers, while I have 8 oz of milk and 1 oz cheese [I need 1200 mg Calcium daily]. On the rare occasion that we go out for lunch, we don’t have dinner [we call it ‘Linner’]. Most everyone with whom I am in contact [see “Maintainance Chat” on this Forum] refrains from lunch.
    You’ve got the right idea. Join us on the Maintenance Chat and bounce your ideas off us.

    I’m in maintenance too and I find skipping breakfast helpful. I know breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, though skipping it works best for me. If skipping lunch works for you, go for it!

    PS From my research, the way to gain weight is to calorie restrict every day. I’ve not read one report on weight gain from skipping a meal or IF.

    If you read Michael Mosely’s book about 5:2, he specifically mentions skipping lunch. He says that once he reached his goal he adopted a 6:1 fasting regime for maintenance, but in addition to that he also stopped eating lunch on work days unless it was a special occasion.
    Like Minka, I skip breakfast most days as I’m rarely hungry then.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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