Skinny rice

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  • Hi everyone

    Some people on here mention skinny rice, can you please tell me more about it. Calories n stuff.
    What kind of rice is it and where can I buy it?
    I’m from the uk

    Hi Caztratt, I don’t know where you’ve seen people referencing skinny rice? If you can remember which topic then it’s probably best to go back there and ask. However, it might be cauliflower rice that they mean? Basically its just cauliflower florets wizzed up in a food processor (the U.S. folks will love that – they don’t use ‘wizz’ in this context there) and warmed through in a microwave or whatever for a minute before serving (as if it’s rice).

    I have done it myself a couple of times and it’s great as a fastday option if you want something which would ideally have a rice acompaniment but for me it was a bit more messy to do than I could justify on a non-fastday. On a non-fastday I’d rather save the mess and just have the extra calorie cost of normal rice and I tend to go MEGA-simple on fastdays and just have bran flakes for tea anyway, so it’s not much use to me. But it’s worth a go – you might LOVE it, like some on here do and switch for life.

    Thanks, TracyJ! I just checked this thread and read your reply. It’s helpful to me, too. Great!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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