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  • Hello fellow fasters

    I have been fasting on and off since the beginning of the year but have failed to focus and done a pretty bad job of losing weight!
    Well, no matter. I have decided to make the second half of 2015 ‘count’ and am setting myself a six month challenge.
    Would anyone like to join in?
    We all have different goals and will approach our journeys differently but it would still be nice to support each other.
    If you’re interested please post your aims for the next six months and a bit of your story…. Weigh ins on Monday maybe?!

    I’m 5ft 8, 38 years old. Working mum of two young kids with lots of animals to care for too.
    I’d like to lose 2st 12lbs (taking me to 10st) so I can fit in my size 10 clothes that I put in the loft last week. I know I will look and feel healthier. I’m sure my dodgy knee and stiff back would benefit and I know I will feel so much better and have much more self esteem and belief in myself if I can do it.

    I’m going to use MFP to keep around 1660kcal on non fast days
    2 fast days a week
    I’m going to drink one fresh homemade juice a day
    Sugar as a treat only
    Limit white carbs and try to have one carb free meal a day on NFD’s.
    I will walk 12 000 steps a day and ride my horse three times a week. I might also try to fit in a swim here and there.

    So, anyone who is up for the challenge please post! I look forward to checking in next week with some positive results.

    Hi llovecake
    I would really like to join you in your weight loss challenge for the next 6 months. I’ve been interested in starting the FAST diet for sometime now and have done the odd fast here and there when motivated enough but I think I need some accountability. Funny, just last week I wrote down my weight and goal weight and timeframe. My goal is slim for Christmas so about 6 months.

    I’m 34. 5ft 4in. 12stone1pound. My goal weight is: 9stone7pounds. So I have a similar amount of weight to loose. I work part time and have hubby and three young kids (under 6). I’ve been trying to loose weight on and off for over 10 years not to much avail. I have almost no will power, I can always find an excuse to break a diet/eat what I like. I love food – all sorts. Love cooking and baking (most of the time). If I was going to celebrate something I would do it by going out to eat. I can demolish a large packet of crisps without even thinking about it. I seem to eat without thinking. I think I have a love/hate relationship with it.

    I don’t particularly like counting cals but know this is necessary for success. I feel like I need to get into my phone apps a bit more. Also what’s Fitbit all about? I keep hearing about it but not really into my technology but could be persuaded. I like the simplicity of fasting twice a week – it seems manageable to me. Also, there are the added health benefits of fasting.

    So…I’m going to:
    -Try fast 3 days of the week for the first 4 weeks. Just for a kick start.
    -Exercise 3 times a week (something I really struggle to do) although I am running about after kids a lot.
    -Limit carbs, particularly bread.
    -Drink more water.
    -Get myself a pedometer (is this what fitbit is?).
    -Record my weight here every week – I could weigh in on Monday too. I think it would really help my motivation knowing someone else was going to see my weight loss/gain.

    Here’s to a skinny Christmas!!!
    Treenser x

    Hi Treenser &Ilovecake

    I would love to join you in the 6 month challenge. A history of unsuccessful dieting in the last 10 years. Don’t currently have scales (going to order today) but I reckon I would be in the 13st mark. It is my 60th birthday next year and I am determined to 9.13 by then. That’s the long term goal. My 6 month goals are as follows:

    – Be wearing a size 16 comfortably by Christmas
    – Fast 2 days a week – even during school holidays when everyone is home and temptation is higher.
    – Limit carbs on non-fast day
    – Cut out sugar
    – Weigh in every Monday and upload it here

    Here’s to a happy, lighter Christmas!

    Hi babot and Treenser

    So glad you can join me! Thanks for setting out your goals- I think we’re on roughly the same page with regards to what we are doing.

    Treenser- I totally get your love of food! I really enjoy eating- both the healthy stuff and the unhealthy (which is what got me here in the first place)! I am a vegetarian and some people have wondered why I would be overweight when I don’t eat meat- ummmm. Hello? Cakes of course. Lovely homemade cake! So, rather than eating some EVERY day I’m going to save it for a treat. And not get into the habit of ‘treating’ myself everyday!!
    A Fitbit is a pedometer which you can tie into my fitness pal too. I use it so I know when I am being a bit slack. I do not like the gym or anything that causes a lot of sweat so I’d rather walk a lot instead. They are really easy to use (I’m a technophobe too) and even I managed to set it up! I think it’s good to be active when trying to lose weight- it’s just a matter of finding something you can enjoy (or at least tolerate).

    Babot- totally get the school hols thing! At least you only have to be strict twice a week and I find, if you schedule your fast for a day when you’re really busy, it’s much easier.

    Good luck to all of us! If we get down to our desired sizes by Xmas it’s a perfect excuse to buy ourselves a sparkly new party frock!

    Hi Babot and Ilovecake
    So I just completed my first ‘proper’ fast day yesterday (Monday). It went not too bad but probably a bit easier cause I feel motivated at the moment. I have noticed in the past that I get really cold at night in bed and don’t sleep well on fast days. Strange but I think I’ve read that some others experience this too.

    So for my first week I plan to fast Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I should probably keep to the same days as much as possible. Planning, structure and self discipline are weak points for me so I think it would be a good idea for me to follow some sort of routine if possible.

    Babot – did you order you scales?

    Ciao for now x

    Hello Everyone! i would love to join the 6 month challenge too! I am a 28 year old from Melbourne who has been obese my whole life (well as long as i can remember!) I currently weigh 87KG and would ultimately love to lose 20KG. But for the next 6 months i will aim to lose 15KG.

    I did the 5:2 lifestyle for a few months last year and lost 5KG getting down to 79KG but then I moved back in with mum and dad and put on 10KG -_- so time to be strict again and get ready for the Australian summer in December.

    It has been hard for me to get my steps in each day since the weather has been atrocious over the past few weeks (it’s the middle of our winter here) but I am trying to get to the gym about 3 times a week.

    I will weigh in on Tuesday morning (which is close enough to your Monday if you are in the UK!!)

    Let’s kick some butt!!

    Can I join? I am a single mum to 2 kiddies in UK. I weigh 12 stone 3lbs but would ideally like to be 10 stone. I am a binge eater but feel so ashamed of the way I look and the fact I have so many beautiful clothes that I can’t fit into.

    Christmas seems a good target that’s 7lbs per month. To do this I am going to
    – fast Monday and Thursday
    -start swimming 3 times a week
    – stick to 1200 calories on non fasting days
    – no carbs after 2pm

    I need to bring this under control, my whole family are overweight and have every bad health problems like diabetes, heart disease and stroke so I feel unless I change my habits I will follow the same path.

    Hi Lolo and MrsJeffrey1982

    Welcome to the group and a special welcome to Down Under!

    Lolo- lets put our past diet ‘fails’ to one side. So, we’ve both gained a few kgs- at least we aren’t burying our heads in the sand and stopping it before it gets out of control. I’m hoping with a bit of willpower and support from this group we can get it off again and more. You’ll be bikini ready for December- i’m sure!
    With regards to your weather- your winter is probably much like our summer. We had a day two weeks ago where ‘record highs’ were reached at 37 degrees. Everyone flaked out, train lines buckled, tempers flared, newspapers roared about heatwaves- the next day it rained, temperatures dropped again and the following week (exactly 7 days later) it was 20 c colder! Well that’s England for you- but enough about the weather!!!

    MrsJ- I totally understand your pain over the weight. You sound so similar to me. I find that when I am eating healthily and sticking to the 5 2 and the scales are going down (even slowly) I feel so much happier within myself and in control of my life. The minute I ‘fall off the wagon’ I go wild for high sugar/ high carb items and totally pig out. It could last a day or two and sometimes a week or two. I then feel really down, beat myself up about how rubbish I am and have generally gained back all the weight I lost and more.
    Well, we can change this pattern. I guess we both have to get in our heads that if we have a meal or day that is deemed unhealthy it doesn’t matter- just don’t let the whole week be ruined as a result. Stick with us and lets see if we can be looking super hot (or a least a bit hot) by Christmas whether it’s in bikinis on the beach (lucky Lolo) or huddled in scarves and gloves here in good old blighty!

    My first fast day was yesterday- I choose a busy work day so it wasn’t too bad. Got my 12 000 steps in and even a swim at lunchtime. Delicious bean chilli for dinner and some strawberries. So, today and tomorrow I need to keep a good check on things so I stay below 1660kcals!

    Anyway, speak to you all soon- Go us!!!

    I would love to join the 6 month challenge. I previously lost 3 and a half stone on the 5:2 and felt absolutely great. Over the last year and a half I totally lost track and went back to my old habits and less exercise and have put on 1 and a half stone! I know this works so I do need to set myself a goal. I am currently 12 stone 8lbs and 24 years old so significantly overweight. Realistically I would love to be 11stone which I know is still overweight but for me I felt comfortable around this weight and I also feel this is do able! I am also getting married next June so I need to get back on track!

    Yesterday was my first fast day in ages and I already feel brilliant and like I am back on track! I know it won’t drop off instantly but I also know that it works so 6 months should make a big difference!

    I do exercise about 3 times a week and I did a spin class on my fast day with no problem and felt great afterwards however watching what I eat on the non fast days is my biggest downfall especially at weekends and with drinking alcohol.

    I try and use Myfitness pal on these days but any advice would be greatly appreciated?!

    Thank you and good luck everyone!

    Hello everyone and welcome lolo, MrsJ and Harriet – so glad you are joining us. I’ve been wanting/trying to loose wait for so long but never really tried forums etc – I really think that sharing the journey, recording your progress (up and down) and encouraging one another will really help.
    Harriet – loosing 3.7 stone is amazing! You will do it again. Good luck.

    I’m on my second ever fast day today. Going ok. Just had some hot, peppery tomato soup and that’s me till chicken thigh and steamed veg tonight.

    Its so lovely to get a wee group together to start off. Anyone else out there planning on loosing the flab by Christmas (or some of it)?

    Hi everyone.

    I hope I’m not too late to join in the challenge. I’m 41 and a mum of a 3 year old boy and 10 week old baby girl. I’m currently off work on maternity leave. This is my fourth week of fasting. I did 5:2 the first two weeks and now I’m doing 4:3. I officially weigh on a Monday and so far I’ve lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks though it would be 8 if I used today’s weigh in. My starting weight was 12st 9lb and on Monday I was 12st 4lb.

    I’ve battled with my weight since I was a teenager and I’ve never really been slim as an adult. However I felt pretty good when I was about 10st 7lbs a few years ago before I got pregnant with my son so I’ve set that weight as my initial goal. It would be great if I could get there by Christmas.

    My plan is to continue 4:3 fasting Monday, Wednesday, Friday being flexible about the days if I need to. I’ll try to eat sensibly on Tuesdays and Thursdays and avoid alcohol on those days. I’ll be more relaxed at the weekend without overdoing it. I do yoga on my fast days and I’ve just started running three times a week incorporating HIT into that. I’m also doing some pilates exercises to try and tighten my post-baby tummy.

    Good luck all!

    Hi everyone,

    I’d love to join too if that’s ok. I just started 5:2 and had a fast day on Monday that went fine, and my next fast day is tomorrow. I’m 42, 5’4″ and weigh 12 stone. I’ve lost 24lbs last summer doing WW, but haven’t been able to get back into really. Luckily I haven’t put too much back on, about 4lbs, but I really don’t want the weight to start creeping back up. I’d LOVE to get down to 9 1/2 stone, I don’t know if that will ever happen, but being in the 9’s again would be amazing!

    My plan is to fast Mondays and Thursdays, eat healthily most of the rest of time, avoid beer, and do more walking.

    Good luck everyone!

    Hi all,
    I’m in for the challenge also please! I’m 46, mum of 2 tweens, work full time sitting down. I am on the upward path again weight-wise and am now 94.4kg ( 15/16 st) and 168cm (5’6″).
    I ran 4 half-marathons in 2012 – 2014 and now I can’t run at all!

    A local radio host I admire mentioned she had found this a good woe and I was quick to buy the book.

    My first fast day tomorrow but I’ll go for Monday and Thursday in future.
    In the past I’ve avoided alcohol “at home” and only imbibed when out. As a single mum I’m home most of the time, saves heaps of cals.
    Also going to up my activity, walking at least.

    Good luck!

    Dear All

    Never really been on a forum before and amazed how comforting to hear stories of people with similar challenges/problems.

    Not a great week, only really decided to do this on Monday and not been very organised. So only going to manage tomorrow Friday as a fast day. Then as of next week, will do Monday and Thursday.

    Interested to hear what people are eating on their Fast Days and what times of day.

    Still need to order the scales to find out the ugly truth

    Please can I join the challenge? I get so much motivation reading other stories. I’m 46 yr old female in the UK , 5.7 weigh 13.4, just started 5-2 last week and have lost 7lb in first week!! Couldn’t believe it, been trying to lose weight and hit a plateau for ages. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, would love to be in the 12s for my hols in 6 weeks, my fast days are Mon & Thur, not finding it to bad, evenings the worst sat in front of TV, but I just go to bed, then I can’t think about food, I love looking forward to some toast in the morning, the next day.
    Good luck everyone
    Joy xx

    Thank you Treenser. Is anyone fasting today and struggling? I like to save all my calories till about half 7 when I can have a decent meal at home with the family and don’t feel like I am missing out. It also means I don’t feel starving when I go to bed. Being in an office though with everyone having great meals and all sorts of treats is hard work! I am sipping on the water!

    Keep it up everyone!

    I am struggling, I was doing fast day today. Have been feeling a little run down (excuse making) and did so well until went to shop on way home and bought 3 different types of cake. I have eaten a chocolate eclair and a huge slice of coconut tea and I am eating it thinking I don’t really want this but just can’t seem to stop.

    Need to ensure I just avoid shopping whe fasting to remove temptation to buy sweet stuff.

    We all have those days. On Monday I went all day without anything, had my soup as planned at about 7 and then at half 9 I ended up having a Chinese Takeaway with the guests that were staying at mine. The beauty of this is that I just had my fast day again on Tuesday and felt great afterwards! Don’t beat yourself up about it 🙂

    Hello, I would like to join the challenge too.
    50 something female from NE England, working full time. Not been at my ideal weight for at least 20 years (before kids!).
    Even if I only lost one pound a week that would be a huge change by Christmas. This is my first week on 5:2 and I did my 2 days together. It worked just fine not hungry on day one but noticed it on the second day. I think it will work better for me if I fast on the days I’m at work, more distractions and less temptations. I plan to eat about 1800 cals on non fast days, drink plenty of water everyday and try to increase my exercise.
    Looking forward to chatting for help and motivation.

    I would love to join the challenge too. I am a 38 yr old mum , height 5. 7 weigh in at 13. 6. I have been doing 5.2 on and off for a while now and to date have lost 37 lbs. I workout between 4 to 5 times a week , doing anything from walking , high intensity workouts , kettlebells. My goal is to weigh 10 stone. My fast days are tuesdays and thursday.

    Looking forward to this need the help in staying focused

    Esther XxX

    Hello all,

    I just joined this forum today and have been reading around. I’m from the midwest US and decided to formally introduce fasting into my already going well diet plans. My main huge goal before the end of the year is to reenter onederland, where in pounds your weigh starts with a 1. That is the minimum goal I have for myself the next six months, but I’m hoping to get even further than that. Without any regular scheduled fasting I am down over 50lbs since 2014. As I learn more what works for me I’m getting better at improving myself. Fast days are Thursday and Saturday.

    After 2 consecutive fast days scale was down 3 pounds this morning but I’m sure it’s going to change over the next few days when I eat 3 meals again, but it’s a good incentive to keep me motivated .
    Not sure I could do my fast day on a Saturday KR too much temptation with the family at home, I think fasting on work days will be easier for me.

    Hi , Been an unsuccessful dieter in the past. But sure am in for the challenge. I weigh 80kgs , 13 stone, 176 lbs. Will wander here once a while / to report. This is a great way of motivating one another. At least we stroll up here to see what every one is upto – That by itself is motivating.

    Best of luck to everyone


    Actually Iona72 I was wondering when is the best day to weigh in? I weighed myself this morning, after my 2nd fast day of the week (the 1st was last Monday), and seemed to have dropped 2lbs – but I think this might have been because I’d no food in my belly!This will most likely change over the weekend!

    What day is everyone weighing? I think I’ll wait till after my next fast day (next Monday) to weigh myself again.

    Poppy, as I do my fast days back to back I think the best time for me will be just before I fast. Maybe weighing once a week isn’t even necessary, although I am a bit of a scale addict!!

    Hello to all that have joined the challenge- estathebesta, pickypixie, poppy_om, rabybaby, joy4169, harriet91, iona72 and welcome!

    It sounds like some of you are already doing so well and have lost significant amounts of weight. My hat is off for you! Well done! And just think, by the of the year it could be 25lbs lower (going for 1lb a week off)!

    It’s been a bit of a chaotic week here at Ilovecake HQ, what with end of school term etc. I do some serious juggling over the next seven weeks so childcare is covered in my workdays. This means I have to swop my fast days a bit but that’s one of the good things about 5 2- you can!

    Babot- you were wondering about times and food type. Normally I fast Monday and Thursday but this week it was tues and fri. Yesterday went okay- I really liked the look of my kids lunch- cheese, butter, cream crackers- but resisted! I try to save most my kcals for an eve meal and use some for milk in a cuppa (am) and milk in a coffee (lunchtime). This works for me but everyone is different. I find if I have a snack at lunch it ‘awakens the hunger beast’ and I can’t have a proper meal to shut it up again!

    Food- well, being a vegetarian means I eat lots of veg, which is generally lower in kcals and try to add a protein source- eggs, Quorn sausage or something. Stay away from carbs as they are high. On a busy day, for convenience I buy the veg pots which come in around 250-350 kcals and have some strawberries afterwards. Other favs are scrambled eggs, huge pile of mushrooms and cherry toms and a sausage. Or roast veg (pepper, aubergine, courgette, tomatoes) with a can of mixed beans and some flavour on top- I quite like a fajita type flavour and you can buy the spices ready mixed.

    What does everyone else go for?

    Things I have found to bulk up a meal but with low kcals are- mushrooms, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, rice cakes, aubergines.

    Weigh in is normally Monday here. Start of the week and all that! Also I figured I want to avoid a weigh in after a fast as I would be lighter anyway, due to no food, and when I reach my goal I want to be genuinely 10stones at the heaviest point of the week e.g. After the weekend. Does that strange logic make sense?!?

    Well, after that essay I shall bid you farewell for today. Good luck over the weekend- a flashpoint for many of us- and see you on Monday with weigh in results.

    Hi and welcome again to all those of you joining. It really encourages me to know so many on this challenge too. I’ve had on ok week. Fasting on Mon and Wed went well staying within 500. Wed was definitely more difficult than Monday but that seems to be normal as weekends are can be full of over-indulging so Monday not so hard.

    I’ve said that I am adding one more day (this week today – Sat) so I can kick start a bit more weight loss but I’m sitting here with a glass of red wine!!!! All I’ve had today is porridge and some fruit but I’m feeling a little unsure if I’m going to manage within 500 today. I kinda got a bit discouraged this morning after going for a jog then weighing in at my same weight as I did on Mon (12.1lb or 169lbs). I thought, two fasts and a jog already would have done something. I suppose I have to weight till Monday but not looking too good at this point. I suppose I need to be more strict on non fast days.

    Ilovecake – can only imagine how hard it is to arrange childcare over the hols. Complete nightmare. Hubby is a teacher so that sorts that out but I’m not taking any hols as I normally have to use my a/l up for childcare purposes when he’s back at work.

    janaravai – I just happen to know 13stone is 182pounds (as I once weighed it). Just want to make sure you know – for no other reason.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards everyone. Will check in on Monday with the result – whatever it may be xx

    Hi, I’ve been a half-hearted dieter in the past but this is the first time that I am seriously challenging myself to lose weight.

    I want to start fasting two days a week, every week for the rest of my life. The other days I am going to strictly limit myself to eat food during breakfast, lunch and dinner only. No snacking and no over-eating.

    Funnily enough, at the start of this month I put a line through the first 6 months of this year and refreshed my New Years Resolution again from July till the end of the year. So I created my own little six month challenge and now I have come across this post!

    I don’t measure my weight religiously but the last time I checked I was 10 stone. I’m a 5 foot 3in female so I am well over weight. I won’t measure myself again as I believe the numbers don’t matter but the actions of healthy eating and exercise matter more.

    Oh and I do not have any children which will probably make this a whole lot easier for me as they are an energy and time drain for a lot of parents.

    I’m enjoying a non-fasting day today. I didn’t have lunch until 4pm as I was busy out and about but didn’t feel hungry. I suppose that’s because I’ve got used to fasting.

    On my fast days I don’t usually eat until lunch time around 12/1 pm aside from a coffee with a dash of milk at breakfast time. For lunch I have a bowl of fresh fruit. For dinner I’ll have smoked salmon and salad or homemade vegetable soup. Yesterday my 3 year old told me he didn’t like onions, mushrooms peppers etc while I was making it. When I was eating it, he asked if he could try some and ended up eating a whole bowl himself. Result!

    Ilovecake – I completely understand what you mean about Monday weigh ins showing your genuine weight. I was delighted when I found I was under 12 stone this morning but I also know I’ll be a pound or two higher when I weigh myself on Monday. I’ll be putting Monday’s weight on the tracker.

    Ilovecake – I use the same things for bulk, love celery with a hummus dip and I make veg soup which I find filling, even without a bread roll!
    I had a weekend off track somewhat due to eating out for a friends birthday accompanied by a few glasses but back on the straight and narrow now though. Fast Wed & Thurs this coming week so will get weighed Wed morning for a realistic reading!
    Have a great week all.

    So at this morning’s official weigh in I’m 12st 2lb. That’s 3 pounds up from 2 days ago due to water retention from some late night pizza and wine last night. That should go today as it’s a fast day. I’m happy that I’m down 2 pounds from last week’s weigh in and half a stone from when I started 4 weeks ago. I’ve also lost 2.5 inches from both my waist and hips and 1 inch from my bust.

    Hey Ilovecake & all. Super newbie but got through my fast days. The second day felt mentally tougher, and I thought of food constantly, but the next day when I could resume regular eating I had almost no appetite and strugled to get in three small meals. My weight went down, but that been something regular for me already so it will take time before I can tell how 5:2 has changed that. For instance I was down 4lbs/1.8kg from a week ago, but only 2lbs/0.9kg from two weeks ago. Weight-loss isn’t linear afterall. Takes weeks to find the trend.

    So I’ve just had the one fast day so far. This was fine until after dinner when I snacked on some fruit. I calculated was taking me up to 700 cals.
    Heartened to see someone’s post suggesting that it’s fine and just to repeat the next day. Great idea.
    Will look forward to Friday’s weigh in.

    Hello all
    Checking in with yesterday’s weigh in.
    Mon 20 Jul – 12stone.
    So… total weight loss of 1pound. Not great – was expecting a bit more after 2.5 days fasting and a couple of jogs. Anyway, over the disappointment now and must keep going. How is everyone else doing?

    Hi Treenser
    That’s an ok result! It’s gone DOWN! Aim for 1lb a week and anything else is a bonus.
    And you may find next week you lose more.

    And pickypixie- really well done! Are your clothes any loser yet?! 2.5 inches from your waist- that’s brill.

    Keto rose- stick with it! The longer I fast the easier it gets. Your body seems to just realise you’re not eating and it’s fine. If you get a hunger pain then have a drink or wait 5 mins. It normally goes. Keeping busy on a fast day is key. Keeps you away from the fridge!

    Rabybaby- that’s the great thing about 5 2. If you can’t make it work one day you can just change it to another. I do it all the time (see below)!

    So, something I have noticed is I wait to have one meal in the eve- am I the only one who thinks food tastes amazing at the end of a fast day? I even enjoyed some celery the other day!

    I’m fasting weds and sat this week due to having family staying early week. My mum does not really support me in my diet quest and it’s easier to eat what she tells me to rather than trying to make myself a fast meal. My mum can be pretty difficult at times!

    Have a good week everyone.

    Hello Everyone, sorry for the lateness but i have lost .8kg the past week so i am a lil closer to my 15g weight loss!!!

    Great work everyone!!!!

    Hi I hope I can also join the 6 month challenge. I stared this lifestyle in Feb at 12.5 stone. Since then, I have slowly lost 1.5 stone and am now at 11 stone. I want to get done to 10 stone over the next 6 months.

    My diet is pretty healthy so I am not sure what else I can change. I don’t drink sodas at all. I don’t do sugar and am not addicted to carbs. A loaf of wholegrain bread lasts us a month. I drink loads of water anyway….so will just keep on with the slow and steady I guess.

    My weakness is white wine. I have taken to mixing it with soda water and limit myself to a few days a week.

    I quite enjoy the lifestyle. It’s so easy…just don’t eat two days a week. My husband has also lost a heap of weight and he is looking good. He’s happier too.

    So…10 stone by Xmas…I will weigh in weekly starting on 3rd August as I am away next week.

    Good luck fellow 5:2ers

    Well done Lolo! So, how much do you want to lose in total? And how much have you got left to go?
    There is another forum on here by Buttonboots (very inspiring) and she talks about 1/2lb as a pack of butter. If you think about it like that you must have lost nearly three this week!

    Expat- that is a great achievement. It’s really motivating to see other people doing so well. Your goals are exactly the same as me but you are 1.5 stones ahead. I am beginning to get my head around ‘slow and steady’ as the way forward. It’s certainly worked for you! By the time you hit your goal I hope to be at your weight now. Look forward to checking in with you in August.

    Thanks ilovecake, i know sometimes i get on the scale and think ‘damn under a kg lost’ but yeah if u think about it that way (with packs of butter) you can actually see how much it is!

    For December i wanted to lose 15KG, to try and get down to 73kg or there abouts.

    Haven’t done too well this week in regards to my fasting so i will try to get another day in either tomorrow or on the weekend!

    Hi all
    I will check my weight tomorrow, I had to change my fast day so didn’t do b2b this week. Still undecided which way I prefer it. I hope you all have a great weekend, I’m hoping to start running again (after a nasty fall earlier in the year) if the weather is ok after work.
    Keep up the good work, great to hear how everyone is doing.

    Hey everyone,
    I am new to this forum, but not to the ways of 5.2 🙂
    Your original post struck a chord with me as I just reached my goal weight after 6 months of 5.2’ing and if I can do it then you all can :-))
    I’m a 32 year old mother of a toddler, work a fairly stressful job in special education. About to embark on a doctorate in educational psychology in September which was the motivator to me loosing weight. I didn’t want to be the oldest AND fattest in my class!!
    Anyhow I started the 5.2 in January 2015 having dabbled for about 2 wks with it last year. I started off at 12st 12lbs (5ft 2in) and weighed in yesterday at 9st 12lbs. 3st loss in total, more than I ever expected. I’m smaller now than when I met my husband! I would like to get to 9st 9lbs and then I will go into maintenance mode. I don’t want to lose my curves.
    I found the whole process so manageable. I only ever fasted 2 times per week, usually Monday & Wednesday. Tuesdays and Thursdays I was sensible and ate very healthy but Fridays-Sundays I pretty much ate what I wanted and didn’t deprive myself if anything- eating out once over the weekend, bacon sandwiches, desserts and beer/wine! I still can’t believe that I’ve lost the weight 🙂 I also did exercise at home (30 day shred, though I only did it 3 times per week) for the first 4 months then I joined a gym in May and do high intensity training 3 times per week (well that’s the aim! Only been once this week due to hubbie working late!) .
    In that time I have had 2 foreign holidays, one which was all inclusive (eeekk!) and put on 11lbs in one week. After just one fast day I had lost 8lbs-it must have been water (beer!!!).
    Anyhow my point is it really can be done in 6 months! Good luck everyone! Xx

    Tid1 thanks for taking the time to share your experience of 5:2, great job well done, I’m just starting out and I feel quite inspired!!

    Hi Tid1
    Thanks again for sharing. I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired of late. My determination wavers so much. One minute I’m all go the next I give up way too easily. Hearing stories like yours really does help me refocus and try harder because it is do-able. Well done on that amazing weight loss. That’s amazing. I want to loose about 2 and half stone but I’ve been this weight for so long now I can hardly imagine doing it.

    Hello Everyone

    I only joined the site and forums last week as I needed some support on my second attempt at the 5:2 diet. I first did it last year and was successful until I stopped then it’s took me until now to get back on the wagon.

    Thank you Tid1 your post is very inspiring and motivating. Congratulations and well done on your weight loss!

    My fast days are Tuesday and Thursday but I will take a leaf out of your book and eat healthily Monday, Wednesday and Friday and relax a little on the weekend.

    I think some exercise is also the key. I do some weight training with a personal trainer either weekly or fortnightly depending on my work or social commitments but that isn’t enough. I need to find the motivation to do some aerobic training. Members of these forums are very supportive and caring and I’m finding it very helpful. So hopefully, I will see the weight drop off and as I do be motivated to do more exercise to tone my body.

    My goal is to lose weight but also to have a toned stomach :-).

    Weigh day for me – no change this week but that is fine just happy not to gain! Only one week of July left, let’s make it count!

    Hi Everyone Again,

    I forgot to ask if I can join? :-).

    I can weigh in each Monday morning and post here.

    Good afternoon from a very rainy Sunday in Wiltshire!

    Welcome to goldensun. Glad you’re joining us!

    And thanks tid1 for your inspiring story! It memes me realise it can be done.

    I only managed to fit in one fast day as I’ve had a few things going on. A family visit and then a bbq and a sickness bug in the house. I didn’t catch it this time but I definitely have lost my usual voracious appetite. I’m therefore not too worried about the weigh in tomorrow although I know I may not have lost.

    Next week is a bit more structured so I should be able to fit in my steps and fast days a bit easier. Looking forward to hearing results from everyone and how it’s going.

    Hello Everyone

    I thought these two youtube videos may be of interest. The flat belly detox drink maybe especially useful on the fast days and the second video something to bear in mind on non-fast days.


    I’d love to join in challenge too please. I’m 49, 5 foot 2, and a very curvy 11st 9lbs (last Monday’s weigh-in). I am determined to lose some weight before I turn 50.

    I started two weeks ago doing 4:3 (MWF) and it has not been as difficult as I thought. I have been tempted on fast days but so far I’ve not given in – I tell myself I can have whatever is tempting me the next day. Have tended to eat less on non fast days – although I have had quite a few treats this weekend. Have started tracking using my fitness pal.

    I am quite good at starting diets and being very enthusiastic for a couple of weeks then it gets a bit tough and I stop. I’m confident this will be different as I only have to fast for a day at a time. I’m holiday first two weeks of August – that will be a challenge and is the sort of thing that would usually throw me off track.

    Would love to get to 9st by Christmas.

    Hi everybody, I’m a 28 year old mum with two little boys, almost 4 months old and 2 years old. I am still carrying a lot of pregnancy weight and simply staying off carbs just doesn’t help anymore, in fact I think my metabolism has slowed down.
    So I’m going to try 5:2 or 4:3 depending on each week and I’d love to join the six month challenge and be a better version of myself on my birthday in January…

    My goals are:
    – Loose 30 pounds (I’m 160 lbs now and I’ve always been 130 pre babies)
    – Stop eating desert every day (yes, even chocolate)

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