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  • Hello Everyone

    I’ve put on just under a lb. It was my first week and I weighed myself mid-week and had lost a lb so I suppose I’ve eaten too many carbs on my non-fast days. I’m a little disappointed but still motivated to carry on. One positive, is that I don’t feel as bloated as I did before I started the 5:2. My fast days are Tuesday and Thursday but I’m gonna try and fast today to kick start again.

    Hi everyone
    This is the first time I’ve joined an online challenge like this. Not the first time I’ve tried to lose weight haha! I am 173cm and weighed 84.5kg a week ago. I’ve lost 1kg over the past week following the 5:2 diet, reducing carbs and avoiding alcohol 4 days a week. I exercise quite a bit in any case because I enjoy it. My aim is to continue with this approach and make it a permanent lifestyle change, and to lose weight in the process.

    Hi Goldensun,

    I always Weigh myself on the morning after my second fast day. That’s your truest weight loss. If I were to weigh myself today (after a food filled weekend-i ate out 3 times!) I’m sure I would be at least 3lbs up on the end of last week. My aim is to be a lb down every week on the previous week.

    Thanks Tid1, like Goldensun, I had weighed myself in Friday which was 1.1kg loss then as I thought everyone else was weighing today I did it again. I was quite shocked to see this all back and plus 400g! (Basically 3 pounds fluctuation) I know in the weekend I didn’t drink that much water and didn’t eat terribly well but didn’t think that would happen. I think I’ll stick to Friday’s which is the morning after the 2nd fast as suggested.

    Hi everyone,
    hope there’s room for one more! I would like to lose about 1.75 stones/ 10kg by Christmas. I started the fast diet a few weeks ago and have only lost a few pounds but I’ve also been eating atrociously on the non-fast days (it’s wedding/ birthday season!) so I’m actually quite pleased that the scales haven’t crept up. I’m planning to fast on a Monday and Wednesday/ Thursday, and then try to eat sensibly at least during the week with weekends a bit more relaxed. So far it seems to be fitting into my lifestyle really well – fingers crossed it continues and the scales start to show the results!

    Hi, I’m two weeks in and 4 pounds down- feeling good about this as I don’t really feel like I’m on a diet. I’ve been weighing in on various days and there are fluctuations, but I’m using the weigh in after two fast days as my real weight as I need motivation! When the scale is up I’m not happy and get fed up.

    This week I’m going to try 3 fast days as I have my holidays coming up on the 18th of August – dreading showing off my flabby belly and cellulite bum! Good luck with the fasts everyone!

    Like Rabybaby my weight has gone up 3 lbs at today’s weigh in from it’s lowest point in the week. I don’t think it matters much whether you weigh after a fast or non-fast day as long as you’re consistent. From a psychological / motivational point of view it might help to weigh after a fast day though. I believe the trend over a much longer time is more important. It’s difficult to tell how much fat you might have lost in a week when weight can fluctuate so much due to water etc. I wonder what I might have weighed this morning if I hadn’t had two meals out over the weekend not to mention several glasses of wine and pistacchio magnum!

    I’d decided to track my weight every Monday so unfortunately I can’t record any loss at all for this week despite fasting 3 days. I’m going to try to eat much better on my non-fast days this week. I did feel really bloated and uncomfortable this weekend after eating so badly. So not worth it! What helps me get through fast days is thinking ‘I can have that ice cream tomorrow’. Unfortunately I’ve found that line of thinking works against me on non-fasting days when I think ‘I won’t be able to have ice cream tomorrow so I’d better have one now.’

    Ilovecake – In answer to your question. Yes, my clothes feel much looser from losing 2.5 inches from my waist. I can now fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans without holding them together with a hair band. My pre-pregnancy jeans are UK size 16 though. I still have some way to go before I can fit into my pre-baby number one (size 14) jeans.

    Tid1 – I feel really inspired by your weight loss story. 3 stone in 6 months is fantastic. Well done!

    I love this forum! Reading everyone’s posts is really motivating. I’ve joined slimming clubs in the past but what I love about this way is that I can access support any time of day.

    Thank you Tid1 for your suggestion.

    So today, I ate 3 apples from 1.30pm and now I’m eating home-made vegetable soup, which I have to say is delicious. I’m really pleased that today wasn’t as difficult as my first fast day last week. I was tempted to buy a packet of crisps when I popped into the supermarket but I managed to talk myself out of it by telling myself I only had to get through today. I drank some water and before I knew it I’d forgotten that I was a little hungry.

    Tomorrow is my official fast day but I will see how I feel. The intention is to fast but if it feels too much I will move it to Wednesday.

    I really feel that I will actually reach my goal weight and size this year. I’ve recently fallen in love with TK Maxx but some of the clothes I like don’t fit well but that will change this year ๐Ÿ™‚

    GoldenSun I’m just making veg soup! I’m not on a fast day tomorrow but the weather is so miserable I need some comfort food, it will get me through the day along with some crackers, fruit and maybe yogurt.
    I also feel more positive than I have on any other diet, keep on keeping on!!

    Hello All
    I signed up the week before last. I did one day the first week and then 2 days last week and had a fast day today. Really finding it easier than I thought I would though not sure I kept to exactly 500 calories. Still haven’t bought my scales but will do so in next couple of days. But I feel slimmer and less bloated. Have really enjoyed reading the blogs and found them inspirational/ encouraging. For once I think this is a diet I can sustain.
    Let’s stick with this ladies as it seems to deliver results. Have a good week all!

    Hi everybody!!
    It really is very motivating to read everyones’ posts!!!!
    Yesterday was my first fast day, I made it to lunchtime only with water (we had run out of milk so I couldn’t make coffee) and then I made a 2-egg and 2-tomato omelette. Then I had my coffee (like saying one glass of milk) and I felt very very full!!! As if I had eaten steak or sth..
    But before I went to bed I ate a couple of bites from my sons left over toast with cheese.. ๐Ÿ™
    Is it okay if you nibble sth at dinner time? Because I read somewhere that we only have to have one meal on fasting days..
    I weigh myself every day but I’m thinking it might be a little disheartening after a non fasting day.
    I also have another question, should we try to limit carbs on non fasting days as a general rule?
    Thanks everyone
    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Allymac

    I know exactly what you mean about starting full of enthusiasm! I only have to have a day or two of gorging out and I throw in the towel on the diet and just go back to my old, bad ways!
    I’ve never been on a forum before, let alone start one, so I’m hoping this will help to motivate me and keep me on track. I would feel a bit that I wasn’t letting my fellow six month challengees down if I gave up and disappeared!

    And Myrtw87- hello! Baby weight- urrgghh. The curse that follows having a lovely little bundle of love! I managed to put on 3 stones each time I was pregnant. Luckily i lost it again after each but it took a while. Don’t people say ‘9 months to gain it and 9 months to lose it’. I’d say more like 18 months to lose it then get pregnant again!!

    Never mind Iona72. I sometimes find if you have a week of staying the same your body somehow ‘sheds’ more the following week so perhaps we’ll be reading some monumental loses from you next week.

    Me, I weighed in yesterday morning and am now 12 st 7lb. 1lb down! Am happy with that as I am aiming for 1lb a week and this also follows the week when I was only able to fast one day.

    I’m on track for a 2 fast day week this week and have managed to get my steps in yesterday and a swim at lunchtime today. Off to ride my horse after work so at least today is an active one.

    How is everyone else getting on?

    I weighed in yesterday morning and was 1.5lbs down – very pleased with that as I had been overeating at the weekend.

    Aiming for 3 day fast this week. Fasted yesterday and it wasn’t too bad. I need to start building in some walking – I did the Moonwalk a few years ago and I enjoyed training for a challenge but I didn’t
    keep it up. When holidays are over and we settle back in school routine it should be easier to factor in some regular walking.

    Ilovecake – I’ve never written on forum before either – I’ve always just had a look at what other people were saying. So – thanks for starting up the challenge and inspiring me to contribute.

    Hi everyone

    The week has gone by in a blur of not being too well, feeling better today and had a walk with the dog after lunch so I’m on the mend! I’m back at work tomorrow so will try and get my routine restored. Hopefully the scale will be down as I’ve not eaten much this week at all.
    Good to hear from you all, stay strong and keep on track!!

    Hello Everyone

    It’s my second week and I’ve lost 2 1/2 llbs and that’s with attending a meeting with a buffet and attending a wedding reception plus buffet.

    I haven’t got the patience to count every calorie but I have been kinda careful with the amount I eat. During the week is easier than the weekend. I find I forget to drink water at the weekend and on Sunday I found myself craving crisps or chips to any Americans :-). I did give in but still lost weight, so I’m pleased.

    I go away on my annual meditation retreat at the end of the week. I’m hoping to carry on whilst away. We have a routine and it’s vegetarian food so I’m hoping I can still lose something.

    How’s everyone else doing?

    Hi All

    I still haven’t bought the scales for a very specific reason. I have a 17 year old daughter who is currently very self conscious about her weight. May sound silly but I don’t want to make a big deal about buying scales and having them around as I don’t want to create body issues for her. She is fine weight wise, eats really healthily and exercises. Long may it last. Unfortunately school friends of hers have suffered from anorexia and it freaks me out how that illness can escalate from simple anxieties about body.

    So I am leaving the scales buying till when she is back at school and I can slip them in to the house. Meanwhile the two fast days is becoming routine and I am finding it quite easy to sustain. I definitely feel lighter and just generally feel better. Sometimes I even look forward to a fast day.

    Feeling happy that I appear to have found a way of eating I can stick to. Finding reading everything on the forum hugely encouraging.

    Have a good week all.

    Hi everybody!!!
    The first week went pretty well, i fasted Monday- wednesday- friday and on Saturday I weighed 3 lbs less..! I ate very sensibly on non fasting days, a normal lunch and 1/2 portion for dinner and managed to exercise 3 times (light aerobics at home 45′ work out) and went for an intensive walk for 45′ twice.
    My week starts every Monday but in Saturday we left for our summer holidays and that’s why I had to weigh myself then.
    Sadly though I have been overeating since and I feel very depressed about it.
    So I have decided that i will stop this misery I myself am putting myself into and instead I will fast Wednesday-Friday-Sunday this week, and everything should be right back on track.
    I only hope I stick to it.
    All the best to all of you,
    Stay focused!!!
    The diet in itself “works”, all that is left is the discipline from our part!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a great day everyone!!!!
    (Sorry for the typing mistakes Im posting from a mobile phone)

    Hi all

    I posted on Monday but it doesn’t seem to have shown up!

    I completely agree with myrtw87’s comments on the diet working if ‘we’ have the discipline. I suppose the same can be said of any diet really. The discipline is what I struggle with. And so many situations where food is at the heart of the day. I managed a fast day on Monday, despite being at a picnic. I was supposed to fast again today (before trotting off to Brighton tomoz to visit my brother) but woke up really hungry. I just decided I wasn’t in the right frame of mind so I will fast on Saturday instead. I’m annoyed at myself though- I should have just stuck to today….

    Anyhow, I managed to lose a bit this week taking me to 12st 5lb. Only 33lbs left (and my aim being 1lb that means 33weeks)!

    Before I go I wanted to sympathise with babot. We are bombarded with info 24/7 about how we should look and a lot more in recent years about weight due to the health issues surrounding obesity. Unless you drop out of normal society there is no getting away from it- your looks matter. The poor teenagers today are under so much pressure about this. And how do we protect them from it? I think it’s so wise to not have scales about. We know when we lose or gain weight- our clothes tell us.

    Well, reading back on my post you can tell I’m not ultra positive today so I shall now depart and do my best to be vaguely healthy whilst I’m away, fast on Saturday and like myrtw87 my whole week won’t be ruined!

    Hi everyone
    I’m sorry I’ve not posted for a while. If I’m honest I’ve not been sticking to 5:2 at all. Trying during the day but failing at night. But I know this is for me, it’s the only thing I can imagine doing long term. It makes so much sense. So I am resolving to start again and have fast days tomorrow (Thurs) and Saturday.

    Hello everybody

    From last week I switched from doing 4:3 to 5:2 because I felt I was eating too much on my non-fast days. I think 5:2 will be easier to stick to over a long period of time. I may throw the odd 4:3 in every so often if I feel I need to.

    At Monday’s weigh in I was 2 lbs down from last week. I was pleased with that as I hadn’t lost anything the week before. That brings my total to 9 lbs over 6 weeks.

    I find the fast days quite easy to stick to but I’m not sure I’m keeping within my TDEE on the non-fast days. I’m trying to eat more mindfully but find it a quite difficult to avoid the temptation of an ice cream and glass or two of wine. I’m a bit reluctant to calorie count on my non-fast days but I might need to if I find I stop losing weight.

    Ilovecake – I’d be happy to lose an average of 1 lb a week too. I have a similar amount to lose as you do. That would get me to a weight I haven’t experience since I was 15. 33 weeks doesn’t seem very long compared to 26 years of being overweight.

    Treenser – Best of luck getting back on track. I’m sure everyone struggles from time to time. The important thing is not giving up. I agree this seems much more sustainable over a long period of time than other weight loss plans.

    Hi all,

    Just checking in and reading over the posts, it’s great to hear everyone’s progress and ups and downs. I 2lbs last week so I’m happy with that – that’s 6lbs so far over 3 weeks.

    Like you Pixie, I had been trying to do 4:3 as I have my holidays coming up in two weeks, but I found it too hard and was dreading the next fast day coming up. I find 5:2 much easier – I think the break of two days of normal eating inbetween fast days gives me a mental cushion, or something like that!

    Stay strong girls, we can do this – when I was doing weight watchers and I had a v bad week, I’d tell myself that one week doesn’t really matter, it the long term goal that counts – eventually I lost 2 stone, even with runs of terrible weeks.

    Hello fellow fasters!!!
    Today is the last day of my second week and it has been quite horrible, i overrate Monday-Thursday (yeah no fasting Wednesday as promised) and on Thursday evening I got food poisoning -yep, still on holliday- and ended up vomiting/ diarrhea onto Friday.. So I guess diet wise I’m “fasting” Friday-Saturday- Sunday..
    So much for fasting, right?! Not the kind of 4:3 one would wish for.
    Anyway, my stomach feels much better now, and I’m really looking forward to the thrid week of this diet.
    I’d like to add something to the conversations started by Babot, being someone who usually weighs herself everyday, now that I’m on holliday i can’t weigh myself so instead all I’m focusing on is what I eat. And I think this is a much healthier attitude, it kind of relaxes me staying away from the scales for a few days.
    As a teenager I also had friends who were struck by anorexia and them being a bad example helped stay away from such issues..
    Also llovecake it really is hard to stay away from food when it’s the center of the day. To me its the hardest part of any diet. For me what works sometimes is thinking in a kind of a “selfish” way, I try to think that “my project is top priority than your wedding/ picnic etc” and sometimes I turn the roles around, like “if the bride-to-be went to that picnic and was on 5:2 would she eat?”.. Thats what I do and half the time it works.. You know- as a mind game ๐Ÿ™‚
    For me weighing in will have to wait till Wednesday, when I’ll be back home.
    I’m looking forward to reading about everyones progress, its very motivating, little or big.. It feels like being in good company and posting my own feels like a small part time “goal” ๐Ÿ™‚
    Stay positive everybody!!
    Have a nice day!!

    Hi everyone,

    Myrt – That’s awful you got a bug on your holidays, same thing happened to me the weekend before last – it wasn’t nice ๐Ÿ™ But I counted the days as fast days and at least I wasn’t craving food – whoop ;D

    For me weigh day was today and I was dreading doing it as I had a terrible weekend, totally overate on sat and sunday, but I still lost 2 3/4 lbs, I really don’t know how. So now I’m supposedly 11 st 7 1/4 lbs and started at 12 2lbs 3 weeks ago. I have one of those weightwatchers scales that is quite unreliable, so I’m taking that loss with a major pinch of salt and will see what the scales says next week. I’ve been considering taking the battery out of my scales and only weighing once a month as I tend to get scales obsessed. It would be nice to (hopefully) get a surprise of few pounds lost after a month, rather than the ups and downs of weighing during the week.

    Anyway, take care folks and keep up the good work xx

    Hi everybody!!
    I weighed in on Thursday, when we came home from our Holidays, and I was 156 lbs. that’s a total of 4 lbs lost in two weeks and three days.
    So this is my progress:
    Starting: 72.7 kg- 160 lbs
    13/08: 70.7 kg- 155 lbs
    Goal: 59 kg- 130 lbs
    Next weigh in: Monday 17/08.

    I have been aiming for 4:3 but I guess I’ve been doing something in between 5:2- 4:3.
    What makes me feel good is that I have managed to keep it low on the sweets and chocolate. That’s a big issue for me..

    Have a great day everybody!!

    Hi all,

    I was on a fast day today, had a 500 cal meal at about 6pm, and then only made it to 9pm and scoffed a doughnut. I’m now supping a g&t, fast day not so good, but it’s been my first fail so far so I’m not going to beat myself up about it! Also I’m off on my holidays tomorrow for two weeks, so will be in no way doing any fasts! I don’t know how you were able to do them on holidays Myrt, you’re a better woman than I am, and well done on the loss.

    I usually weigh in on Tuesdays, but I’ve had a pretty rotten week eating wise, even though I did stick to my last fast day; so, I shall go on my holidays not knowing the probably horrible truth of what I’ve gained and enjoy myself in ignorant bliss ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’ll be back to fasting after the holidays, hope to hear some more stories then.

    Hi…long time, no see.

    Babot…why not try a tape measure instead of scales? That what Dr Mosely recommends anyway.

    I have lost .66 of a pound. That’s in 3 weeks (only 10 to go). I am not worried as I know this is not a fast way to lose weight so as long as I am going down rather than up, I am fine. My husband lost 2.5lbs in the same time frame. Mind you, according to his BMI, he is still overweight whereas I have hit the top of the normal range. He is really looking good. And his bloods are looking great…his Doctor is really pleased.

    I still don’t tend to eat on fast days. At most, I have a cup of homemade veg soup or a boiled egg. But I drink loads of water.

    I don’t count cals on non fast days…I hate counting cals. We just try to eat quality food and no junk and not many carbs. I don’t want to become obsessed…that is why I chose 5:2. For simplicity and health…and it is simple. After 6 months, it’s becoming second nature.

    Love you guys…this is a great support group.

    Many hugs.

    Hi everybody!!
    I weighed in yesterday and I’m at 70.5 kgs – 155lbs. That’s down by a total of 2.2 kgs- 5lbs in 3 weeks time exactly.
    I’ve also managed to slip down to a BMI of 24.9 and I’m very happy about being back in thr notmal range.
    Poppy on Holliday it’s really hard but try to fast in the day, it will help!! Eg fast and have only dinner. Or for one meal pick a salad.. Don’t nibe and stay low on the sweets.. Thats what I did and it helped lose just a little bit, although I was simply happy by not gaining!!!!
    Expat I don’t count calories on fasting days either. I agree this is a diet that will help us all eventually come back to a healthy way of eating and for me a healthy way of thinking about food.. Because for many years it has been a bouncing of dieting days and binging days and I felt very tired..!!! Now I feel free.. And I really dont mind fasting anymore, especially when Im home.
    Have a nice day all!!!
    Next weigh in- Monday 24.08 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hi All

    Expat you are right, I should get out the tape measure and keep thinking I will but I don’t. To be honest I am trying to be very low key about the fact that I am doing the 5:2 as my family just tease me with comments like “how long will this diet last” etc. which often is just what sends me off the rails, as it discourages me. But I am determined to stick to this and find reading everyone’s stories a help. Really looking forward to everyone being back at school and routine setting in. I don’t find the fast days that hard but yesterday I had to just go to bed really early as I feared that if I stayed in the proximity of the kitchen I would simply eat! I know I need to be stricter about sticking to the 500 calorie. Am sure I go over but I know I am close to that amount and feel the Monday/Thursday routine is becoming quite ingrained. I agree Expat I hate counting calories but on non fast days I try to eat fewer carbs. Certainly have noticed my sugar cravings going down. Have a good week all.

    Hi all

    I’ve been fairly quiet on here at the moment, as we all have I guess, due to the summer hols. I have returned to work now after two glorious weeks off. We had a staycation but still managed to do some visiting. I have to confess I just didnt bother with fasting or being particularly healthy as I just wanted to not think about if for two weeks!
    This is fairly typical of me and any sort of diet- on/off/ on/off! Still, I weighed in last friday (started fasting again on saturday) and was 12 st 7lb. I keep going up then down again by a couple of pounds so I cant really say whether that weight is good or not. I’m not that fussed though. Fasted again yesterday and it was a fairly easy day as I was back at work. Managed a swim and 15 000 steps too!
    I’m off with the other half for a weekend in Cornwall at the beginning of Sept (our first time away alone since the littles arrived six years ago!) so I’m going to try and be excellent until then and then give myself a couple of easy days with some foodie treats (I can’t not have a pasty after all)!
    I’m so glad to hear from all the rest of you- there are some good results going on even if the odd doughnut turns up!
    And myrtw87- I totally get what you say about being ‘free’. By getting slimmer, eating healthily and fasting I feel I have control over my eating habits and the nagging guilt disappears and I feel exactly the same as you- FREE!!
    I do have to keep working at it at the moment as I have yet to form it as a habit and as you can see I dip in and out. However, I do feel I am definately getting to grips more with my eating now.
    Hurrah everyone! 5 2 is working!

    Oh, and just a funny little aside- this week, for the first time in my life I was glad I had a fat stomach.
    My dog was being naughty and ran up behind my horse as fast as he could, making my horse leap in the air and kick out. He got me straight in the stomach. Luckily he caught me on a flabby patch and apart from taking my breath away for a second I was all okay. The fat protected all my vital organs and ribs. So, how often can you say this-
    Thank you for my fat!!!!

    Good afternoon,

    Albeit one month late, can I join your challenge?

    I am 44, and 4 months away from my 15th wedding anniversary. At the moment I am 3 stone heavier than when I got married – being realistic I will never achieve my wedding day weight again unless struck down by serious wasting illness; but I would like to be only 1 stone heavier come mid December.

    I did 5:2 very successfully 2 years ago, and then stopped for no good reason, and put on all I had lost and more.

    I am planning to fast two days a week, with the odd 4:3 week if feeling inspired. I will also walk more than 10,000 steps a day (unless on a long haul flight, as that could be quite annoying for everyone else), and will aim never to eat more calories than I use on a particular day.

    I did my first fast successfully yesterday (although I went to bed at 8PM to avoid accidentally eating in the evening). I am also wrestling with having promised my husband that I would stop drinking Diet Coke (I could quiet happily drink 3 litres plus a day), so my usual diet prop has been taken away from me ….

    Hey everyone, I’m down 6lbs on last week, so the holiday 8lbs that input on is coming off nicely!
    I’ve lost 42lbs in total, would like to get down to single digits 9lb 9ozs. Only 5 lb to go.
    Good luck everyone :-))

    Dreadnought…your husband is a smart man. There is a lot of research that is showing Diet Coke is not good for you and that it encourages a sweet tooth and works against weight loss. You’ll have a headache for a while…I did when I gave it up years ago. Now I cannot stand the taste of the stuff so there is hope!!

    Lotsa water helps…with a slice of lemon for flavour.

    Hang in there…you’ll be a stone lighter in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tid 1…42 pounds is awesome!! Wow Wow Wow. You are really inspiring. How long have you been 5:2-ing? I am so pleased for you.

    Expat- I’ve been doing 5.2 for 8months.

    Hi everyone

    On Monday’s weigh in I was 3 lbs down after not losing anything the week before. This was partly due to me throwing in an extra fast day on Sunday though. I’m 12 lbs down from when I started 8 weeks ago. I’m going to Italy for a week on Saturday so I’m fasting today and Sunday. I probably won’t fast while I’m away but I’ll try to skip the odd lunch to try to keep the calories down.

    Last week I saw someone had posted about ‘that sugar film’ under a different topic on here. I bought and watched the DVD and read the accompanying book ‘that sugar film’. I also read ‘sweet poison’ by David Gillespie. Of course we all know that refined sugar isn’t doing us any good and eating lots of sweet treats makes us put on weight. Even so I’d always believed that ‘a calorie is a calorie’ so the books and film were a real eye opener for me. Apparently our bodies aren’t equipped to deal with the vast amount of fructose most of us eat these days. The small amounts we get naturally in fruit are okay as they come with lots of fibre. However table sugar which is 50% fructose and 50% glucose is causing no end of trouble. Whilst the glucose part is used for energy, the fructose turns straight to fat and it’s the kind of nasty fat that clings to our arteries and liver leading to heart attacks, strokes and type 2 diabetes. In the film Damon Gamau gained 8.5kg (19 lbs) in 2 months by adding 40 teaspoons to his diet each day. This is apparently what the average Australian eats. He kept his daily calorie intake the same as they were before and only ate food perceived as healthy such as fruit juice, muesli and cereal bars. He also gained 10 cms (4 inches) to his waist. Frightening!

    So I will be saying arrivederci to sugar on my return from Italy. I can’t promise I’ll be able to pass up the odd gelato while I’m over there.

    Dreadnought – good luck with giving up the diet coke. I agree with what Expat said. I’ve always avoided artificial sweeteners because of research that suggests they can be harmful. I haven’t drunk coke since I was 12 when I gave it up and then found I couldn’t stand the taste when I tried it again a few months later. I find sparkling mineral water with lots of ice and fresh lime really refreshing particularly on a fast day.

    Best of luck everyone. We may have some setbacks and it may take a while but I’m sure we’ll get there in the end if we keep going.

    Hi all
    Sorry, its been a while but been a while.
    Tid1 – 42lbs in 8months is amazing!!! Really inspiring. Did you loose 6lbs in one week – how did you manage that?
    My weight loss has been much slower than I would have thought. I’ve also had a couple of wobble weeks and things not going to plan so have had to loose the weight that I had put on. One thing I’m trying to do now is only weigh myself once a week instead of every day. That has been a problem for me, either getting down that scales weren’t moving after a fast or thinking I could over compensate when I do see a loss. No win either way
    Dreadnought – welcome to the challenge. How did you find 5:2 last time?
    PickyPixie – brilliant result – well done. 12 lbs in 8 weeks – great. Totally agree with everything you say about sugar – problem is I’m addicted to it and get a craving every night after my dinner which nothing else satisfies. Probably need to go cold turkey. Enjoy Italy – beautiful country (and food). xx

    *…but been busy.

    Hey everyone!!
    I weighed in today at 69.6 kgs that’s 153lbs, which puts me 3.1kgs and 7lbs less that when I started the diet 28 days ago.. It feels slow but I feel good and don’t really think I’m giving up on anything. Better slowly downwards than upwards, right?!
    Pickie Pixie I totally agree with you on cutting down on sugar. It’s also a matter of habit, after a while we won’t mind.
    Treenser I have the same feelings on weighing in, and I try to write down my weight on my calendar and that way I can actually compare weekly loss (if any) instead if breaking my heart.
    Dreadnought, welcome!! I’d love to fit into my wedding dress once again!! If ever I do, I’m definitely going for a photo session!!! Hee hee
    Good luck everyone!!
    Keep it up!

    Hello Everyone

    I’ve returned from my meditation retreat and although I didn’t have the means to weigh myself, I did take my tape measure just to keep me on track. I managed to cut down on my calories whilst away and today I weighed and measured myself. I’m really happy as I lost 4 1/2 lbs in total whilst away and 3 inches in total off my bust waist and hips. I’m feeling much more comfortable in my clothes.

    This diet is becoming a way of life and I hope it stays this way. I haven’t had chocolate for almost 3 weeks but when I arrived home yesterday, my son had saved me some yummy home-made chocolate cake he had baked for his girlfriend’s birthday. I couldn’t resist! Today, I went to the cinema with him and had sweets and chocolate too :-).

    Back to Tuesday and Thursday as my fasting days. Feeling better in my clothes and enjoying buying clothes too is a great incentive.

    Tid1 – I’d like to get down to single digits too – nearly there.

    Welcome Dreadnought – hope you get as much inspiration and encouragement as I do from this forum and site.

    PickyPixie – Congratulations on your weight loss of 12 lbs in 8 weeks. How do you feel?

    Ilovecake – your comment of being thankful for your fat made me smile. :-).

    I too have read about diet drinks encouraging weight gain rather than helping weight loss. I drink still or sparkling water with either fresh lemon or lime juice. In the past I have added sparkling water to fruit juice to dilute the fructose levels, which I feel is better than cordial or fizzy drinks.

    Good Luck to everyone and looking forward to reading more posts.

    Hi all

    Well done to Myrtw87 and Golden Sun.

    I returned from Italy on Saturday. I had a fantastic time and ate pretty much what I wanted. There wasn’t any fasting and I didn’t manage to skip any meals. I didn’t eat too much sweet stuff except for gelato three times during the week. I weighed in at 168 lbs on Sunday but was back down to 165 the next day after fasting. This was pretty much where I was 2 weeks ago. I’m pleased there was no gain. I was planning to fast today but didn’t manage to after sharing a bottle of the vino we acquired from a trip to a vineyard with my husband. So now it will be tomorrow and then either Friday or Saturday.

    Golden Sun – I feel good losing my pregnancy weight from my 4 month old. At least I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes comfortably. I’ll feel even better when I’ve lost the weight gained from baby no.1 who is now 3 1/2. That’s about another 18 lbs or so.

    Have a good week everyone.

    Hi everyone, I hope u don’t mind me joining in. I too started the 5:2 on 23.7.15 and came across this thread, and I have been following it for some inspiration.
    I have 3 children, born within 3 years of each other, they are 4,2 & 1. Before I became pregnant I had lost 2 1/2 stone and was very lucky to only gain 4 lbs overall. I was keen to do this diet after watching the TV programme just before my 2nd pregnancy.
    The eating plan really suits my lifestyle at present, as I tend to feed the kids and worry about me and my husband later!! The first 2 weeks were difficult as I found I regained any weight lost by the following fast day and I was still in the mindset of eating 3 times daily. Then I decided just to eat once in the evening and since then the weight has fallen off. Last week we were on hols and I still managed to register a 1/2 lb loss when I came home on monday. I’ve now lost 13 lbs and 12 inches in total. Tomorrow is my weigh in for this week, I’m hoping that I will reach 14 lb in total.
    I hope u don’t mind me posting and i’d like to join the challenge. I hope my story gives some inspiration to anyone thinking of trying this way of life, it definitely becomes easier after the first couple of weeks.

    Hi all,

    I’ve been away on my holidays and have been back a week and I’ve struggled to get back into fasting, but I’m doing it today and it’s going well so far. My eating over the holidays was calorie laden – lots of baguettes, cheese, pasta, pizza and alcohol, and I haven’t been much better in the week I’ve been back. I’m afraid to weigh myself so I’m going to try a couple of weeks of fasting before I do.

    It’s great to hear everyone’s updates and welcome pk01, that’s a brilliant weightloss!

    Good luck everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

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