Shout out to all the fasters today

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Shout out to all the fasters today

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  • How long have you been doing IF, what # fast day is it for you? I’m at 3 weeks, 5th fast day today.

    Hi mommycakes, welcome to this new way of life.
    ive been fasting either 5 2 or 4 3 for 15 months now, i do mondays and wednesdays, adding in fridays when i do 4 3, lost count of how many fast days ive done.
    how are you finding it? x

    I started in May 2013 and move my fast days to suit my life.
    I have changed my regime for today though with a surprising outcome. I usually have porridge for breakfast at about 8:30 then dinner at 6pm and occasionally have 520cals but mostly 500 over the day. Today I decided to eat between 1pm and 7pm as I have read some people do. I had no trouble waiting until 1pm but now at 5:30 my tummy is rumbling and I feel dinner may be a little early this evening 🙂

    Hi Mommycakes,

    I’m on week 1 and am fasting today. Feeling slimmer already and bags of energy, feeling oh so good on it.

    How much weight have you lost since you started your fast? Has the reduction been constant each week or does it vary greatly?

    Good luck with IF.

    I do either 5:2 or 4:3, depending on my mood. I have lost five Kgs in four weeks.

    For me the best is on fasting days to not eat anything until dinner. The moment I eat something it is like my tummy is waking up to food and it wants more!

    At the moment I am also counting calories on the non-fasting days. In the long run though I would like to stop this and eat normally as I wish on those days without paying too much attention to the calories that I eat.

    I wanted to see fast results as I am inpatient, but now I can slow down and take it a bit easier. I really want this to become a new way of life not a diet. At the moment I’m still too much concerned with food, what I eat, when I eat it, how many calories I take in and the topic of food seems to run my life. This is not necessarily bad as it makes me more conscious about food in general and the bad habits that I had.

    Anyhow apologies for the long post, good luck with your fasting!

    Hi! I am on my second day of fasting on week 1. I need to admit that today I found it much easier than monday, I have been exercising and feel energetic, not so much light headed and grumpy as the first one. My real concern is that I have not watched at all what i have been eating in feed days, I introduced a lot of carbs and sugars I would not normally eat “because tomorrow I am going to fast”. I think i will need a few weeks before going back to my normal regime on feed days. I think the first fast has been pretty hard for me and urged me to “store up” in the following feed days. if anyone experienced about 5:2 reading this has any suggestions or can relate, please reply it will be nice how you dealt with overeating on feed days. Good luck all 🙂

    Started 28th October 2013. I didn’t count my fast days, I’ve been doing ADF, 4:3 and 5:2 and no idea when I did what… so yeah, no idea how manieth fast day 😉

    For me food has been running my life as well a bit, but I don’t mind at the moment. It’s the thing that’s keeping me sane during my stay in China, where I don’t really have control over anything except myself! So by focusing on my body and weight loss (sometimes taking it to the extremes, I realize that) I try to pass the time until I leave. A bit over 8 weeks to go until I fly out!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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