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  • I have been doing this for three weeks now. I am not seeing any great reduction in my weight, and my measurements have reduced by 2 cm since I started.

    Am I doing anything wrong or is this slow progresss normal?

    My TDEE is 1709 and I struggled to get to that limit everyday, and I am making better food choices.


    Hey Mel,
    I’ve been ‘trying’ since last year and not been very successful. I did lose a few kilos, but then Christmas and new year happened! I’m struggling to get back into it. I plan to go to my dads place in the bush this weekend for a few days. I’ll be on my own, he has no food (mum passed five years ago, she was chief cook!) only what I take with me! Exercise has been a struggle too, with cartilage disappearing from my spine! Normal situation for many many people, but damn frustrating. Other factors contributing too, but the main reason for this post is to let you know you are not the only one finding it a little difficult.

    You may find at in a couple of weeks it all starts to drop off. I think I was eating way too much on non fast days too. They say you don’t have to watch what you eat on non fast days, but to lose weight I think we definitely do.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Mel and welcome:

    What do you mean by not seeing a great reduction in your weight? How much have you lost in three weeks?

    I have lost one kilogram. I am seeing other people are much more than that. I just need to reassure myself that this gradually slow process is ok.

    Hi Mel:

    The average weight loss for women on 5:2 is a little less than one pound a week. You are right on schedule. The people reporting larger losses are losing water weight, and their losses will slow down over time.

    Here are some tips. Number four will explain how much you can reasonably expect to lose over time, and number two will show how I did not lose anything at all over the first two weeks (but still came out OK by continuing with 5:2):

    Good Luck!

    This is my 4th wk and not a pound or inch lost! VERY disallusioned and wonder where I am going wrong.On my fast days I tend to have my favorites:porridge/blueberries and dinner is cod with egg and spinach. On the other days I still eat very well and dont eat alot of rubbish and have also stopped drinking wine during the week. Also go to the gym at least 3 times a week! I will perservere for another month and may have to try something else. Anyone have any helpful hints?

    Janjojo, I’m in the same boat. Had an initial BIG loss of 8 pounds which settled down to 6 the next week, but I’m on week 5 now and my weight has refused to budge since. At all. And I’ve got 40 pounds to lose, so it’s not like I’m right on the edge of anything even approaching an ideal weight. I have religiously tracked every calorie, fast days and feast days. Doing everything right but not seeing the weight change. It’s very discouraging. My clothes do feel looser, by far, which is nice, but the scale continues to accuse.

    On the other hand, I have fallen into the fasting day pattern so easily that it’s no longer something I really think about or dread. It has helped reset my nearly pathological fear of being hungry and I find I look forward to the fasting days more than the feasting days. Weird. So I’m going to stay the course, not even considering altering it – I’ll be a lifelong 5:2’er, I just like this way of life. But these pounds…… grrr…..

    Everyone loses differently.

    A couple of things to think on.

    As you loose weight you need to recalculate your BMR and TDEE they will change as your weight drops and you have to adjust your intake to come in under the new TDEE. The more you loose the less you need to ingest.

    Fasting is really 36 hours during which you’ll have 500 calories for women or 600 for men. Personally I just don’t eat at all, a little food just makes my body think it’s even more hungry, food feeds my hunger basically. So I just do water while I’m fasting. Eat, sleep, fast with up to the 500-600 limit, sleep get up and eat a normal diet to the TDEE.

    I enjoy the fasting and I’ve learned to eat better on my normal days, I know portion control and I can now control my excesses so they aren’t excess. It has been a learning curve. I don’t see 5:2 as a diet but a pattern of eating sensibly. I really wish they didn’t call it a diet.

    I too am feeling very frustrated this morning. I’m into week 4 and even though the scale goes down…(slowly) by the next time I weigh myself i’m up again! and I too am eating normally, on my off days. I had been down 5 lbs last week, I even fasted 3 days bc I had some guests coming in for the weekend and knew I’d be splurging a bit. Then weighed this morning and gained all 5lbs back again!! HOW can this be?? I too am going to give it a few more weeks, bc I do like other changes I’m feeling when I fast, but I’d be lying if I said that i’m mainly doing this to lose weight.

    The scale is only one way to measure progress.

    Dani18M I assume what’s happened is because you didn’t eat for 3 days and then overate for 3, your body is clinging on to a lot of water weight.
    Other things can influence what the scale says as well. Where you are in your menstrual cycle, sodium intake, dehydration; water retention in muscles from exercise you name it!
    If you see progress in other areas (feeling fitter, healthier, clothes fill looser) you’re doing the right thing!
    One point I will make as well that a lot of people don’t consider is make sure you’re eating ENOUGH.
    Your average calorie count over the week should be above your BMR but below your TDEE- your BMR is what your body burns just to stay alive and so going below that number on a regular basis is dangerous.

    I have all but given up on this fast diet as it does not work for me. I may cut back on a Monday after a weekend but I have taken to eating smaller portions and not improperly food combining and that seems to work. I was certainly thrilled witht the results I read others had but perhaps as I dont have alot to lose it may be hanging on to what is there. Best of luck to you all still perservering.



    I too was ready to quit. In four weeks I lost nothing, gained 1kg back and my measurements have not changed AT ALL.

    So I went back to normal eating for a week and a half and I am trying again, with this being my first fast day again. I did lose 5 kg all up but plateau happened a month ago with no change.

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