Scale; what's the most accurate brand and model?

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Scale; what's the most accurate brand and model?

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  • I have been doing all I can to find an accurate scale and have yet to have had any luck. The current scale I am using will have as much as a 5 pound difference between weigh ins done within 5 minutes of each other. I would prefer an analogue scale but if there’s a better digital that would be fine as well. Accurate weight is very important to me as I have 85 pounds to lose, I think that would be about 6 stone to my British friends. Recommendations would be greatly valued. Thanks Richard

    Analogue scales are not very accurate. Digital scales are better – our scales go down to 0.2 lbs. You need to have the scales on a firm level surface (NOT carpet).
    Even so the weight can vary, so weigh yourself, move the scales a little bit, re-zeroise, weigh yourself again. Keep on doing this to get a repeatable reading.

    I suggest weighing yourself in the morning after going to the loo – ie your ’empty’ weight. This is much more consistent than your ‘full’ weight before going to bed.

    Use EXCEL or some other spreadsheet to plot your weight each day. It will vary a lot between fasting and binge days so calculate and plot a 7-day average (every 7 day period will have 2 fasting and 5 binge days).

    A weight loss of 1 lb per week is ideal (your body has to adjust, skin has to shrink etc) so your 85 lbs will take at least 85 weeks so be patient and hang in there.

    The trend in your graphs will show your weight loss.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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