Saucy and Svelte September!

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  • Day 16 UK NFD

    Yesterday’s extra FD800 became a solid CD at around 1000 calories with the addition of some evening rice, pea and lentil cakes with avocado. But I resisted the call of oatmilk choc ices in the freezer, bought to share with DD this weekend!

    After b2b2b FDs this week today’s weekly weigh in shows me down just half a pound at 172.5. But I’ve lost half an inch from my hips and waist this week, bringing my total fat suit shrinkage since 27 May to a nice round 2 inches. My clothes are also fitting much better, indeed some of my tshirts are beginning to look positively saggy. it’s all progress!

    It’s feeling distinctly nippy here today, temperature has gone down from Wednesday’s high of 21C to today’s high of 16C, low of 8C. Definitely time for twixt season clothes. I’ve dug out a few but will be layering up summer clothes for a few weeks yet

    Day 16 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 212 lbs. Got to drive an hour to a meeting, then I have a six or seven hour work day tomorrow. But, so it goes…

    Have a great day!

    Day 16 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s WF was nearly easy, and I’m not particularly hungry this morning–at least, no hungrier than any morning. That’s the part that always surprises me, you know? My great-nephew, who used to go to college an hour away, has switched to a college in St. Louis (a nine hour drive), so we’ll no longer see him every Sunday. However, he’s come this weekend to visit his college friends, so he’ll be here for the day to see us. That means I’m making a lunch for the three of us and then dinner for DH and me–definitely an NFD. Lunch will be tuna salad in an avocado half (nicely healthy and low on carbs) and a corn salad (not in the least healthy, since it has Chili Freetos, LOL, but yummy) and an upside-down berry cake, a new recipe that I’ve wanted to make for a month. Supper will be from Fung’s Obesity Code cookbook, poached salmon with lime dill sauce, and I’ll also steam some broccoli and make some potatoes with butter, garlic and dill. As long as I don’t eat a lot of them, it shouldn’t be too bad a hit on the day. It’s also the first time I’ll be cooking since Wednesday, September 7, and that’s a L.O.N.G. stretch for me to go with no cooking, something I love!!

    @michelinme It’s lovely to see how you’re so nicely settled into the 5:2 routine, and making progress on going down in weight; have a grand time with your daughter! And that was sweet to say that about my knowledge of Red Cross blood drives, but I have no idea if the same guidelines to phone calls applies to the UK…?

    @goal10kg Your description of last night’s supper has me drooling!!

    @penz You made me chuckle! No co-hosting in your future, eh?

    @matpi I have little knowledge of the technical side of whole blood v. platelets, but was told both are needed and are equally valuable, so I think the decision rests with what works better for the donor. Which do you prefer?

    @gardenlily I’m so impressed at your steady loss! Well done!!

    @linda.b What sorts of projects are you needing to do at your home? Are you talking about reducing your accumulated “stuff” or about painting and new floors and so on?

    Okay, I have just a little time when I get to be all alone–my favorite!–and then my great-nephew will be here. Tomorrow, DH and I are going to a retirement workshop (where they give you guidance on starting the financial stuff) and we have to leave the house at 7:45 am, so I may not be on the forum again until Monday…who knows. But, go strong on your journeys! (that’s encouragement, not a command… ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿฅฐ)

    Pocket list Day 16

    Day 16 Ohio, US — NFD

    Sorry all, I’m down with an allergic reaction. I hope to get caught up with everyone’s messages on the morrow. Peaceful evening (or morning) to everyone.

    Day 17 – South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ – NFD

    Not such a controlled weekend so far; must do better on NFDs!

    @matpi – hope you’re feeling better soon. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to suffer from allergies & food intolerances. I remember my mum telling me I was allergic to blancmange when I was a baby, but that was a very long time ago.

    Thinking I may do a FD tomorrow. The weather looks like it’s no going to be so good, so I may just curl up with a book & lots of liquids.

    Have a good weekend everyone ๐ŸŒค ๐ŸŒˆ

    Day 17 UK NFD

    Quick check in , will catch up tomorrow x

    Day 17 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. Lowest Saturday weigh-in this month, so working on a downward trend. Tomorrow is my father’s birthday dinner, so I’ll fast on Monday. Wednesday I have a meeting with a boxed lunch, but I may see if I can just “save” it for later or pass altogether, as I’m taking Thursday off. It will be a tricky week ahead.

    Day 17 – 16:8

    The temperatures are slightly cooling and Iโ€™m here for it! Mixing in some brisk long walks with my hula hoop cardio – got to keep the body guessing!

    My weight is sitting stable since I returned, a few pounds above my happy point but just under my โ€˜top maintenanceโ€™ weight. Iโ€™m hoping my return to more scheduled eating and healthy choices is just taking some time to register on the scale.

    The cats are fine, and were much admired at their annual vet visit. They are a bit clingy since our return, So I know our trip unnerved them, even though we had someone come over to play with them feed them and change the litter twice every day we were away. Poor dears.

    I might just schedule a WF day next week, because Iโ€™m struggling with extreme and frequent hot flashes the past few weeks. The only correlation I can figure out is that when I eat (any food, no specific types) that triggers hours of these hot flashes. So my ZBC membership makes mornings easier – and I really could use a longer break. I have noted that the autumn weather, when it is cooler so the air conditioning doesnโ€™t come on as often – can be an especially challenging time. I keep portable fans all over the place which helps some.

    Well, it is sunny and 80ยฐ outside so Iโ€™m off for that walk! Have a happy weekend all!

    Day 17 Ohio, US — NFD

    Things are going better today. Something I ate for supper was, I believe, the culprit. The scales showed a loss of 1 lb over the last week, so with any luck I might end September at the same weight I began it with!
    The cartoon strip, Baby Blues, for the day (September 17) had an event that is all too familiar to many of us. Here’s the link: Enjoy!

    @mariaelena Once I had to board my dog for a week while I went on a business trip. When I went to pick him up, the little dance he did showed that he thought I’d never come back for him. Separation anxiety can make the heart grow fonder!

    @northgeorgia Hope the celebration of your father’s natal day is a very good time! In my experience boxed lunches aren’t that much better than fasting. Now if there were a marshmallow sundae in the box …..

    @brightonbelle Catch you tomorrow!

    @funshipfreddie I never had food sensitivites/allergies until I got really ill. It seems that the illness really messed up my immune system. Recently sensitivities to two items, onions and olive oil, seemed to have developed just out of nowhere.

    @stitchincarol Since it takes about three hours to donate platelets and only fifteen minutes for a whole blood donation, I’m guessing that platelet donors are much rarer than whole blood donors. And that may be one reason for all the phone calls.

    @michelinme Needing two sets of clothes (one cold weather, one warm) is sort of a curse of living in a temperate clime — or so my brother who lives in the Southern US keeps telling me. I keep tellling him that variety (in clothing) is the spice of life!

    @linda.b Where I lived in a rural area, one couldn’t get a handyman for love or money, and I tried repeatedly over 17 years. So when it came time to sell the house, I told the real estate agent about the needed repairs and presto! a handyman showed up the next day! Congratulations on the 3 month anniversary!

    @ihatelettuce I used to take habitually MOAM. Two knee surgeries have slowed me down considerably. Apart from a half hour walk, I now do a lot of stepping while watching Sister Boniface mysteries.

    @gardenlily Ripe pears right off the trees! They must be divine!

    Day 18 – UK Cam – NFD
    Quick check in – all going well, trying to keep an eye on food intake between FDs and with the Queen’s funeral tomorrow there’s no volunteer garden work so FD will at home instead, with all the temptations! Today is a busy allotment day – clearing the plot for winter and planting up spring greens. DH feeling a bit better but weak so will be propping up the spade rather than using it! Think I shall get a good body workout, one way or another.

    @northgeorgia – well done with the Saturday low – keep it down!
    @mariaelena – what on earth is a hula hoop cardio? Visions of you twirling a hulahoop down the road in a tutu
    @matpi – you will need to move the tent from the garden to the allotment – the conference pear tree is dripping with pears …

    catch up with you all tomorrow!

    Day 18 – South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ – FD

    Feeling a bit glum, like the weather. Or possibly hung over ๐Ÿฅด๏ธ I think Sober October would be an excellent idea.
    Either way, it’s a Sunday FD ๐ŸŽฏ

    Pocket List – Day 18 ๐Ÿ’

    Day 18 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. Celebrating my father’s birthday this evening, so likely to see an increase tomorrow. Will make Monday a FD. Then, not sure. Wednesday would be ideal, but there’s the lunch on site. I may have to do a B2B FD and deal with Wednesday on its own terms, but cautiously! LOL

    I’m taking Thursday off and don’t plan to make that a FD.

    Day 19, FD, Aus

    I was also thinking of doing Octsober, @funshipfreddie, except for the 30th for a long over due catch up with a girlfriend at a cocktail bar.

    @matpi – that cartoon was too true to be truly funny!

    Day 19 pocket list:

    Day 18 Ohio, US — NFD

    Exercise did well today — at least 10,500 steps. On the other, at supper time the sugar monster hit big time and I wound up having ice cream and cupcakes for supper. ๐Ÿ™ I certainly need to work on getting my sugar consumption under control. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a MFD.

    @penz Glad you liked the cartoon. In the language of that cartoon today was unfortunately a “high five” kind of day for me.

    @northgeorgia Sometimes life really makes it tricky to get the two FD’s in during a particular week. But you are a trooper! I have confidence that you will make excellent choices as the week goes on!

    @funshipfreddie I remember a mentor of mine once said that on any day the spiritual life was proportional to the amount of sunshine there was. Hope good weather comes back soon!

    @gardenlily Hope your DH continues on to a complete recovery!

    Day 19 – UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Quick call in to add to FD pocket list, then a short MOAM walk.

    Today we say farewell to ‘The Boss’ who I am very proud to have served for many years. May The Queen rest in peace.

    Take care all

    Day 19 pocket list:

    Day 19 โ€“ Monday โ€“ Gold Coast Queensland Australia โ€“ FUN DAY (FD) ๐Ÿฅฆ๐Ÿฅฌ๐Ÿฅ’๐Ÿฅ‘๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ„๐Ÿ„๐ŸŒถ๐Ÿฅ•๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿฅฆ๐Ÿฅฆ

    ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ woohoo! ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ 3 months + 2 days maintained goal weight! Happy days!๐Ÿ˜„

    About to turn on the box to have the funeral proceedings in the background. I am very surprised that, with over 177000 COVID deaths in the UK, there is nary a facemask in sight. I suspect the UK might be in for yet another ‘wave’ of COVID after this. ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท Watching it all from afar has been very interesting and feels like the end of an era. Britain does tradition and ceremony like no other country in the world …. and, because of the great 21st century tech advances and electronic media, it has been a privilege to be able to watch it all from the comfort of home.

    Today has been busy, as was the weekend, nevertheless on track with my FUN DAY today. Today also had a government funded Heart Health Check …. apparently I’ve missed this little joy and ‘slipped through the net’ as our government wants people between 45-75 to do this annually…. who knew? Anyway, all done โœ… This business of being a LOCA is full of little surprises!

    2022 has been quite a year and now it”s time to tune into London…

    cheerie dearies

    We might not be able to predict what the future holds but we do have a certain amount of control over the course our futures will take.

    The week’s events certainly bring some reflection about life, the universe and everything. 42.

    Day 19 pocket list:

    Day 19 – South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ – NFD

    Monday morning PFDS again ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ’ช

    It will be raining here for much of the day. Seems appropriate as we officially bid farewell to Her Majesty today.

    @linda.b – I’ll also be watching the funeral, along with an estimated 4 billion others. Astonishing, when you consider only about 9% of the western world had TVs when she became the Queen! And 4 billion is double what the global population was when she was born in 1926.
    42 indeed ๐Ÿ˜‚

    @penz – Sober October it is! That gives me 11 days to get my head in the right place. Maybe by the 30th you’ll want to go for virgin cocktails? It could happen! ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿšซ๐Ÿท

    Day 19 UK NFD

    Postponing FD until tomorrow see you then ๐Ÿ‘‹

    Day 19 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 219 lbs. Lost the plot in the celebration yesterday. I will probably do a B2B FD starting today and try to get back on track. I am doing little things like snacking after a meal while watching TV that is likely a major culprit over time. As Fung says, no one gains a ton of weight filling up on broccoli…

    Time for a little shift.

    Day 19 pocket list:

    Day 19 – NFD

    I did my regularly scheduled M fast yesterday while I was recovering from a migraine. And today, husband surprised me with some fast food hash browns – fried salty potatoes are my kryptonite – so an unusual non ZBC day.

    We had a surprise this weekend in the backyard- a stray cat who had made his home in our yard for approximately 5 years was obviously not happy with mama cat and family so he slowly stopped coming by this spring. He is a friendly one (to people, not other cats so much) and we missed him. Well, heโ€™s back! He yapped at me and let me pet him when he took some food so he does remember me ๐Ÿ˜€. The neighborhood does a lot of trap-neuter-release and Shadow (our name for him) has the indicative ear notch – we mulled over taking him in, but except for the frigid winter sheltering in our warm garage it is pretty obvious he doesnโ€™t want to be an indoor cat. Iโ€™m very glad heโ€™s well ( my research says he must be a pretty old age for a stray) – he looked good and is still the sweetest thing. I hope he winters in our garage again this coming year.

    @matpi – yes separation anxiety is a thing my cats definitely have. Particularly one of them with me and another with my DH. I wish we could explain things to them.

    @gardenlily I try to get cardio in every day, and my hula hooping around the waist became too easy to get my heart pumping so I started adding dancing, marching in place, walking and side stepping to the mix while keeping the hoop up. Iโ€™m working on one legged hooping but can only balance on one leg for about 30 seconds while hooping. I stretch out by doing the old ballet 1st-5th positions while hooping – that is quite the challenge too. Really anything I can think of to keep it fresh and challenging is on the table.

    Well, the day started off ๐Ÿ˜ˆ naughty with the eating front, so Iโ€™m going to pay special attention to eat well the rest of the day. While with the calories from the hash browns will eliminate any chance of a FD 800, I plan to keep under 800 for the remainder.

    So many of you are following the funeral for the Queen of England, and I hope you find some closure and solace from it. It is fascinating to think how much changed during her lifetime and reign.

    Iโ€™m off and sending goodwill to all!

    Day 19 – UK Cam – FD
    What a day! Managed to get the dog walked for an hour and some essential chores done (including cleaning the pond pump and filter) before settling down to watch the main part of the Royal Funeral service. Very moving. Very easy FD as something I ate last night disagreed with my system big time in the night so didn’t feel at all like eating right thru’ til supper. Just had chicken thighs baked with carrot, onion, garlic and baby potatoes (I avoided them when eating!)cooked with fresh limes and big helping of green beans – really tasty, filling and well within the 500 for today.

    @mariaelena – wow, you really do hula! I could never get the hang of those but I do love dancing – instant mood lifter.
    @linda.b – hope you enjoyed watching the funeral – we have an extra treat with Paddington 2 on TV tonight.

    I do feel we are on the cusp of a new era, it will be interesting to see how our new king settles in. Now that all the ceremony has finished (for the moment) we will have to get back to the gory business of politics! ๐Ÿ™

    off now to chortle at Paddington.

    Day 19 UK NFD
    Day 18 NFD
    Day 17 NFD

    It’s been a full on weekend with DD staying, church activities and today the Queen’s funeral. I’d forgotten the extra work of having two people’s schedules in my head as it’s been such a long time since she’s been here. Really good to see her in this window of early radiotherapy before the side effects kick in – first time she’s visited in 10 months, which is the longest ever.

    Yesterday it was good to be at church with a special service for the Queen. After a lunchtime meeting I spent a few hours back in church welcoming visitors, directing to condolence book and candles and listening to their stories. It was such a privilege to simply be present with people at this time.

    No fasting happened here or even CD, but neither has there been any big blow out, toh a lot more carb than usual and I’ve definitely not drunk enough the whole weekend. Friday had sugar in the form of oat-milk choc ice and baby jacket potatoes, Sat carb in the form of GF gnocchi and homemade oat sodabread with linseed, raisin & cinnamon; Sunday baked sweet potato and a popcorn bar I usually only make sodabread to take to community events but made it for DD, and then ate half! Amazingly this morning I was still weighing in at 174lb but I suspect that will be up tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m thinking of b2b FDs from Tues-Thurs, beginning with a LFD. I know it worked for me the last two weeks so even tho it’s a hard switch after all this carb that’s what I’ll be doing. It’s a busy day tomorrow with DD in the morning, PA assistance and mother visiting plus a huge pile of project work to get in for next month’s conference. Weds I’m in town all day and Thurs is full again so that should keep me on the straight and narrow!

    Hope all is going well with you all

    Day 20, NFD, Aus

    Checking in but absolutely no mojo. Cannot even blame yesterday’s blown FD on the Queen’s funeral – a beautiful, fitting send off with lots of personal touches. 4 billion people tuned in, @funshipfreddie, really? Wow.

    Head still not in the right space. More rain forecast tomorrow and the rest of the week. Grumble.

    Day 19 Ohio, US — (M)FD

    Not sure whether this will be a bona fide FD today or just (!) a MFD. The reason is that out-of-the-house chores kept me so occupied that I just worked at them and skipped a meal. One of the chores was something that needn’t have occurred. I had to go and pick up some medical equipment. The last time I got that equipment, they just mailed it to me. Apparently that convenience only happens once! The establishment where I had to make the pick up was located on Advanced Business Center Boulevard. I kept driving around where it should have been trying to discover it. Google Maps was no help, since it just showed that the Boulevard crossed an eight lane highway at a traffic light. It didn’t. No traffic light, no intersection, nothing! After 20 minutes of driving around I discovered it — the great Boulevard was just an unmarked parking lot! And that was representative of how my chores went today. But at least they are now all done!

    @penz Yes, the Queen’s funeral was truly beautiful and touching!

    @michelinme Sounds like you’re having a good visit with your DD. Such visits are so, so precious!

    @gardenlily Paddington has been gladdening the hearts of a whole generation of children! (And adults too!!)

    @mariaelena The resident cat of an acquaintance of mine, whenever my friend took out his suitcases to pack for a trip, would sneak in and pull his things out of the suitcases. It got to the point that my friend would have to pack while the cat was napping and then lock up the suitcases between the cat’s naps.

    @northgeorgia Who would want to fill up on broccoli? (unless it’s deep fried!) (and of course therein lies the rub!)

    @brightonbelle Catch you in the morrow!

    @funshipfreddie You are right —- the world has changed incredibly over the course of her lifetime!

    @linda.b Ah — the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy strikes again!

    @ihatelettuce Quick question — how much do your vary your MOAM’s? Since I’m not sensory oriented, I could do the same route every day and not have it bother me. I do have 4 different walks that I force myself to do, just so I don’t get into a rut. Of course, some would say that only 4 is already being in a rut!

    Day 19 pocket list:

    Day 20, FD, Scotland

    Here we go again ๐Ÿ™‚ vegan salad for lunch and chicken sausage and veg for dinner. Body Attack after work. Two weeks today ill be on the beach!

    Lets go Tuesday fasters!!

    Pocket List

    Day 20 – UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Another day in the brewery today, that may just have the stock level back to normal so there’s plenty conditioning in the bottles which takes a month or so.
    I was asked recently about beer drinking and 5:2 WOL, it’s an easy answer, just like anything else don’t overdo it and stick to light ‘blonde’ beers with a low ABY of 4% or less.
    The advantage of Craft brewed beer is it doesn’t contain any chemicals, the only ingredients are malted barley, water, hops and yeast, nothing else. So many ‘health drinks’ have a list of additives or ‘enhancers’ that people don’t realise.

    @matpi – Any walk I do alone is a MOAM walk, (Mrs IHL is only a smallhausen and can’t keep up, so when we’re out together it is a stroll) we’re lucky to have a lot of good walks from the doorstep, however to answer your question …

    I do the same circuit when it is purely for exercise, from home a gentle uphill walk, then across the top of the village to the bottom of a long steady climb where I push on. At the top of the hill turn around and ‘coast’ back down, then a circular route back to home. I do occasionally head off on my own for a longer walk but my ‘exercise route’ is about 2 miles and takes about 25 minutes depends who I meet en route.

    Take care all

    Day 19 – South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ – NFD

    The rain has finally stopped. And just in time; lunch date today with a friend who’s making a stop on her way back to Durban. So it’s Barney’s Tavern, which has a great view of Algoa Bay.

    @penz – 4 billion! I’m sure it’s a guesstimate. How can they know for sure? But this Sydney Morning Herald article sort of explains how the numbers are calculated. I hope you get your mojo back soon! ๐Ÿค—

    Here’s a link to Michael Mosley’s ‘Eat, Fast…’ documentary. Sometimes re-watching it helps me if my mojo’s waning

    Day 20 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 213 lbs. Second FD of my B2B FD. Need to show something for my efforts in 2022 other than a plateau! So, I keep trying! Too much post-pandemic celebrating with friends and family, I think. But I need to watch my snacking and other NFD choices, too. I think some small changes could have a bigger impact. Onwards we go…

    Pocket List

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Okay, I’m struggling. On Sunday, the scale was 156!!! This morning, it was 155.4, so Sunday’s ugly number wasn’t an anomaly. I spent the day yesterday watching BBC and seeing the ceremonies; you Brits do that spectacularly. Then, around 2pm, I heard our local Fire Chief had died, probably a heart attack in his truck. I really only barely knew him, but my heart aches for his wife and 11yo DD, and the whole village will so miss his cheerful kindness and fast wit. He was only 64–way, way too young. (He even made the Omaha evening news!) So that broke my obsession with QEII and focused me on local sorrows.

    But I didn’t focus there for long, because I really need to stop this reversal of all my 5:2 progress. I’ve done this before, lost a bunch of weight and then just watched as I ate it back, and I will NOT allow it to happen again. But I’m not succeeding yet, am I?

    So it’s clearly time to take “drastic” measures, like recording all my food in MFP, or switching to ridiculously big salads, or something. But I mustn’t just promise myself something I can’t actually make myself do, so I’m thinking. I’m girding my mental loins, if you will. Cold weather is coming (like, tomorrow!) and my slacks are now too snug for comfort, so I must turn this around quickly.

    @matpi I remember your comment about NFD eating being rather like just getting out of prison abandon, and @northgeorgia I remember your comment about you not doing the basics–housecleaning, healthy cooking–with any regularity. Both of those comments are resonating in me, and I’m hoping all this mulling I’m doing will have results soon. When I weighed 142, I was SOOOO longing for 132 or less; now that I’m 155.4, 142 looks absolutely marvelous!

    At least I can accomplish today’s WF and then we’ll see what’s what.

    Pocket List, Day 20
    @stitchincarol WF

    Day 20 UK FD

    OK trying to reset again ! Nothing seems to be working for me just now , guess I just need to try harder

    Pocket List, Day 20
    @stitchincarol WF

    Day 20 – 16:8

    I waver a lot on and off about the benefit of vitamins and supplements (as do nutritionists, if what I read is correct) but one that I see a very positive correlation with is collagen powder. My fingernails, which over the past decade have become more and more crack and chip prone are in so much better shape and the only major change (other than adding strength training) to my diet and routine is adding collagen protein powder to my morning coffee. Iโ€™m trying to get my nutrition from my diet, but know that I am having trouble reaching some goals like protein (and calcium, always calcium) and unless I figure out different ways, supplements remain in the picture. Anyone else have any vitamins or supplements they think do a good job?

    @linda.b I got the HHGTTG reference โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘- I loved those books, and it may be time for a reread- it has been at least 2 decades since I read them.

    Mojo seems to be in short supply these days for so many, so one thing that helped me when my mojo was low was to prepare some good nutritious larger meals and have them available in portions. I hate wasting any food, so even when my urges said โ€˜treat foodโ€™ I felt obligated to finish off my nutritionally dense prepared foods first. Sometimes that delayed the treat foods for days, to my great benefit. Thursday, the day after my two FD, would be my big cooking day for the week and that was a big benefit for my NFD eating.

    Iโ€™m also trying to listen intensely to my body. Most summers I have lots and lots of fruit (especially pineapple and cantaloupe) around but for various reasons I did not this summer. At the grocery yesterday (shocking how expensive groceries are now) some fruit bowls were still priced similar to previous years so I got these favourites. And wow did I react when eating them. Maybe my vitamin C is low or something but everything about my reaction tells me I ought to be having fruits more regularly because it was hard to stop eating them.

    Iโ€™m still waiting for the cooler weather to take hold so I can exercise outdoors in comfort again. It is a bit cooler but much more humid so I eagerly await the change.

    Well lots to do today, including donating more clothes and household items. Chipping away at all the extras in my home a little at a time!

    Wishing everyone well!

    Day 20 UK WFD

    Well I slept like the dead last night and alarm went off mid-dream – sign I need more sleep! After a more carbtastic weekend I weighed in back up at 176lb which keeps me well motivated for my b2b2b this week.

    I finally did some morning stretching – a sudden realisation that if not now, when? – so I did! Only 15 mins gentle stretch and focus on the breath but I’ve had a much more chilled, centred day which motivates me to repeat tomorrow. A short time daily is better than a longer time never!

    DD went home in time for afternoon radiotherapy and my 84yo mother came for our weekly tea visit. In between I’ve plugged away at project stuff, mostly around next month’s conference – amazing how much more time there is in the day when not eating.

    I’ve had 4 decaf black coffees, two marmite teas and around a litre of water thus far, so I’ll make a flask of ginger tea and take that and water to bed. Time for a relaxing soak in the bath and a lovely early night. I’m off into town tomorrow 12-9.30 with some visiting Swedes but keen to get some yoga and project work done first thing.

    @penz I hope you find the headspace soon. I know how hard it is when it just won’t come xx

    @matpi your yesterday sounds like a mare – some days need turning off and turning on again!

    @goal10kg lovely to have your holiday nearly here – where are you off to?

    @funshipfreddie thanks for the link!

    @northgeorgia hope your second day of b2b has gone well

    @stitchincarol well done for noticing – now for action. I found this so helpful:
    @matpi I remember your comment about NFD eating being rather like just getting out of prison abandon, and @northgeorgia I remember your comment about you not doing the basicsโ€“housecleaning, healthy cookingโ€“with any regularity.’
    That’s exactly it – eating tons on a NFD bc we’ve been released, and getting out of the habit of all the things which sustain us healthily. I’m now finding the opposite – finally back in the fasting zone, I’m having baths and earlier nights, doing my chore routines morning and evening, just restarted morning stretching and meditation. They definitely come together – but where to start? Paying attention, and starting something, knowing that intention plus action make progress toward a goal. And once the momentum has begun it’s so much easier to maintain, either towards health or away from it…

    @mariaelena i would swear by phytoV which has restored my energy levels post covid from perhaps 25% to 80% of pre-covid levels

    Missing some lovely regulars… If anyone is lurking do drop in and say hello, no matter what.

    Pocket List, Day 20
    @stitchincarol WF
    @michelinme WFD b2b

    Day 21, NFD, Aus

    Thanks for all your helpful comments and support; it’s why I keep logging in!

    Australia is having a public holiday tomorrow as our day of mourning the loss of our Queen. (Funny no one is mentioning it could also be used to welcome our new king but I spose that will happen at his coronation.) Anyway, I’m treating myself to taking the day off on Friday and we have a huge weekend of fun planned, so I am going to complete abandon any thought of 5:2 until Sunday. Then I will go shopping and get the right stuff for a week of salad ingredients for my lunch. I’ve been too long sliding alongside OH who likes his carb heavy leftovers for lunch (think curry and rice, pasta etc). Yeah, sure it might be easy but if I’m honest, I really prefer a big salad. That, and I will put into my work calendar time out each day for some exercise. As someone pointed out recently, walking with the dogs is exercise, but hardly akin to @IHL’s MOAM, because one has to stop and sniff, and stop and circle back, and stop and pee on another bush (that’s the dogs, btw, not me!)

    ok, that was a ramble! I probably won’t log in again until Monday but I know I will be building my mojo muscle for the last spring in September!

    Day 21, FD800, AUS

    Hi all! I’ve been off-forum most of September, and just enjoyed a nice long catch up on everyone’s progress.

    A really helpful aspect of the forum for me has been recognising patterns that emerge through writing stuff down and sharing updates on a regular basis.

    That has helped me see that a major hindrance to eating well and exercising regularly is my workload: mid-semester when teaching and with a large service/admin role means I could probably work 24hrs a day and still not keep up, and the expectations in the university system here is that everything will just magically get done, even if it means we have crushing loads. That whole Great resignation/quiet quitting movement is really starting to make sense to me!

    Over the last few weeks I have been really pushing myself – leading to more dinners out/takeaways, wine and treats, and a lot less exercise.

    I’m thinking about the extent to which I can change this, and the extent to which I have to accept it, and then use the non-teaching periods to prioritise health and not feel guilty about it.

    But I had never really recognised the extent to which the weeks of looooong days were adding up before.

    Did my first FD500 this month yesterday, and already feel less bloated, and am planning an FD800 today. Hopefully will get back on track, and lose those extra cms about my belly!

    Day 20 Ohio, US — NFD

    This has been a little bit lighter Tuesday than in recent times. Some of my Zoom time got cancelled, because some of the participants have come down with Covid. I do hope they recover quickly!

    @litprof I can empathize with the crushing workload. Many people don’t realize how much of a perduring stress there is on personnel once they’ve taken on a service/admin role. I was chair of my department for a number of years, and looking back now, I wonder how I was able to do it all. One of my favorite (ha! ha!) regular stress events was getting an email from someone in upper administration at 10 am requiring a 25-page report by the end of the work day. Obviously they were inhabiting a different reality from me!

    @penz Mini-vacations, even in this WOL, can definitely be helpful to get the wind back in our sails! Have a fun week!

    @michelinme Like you, I’ve noticed that doing morning stretching, in my case yoga, can really enable the rest of the day to flow so much more smoothly. The last few days, though, I’ve been getting up too late to get the yoga in ๐Ÿ™ Sounds as though you’re getting the good habits into a regular flow. You rock!

    @mariaelena I’ve noticed the same thing has been happening to my fingernails. By any chance, is your collagen powder vegetarian? One of the great things about my switching to mug meals is that now there are never left overs. One mug meal makes just about one serving, so my fridge has never been so clean!

    @brightonbelle Hope the FD has gone well! It would be so nice if human beings came with a reset button. Maybe the belly button — after all, for most adults it really doesn’t do anything except collect lint!

    @stitchincarol Condolences on your village’s loss. When I lived in a small rural village, it was really clear how much an impact any death in the village had throughout the whole village. I had moved to that village after living in a major city, where anyone’s passing seemed to be hardly noticed. The outpouring of sympathy and communal strength I think is one of the great benefits of a living in a village.

    @northgeorgia I like your idea about making small changes that we can carry forward permanently. Sustainability may be the key!

    @funshipfreddie That’s a great article on the statistical estimation of the viewers. And thanks for the link to Mosley’s video. We all can use something like a B vitamin shot for our fasting chops. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor!)

    @ihatelettuce One of the things I like about having regular walking paths is that you can get a nice sense of the flow of the seasons by seeing how things change along the route from day to day. It seems to me that without all the additives craft beers taste so much better! Somewhat similar to the difference between store bought frozen lasagna and home made. There is just no taste comparison at all!

    @goal10kg The beach sounds wonderful. By the way, what do you use for protein in your vegan salad? Today’s Washington Post has an interesting article about how important it is to eat a variety of plant foods. Here’s the link:

    Day 21 – UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Gradually emerging again from my self imposed ‘rest’ and social media, this is about the only site I’ve come across where it’s pretty much ‘support’ and no keyboard warriors!

    For anyone ‘rebooting’ or losing the mojo.
    Funny how missing calling in for a month or so hasn’t affected my 5:2 WOL, after 3+ years it’s become a habit. I just seem to be chugging along in maintenance mode, which is very handy. I carry on keeping it simple, 2 FD’s a week, flexible if needed as to which days and the other 5 well, just eat healthily and smaller portions than I used to. Yes I still have ‘treats’ occasionally, but now the ‘Inner Warthog’ has been banished large meals etc have gone. In fact I’d struggle to eat the amounts I used to, there’s a bit of a clue in that. Confession time … the Inner Warthog was actually me all the time and once I got my head around that and did something about it, the rest is pretty much there!

    @penz – Re your observations about ‘walking the dog’ isn’t necessarily being good exercise due to constant stoppages! It’s amazing how many dog walkers I pass twice on my MOAM walks, once on the way out and again when I’m on my way home, they’ve often not covered more than a few hundred yards.

    Take care all

    Day 21, NFD, Scotland

    Yesterday went well, the vegan salad has chick peas in it for protein! I made my chicken sausage dish for dinner but i added garam masala rather than curry powder, i definitely prefer it with curry powder, but at least now I know. The gym was really busy yesterday, i think with everyone missing their Monday workout. Sensible day today, i have some lamb steaks for dinner and I cannot wait for them! Mint jelly on top, yes please ! Grit Strength after work.

    See you all tomorrow.

    Day 21 – South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ – NFD

    Quick check-in. Planning a much-needed FD tomorrow. I really need to knuckle down for the last 10 days of September to stay at my goal weight.

    @mariaelena – I used to have an entire daily vitamin/mineral regime. I would take maybe 8 or 9 different supplements of things I thought I might be lacking in my diet. I probably wasn’t lacking anything; I think my compulsion was simply a testament to the power of advertising. It got a bit ridiculous, not to mention expensive. So now I take just one multivitamin/mineral supplement per day, whether I need to or not ๐Ÿ˜…

    @litprof – welcome back!

    It’s a lovely, cool spring day, so I’m off for an i-hate-lettuce-style MOAM walk along the sea-front. ๐Ÿšถโ€โ™‚๏ธ

    Happy Hump Day! ๐Ÿซ

    Pocket List – Day 21 ๐Ÿ‹

    Day 21 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 210 lbs. Need to break my fast this morning as I have a seminar to attend an hour and a half away, and they have Chick-Fil-A tenders planned for lunch. Will try to keep snacking at bay today.

    Day 21 UK FD

    Yesterday’s WFD swerved to pick up some late evening vegan cheese, tomato and cucumber totalling around 300 calories. This morning I woke feeling de-puffed (sounds more positive than deflated!) and back down the weekend’s 3.5lbs to just under Friday’s 173lb. That has me well motivated for today’s 2nd of 3 b2b FDs ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m off into town at midday to spend the afternoon/evening with some visiting ministers from Sweden. I’ve scheduled a London leg for their 5 day trip to the UK learning about inclusive and inter-faith projects. Taking my laptop so I can catch up with other stuff while they are in their various conversations, and aiming to steer clear of the delicious snacks and treats on offer as we have our teatime meeting.

    My fortnightly fruit & veg box arrived today full of autumn abundance – tender broccoli, green beans, carrots, aubergine, enormous misshapen potatoes, yellow peppers, red tomatoes, baby spinach and a round orange squash and some shiny persimmon. I’m finding it a wonderful way to shape my menu around the seasons and my meals around veg. Already thinking about carrot & ginger soup, stuffed peppers, roast aubergines – and making my leftover veg into beetroot & sweet potato dal. I’m eating a lot less instant vegan food since I started fasting b2b, and thinking more carefully about cooking from scratch, giving time and space to cook properly a few days a week. Each of these healthier steps seem to lead to the next one… such a relief after a LONG time in the wilderness, slogging away but not really motivated or getting anywhere.

    Okay, time to get on!

    @litprof welcome back! Yes, I find the writing down and support/insight from the group SO helpful
    @penz the plans sound good! Hope the mojo sneaks back in with every passing salad

    Pocket List Day 21
    @michelinme b2b

    Day 21 UK NFD

    I like your thinking @funshipfreddie I was a bit dispondent , but youโ€™re right thereโ€™s still 1/3 of the month left ๐Ÿ’ช

    Love the sound of your veg box @michelinme , the last few days have seen a turn in the weather , making me think about lovely soup and casseroles ๐Ÿฒ

    Right off to get some exercise in and start looking for that elusive mojo

    Happy ๐Ÿซ day all

    Day 21 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    I’m still not certain I want to do a regular FD today; after a WF yesterday, and another tomorrow, there’s every possibility my inner child will rebel by Friday if I push too hard. I have a salad and hamburger patty (total of about 480 calories) planned for supper, but if I just “can’t” get through it, I’ll make some deviled eggs for lunch; that will be healthy and not dramatically high in calories.

    I did lots and lots of thinking yesterday and one important fact has emerged. Perhaps some of you remember that I used to do all my “thinking” on piano lesson days (T & TH) and I’d be all fired up with my plan, the tiny details of implementing it, and very excited about the prospect of losing weight. Yesterday, I suddenly realized I haven’t been excited at all at any point this summer. That thrilled anticipation of losing weight? Gone.

    There has to be a direct correlation.

    I even know why there’s been no thrilled anticipation: I’ve carefully avoided encouraging myself because I was afraid I’d take that encouragement as permission to misbehave (eat more). Silly, huh? Instead, I’ve been trying to take myself firmly in hand. I think the success that has enjoyed is obvious.

    Now, to be fair, let’s remember I’ve been on two vacations just since August 28, that I’ve had two conventions over the summer, a birthday celebration, a Labor Day lake party, and etc., etc., etc. Which doesn’t mean I COULDN’T have eaten well, little, and sensibly, but that it was a huge challenge, and I wasn’t equal to the challenge.

    But I am today reclaiming my abilities. I’m encouraging myself with excited anticipation, and dropping the “take myself firmly in hand” approach–that’s far too negative an approach for success with me. (I know people for whom that works; I’m not one of them.)

    And that’s where my thinking yesterday led me.


    I hope all this thinking out loud helps someone else. For me, the keys are
    * Excited anticipation
    * Promising myself and then following through on my promise
    * and more RESOLVE
    * All based on excited anticipation

    It’s all mental, after all, right?

    Pocket List Day 21
    @michelinme b2b

    Day 21 – FD 800

    Wow, @Ihatelettuce did your comment resonate. Truly this is the internet equivalent of a community (shared interest and support) rather than a battleground. And I offer my thanks to one and all again. Knowing there was a good safe space to share our health related work, thoughts and ups and downs made and makes all the difference to me. Maybe I could have done this on my own, but it has been a pleasure to be a participant here this last year. And @litprof you put it well writing on and reading this forum has really helped me recognize patterns and clarify my thoughts.

    @matpi that Wapo article you linked reminds me to remember to mix it up! Variety in my diet (Overweight or healthy weight) is not my strong suit – but I am still working on it. Iโ€™m not fond of logging my intake or keeping careful track of anything (Iโ€™m not very good at it, which Iโ€™m sure contributes to my not being fond of it) but I am curious to see if I could hit that 30 different plant foods a week goal. My salad (with loads of nuts) gets me to 8 but Iโ€™m guessing most weeks I top out close to 20 not 30. But the article also reminds me what about 5:2 works so well for me. 5:2 helps my mindset to consider my diet on an aggregate weekly basis instead of hammering my self about a โ€˜failed dayโ€™. That has been a key for me.

    @matpi Iโ€™m not sure there is a vegetarian collagen powder, I believe collagen is only animal source – but IIRC our bodies do produce collagen (just less so as we age) and diet choices can support collagen production.

    @michelleinme your veg boxes sound so intriguing and I want to invite myself over for some carrot and ginger soup! That sounds amazing! @phytoV huh? Will look that up!

    @funshipfreddie I had way too many supplements in my routine – the power of advertising certainly was a reason. But also, I seem to go through periods of time where I need magnesium supplementation, as I can have some times where involuntary muscle twitching is pretty extreme. Someone suggested a magnesium supplement to me in the 90โ€™s and it was like magic – so I think I was predisposed to think of supplements as an answer.

    @penz I think I understand that sliding along into my DH carb heavy quick meals or leftovers when I would rather prefer something else. We often now prepare two versions of meals – mine with extra veg and his with the pasta or rice. I realized I ate a lot of calories that I was not enjoying (pasta, rice sandwich bread) and that was truly a waste.

    @stitchincarol I was wondering if rereading some of your forum posts from last year might ignite your excitement again? They certainly were an infectious source of encouragement and excitement to me at the time!

    Pocket List Day 21
    @michelinme b2b

    Day 21 – UK Cam – FD
    Missed a couple of days – been hectic here. DH had his hospital appointment despite the royal funeral; my dear friend’s mother, aged 101, died in the middle of the night; another friend just out of hospital, unable to drive needed a lift into town plus another friend’s partner, recently admitted to a care home with dementia broke his tooth so I was taxi to and from the dentist while she persuaded him I was not abducting him! All a bit of a nightmare. I shall be very glad to go off on holiday on Friday – I am more than ready!

    Monday’s FD went very well and I opted to do an 800 FD today as my usual FD on a Thursday just won’t happen this week (altho’ I may try another 800 day tomorrow as I shall very busy). I don’t know about anyone else here, but when I go on holiday I like to try and leave the house clean and tidy which means masses of laundry, housework etc I guess I don’t want any potential burglar to find a dirty, untidy home!!

    I have just sorted out the online grocery order for our holiday cottage – goodness knows if the delivery van will actually find us, we will be 2.5 miles up an estate track with cattle grids, gates and very narrow with only a few passing places (not that there is any traffic apart from Jo with his quadbike and a sheep on the back) . One thing about self-catering holidays, we get to choose the food and I have really made an effort to ensure that there is good, healthy stuff in the order as well as some nice treats. We tend to eat ‘hot-pot’ meals (in the pot in morning, leave all day and eat at night) but then there are the puds …

    Glancing back over the recent posts I can’t help but notice some of us are struggling – I have only been on this WOL for a few months so can’t really give advice. So far I find it working for me but some days it is a struggle not to give in and stuff my face. When I get that urge which seems to override commonsense, I try to ask myself WHY do I want to eat that chocolate bar/packet of biscuits etc and usually it is because I am bored/tired/sad or want to treat myself. I recall one comment- don’t give yourself food as a treat, you’re not a dog (paraphrased) – and that really resonates with me. Perhaps take a moment to think about why you want to eat more than you need?

    Enough rambling from me – see you all tomorrow!

    Day 21 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Okay @michelinme — I am checking in as a regular who hasn’t posted much. Doing pretty well, still on the high side of my maintenance, but happy enough. Busy though! The Children’s Museum, Choral Society, car repairs, etc all taking time. We do leave for San Francisco, Napa Valley, and southern Oregon on Tuesday. But between now and then, we have over night guests, and today, I was asked to sing for a funeral on Monday. One of our Choral Society stalwarts lost his wife – she also sang, but was an organist and hand-bell ringer. I have to learn “The Lost Chord” before then. I know I have heard it, but never have sung it.

    Off shortly for our local theater “Century of Film” up to the 1970’s and “Grease” with our history profs giving us terrific tidbits about it. Background, so many details.

    Must run – need to eat buttered popcorn for supper!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 Ohio, US — NFD

    Last day of summer! (or winter, as the case may be). This time of changing seasons has led me to make a little change of my own. I’ve started working through Paul McKenna’s book, “Get Control of Sugar.” With any luck following his plan will be enough to finally get the Sugar Monster under control! Has anyone else worked through his book?

    @songbirdme Great to hear about your whirlwind of activity! You model the type of activity I hope to achieve in the next few years. Hope you have a wonderful West Coast trip!

    @gardenlily Sorry to hear about your friend’s mother. You are a star in helping out so many people! Hope your DH’s appointment went well! Sounds like your holiday cottage with your own cooking will be just what is needed to reset the spirit!

    @mariaelena This community is so important to help us all carry on! And I definitely know that I couldn’t do it on my own — after all that’s why I returned this Spring.

    @stitchincarol During the strict times of the pandemic, it was fairly easy to get into a pattern of habits (as least it was for me). Now that things have opened up, the patterns are changing and we are still learning what “normal” now means for us. It’s a learning experience which means that we make mistakes, and hopefully, benefit from them. Squeezing our enthusiasm seems to me like squeezing a tube of toothpaste — If we squeeze too hard, there will be nothing left inside! And more than anything else, this WOL is an inside job!

    @brightonbelle And now we have a new season! And a new season brings new mojo!

    @michelinme That visit the Swedish ministers are making really sounds fascinating! Something I would love to do some day! And who knows —- maybe one of them will be an intermittent faster?! (Or is that a description of Swedish lunches? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    @northgeorgia A Chick-Fil-A lunch would be an inducement for vegetarian me to keep on fasting. On the other hand, a Hรคgen-Dass lunch — well that would be another matter. (Now you see the need for McKenna’s book!)

    @funshipfreddie Apart from a multivitamin, the supplements I take have all been recommended by my doctors at various times. One thing I discovered this summer was that some of them were actually revving my immune system up so much that allergic reactions were happening too often. For example, I was taking Vitamin E to help protect my eyes from all the blue light they are exposed to. Vitamin E also invigorates the immune system. By dropping that from the routine I experienced much less pain in the evenings and also much less snacking to cope with that pain.

    @goal10kg Chickpeas are yummy! I used to make my own garam marsala. Do you use your own recipe?

    @ihatelettuce I laughed at your description of the dog strollers. On walks my Westie was all DOAM! He always kept up a very good pace. Except for one house where lived a french poodle he was definitely sweet on. He was so devastated when she wasn’t out in her yard.

    Day 22 – UK Cam – NFD
    I did it!! Quick weigh-in this morning (rather than tomorrow) at 140lb – ๐Ÿ™‚

    Off on hols tomorrow, patchy Wifi and no phone signal so will drop into forum when I can but don’t expect to hear from me for 2 weeks. I am sure, despite being as careful as I can/want to be, I shall need everyone’s support when I get back to reach this desired low again.

    Good luck to everyone on a FD today, I am abandoning my planned one – DH has booked dinner at the local pub as our ‘start of holiday’ treat … I suspect wine, beer and good food will flow!

    See you all soon!

    Day 22 – UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    FD today and busy so expecting an easy fasting day.

    @stitchincarol – Yup, it’s all in the mind and once you can control it you’re there, but that needs willpower and determination. The one thing I think of now is I like feeling like this, keep focussed.

    @gardenlily – Have to agree with your post about snacks and treats, we’ve pretty much stopped buying snacks and treats for the store cupboard, found it easier if they’re not in the house. Yes we do occasionally have ‘treats’ etc but when we’re away on holiday, but even then we don’t bother as much.

    Take care all

    pocket list day 22

    Day 22 – South Africa ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฆ – FD

    @gardenlily – well done on hitting your goal weight! ๐Ÿฅ‡ Have a lovely holiday ๐ŸŒ„

    @songbirdme – I hope you enjoyed ‘Grease’? I watched it on DVD last year, & couldn’t believe how dated it seemed?! But I still remembered every word of every song ๐Ÿ˜…

    I’m off to check out the brand new Boardwalk Mall a couple of kms away. I usually avoid malls on FDs, but today is the the official opening, & there may be bargains to be had!

    Pocket List – Day 22 ๐Ÿ

    Day22, FD, Scotland

    Hey everyone, well I ate a lot of crap last night, cake, crisps, the lot. So im raring to go today! I have my vegan salad for lunch and my chicken sausage, veg and bean concoction for dinner. I have a basil plant that I cant quite keep up with, its always full of fresh basil! So instead of spice, i think ill try mixing some basil through my dinner. Metafit class after work. Lets go Thursday fasters!

    Pocket List โ€“ Day 22 ๐Ÿ

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