Running, knee arthritis and fasting.

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Running, knee arthritis and fasting.

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  • I used to love running “back in the day”. Unfortunately over the past few years had knee pain. I have done intensive physio and am planning to take up a little running again (I know it makes no sense but I am hoping to cross train and just really like having an event to aim for.

    I was just wondering if
    1. Fasting had assisted with running overall?
    2. Fasting helped with knee pain? Appreciate more of a medical question.

    I have a healthy body mass index, but am at the higher end of the range and my body fat is 32% on the body fat scales, so was hoping a few pounds weight loss would put less strain on the knees, I would be lighter and hopefully will run faster and the inflammation may be reduced by fasting? Any thoughts?

    Delayedgratification running is probably the hardest thing you can do for your knees. You might want to try biking or swimming. Something that avoids the jarring impact.

    Fasting can really help with a lot of things but it also takes time. I had elbow tendon injuries and the fasting seemed to help with the healing but it still took months. If you keep injuring yourself it really doesn’t matter if you are healing or not.

    As for running fasted, I find that works well for distance running. I’m sure there are limits but I haven’t hit them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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