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  • Hello people.
    I am a 47 years old Italian woman so please forgive me if my English might be wrong or bizarre.
    I am slightly overweight and I was prepared to stay like this for life, because I tried several diets in the past but none seemed to work or just required too much of my energy and were not sustainable on the long run. Counting calories is a nightmare I am not willing to face for anymore.

    One night I stumbled on an article about intermittent fasting, the 16 hours a day of fasting and the 8 hours eating window type. With no preparation, with no thoughts, I just started the following day and…miracle!, I did stick to it every single day like a trooper since.

    I use the app “Zero” to keep track of my days and I am now on 48 days ( – 5 kg).
    I feel I can keep it going for the rest of my life. It works so well and it is totally doable also because it does not interfere with my social and family life. I have a teen daughter with an eating disorder, so I cannot show her that I am on IF and she does not know any of it. This is why I could not do the 5:2.

    I feel fantastic: no more intestinal problems, lethargy, bad digestion. I am not even hungry and, if I am, it goes away with a herbal tea or water.
    IF gives structure to my days and eliminates all the hateful snacking that was my main problem. Also, I learnt so many things about myself and all the myths about alimentation that I had to swallow during my life (“you cannot skip breakfast, you have to eat meals and snacks, you are going to faint at work”…) Bah!!

    As a born, raised and resident Italian, the Mediterranean diet is in my nature and I eat everything I want, ever, just in moderation and during the eating window. Emotionally, this is gold to me: dieting had always the effect of making me feel guilty, resentful, excluded. Now, if someone brings muffins to office, I know I can have one (just one!), but…in a couple of hours.

    I am crazy in love with intermittent fasting.
    All the best to all of you!

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