reversing type 2 diabetes & the fastday lifestyle

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reversing type 2 diabetes & the fastday lifestyle

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  • @ruthi
    “I read recently that people who take vitamin pills live longer, ”

    I don’t know for sure but it’s so easy to take a multiple vitamin – just in case.

    Hello to you all out there. Speedy, just to confirm some of the points you make about sugar etc. I have just read an article in “The Sunday Times” which for those across the water is one of our up market broad sheet newspapers. An article reports on how some of our “countries most popular drinks and snacks are so heavily laden with added sugar that they can contain more than 13 times the amount found in a Krispy Kreme doughnut”. A report by Credit Suisse “brands Britain the fattest country in Europe”. “A large Costa Red Berry fruit cooler contains 97.1g of sugar, equivalent to 24 teaspoons of it”. A recommended maximum daily consumption of added and intrinsic sugars is 90g for a woman and 120g for a man.
    8 out of 10 doctors in its global survey considered that sugar consumption was linked to the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes. About a quarter of our (British) population is considered obese making Britain the “Fat man of Europe”. The sugar industry claims there is no proven link between the consumption of sugar and serious ailments such as heart disease and diabetes.
    I could go on with other quotes but for those interested try and find the article on line.
    I am not evangelical about sugar or its effects on our health but the article makes interesting (and scary) reading.
    Good luck to you all out there.

    DAY 7
    4 more days 2 go 🙂 )
    this is the 5th veggieday 😀

    i already discussed what happened in the middle of the night

    i’m fine now 😀


    Vegetable soup, home recipe w/black beans 1 cup 140
    meatless Morningstar Farms® ¾ cup 120
    Cheese, Parmesan, dry grated 1 tablespoon 22


    Lentil Soup Organic amy’s 1 cup 180


    chips artisan black bean 5 chip(s) 95
    Cheese, Cheddar 2 cracker-size slice 56
    Fig, dried, uncooked unsweetened 1 fig 21
    flaxmilk unsweetened 1 cup 24
    Pistachios, without salt 1 ounce(s) 161
    apple freezedried fugi 1 bag kirkland ¾ cup, sliced 35

    Your Menu Total 854 cals

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays

    thanks rockyromero

    i went searching 4 these countries 4 easy vegetarian recipes

    found some good ones on google can’t wait 2 make them 🙂

    will post them if they r edible 😀

    goodnight ◙

    so yesterday was
    DAY 8
    3 more days 2 go 🙂 )
    this is the 6th veggieday but w/ eggs 😀

    went 2 bed very early & slept very late
    the best sleep in a long time yay yay yay 🙂
    (i guess the body said ENOUGH! of tossing & turning i want SLEEP)

    so i had 2 have a comfort food very healthy but the flavors


    so tried something new. never thought of modifying my pizza

    by putting it under the broiler boy did it work

    now we know that air popcorn is very very healthy 4 u

    4 newbies or people who missed the article & all the air-popcorn


    Popcorn: The Snack With Even Higher Antioxidants Levels Than Fruits & Vegetable

    so again i wanted pizza but the 500 version
    guys can up it 2 600 cals ugh so lucky 🙂


    pizza seasonings (basil/oregano)
    Cheese, Mozzarella, part skim ¼ cup, shredded 85
    Cheese, Parmesan, dry grated 2 tablespoon 43
    Egg, boiled 2 small egg(s) 114
    Garlic, cooked 1 clove 3
    Pepper, hot chili, raw 1 jalapeno pepper 6
    Popcorn, air-popped (no butter or oil added) 5 cup, 155
    Spinach, fresh, cooked (no salt or fat added) ½ cup 21
    Spinach, raw ½ cup 3
    Sun-dried tomatoes ¼ cup 35

    put all in chopper except 2 1/2 cups of popcorn & the hard boiled eggs & the Spinach, raw ½ cup

    spread mixture in pan in oven turn on broiler watch the cheese melt over mixture don’t let it burn!

    take it out & cover w/ toppers the other 2 1/2 cup popcorn & crumbled boiled eggs 1/2 cup of raw spinach use as a topper

    very good crunchy healthy fastday pizza 😀 yuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmm

    maybe i should get a coffee grinder & grind popcorn ooooh can’t wait 2 c what happens mayb use the whole 5 cups of popcorn & raw eggs 2 mix & bake instead of broil mayb this could b a low carb bread mix oooooooooooooh mayb mayb mayb! 😀


    apple freezedried fugi 1 bag kirkland ¾ cup, sliced 35

    Your Menu Total 500 cals


    Whole Grains 1½ oz.
    Vegetables 1¼ cup(s)
    Whole Fruit ¾ cup(s)
    Protein 31 g
    Dairy 1 cup(s)
    Carbohydrate 56 g
    Dietary Fiber 11 g
    Total Fat 34% Calories

    Vitamin A Target 700 µg RAE Eaten 736 µg RAE OK
    Vitamin K Target 90 µg Eaten 525 µg way OK 😀

    anybody else have a recipe of a healthy fastday comfort food?

    ▶☞☞ r there really no type2diab′ers out there? ☜☜◀

    I feeeeeel good,♬♫♬♫♬I knew that I would, now♬♫♬♫♬/♬♫♬♫♬ I feeeeeel gooooood,♬♫♬♫♬ I knew that I would, now♬♫♬♫♬/So gooooooooood,♬♫♬♫♬ so♬♫♬♫♬♫♬♫♬♫gooooooooooood,♬♫♬♫♬♬♫♬♫♬Whoa! I feel niiiiiiiiiiiiiice♬♫♬♫♬♫♬♫♬♫♬♬♫♬♫♬♫♬♫♬♫♬

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays♬♫♬♫♥♬♥♫♬♥♫♬♥♫♬♬♫♬♫♥♬♥♫♬♥♫♬♥♫♬

    the abstract it simplifies it couscous

    Impact of Behavioral Interventions in the Management of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Research on the role of behavior change as an efficacious intervention for adults with type 2 diabetes is evolving. Searching PubMed and Ovid Medline, we identified and reviewed primarily randomized controlled trials from 2010 to 2013 of adults managing type 2 diabetes without insulin. All studies are evaluated in terms of the rigor of their design and their impact on glycosylated hemoglobin. The most efficacious interventions appear to be low-carbohydrate/glycemic load diets, combined aerobic and resistance training, and self-monitoring of blood glucose, which educates patients about the impact of their food selections and physical activity on their blood glucose.

    Impact of Behavioral Interventions in the Management of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


    if i remember this place is close 2 u u should go visit if u can

    & report back

    look @ the impact of their study that the original link u gave

    i guess they will be waiting 4 my results 2 🙂

    Population response to information on reversibility of Type 2 diabetes
    Steven S, Lim EL, Taylor R.

    Magnetic Resonance Centre, Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

    i’ll post it again & again there’s a video which i could not watch because i’m a yankee 🙂

    4 uk posters

    Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

    thanks again couscous

    great can’ t 2 use my supertracker

    2 create my reversible meal

    due 2 ugh

    the site says

    Due to the lapse in federal government funding, this website is not available.

    After funding has been restored, please allow some time for this website to

    become available again.

    ugh ugh

    the world must be so embarrassed by our congress 🙁

    well i’ll go read

    ta ta all


    they have a lecture

    Reversal of type 2 diabetes: the effects of acute calorie restriction and gastric bypass surgery

    Location: MR Centre Library
    Time/Date: 18th October 2013, 12:30 – 13:00

    Speaker: Dr Sarah Steven

    Hi USA, I am just off to bed. Newcastle is a 45 min drive up the motorway from me. Unfortunately I am at work but will make enquiries re the lecture.
    I am watching you.
    Good Luck.


    that is way 2 far

    plus it might b gobbledygook 😀


    eat a chocolate button 4 me


    i’m glad that u can still enjoy ur chocolate buttons 🙂

    i’m going 2 have 2 figure out how 2 make some healthy chocolate

    diabetic friendly w/ out the chemicals after this experiment

    i read that atkins coconut or payday like bar is good

    will have 2 research

    well 1 more day 2 go

    friday the 4th will be a normal nonfastday & weighing day 😀

    just going 2 remake some meals from this topic/post

    since the cals r there

    since my guv site is still down ugh whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙁

    never realized how much i depended on that site

    again congress is 2 blame which i call a medieval fiefdom

    where there policy & their #1 policy is the leaking bucket system where the money goes in2 their hands ugh

    where if they arrived poor they left being millionaires ugh ugh

    they stopped everybodies paycheck expect theirs ugh

    There’s at least one constant in a government shutdown: The 532 members of Congress continue to be paid – at a cost of $10,583.85 per hour to taxpayers.

    this is a do nothing congress

    535 voting members of Congress, who are shutting down the

    government instead of doing the work we pay them a handsome

    $174,000 a year to do????????????????????????????

    such an embarrassment 🙁

    will post friday my weight & go get some type2 results 🙂

    delayed 2 13th day

    fasting the last 2 days 500

    due 2 error calculating a new meal on the last 11th day

    usually when i buy a lentil product the amount of serving per container is 2

    not this 1 it was 4 ugh hope it did not mess me up

    it went way over

    i did weigh this morning after 11 days

    i have been a plateau since ? (it’s on my gov site that is still down ugh 🙁 )

    always 196 195 194 193 up & down

    so after 11 days w/ the messed up 11th experiment

    i’m 192
    that seems 2 be not allot
    but the whole point is the reverse

    so after these 2 fast days 2 complete this experiment

    i’ll get a blood test

    sounds like the 2 months 4 women is going 2 b in the horizon ugh

    this is discouraging

    need a hug

    USA, trynot to feel too down hearted. You weighed and that’s just one moment snapshot. You know how scales go up and down, you may well have happened upon a higher moment so I’d try to put it out of your mind – and, as you said, that wasn’t your main goal.
    Just a couple more days. Hugs 🙂

    I was also wndering if the 2 months – if it’s needed and it may not be – has to be done back-to-back? That would get it over with of course but I was wondering if a series of 11 days, as you are doing now, might not also have a good effect?

    This is a FAST day for me. I try to do water/tea only fasts and my biggset problem isn’t hunger but boredom: I miss my day being punctuated by meals.

    Anyway, just sending a hug really 🙂


    thanks 4 the hug i really needed that hug

    still do need many more

    i think i’m going 2 take a vacation from all of this

    then go back 2 the rhythm of the 5:2

    & then get some courage 2 do it 2 months straight again this experiment

    maybe using what the blogger did (link way way b low) the atkins advantage drinks

    this is so depressing 2 know that my body would not relinquish even @ ave 800 cals 4 the wk w/ fasting

    it would only relinquish 1 pound ugh 🙁

    mayb i should go back 2 2000 on a 5/2

    i dont know???????????????????????????

    ▶▶▶☞▶▶▶▶▶☞ however, the more i research it is also weight that is very much the key 2 reversing it ☜◀◀◀☜◀◀

    so i’m not going 2 waste my $$$$ on a blood test when i lost only 1 lbs even w/ that miscalculation of cals on last day it is still not a great loss 🙁

    found an article american diabetes assoc by uk professor Corresponding author: Roy Taylor,

    The extent of weight loss required to reverse type 2 diabetes is much greater than conventionally advised. A clear distinction must be made between weight loss that improves glucose control but leaves blood glucose levels abnormal and weight loss of sufficient degree to normalize pancreatic function. The Belfast diet study provides an example of moderate weight loss leading to reasonably controlled, yet persistent diabetes. This study showed that a mean weight loss of 11 kg decreased fasting blood glucose levels from 10.4 to 7.0 mmol/L but that this abnormal level presaged the all-too-familiar deterioration of control (87).

    Data from the Swedish randomized study of gastric banding showed that a loss of 20% body weight was associated with long-term remission in 73% of a bariatric surgery group, with weight change itself being the principal determinant of glucose control (13). Dietary weight loss of 15 kg allowed for reversal of diabetes in a small group of individuals recently receiving a diagnosis (21).

    Type 2 Diabetes
    Etiology and reversibility

    women it is 8 wks straight & all of them were recently diagnosed

    this is not 4 over 2 yrs diagnosed they r going 2 study that in the future

    i don’t know i’m so confused???????????????????????????????????

    this is a guy b low WHO DID THE 11 DAYS

    I reversed my diabetes in just 11 days – by going on a starvation diet

    A family bereavement, high blood pressure, an unavoidable job change. I thought everything came in threes — but I was wrong. There was more bad news around the corner.

    I was a fit 59-year-old and had just had an annual health check at my GP surgery. This revealed I had high blood sugar — 9millimoles per litre, whereas a normal level is 4-6mmol/l — and my doctor suggested I could have diabetes.

    Further tests confirmed that, yes, I was type 2 diabetic. I was stunned. I have always been a healthy weight (I am 5ft 7in and just 10st 7lb), had no family history of diabetes, ate a healthy diet, never smoked, and I definitely did not have a sweet tooth.

    Determined to find a solution, I began researching the condition and how to beat it.

    In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to keep glucose levels normal (in type 1, the pancreas stops producing insulin altogether), and if I didn’t take action, I would be 36 per cent more likely to die early and could suffer bad sight, poor kidneys, heart failure and strokes. I’d also eventually be on medication.

    My GP said that my diabetes was mild enough to be controlled through diet alone, and gave me a wad of leaflets on nutrition for diabetics. I took up salads, cut down on carbohydrates and ate my five-a-day — but progress was slow. Over seven months I shed a stone but my blood sugar was still too high — around 7mmol/l.

    Not satisfied with this, further internet research threw up a more drastic approach. Scientists at Newcastle University had devised a radical low-calorie diet that studies suggested could reverse diabetes in under eight weeks.

    The instant blood test to tell if you REALLY need antibiotics
    Me and my operation: The laser gun that burns away floaters from your vision
    How walking to work could reduce your risk of diabetes: People who ditch the car are 40 per cent less likely to develop the disease

    ★☆★This involved eating just 800 calories a day (a man’s recommended intake is 2,500) — 600 calories from meal replacement shakes and soups and 200 calories from green vegetables. You also drink three litres of water a day.★☆★

    The theory behind the diet, which is the brainchild of Roy Taylor, professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University, is based on the fact that type 2 diabetes is often caused by fat clogging up the liver and pancreas, which are crucial in producing insulin and controlling blood sugar.

    This is why weight gain is such a risk factor for the condition, particularly if that weight is carried around the belly and abdomen. However, there are some unfortunate people like myself who seem to be disposed to accumulating fat in the liver and pancreas, despite being a healthy weight.

    Professor Taylor’s studies have shown that drastic dieting causes the body to go into starvation mode and burn fat stores for energy — and the fat around the organs seems to be targeted first.

    This leads to the liver and pancreas becoming unclogged, and insulin and blood sugar levels returning to normal.

    ★☆★One study by Taylor’s team, published in 2011 in the journal Diabetologia, found that out of 11 type-2 diabetics following the diet, all reversed their diabetes in under eight weeks.★☆★

    ★☆★Further studies revealed that type 2 diabetics needed to lose one-sixth of their pre-diagnosis body weight to remove enough fat from the pancreas to allow normal insulin production to resume.★☆★

    After contacting Professor Taylor, and getting the nod from my GP, I decided to follow the diet (experts warn never to start such a drastic regimen without first checking with your doctor). My target weight was 8st 12lb.

    But surviving on a soup, two shakes and green veg (necessary to provide some fibre and keep the bowels healthy) wasn’t easy.

    The diet involved eating just 800 calories a day compared to a man’s recommended intake is 2,500
    The diet involved eating just 800 calories a day compared to a man’s recommended intake is 2,500

    The first full day, a Sunday, I woke with no decent breakfast to look forward to — just some watery shake. (The meal-replacement shakes from the shops work fine — I used The Biggest Loser brand, but there are many available.)

    After just one day my glucose levels had dropped from 6mmol/l to 5.9mmol/l. Hunger was never far away. But Professor Taylor said that the hunger pangs were something to celebrate, as it meant that the diet was working.

    Toast yourself with water, he said, and the hunger will disappear. And it worked: I downed a pint of water and the hunger went.

    ★☆★The weight came off fast. By day three I had already lost 2lb.★☆★

    Day four saw my glucose level plummet from 5.9mmol/l on the Sunday to 4.6mmol/l. I even started to get used to the idea of a shake for breakfast: thoughts of fresh crusty bread went out of the window. I was training my mind to reduce my choices and yet value the options remaining.

    Lunch was my own delicious, thick mushroom soup (I blended mushrooms, onions, veg stock and herbs together), washed down with a cherry-flavoured shake. I gulped down a chicken soup supplement before leaving the office to see a play in the evening. Concentration levels were fine, but climbing up my local Tube station stairs afterwards was a real slog. I felt tired and lethargic.

    The pattern continued each day. I experimented with more soups such as carrot, tomato and pea, baked veg, stir-fried veg, boiled veg and casseroles, liberally seasoned with herbs I’d never used before, such as cumin and paprika.

    Some mornings I walked to work fine, others I was in a bit of a daze, and on certain days walking round the office was an effort. My family were concerned about me getting thinner and somewhat short-tempered.

    Day six was a bad day. Despite it being mid July, I wore four layers of clothing to keep warm — and even then my fingers grew numb. I felt tired in the evening, and then constipation set in. Perhaps it was because I was not drinking enough water. Laxatives saved the day and the following morning I recorded my lowest overnight fasting glucose reading — 4.3mmol/l — a real boost.

    On day eight I played cricket and it was hard watching teammates stuffing themselves with doughnuts. I had to toast a century-scoring colleague with water.

    Three days on, I was down to 8st 13lb with my glucose level down to 4.1 mmol/l.

    But I could not ignore concerned comments at work about my ‘shrinking’. Some of my clothes no longer fit me, and even I was slightly alarmed about how thin I had got in the face.

    I was known as the ‘disappearing man’ by colleagues. It was time to stop the diet. (I then returned to a healthy wholegrain diet comprising lots of fruit and veg, chicken, fish and non-fatty foods).

    Two months later, I got myself tested at the surgery to register a healthy, non-diabetic 5.1mmol/l and was elated when my GP told me: ‘Your diabetes has resolved itself.’

    I had stuck to the diet for just 11 days, and reduced my blood sugar to a healthy non-diabetic level. It has remained that way for the past year — my latest reading was 4.9mmol/l. I have kept to just under 9st, joined a gym and gone running three times a week.

    On Professor Taylor’s advice, I have also started building up my upper body muscle: bigger muscles soak up more glucose as energy, and thus prevent the body from storing more than it needs.
    Professor Taylor started investigating the diet after he became intrigued by the observation that type 2 diabetes is reversed almost overnight in obese patients following gastric bypass surgery for weight loss.

    ‘The surgeons’ explanation was that it was something clever to do with gut hormones, which help control our appetite, but this was clearly unsatisfactory.’

    Professor Taylor instead focused on the fact that patients were unable to eat much in the days following the surgery, and wondered if this could in fact be responsible for reversing diabetes.

    ‘I realised that this led to a sudden shift of fat away from the liver and pancreas. I thought we could test this by taking people with type 2 diabetes and mimicking the very sharp reduction in food intake after surgery.

    ‘I predicted this could strip fat out of the liver and pancreas and both organs would return to normal — and our subsequent work has confirmed this.’

    ★☆★And the work continues. Alan Tutty, 54, from Seaburn Dene, Sunderland, is one of 34 volunteers in Newcastle University’s second trial looking at longer term effects of the diet. In eight weeks between last November and January, he, too, successfully reversed his type 2 diabetes, shedding 26lb to reach his target weight of 13st 3lb.★☆★

    ‘Since coming off the diet, my weight has occasionally risen to 13st 9lb, but it’s always crept back down to 13st 5lb,’ he says.

    The approach has been met with excitement by other experts in the field. James Walker, consultant diabetologist at Livingston hospital, West Lothian, believes the research challenged conventional thinking.

    ‘A lot of people have perhaps too simplistically thought that once the pancreas starts to fail, and stop producing insulin, it is an inevitable decline. But this diet challenges that.

    ‘And what is brilliant is that it works so quickly. We’ve even produced a little diet booklet in West Lothian for patients mainly nicking Roy’s ideas.’

    ★☆★Professor Taylor’s team is now looking at whether it works for those who have had type 2 for many years, and also whether the pancreas stays free of fat following the diet. ★☆★

    The findings are due to be published next year. In the meantime, I’ll stick to my healthy diet to keep myself diabetes-free. I don’t fancy tackling those shakes again.

    For more information, visit and search for type 2 diabetes.

    there is also a this blog this person did

    do i understand the boredom on fast days

    i’m wondering should i just get a bunch of celery like mimi

    and come up vinaigrettes no oil different seasoning & munch all day when bored

    what do u think?

    thanks again 4 the hug 🙂

    boy! i really just want 2 go buy a big family symphony hershey chocolate bar & enjoy it!!!!!! 🙁

    Hi USA, just got back from my grandsons 3rd birthday party and have read your post. I share your feelings about this and yes have a hug from me also. Take time to evaluate all of this, do not go overboard with rejection of the results and give yourself a hug for all of the research, dedication and application you have given in this endeavour. Lots of posters have followed your progress and those with similar problems live in hope.
    Will post again later.
    Good luck and best wishes.

    Many, many hugs coming your way across the miles. I and lots of others I reckon on this forum absolutely rooting for you xxx

    Just back from France, and back to normal!

    So first of all a big HUG for a feisty lady!

    USA why are you even thinking of giving up? You experimented for 11 days, and it wasn’t what you hoped for, although you did find your inner vegetarian, and learn all sorts of stuff about yourself. But in the battle for health its just a skirmish, and you CAN do it, although maybe not via shortcuts.

    Even if you may not lick the diabetes totally, getting lighter and living healthy WILL improve your health, so please don’t give up! Pat yourself on the back for being so very determined, and lets go back to what works – healthy eating and 5:2!!!!

    You know by now that I don’t go in for mincing words – so lets cut to the chase. You are at risk of veering off into another wild and weird byway. I love reading the medical research as much as anyone, but boy, do you beat me at that one! And then you decide that you’ve got to implement the findings. In short, you are a sucker for a fad diet, as well as medical research – but not that keen on sticking to plans long term!

    I really think you could do with just concentrating on doing 5:2 and healthy eating really, really well. While pacing the floor with a crying baby I was looking at your 11 day diet, and thinking how many of your calories came in snacks, many of them processed.

    Instead if rushing to put something – anything – in your mouth when you feel hungry, how about just waiting for the hunger pangs to subside, which they do. And are they truly hunger – or just the munchies?

    Try recording what you eat with My Fitness Pal which I think is independent of the US Government ups and downs. Ignore the targets, or edit them. But just look at where the nutrients are. How much of your food has been processed by some company before it gets to you? How far can you go towards everything being raw, or home cooked (by you) and divided into 3 or 4 meals a day?

    I am beginning to wonder if the reason I am so interested in your quest is because I see myself writ large in you. I too am impulsive, and if I am honest, enjoy the novelty and experimentation much more than the grind of plugging away working at changing lifelong bad habits. I too have trouble keeping away from food between meals (and its not true hunger that drives my snacking!), and particularly at 4.00pm. But I am developing strategies to keep myself on track. I’m also not getting better at keeping my impulsive nature under some degree of control.

    Hi USA, I was thinking about you today. I hope things are going OK.
    Had a short chat with my GP today. I’m one month into 5:2 to try to get my suspected pre-diabetes, high bp and (I now know ) too high cholesterol under control. It’s a fast day for me today and the evening here so I’m in that ‘not hungry just a bit bored not eating’ phase! It will pass.
    I’ve given myself to mid -December doing 5:2 and exercising more to try to get these things improved. Otherwise I guess I’ll just have to start taking the advised pills – at least for a while.
    But I was thinking how very hard your experiment must have been – just from boredom at what you are eating if nothing else. It’s a bit of a contradiction that fasting or eating less can hugely increase how much you become aware of food and eating. You did very well to stick to it I think.

    Anyway, I’m going to go on thinking of eating like Gollum thinks of his ring. I like it very much but letting it take over too much is very bad for me! I have I think about another 28 kilos to lose (that’s about 4 stone) before I will be back to bmi 39 – where I last felt healthy.

    Hope things are OK with you.


    thanks 4 ur kind comments

    i had a great vacay from everything

    still fasted a 5/2 😀


    thanks 4 the hug

    i only took a vacay from the forum & everything

    i’m not giving up never did

    just needed some time 2 regroup

    went back 2 my good old 5/2

    i belonged 2 fitness pal b4 supertracker
    so i was using that when it was not available

    i just like it
    it is very exacting & easier

    concerning processed i cooked everything i had some organic amy lentil soup when i did not want 2 cook the cheese of course not i stopped the jello because of ur concerns that were correct concerning stevia or other alternative

    so i don’t know what u r talking about?

    how is ur grandson & daughter & u?


    thanks 4 ur kind words

    i have 50 more 2 go

    what kind of 5/2 are u doing

    the more research i’m doing i’m going 2 do the low carb high fat
    w/ fasting & mediteranean

    i’l be posting some of this research

    i’m going 2 in probably a month start the reversal again

    will keep u posted

    wish u never be on the pills

    keep me posted on ur situation also

    post what r u eating 2 not become a diabetic on fast&nonfastdays

    i know u will succeed u r lucky u can stop this b4 it becomes


    happy fastday & nonfastdays

    Annie Somerset

    thanks 4 ur hugs 🙂

    Hi USA, we all need a break from routine sometimes 🙂

    I’m sure you are right about going low carb/ low GI on feast days. I try that for about 90%. That means for me not eating pasta or rice or bread or potatoes. I sometimes have some bread or potatoes because I think one huge strength of 5:2 is that I don’t banish any food – otherwise I start craving it and you know what that leads to. Binge binge binge!

    Fast days like today I try to just have water + tea + coffee. But can have 2 hard boiled eggs with mayo if I give in late on in the day. But I try for 36 hours without food.

    I just started buying those lowering cholesterol lowering yogurt drinks. They are said to contain plant sterols and lower cholesterol. I THINK it is more than just a marketing think.
    I’ve read that when you are losing weight your good cholesterol can go down. That makes a sort of sense to me as all that fat has to be used up and through your blood before it disappears I think. THat side of losing weigh I find a bit scary; that all that blubber is going to have to go back out through our systems and ograns. But it’s the only way apart from liposuction lol!

    Typically/ideally on a feast day I’d have a cheese omelette for lunch then dinner a veggie burger / soya / tofu quorn thingie with a heap of spinach/broccoli and maybe mushrooms and tomatoes. Love mushrooms!
    Also an apple or orange or blackberries or blueberries, walnuts (just a closed handful). Yogurt drink. Milk in tea and coffee.

    I have a strong feeling that grapes are very, very healthy – but they are high in sugar and I can eat A LOT! I think it should be grapes with seeds not the seedless ones the supermarkets sell and you have to eat the pips. But I have to be careful as grapes are very moreish to me and before I know it the whole bag has gone!

    It’s been useful writing this all down – shows me how easily and often I stray from the way 🙂

    phew USA you are back. I have been thinking of you over the last week and really missed you!!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of going onto non fast day low carb/high fat/Diet Doctor plan too. As I’m such a carb addict though, I’m feeling a bit fearful and still procrastinating.

    Great to have you back from vacay.

    Good to see you back, USA!

    And glad to hear that I am jumping to conclusions re processed!

    I agree that low carb is the way to go. All the evidence is that in evolutionary terms we are probably best on about 10% (of calories) carbs, and very little in the way of sugars. Pre agriculture there were very limited grains and no potatoes. But root vegetables were probably fairly plentiful judging by what modern day stone age groups consume.

    Not sure what you mean by ‘high fat’ but I agree that the calories that aren’t coming from carbs and sugar probably need to come from fat, especially the fat in nuts and seeds, and legumes.

    Have you faced the scales in the last couple of weeks? I am wondering what the effect of the 11 day regime was longer term.

    Family are fine. Baby (who will be bilingual) doesn’t do a great deal of sleeping, but he seems to be screaming less as they suss out his little ways. Parents could do with more sleep!

    hi ruthi

    high fat like avocado cream
    cheese nuts

    but carb cycle

    root veggies i agree

    not the caveman meat fat

    one thing happened i’m more vegetarian

    still will sprinkle egg fish & white meat along this lifestyle

    i guess u missed it in my posts on my 11th day

    i lost 1 measly pound ugh better than nothing

    i really don’t like fitness pal u have 2 do so many things 2 track what ur eating it is so complicated u can’t c cals when u add unless u go 2 database then go back etc ugh ugh ugh

    so when r u going back 2 give the parents another rest? 😀

    hi Lozlex,

    thanks 4 ur kind thoughts

    i do love those carbs 2 🙂

    that is why i will do a 4 2 1 or 4 3 1 alternating

    4 nonfastdays

    2 fastdays

    1 feastday carbs whole grain pastas breads whatever 😀

    i realized that i have 2 have 1 carb day @ least in my life

    what do u think?


    c post w/ lozlex want ur opinion 2

    it does help 2 write it down keep writing it here

    & ur right about the satisfaction factor w/ the 5/2

    the carb cycling mod 80/low 20 and only one high carb day

    the seeded red grapes i freeze them so that they r on my 1 feastday only best popsicle in the world. because ur right it is sugar

    have u tried the olive oil mayo it is tasty & better 4 u

    thanks 4 ur post it is nice 2 c we r not alone in these travails

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays & 1 feastday 😀

    No, I hadn’t missed the one measly pound! I just wondered what had happened in the ensuing two weeks.

    Of course your measly pound may be due to going into starvation mode, which, if I read the article correctly is no bad thing.

    Baby is 1 month old today. I may return to claim cuddles in mid November, if I can sort out staffing issues. I came back to a complaint from a customer that forced me to sack one of my girls. So I can’t leave until the team is settled and work covered.

    hi 2 all,

    this sentence really struck a chord

    “but there are many people who try to eat well and don’t drink or eat sugary foods yet have diabetes” exactly me b4 being a diabetic

    he is explaining how 2 reverse diabetes

    i kind of knew deep down that this is very true

    very interesting letter from the cardiologist to Tom Hanks

    never heard of him however he is talking about reversing type2 diabetes

    i went 2 subscribe 2 his blog

    An open letter to Tom Hanks: Don’t be diabetic!

    Posted on October 9, 2013 by Dr. Davis

    Tom Hanks announced on the David Letterman Show that he was diagnosed with diabetes after many years of struggles with blood sugar. All the news media have captured the story; here’s the USA Today story.

    Mr. Hanks seems like a genuinely nice guy. So here is my open letter to him. Should he stumble on it, it provides the blueprint that I have been using to get rid of diabetes, a very realistic prospect for most people with diabetes–if they choose to do it and stick to it.

    Now, not knowing the full details of Mr. Hanks health and lab values, I make the assumption that he is a type 2 diabetic. Adults can indeed develop type 1 (which is often triggered by wheat, by the way, via autoimmunity). Adults can also develop a sort of diabetes often regarded as in-between types 1 and 2 called the Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adulthood (LADA), though it behaves more like type 1. (There are also other forms, though rare, such as type 1 diabetes that develops from pancreatic disease beyond autoimmune beta cell destruction.) Because type 2 diabetes is, by far, the most common and the form that is driving the nationwide epidemic, I will assume that is the form Mr. Hanks shares. (LADA is next in line.)

    Dear Mr. Hanks–

    I believe it was very courageous to share your diagnosis on television with a national audience. I am sure you will be flooded by well-wishers as well as many people with advice. I’d nonetheless like to alert you to several issues relevant to diabetes:

    –The majority of diabetes is reversible. Most people can make the choice to have diabetes or to not have it. I hope that you choose not to have it. This is because it is caused by diet. Sadly, it is caused by conventional advice to “cut your fat and eat healthy whole grains.” People often blame too many soft drinks and junk food, but there are many people like you who, I’m sure, try to eat well and don’t drink or eat sugary foods–yet have diabetes. This is due to grains.

    More than sugary foods, grains raise blood sugar to high levels. The glycemic indexes, for instance, of whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and multigrain breads are among the highest of all foods. They ENSURE having high blood sugars. (To see for yourself, use your glucose meter and check a blood sugar immdiately prior to a meal; consume the food in question, then recheck a blood sugar at 1-hour after eating, not 2 hours as often advised to assess the adequacy of blood sugar control on diabetes medication. You want the blood sugar peak, which is around 1 hour. You will see blood sugars of 200, 250, or 300 mg/dl after eating grains.) High blood sugars from “healthy whole grains” are also toxic to the beta cells of the pancreas (“glucotoxicity”), making blood sugars go even higher. In some people, the loss of beta cells means there can be no reversing diabetes, but this is less common early in the diagnosis.

    –Ignore conventional dietary advice. Even better, do the opposite. Unfortunately, in the world of conventional diabetes advice, including that from most healthcare professionals, “Stupid is as stupid does.” The diet advised for people with diabetes makes fasting blood sugar and HbA1c (the 90-day measure of blood sugar) go higher, not lower.

    –There are a number of other reasons that grains, especially wheat (white and whole) can be blamed: The gliadin protein of wheat is degraded in the gastrointestinal tract to small peptides that act as opiates and bind to the opiate receptors of the human brain. This triggers appetite for carbohydrates, the worst foods to eat for anyone with diabetes. Wheat germ agglutinin, another protein in wheat, blocks leptin and cholecystokinin, both of which should trigger satiety. In the presence of wheat, appetite is not satisfied.

    Beyond the powerful strategy of grain elimination, we do not restrict fats but get plenty of olive oil, coconut oil, and the fats from animal organs and meats and supplement with:

    –Vitamin D–The insulin-sensitizing effects of raising your 25-hydroxy vitamin D level to 60-70 ng/ml helps regain control over blood sugar. A typical male requires 6000 units of D3 in gelcap form to achieve this level.

    –Magnesium supplementation–While the effect is modest, correcting common magnesium deficiencies stacks the odds in your favor of regaining control over blood sugar. I advocate magnesium malate, 1200 mg, twice per day.

    –Omega-3 fatty acids–from fish oil. After eating a meal, there is a flood of particles in the bloodstream (lipoproteins), representing the digestive byproducts of the foods consumed. These particles can block insulin. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil activate an enzyme that accelerates clearance of after-meal lipoproteins, reducing their insulin-blocking effect. I advocate 3000-3600 mg per day of the EPA + DHA omega-3 fatty acids, divided in two doses for assured day-long reduction of lipoproteins.

    Those of us who follow the above principles drop fasting blood sugar and HbA1c precipitously, often enough to get off medication, reduce HbA1c into the 5.0% range, and become assuredly NON-diabetic. Even if you are among the few who have impaired pancreatic beta cells and produce insufficient insulin, elimination of grains will minimize need for medications. And, by the way, we should also pass this information onto David Letterman, who also admitted to having high blood sugars during your interview.

    My sincerest hopes that you benefit from these suggestions, I remain

    William Davis, MD
    Author, Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health

    couscous & all
    he talks about the 70% chocolate (have not found that yet)

    Speedy he talks about grapes 🙂

    ★definitely going 2 combine this w/ the fdl

    try 2 reverse w/ this dr ★

    Wheat Belly: Quick & Dirty 2

    In view of the many new readers on the Wheat Belly Blog, many of whom have not yet had an opportunity to read the book but are eager to get started, here is the updated Wheat Belly Quick & Dirty summary. It summarizes the essential dietary strategies of the Wheat Belly approach to 1) avoid all products made from high-yield, semi-dwarf wheat that wreak health destruction, and 2) create a diet that is otherwise healthy and appropriate for all members of the family.

    This is the same diet I advise patients in my office to follow that achieves spectacular reductions in weight, provides relief from joint pain and acid reflux, reduces triglycerides, shoots HDL upward, reduces small LDL particles (the #1 cause of heart disease in the U.S!), and unravels diabetic/pre-diabetic tendencies. The diet starts with the biggest step of all: elimination of wheat. But a healthy diet cannot end there, else you and I could eat no wheat but fill our calories with soft drinks and jelly beans.

    So the next step is to limit carbohydrates if your goal is to lose more weight and correct metabolic distortions like high blood sugar and small LDL particles. Then, we choose our foods wisely to avoid the common boobytraps set for us by Big Food and Agribusiness, not to mention the friendly dietitian at the hospital! Diet in the 21st century is no longer just about carbs, proteins, and fats–it is also about being savvy about the changes introduced into our foods by food producers.


    All wheat-based products (all breads, all breakfast cereals, noodles, pasta, bagels, muffins, pancakes, waffles, donuts, pretzels, crackers), oat products (oatmeal, oat bran), corn and cornstarch-based products (sauces or gravies thickened with cornstarch, prepared or processed foods containing cornstarch, cornmeal products like chips, tacos, tortillas), sugary soft drinks, candies.

    Avoid processed foods containing wheat, such as soy sauce, Twizzlers, Campbells Tomato Soup, salad dressings, taco seasoning–examine ALL labels and avoid any food with mention of wheat. (It’s not a bad idea to avoid foods with labels! Cucumbers and spinach, for instance, generally don’t come with labels.)

    ★★Enjoy unlimited:★★

    Vegetables-except potatoes; fresh or frozen, never canned

    Raw nuts and seeds-raw almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamians; dry-roasted peanuts (not roasted in oil);

    pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, and chia seeds

    Healthy oils (preferably unheated, whenever possible)-olive, flaxseed, coconut, avocado, walnut

    Meats-red meats, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs. (Consider free-range, grass-fed and/or organic sources.)

    Ground flaxseed, chia seeds

    Teas, coffee, water, unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk or coconut water

    Cheeses—real cultured cheeses only (not Velveeta or single-slice processed cheese)

    Avocado or guacamole; hummus; unsweetened condiments, e.g., mayonnaise, mustard, oil-based salad dressings; ketchup without high-fructose corn syrup; pesto, tapenades; olives


    Fruit-No more than 2 servings a day (one serving is a level handful),

    preferably in this order

    (best first): berries of all varieties, citrus, apples, nectarines, peaches, melons.

    Minimize bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and grapes and only in the smallest of quantities (since they are like candy in sugar content)

    Fruit juices-only real juices and in minimal quantities (no more than 2-4 oz)

    Dairy products-No more than 1 serving per day of milk, cottage cheese or yogurt, unsweetened (Fat content does not matter.)

    Legumes/beans; peas; sweet potatoes and yams; rice (white and brown); organic soy

    Dark chocolates-70-85% cocoa or greater; no more than 40 grams (approximately 2 inches square) per day

    Sugar-free foods–preferably stevia-containing, rather than aspartame; other safe sweeteners include erythritol and xylitol
    Polyunsaturated oils–safflower, sunflower, mixed vegetable

    ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Never!!!!!! ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

    ”Gluten-free” foods made with rice flour, cornstarch, tapioca starch, or potato starch

    Fried foods

    Fast foods

    Hydrogenated “trans” fats

    Cured meats–hot dogs, sausages, bacon, bologna, pepperoni “fixed” with sodium nitrite

    High-fructose corn syrup containing foods; honey; agave syrup; sucrose

    Processed rice, rice flour or potato products-rice crackers,
    rice cereals, pretzels, white breads, breakfast cereals, potato chips

    Fat-free or low-fat salad dressings


     Quick tips:

    For healthy breakfast choices, consider ground flaxseed as a hot cereal (e.g., with coconut milk, organic milk, or unsweetened almond milk; blueberries, strawberries, etc.).
    (never thought of that w/ my flaxmilk 🙂 )

    Also consider eggs; raw nuts; cheese; consider having “dinner for breakfast,” meaning transferring salads, cheese, chicken, and other “dinner” foods to breakfast.that’s different 🙂

    Add 1 tsp or more of taste-compatible healthy oil to every meal. For example, mix in 1 tbsp coconut oil to ground flaxseed hot cereal. Or add 2 tbsp olive oil to eggs after scrambling. Adding oils will blunt appetite.(have started that 4 the mediterranean on nonfastdays)

    If you suspect you have a wheat “addiction” and are struggling to break it, use the first week to add healthy oils to every meal and reduce the amount of wheat by half. In the second week, aim for elimination of wheat while maintaining the oils.
    Reach for raw nuts first as a convenient snack.
    Use the recipes in the Wheat Belly Blog and book whenever cravings hit: cookies, muffins, brownies, coffee cake, cheesecake from the recipes can quell appetite with no downside.

    Q: How does wheat make us fat, exactly?

    A: It contains amylopectin A, which is more efficiently converted to blood sugar than just about any other carbohydrate, including table sugar. In fact, two slices of whole wheat bread increase blood sugar to a higher level than a candy bar does. And then, after about two hours, your blood sugar plunges and you get shaky, your brain feels foggy, you’re hungry. So let’s say you have an English muffin for breakfast. Two hours later you’re starving, so you have a handful of crackers, and then some potato chips, and your blood sugar rises again. That cycle of highs and lows just keeps going throughout the day, so you’re constantly feeling hungry and constantly eating. Dieticians have responded to this by advising that we graze throughout the day, which is just nonsense. If you eliminate wheat from your diet, you’re no longer hungry between meals because you’ve stopped that cycle. You’ve cut out the appetite stimulant, and consequently you lose weight very quickly. I’ve seen this with thousands of patients.

    Q: But I’m not overweight and I exercise regularly. So why would eating whole wheat bread be bad for me?

    A: You can trigger effects you don’t perceive. Small low-density lipoprotein [LDL] particles form when you’re eating lots of carbohydrates, and they are responsible for atherosclerotic plaque, which in turn triggers heart disease and stroke. So even if you’re a slender, vigorous, healthy person, you’re still triggering the formation of small LDL particles. And second, carbohydrates increase your blood sugars, which cause this process of glycation, that is, the glucose modification of proteins. If I glycate the proteins in my eyes, I get cataracts. If I glycate the cartilage of my knees and hips, I get arthritis. If I glycate small LDL, I’m more prone to atherosclerosis. So it’s a twofold effect. And if you don’t start out slender and keep eating that fair trade, organically grown whole wheat bread that sounds so healthy, you’re repeatedly triggering high blood sugars and are going to wind up with more visceral fat. This isn’t just what I call the wheat belly that you can see, flopping over your belt, but the fat around your internal organs. And as visceral fat accumulates, you risk responses like diabetes and heart disease.

    i guess my homemade multigrain bread should be another kind of flower

    ooops meant


    “All wheat-based products (all breads, all breakfast cereals, noodles, pasta, bagels, muffins, pancakes, waffles, donuts, pretzels, crackers), oat products (oatmeal, oat bran), corn and cornstarch-based products (sauces or gravies thickened with cornstarch, prepared or processed foods containing cornstarch, cornmeal products like chips, tacos, tortillas), sugary soft drinks, candies.
    Avoid processed foods containing wheat, such as soy sauce, Twizzlers, Campbells Tomato Soup, salad dressings, taco seasoning–examine ALL labels and avoid any food with mention of wheat. …
    If you suspect you have a wheat “addiction” and are struggling to break it”

    No mention of crepes, chocolate crepes, I may hang on to that.

    Now, now, Rocky! What do you make your crepes with?

    Clearly there has to be some other cause of T2D than being overweight, since 20% or so of sufferers are of ‘normal’ weight. And there is no doubt that wheat and other grains do all sorts of other nasty things.

    Trouble is that it is REALLY difficult to avoid them unless you are a self-sufficient hermit! And I went gluten free on medical advice a few years ago, and all my friends go to the shops specially for gluten free goodies (except they aren’t that nice). I am gradually educating them, LOL!

    70% chocolate is easy to get here in the UK, Lindt do one, or, at the other end of the price scale so do Lidl, if I am going to eat chocolate, that is my first choice. In fact here you can get chocolate right up to 100%, although its no great pleasure to eat for me.

    ” What do you make your crepes with?”

    Coincidentally, they are made with cocoa powder. I found that mixes well in the batter & gives it flavor & color.

    “A polyphenol-rich diet includes at least 650 milligrams a day.

    Cocoa powder (3448 mg)
    Dark chocolate (1766 mg)
    Black olives (569 mg)
    Green olives (346 mg)”

    I was pleasantly surprised to see it at the top of this list. All my favorites.


    they sound good may we have recipe?


    yepper it was in that starvation mode refusing 2 give

    well @ least it broke the plateau

    but now it goes up & down but still lower 🙂

    i always said 2 my clients

    most people do not like 2 complain or b confrontational but please please do so that we can solve it or eliminate it
    otherwise we would never know. good luck in finding the correct person 2 keep ur biz humming 😀

    nov should be great how is the weather in the pyrennes?

    so what do u think about this dr?

    “The majority of diabetes is reversible. Most people can make the choice to have diabetes or to not have it. I hope that you choose not to have it. This is because it is caused by diet. Sadly, it is caused by conventional advice to “cut your fat and eat healthy whole grains.” People often blame too many soft drinks and junk food, but there are many people like you who, I’m sure, try to eat well and don’t drink or eat sugary foods–yet have diabetes. This is due to grains.”

    this resonates hard

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays

    “they sound good may we have recipe?”

    Can’t go into details now.

    Fasting and discussing food in detail does not mix well for my resolve.

    If I did go in to details, afterwards my arms would raise in front of me and my legs would point me in the direction of the kitchen. Since I know how to create my crepes consciously and otherwise, boom!

    My weekend fast would be shortened by 48 hours.

    So, no recipes today.

    What do I think of this doctor? I think his claims are a bit far-fetched, although I agree that grains and starchy foods are not good news.

    If you think of it in evolutionary terms, we certainly did not evolve to eat large quantities of carb rich foods. But whether it will cure everything is another matter. In terms of diabetes, I am sure that cutting out grains and spuds will help stabilise blood sugar. Whether that is a total cure I am not sure. Clearly, from the point of view of the sufferer, simply not needing meds or insulin is good, but whether the pancreas is truly returned to full function (in order to allow you your occasional carb fix, for example) I would need more convincing.

    It seems to me that the docs (the ones that do the research, that is) have fastened on the fact that in most cases of T2D the pancreas is clogged with fat. But is that ALWAYS the case? Or are there other forms of ‘late onset’ diabetes where other things are going on to compromise sugar metabolism? Logic would suggest that in some cases there is something else affecting insulin production, and of course in that case the drugs they currently use may or may not be altogether helpful.

    There’s a huge difference in the approach of British writers, and the Americans. Over here we are just as excited, but we don’t tend to write in terms of absolutes to the same extent. For many years the American style of writing used to annoy me so much I wouldn’t read American authors. I’ve got myself over that, but I am still aware that with American writers its almost as if they can’t say ‘This is my best guess. Unless you are very unlucky it will work for you’. But actually that is what is really going on.

    If you can overcome your addiction to carbs, it cannot possibly do you any harm to change to this form of diet. The more slowly your food releases sugars (or even better don’t release them at all) the better. In addition his arguments about wheat sound convincing, but they are based on very limited research. I am not addicted to wheat – although I like the taste of good bread, but I can do without. I AM addicted to sugar!


    thanks so much 4 the continuous laughing while reading ur post &

    while writing 2 u

    it is fastday 4 me 2
    still hahahahaha ing 😀 😀 😀 giggling i have 2 repeat it

    mayb it’s the hunger

    “my arms would raise in front of me and my legs would point me in the direction of the kitchen.”

    can’t stop lol


    yes they do tend 2 forget the basics of science


    a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

    i agree it is more complex there is allot more 2 it

    this forum & lifestyle has helped me look @ the cold hard facts

    i do have 2 be the guinea pig
    2 @ least try

    i mean all those years of being that organic whole grain person w/ no sugar healthy cooking bla bla bla wood stove organic gardening living off the earth basically a flower child yadayadaya

    weight increase
    & type2
    & high-blood pressure
    & cholesterol
    through me 4 a super big looop!

    while my whole family (except my mom & dad) eats super big bags of peanut mm’s they cringe @ my brown rice wholegrain bread prefer white french bread eat anything & they r overweight but w/ not 1 medical problem (which i’m very glad) my dad/mom skinny super healthy both die 1 of heart 1 of leukemia

    it is such a contrast it is so so weird!!!!!!

    i just have faulty genes something turned on the bad stuff

    when u read of how genes turn on & off

    or macrobiotic the gut
    it is an interesting world the science

    u luv sugar but r not a type2 right?

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays

    I wouldn’t say I love sugar! But it keeps finding its way into my mouth!

    And no, not diabetic, and BMI is now under 25 thanks to 5:2. But I have other health problems, and so much I’ve not yet done that I need to live to 100!

    Anyway, I have wasted the afternoon sorting out a leak in the downstairs loo. It would have taken an hour if my darling OH kept his (and MY) tools in something like a logical order! He is on his way to Japan (for work, no fun allowed). But the dogs are getting very, very agitated at their lack of supper!

    “I wouldn’t say I love sugar! But it keeps finding its way into my mouth!”

    It’s probably ok to say you love sugar, but sugar doesn’t love you.

    It’s a toxic relationship.

    You know it. I know it. We all know it.

    Time for an intervention.

    ‘Time for an intervention.’

    Anyone got any ideas? While I was on a strict 5:2 my cravings abated a bit, but 6:1 isn’t enough

    “Anyone got any ideas? ”

    There is the old trick of too much.

    I remember a story of a smoker who went to the therapist to stop smoking. The therapist told him to buy cartons of cigarettes and told him to chain smoke in front of the therapist, even after the smoker got sick.

    It worked. Temporarily.

    For a while. Then the session would repeat at scheduled times until the behavior went away.

    The therapist couldn’t continue this approach because the smoke was affecting him. The smoker eventually went back to smoking.

    There is a better way that did work.

    Hi USA, shame on you (11th Oct) you have not lost one “measly” lb. You lost ONE FANTASTIC POUND. Going Down Down Down. P.S. Have you found the 70% chocolate over there yet?.
    Good Luck.


    as i said in previous post

    well @ least it broke the plateau
    but now it goes up & down but still lower 😀

    i also wrote 2 u just this day on the 70%

    still not found?

    what do u think about the cardiologist?


    happy nonfastdays & fastdays

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