Return of night flushes

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  • I have been doing the 5.2 from 1 st July, great weight loss of 26 lbs.

    The problem is the return of night flushes, I finished these 10 years ago…….I have been having them for about 2 months now, I am 64 years old.

    Is it to do with getting thinner? Any ideas anybody or is there anybody else who has noticed them return.

    Hi Symba

    I have them too. Only at night and around 2.00am. No where nearly as badly as when I was younger but enough to wake me up. I don’t really think it is about the weight loss or your Doctor may tell you differently. I understand when we are a bit heavier we have more estrogen so that would prevent it wouldn’t it?

    Great weight loss, though. Bet you feel better all round.


    Hi Lizy,

    Thanks for your answer, its a thought, it’s just these cold nights I am laid on the top of the bed, my body is freezing on the outside and boiling on the inside! You forget how awful it was.

    The weight loss is great, my wardrobe of clothes just don’t fit, I am slowly replacing some of them after about three weeks they start getting loose again….but I can’t complain. I feel so much better and younger looking.


    After replying to your post I thought about it again. In actual fact the weight loss WOULD mean a drop in estrogen, wouldn’t it?

    Here in NZ I am also lying on the top of the bed but as we have had the hottest November in some time the flushes add to the discomfort. Ho hum we can’t win, can we?

    Don’t know about where you are but here we have some opportunity shops who stock label recycled clothes at a very reasonable cost. Could be the answer for the continuing change in your shape.

    Hi Lizy,

    After what you said I looked on Internet it did say about the estrogen in the fat cells and getting unbalanced, so thats the answer you was quite right.

    I have thought of buying from charity shops but buying bare minimum at the moment. I am still wearing my old large clothes around the house but change if I go out anywhere. My husband is the same as me, he keeps tightening his belt! Both lost the same weight.

    I am here in the UK and colder weather is coming in on Thursday from the North. Something to look forward to!!!

    Have you looked at the Ladies of a certain age thread, Symba. Lots of support there.

    It is raining here today which we are quite pleased about. We have water restrictions already so early in the summer season.

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