recovering from a sporting event and fasting

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recovering from a sporting event and fasting

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  • Swam a mile at a local lake then walked 4 miles 2 days ago. It was a lot of activity for me and I was tired. I took a nap later in the day and the next day was a fast day for me. Last time I swam that far in the open water it took a few days to recover.

    I decided to go ahead and fast (in the modified way we’ve learned from the book) though I had some concerns about running myself down. I felt the same during the fast as I did when recovering from my last long swim. I wanted to sleep more and wanted more liquids. That was easy enough to satisfy with a nap and plenty of tea, electrolyte water and plain water.

    This morning (2 days after the sporting event and 1 day after fasting) I woke up feeling low energy and sleepy (almost groggy…’fuzzy’ you could say). I almost cancelled my usual lap swim (3/4 mile in a pool, much easier than a lake swim) but decided to go easy…perhaps fewer laps. For about half my swim I was still tired. I plodded along with my usual swim workout wondering what the heck was wrong.

    Well, by the end of my swim I knew it had been simply the end of my recovery. I was refreshed and invigorated by the end of my swim. Just like a usual swim.

    Lesson learned: Modified fasting does not seem to add to my recovery time from a moderately hard sporting event. I can always delay a fast or ease up on a workout if I am not feeling up to it. So body awareness can inform a decision but pushing myself a little bit can yield some great results (the endorphin filled invigoration from a workout).

    I will of course need to remain aware as not every recovery will be the same. In 5 days I will do a 2.5 K swim and will have another go at fasting in recovery. So far so good.

    Yay to feeling goooooood.

    Great swimmer inspiration! Related to your story…Is it safe to run a 20 miler training run for a marathon on a fasting day evening? Is it crazy? And Is it ok to add calories afterward or will it ruin repair gains from fasting. This question is for my hubby. He just completed the run, btw. Thanks.

    Nancy – hats off to your husband for doing that! Yes it is probably a bit crazy but if he can do that kind of run on a fast day he is going to nail that marathon!

    I have run 5 marathons, I know how hard the training is!

    I would say though it is not wise to try it, and on race week eat normally (and maybe the week after) to ensure a good race and a good recovery.
    Lots of info on x

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