Reasons to be cheerful….

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Reasons to be cheerful….

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  • Hello, i am a Loaca, and just started 5-2 a week ago. Already pleased with how its going having tried other “slimming groups” without long term results. This 5-2 makes sense to me so i’m hoping i’m on the right track at last. So, my REASON TO BE CHEERFUL is that ive started this journey now!!! I have read posts from others on this WOL and feel inspired by their success and stories. Am looking forward to the results. Wish me luck as i do you!

    Hi Sandbraes, welcome to 5:2 I hope you find it a helpful way of life as I have.

    Read the book, if you haven’t already, it helps. Also this discussion thread is also useful

    I came to 5:2 to lose weight but have stayed with it since reaching goal (about 10 months ago) as a long term way of life. It helps me feel well and maintain my new lower weight.

    Good luck

    Another reason to be cheerful…this is working! Weighed myself this morn to find another drop in size, so pleased with that. I find im getting a little bit “light-headed/woozy”, on FD’s, has anyone any suggestions regarding this? Thanks in advance ☺

    Drink water. Are you eating or water fasting? What you eat might make a difference.
    So glad it is working!!

    Thank you “Fasting me” for your suggestions… having thought about it i am probably not drinking enough water! Will keep an eye on that on next FD. Thanks for your support, wishing you every success in your journey too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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