RE FASTDIET Some general observations after almost two months.

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RE FASTDIET Some general observations after almost two months.

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  • ME:
    53 yrs old woman. Canadian. Menopausal but still fun to be around.

    Goal: BMI target of 21 from 36. Projected total weight loss of 90 lbs.
    Health issues: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, lower back issues, arthritis (shoulders/knees), Allergies – Pollen/perfume.
    No current prescriptions.
    Daily vitamins taken: D, B50 complex and C.

    Was doing cardio/light weights at gym 3x week for 4 months (Dec. ‘17 to March ‘18) but my weight did not budge. I did get toned tho and it helped me get in shape to get in shape.

    April 7/18: Started with cutting carbs.
    BMI 36 / Start Weight of 240 – Clothing size 20
    Started with just cutting out carbs – particularly yeasty/gluten breads, sweets/ processed sugar products. Sugar cravings bad for the first couple of weeks, then disappeared. Once past the initial sugar cravings my hunger in general diminished and it was much easier to get on the fasting plan.
    Dropped ten lbs (mostly water I expect) within a month, then plateaued.
    I did find a shot (1 tbsp) of apple cider vinegar in a glass of cold water every morning helped a lot with suppressing hunger and I experienced much less knee pain as well.

    May 7/18 : Started FASTLIFE
    BMI 34/ Start Weight of 230 – Clothing size 18
    Started on the 5:2 fast diet. No prob fasting for breakfast or lunch, but evenings were problematic.
    After a couple of weeks switched to a 4:3 schedule – Monday/Wednesday/Friday to allow for inaccurate calorie counting and weak moments.
    150 cal breakfast. Skip lunch, then 350 cal dinner worked best for me.
    Tried to reintroduce a bit of gluten but found any yeasty bread product or gluten beer makes me ill almost immediately.
    Gave up ACV for a week but found the knee pain returned and was harder to manage hunger.
    Made a list of the most common foods I was eating and figured out their calorie count in realistic portions so I could reckon meals in my head quickly.
    Made allowances for a ½ glass of wine before bed. Because…wine.

    Needed to find a HIT routine that did not aggravate my shoulders or knees.
    Started doing HIT at gym – crosstraining machine – 11 mins routine:
    Walking ten minutes to gym then 1 minute warm up and HIT for alternate full minutes then 1 minute cool down. Afterwards did Strength training (weight machines) for legs one day, arms the next. HIT became a lot easier after about two weeks.
    Added biking on local river path for 12 kms, at least once a week on a fast day, weather permitting.
    Taken over lawn mowing duties to get more active as well.
    Ready to up my HIT to 16 minutes 3 x week. Investing in a skipping rope.

    Almost two months in:
    So far lost 20 lbs. Current Weight 220 lbs – BMI 32.5
    Generally sleeping better tho I do occasionally get “cold flashes”
    Thigh measurements up a bit due to muscle tone from biking.
    Down almost two full clothing sizes from a snug 20 to a snug 16.
    Definitely not feeling as much pain in my knees and shoulders. Used to have to take stairs one at a time and had trouble getting out of chair. Now nearly pain free. Haven’t had to take painkillers for weeks. Feeling “lighter” and definitely much healthier.
    Allergy symptoms – watery eyes sneezing, etc. are gone. Can wear perfume again!

    So… 70 more pounds to go to reach my target BMI of 21 or around 150 lbs.

    Well done! It sounds like you have a routine that works for you and is sustainable.

    Excellent plan, Bardeann. Excellent progress.

    Thank you. 😀

    Will power is everything. Once you decide you want something, the next step is starting it and then you’re off. I’m really impressed with your activity plan and that you just keep adding to it – must be addictive! Congratulations on your weight loss so far. I’m only a day in but your post is an inspiration. Thank you.

    Thanks for sharing this blog….Very informative

    Hi Miss Denise,
    Hope things are going well for you. One thing I didn’t expect was how important the measuring is. Some days I was up on the scale but down on the inches. Also, helps to measure the bust wearing the same bra – at least until I need a smaller one.
    Already have a pile of clothes that are too big.
    Hang in there. It takes time, but this plan is working well.

    Thank you. Cheers from Canada!

    Well done, Bardeann. Wonderful progress.

    Hi Bardeann, A week in and I’m doing Okay. I’m doing 5-2 and trying to lower the carbs on other days. Currently, my watch is loose but little else! On Fast days, I find hanging out for as long as possible (ie skipping breakfast) and then having a 2 egg omelette when my stomach growls, works best for me. This is usually at about 11.30. Found a few recipes in the Fast Cook book that are really tasty (the curry ones mostly), which are great with cauliflower rice, so Fast days have not been a problem. Mentally, I’m in a good place for a change of diet and healthy eating so I will persevere!!

    Hi Miss Denise,
    Hope things are still going well for you.
    I am finding the weight loss appears most noticable in my arms\legs and face first. last to go is the hips and belly fat. I took my watch band in a couple of notches too.

    I love curry. I will try it with cauliflower. Thanks for the tip.

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