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  • I’m reading the Fast Diet and have a question about the “fast” days. Instead of eating 500-600 calories. Can you totally fast on those days? To me that’s easier than figuring out 500 calories. I’m fasting today and drinking lots of water & occasional chicken broth & having no problems.

    It would be worth reading Dr Michael Mosley’s current book ‘The Fast 800’ as well as Dr Clare Bailey’s accompanying recipe book before you change your way of eating.

    There is no need to figure out your own daily 800 calories if you follow the recipes in the books. Dr Mosley and Dr Bailey also suggest that many non-starchy/ low calorie vegetables do not need to be counted.

    Going without food entirely for two days a week would reduce your weekly intake of macro and micronutrients by over a quarter. A diet that strict should be medically supervised, because it would not be healthy for many people.



    There are many people who choose not to eat on FDs as they find it easier. If you are eating a healthy diet on non FDs there is no reason to worry about nutritional requirements and if you think your diet might be lacking you can take a supplement to ensure you are meeting nutritional recommendations.

    The fast diet was designed to be flexible and give individuals the latitude to work out what is best for them. It does not say anywhere in any of the books that a complete fast on FDs is either unhealthy or needs medical supervision as opposed to longer fasts of several days which should be supervised.

    It’s easy to become over zealous regarding what we do or don’t eat but if we aim to eat a varied and healthy diet and lose sufficient weight to be within “normal” parameters that is the best way forward.

    Good luck.

    Hello and thank you. I’ve started 16:8 fast diet. I’m skipping breakfast. In the morning I drink a 16 oz cup of coffee with 1 oz of milk and 1 tablespoon of Stevia. Do the milk and/or the Stevia break my fast?

    Started today, planning stage only begin tomorrow. Main worry cholesterol. I am on statins and don’t like it. I know that if I lose belly fat the numbers will come down. However I also know that the minute I stop the statins, no matter my diet, the numbers will go up. 2 months to my cholesterol blood test. I want to pass and persuade my GP to release me from statins. I know I can lose at least a stone by just stopping the sugar,and bring my triglycerides down, which seem to be a major factor, (one of the GP worries is diabetes, not surprising as I am a sugar addict) LDL is something else. Any hints and suggestions all welcome. I have heard that statins destroy ALL cholesterol good and bad but the good is needed to fire the production and activity of neurons in the brain and if they are suppressed the Alzheimer and Parkinson factors are increased. As an OAP this is a worry. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Its a long time since I passed an exam!

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