Query about approaching weight target

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Query about approaching weight target

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  • Hi, I was just wondering … if you just stay on the 5:2 diet indefinitely , what will happen? I mean , will your weight level out at a certain point? , and you just won’t lose anymore. Or, will you continue to lose weight to dangerous levels ?

    If your weight levels out regardless at a certain point , then there would be no point continuing ( assuming you’re doing it purely for weight loss)

    How do you know when you reach this level?

    Questions ,questions….

    p.s. I’m not at this stage …just curious.

    Hi, Mike.
    When Dr Mosley reached his target weight, he reduced to one Fast Day/week. I think he’s still there.

    When my husband & I reached our targets, we continued to Fast 2 days/week to balance out any weight gains on the Slow Days. He has sort of leveled out, tho at a higher weight than his lowest. I continued to lose until I got to a new target which I had not thought possible. I stay around there now. We probably eat 700-800 calories on a Fast Day now.

    Another reason for our staying on the Fasting 2 days/week is that we reserve certain foods for Fast Days and we like eating them very much.

    There is a weight below which I will not go. When I dip down that far, I eat more calories on a Fast Day.
    How do you know when you are at the right weight? Either set a number and see how that feels; or see if there are still a lot of jiggly bits and how you feel about that.

    Good luck.

    I’m still a few pounds from my target weight, but as I get closer to it, my TDEE (the calories needed to maintain my present weight) goes down. To maintain my target weight would either involve eating less each day and thinking about calorie intake daily, or fasting 1 or 2 days per week and worrying less about what I eat the rest of the week. Cutting calories on a daily basis to meet the TDEE of a new lower weight never worked in the past. That’s why I would always put all the weight I lost back on. The 5:2 is easy enough to stick with. I’ve been doing it since mid May without much problem. So I intend to stick with it after I reach my goal. That way, I can eat a little more for 5 days and take it off on the 2 FD. I think it’s a good solution to permanent weight loss.

    There are several maintainers here in the forum that are successfully doing this now.

    I am about 6 pounds away from my target weight. Unfortunately the day after a FD I feel so greedy to eat and for example today I really had too much! I restarted 5:2 after a 3 week holiday. The FDs went well so far but as I said the NFDs are hard! I am afraid I won’t lose any weight like that! Grateful for good advice and tips!

    @ml. There is no short cut. Initially it will take will power to break that cycle. If you stick at it for a few months you’ll find that once the cycle has been broken you wont need will power to eat the right things and eat the right amounts, it will just come naturally. Good luck.

    Thank you for your advice! That helps me!

    Drink water! Drink boldly-flavored teas! If this helps control hunger on a Fast Day, it should work on a Slow Day, too.

    MiracleL, ever write down what you eat on a Slow Day? Sometimes looking at that list is a deterrent to over-eating. But as bigbooty says, the longer you Fast, the less prone you will be to over-eating. It could also be that you are dehydrated. Got any long-term projects to work on for about 2 hours a day? When I was new to Fasting, I painted the upstairs rooms for 2 hours everyday with a large glass of water for company. Kept me away from the cookie jar.

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