Put in weight in first week!

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  • Hi, I am new to this diet and have just weighed myself and have put in 1 lb…..I don’t understand….I had two fast days, was good on my non fast days, went on 3 bike rides and two runs and I’ve had no alcohol!!!!
    I’m 5.5f and weigh 11.5 stone!!! I don’t understand…..help!!!

    Hi Jo and welcome:

    If you read the ‘Warnings’ link in this thread it will explain how you can gain weight even if you ‘do everything right’: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/. You might also check the Exercise link if your running and bike rides were ‘new’ and not something you have been consistently doing for a long period of time.

    Don’t worry, you are losing fat. You are just dealing with water weight.

    Good Luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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