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  • Is there anyone who would like to join me for a 3 weeks water/juice fast? I need motivation from a person who would be doing this with me.
    I’m starting today(friday)

    I don’t think you’ll find a lot of support on the 5:2 forums for either water fasting beyond 36 hours or juice fasting while staying within in 500/600 calories.

    There is a whole world of difference between a water fast and a juice fast. I truly hope you understand fully what you are getting into and have a medical ok and supervision.

    Where are you getting your essential salts and minerals from? The juice? Juice is going to give you huge glucose spikes. Don’t know enough about prolonged fasts. What are you hoping to achieve?

    There are folk on this forum who do complete fasts – water only – for longer than 48 hours. Perhaps they can give advice.

    Just not enough info out there but I know simcolev has directed folk to info on longterm fasting – it makes very interesting reading.

    You might be toiling to find someone to join you though, vsnick, as I understand, to be both safe and effective, a three week fast should not be undertaken on a whim.

    A juice detox is of course a very different thing to a complete (water only) fast, and I would presume you are referring to both fruit and vegetables. Perhaps you might explain more?

    I do 5:2 with 2 subsequent water fasts. By the time I’ve finished dinner on one night and have lunch on another day it’s about 64 hours. Works for me. I’ve been at it for 4 weeks now (even over Christmas!) and haven’t found it difficult at all.

    Personally, I wouldn’t do juice when I’m fasting. 1) It’s too sweet. It would sabotage my fast. As soon as my blood sugar spiked the first time I’d be eating every carb that couldn’t escape me! And 2) If I were going to have fruit, I’d have *fruit* with some actual fiber.

    And I wouldn’t do 3 weeks of fasting. I’m sure it wouldn’t be do-able for me while 5:2 is entirely do-able and productive and it’s something I can stick with for a lot longer than 3 weeks.

    If your mind is made up, vsnick, then I wish you well with it. But if you’re open to another idea, *do* try 5:2 or alternate day eating. It works!!!


    Did someone ask where the minerals come from when you do a water fast?

    I use enzymes.

    I fast regularly once per month for 113 hours minimum to 134-136 hours water only. I don’t do this for weight loss it is for cell health and spiritual reasons. In my opinion I can’t have one without the other.

    I got my physician involved when I joined 5:2 and he reviewed and said he couldn’t see an issue with it. When I wanted to do water only fasts he was a bit hesitant due to my heart health that there could potentially be damage.

    When I wanted to go to 3 and then 4 day water fasts he was leery and did a lot of research and he monitors me before I begin the fast with full blood panels and as the fast moves on. If he ever said “stop now” I’d follow his advice. Water fasts longer than 2 days are not a walk in the park.

    I’ve done Juice fasts of 15 days twice in the last year. They are easy in comparison to a 5 day water fast.

    I base my 4 – 5+ day water vast on the research of Dr. Valter Longo and the health benefits that can be (and are reached) by doing it.

    Though I’ve done 1 – 4 to 5 day water fasts for the last 6 months I’m leery to extend it. Why I’m not sure if can do almost 6 days 7 to 10 shouldn’t be much of a stretch right. Until I don’t feel leery and nervous I won’t do it.

    There is a LOT of misinformation out there on long term fasting. People can suffer terrible consequences and death is not unheard of in as little as 7 days. Be cautious, work up slowly to long term fasts. Get blood panels done before, get a stress test to check heart health. Your heart can take a ton of stress during water fasting, not nearly as much juice fasting. Get blood panels during and after fasting.

    Get in touch with Dr. Jason Fung read his writings studies and thoughts. Be informed and be ready

    I’m not sure what the purpose of a juice fast would be. Why not sick to water and simply reduce the duration of the fast to, say, 10 days or 2 weeks (I believe Simco recently did 10 days).
    Contrary to popular Voodoo medicine, there is no such thing as a ‘juice detox’ or any other sort of detox other than what your body does naturally or medical treatment after ingestion of poisons, so I do hope that isn’t party of your motivation.

    By juice fast I mean drinking just max.300 ml of juice a day. That’s like 200 kcal(MAX.) I’ve already tried 5:2,now I want to go further(to experience how the organism can cleanse itself). Whatsoever,I’m starting today. I am thinking about juice fast,because during the water-only one, my breath is awful and when talking to people there’s no way I wouldn’t chew a gum(to make me and my fellows comfortable,obviously)…Gum with aspartam and other chemical crap.So by drinking small amounts of juice this problem kinda vanishes(not completely but still…)
    PS: Sorry for my English,I’m not a native speaker 😛

    The awful breath you experience is likely ketosis and it is what one wants to achieve for as long as possible. The body has switched to using mostly fat for it’s energy requirements. Ketosis is where your best weight loss will occur.

    On a water fast and in ketosis weight loss of a pound a day are not unheard of after 7 days. I’ve read of greater weight losses in 10 – 21 fasts but have yet to experience it.

    When you drink juice you are ingesting sucrose/sugar which will shut down ketosis. Juice Fasting can result in massive insulin swings. Caloric intake would be strictly based on what juices and how much you are drinking per day.

    I found that juice fasting extremely difficult as the sugar spikes would leave me “feeling” twice as hungry and I never got past that hungry feeling. It is mental hunger not true hunger but it’s difficult to live with. Mood swings on juice fasting were huge, after I was done the last one my wife said if I every did another one she was going on holidays until it was over.

    Your mileage may vary.


    Not that I’m ready to embark on a long fast yet, but I guess you could ingest calories (just not juice!) and stay in ketosis? Butter? Cream? Not sure it would help with the breath though!

    There are a LOT of Ketogenic diets out there. Atkins for one.

    One will lose weight on a keto “diet” but by it’s very nature it is not balanced and very restrictive. When you go off the “diet” you regain the weight and more.

    After several months on a Keto diet your breath will change as more of the energy is coming from the energy being consumed than the use of body fat. Body fat has to be broken down to be processed as energy. Where when you eat high fat, light protein, and extreme low carbs your body will process that dietary fat first. Which is why the induction phase of Atkins is so very restrictive.

    Which is why “diets” don’t work, they are not sustainable in the long term.

    So is prolonged water fasting (the ultimate in restrictive!) easier than ingesting anything?

    In my opinion yes. But then I feel water fasting on 5:2 is easier than trying to limit calories to 600. However please note my water fast time frame is just under 6 days.

    After 3 days the feeling of hunger leaves. Day 4 energy starts building and day 5 I am feeling fantastic. Breaking a 5+ fast is an incredible experience and altered my thoughts on food a great deal over the past 6 months that I’ve done them once per month.

    I have goals this year for 7 day, 10, and 12 day water fasts. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I am also starting a 40 day water fast.
    Please let me know if anyone out there would like to join me on this journey.

    @healthgeek Hi! I am very new here. How can you do the 40 day water fast? I am interested. Please let me know so I can think if I am capable of joining you. I am really looking for ways to lose weight. I need help and support.

    I do a 5 day 0 calorie fast about every 8 weeks. I can’t call it a water only fast because I also drink black coffee and green tea during the week.

    I don’t think I could do more than 5 days of fasting. After the 5 days I feel so empty it gets uncomfortable. The worst for me are days 2 and 3; the hunger is ravaging. It subsides on day 4 but then that feeling of emptiness sets in.

    If you can do a 40 day water only fast I really admire you for your convictions. I wish you great success with your fasting.



    Although possible, I don’t recommend anyone try a 40 day water fast without professional supervision. Fainting and falls are common and injuries possible. Without someone around to help, it could get serious. Also, bodies react differently to fasting, especially if they have not ‘practiced’ it before.

    My guess would be that you might begin a 40 day water fast, but you won’t finish it. I suggest you ‘work into’ water fasting by starting with 5:2. If you can’t do 5:2, you won’t be able to do longer term fasts.

    If you really want to try, you should know what to expect. Here is a video on long term fasting that outlines what will happen to your bodies along the way – that info starts around minute 16 of the video:

    Good Luck!

    I once did a prolonged 30+ mainly water fast (with only very watered down juices/ home made strained boiled vegetable water added in toward the end). In my exuberance I even continued a liquid diet further past those initial 30 days and looking back I can’t identify many benefits as a result. Yes, I did lose weight, though a lot of that included muscle, bone and I lost a considerable amount of hair. I also lost energy and vitality that took time to regain.

    One might ask why I even commenced such a program in the first place? I did it as a part of a spiritual practice, so spent a lot of time in meditation at the time. I’ll go so far as to say that the water fast didn’t even contribute to anything meaningful in that realm either.

    My experience of 5:2 has been exactly the opposite of what I experienced during the prolonged water/liquid fasting. I have plenty of energy, I look and feel healthy and nail, skin and hair appear to have improved. I even feel more peaceful!

    Perhaps if I’d had more fat to lose prior to starting I might have fared better and I wouldn’t have looked like a walking skeleton by the end. I admit everyone is different so may work better for others.

    P.S. I was just reading another thread in which someone with considerable weight to lose got great benefit from a 40 day fast though they admitted that they soon regained all weight lost and then some post 40 day fast. They now are trialing Victor Longo’s FMD method and are happy with those results, are maintaining in between fasts along with consistently improved bio-markers.

    I am starting a juice fast today.Would love to support.We can motivate each other as we go along.

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