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  • I need some recipes that do not include soup,Fish or cheese

    Hi Brads27
    If you like pulses and legumes then this forum thread has some ideas: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/beans-and-lentils-recipes-tips-and-information/

    For a much broader range of recipes look here.
    https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/ Scroll down until you get to the “FOOD” heading, there are lots of recipes posted here.

    On FDs I do often make the following meals which don’t include the foods you mentioned:
    – stir fried vegetables with a little chicken or a few cashew nuts and a couple of teaspoons of whichever asian sauce I fancy. This meal also works well with frozen mixed asian vegetables so it can be made with little preparation in a few minutes.
    – omelettes with a vegetable filling (eg sliced tomatoes, cooked spinach, asparagus or mushrooms).
    – grilled or BBQ vegetables – thick slices of eggplant, zucchini, mushroom or capsicum all work as do blanched aspasagus spears or brocollini stems. Just use some spay oil and put them on the grill. Depending on how many calories you have to spare add a small portion of meat. It can be chicken, lamb, beef or pork as long as you count the calories – basically the higher calorie the meat the less you can have. My favourite is a small lean lamb fillet or steak (about 80g raw) – I think BBQ lamb goes very well with the mediterranean veg. I often also marinate the veg and meat in suitable seasonings and herbs before grilling.

    The one thing I will say about fast day meals is that they are mostly veg. It’s the only way to make a few calories stretch.

    Something else I forgot to mention. Many “normal meals can be used as fast day meals, you just need to reduce the portion size and perhaps add a side serve of veg or salad.
    For example I use my normal curry or chilli recipes for fast days. But I don’t have them with rice or bread and I have half the serve I normally would. I usually put a serve of cauliflower or green beans in the side to make it a more reasonable sized meal.

    This can be a useful approach for fussy eaters as they can use meals they know they like and just adapt the portion.

    Thanks for the ideas,I just wish i was like my daughter who will eat anything.I will try Chilli,dont like curry though or cauliflower.The only veg i eat is potatoes,cabbage peas or beans will try to eat carrots.

    Forgot i like Mediterranean veg.

    Brads, glad you are Fasting. To help you with recipes, click on my ‘handle’ and you will find my profile. There you will see the name of my blog. The sole reason for the blog is to provide recipe options for anyone out there who is Fasting. Hope you see somethings you like.
    Good luck.

    Brads27, potatoes and peas are high calorie veg so you will need to watch the quantity of those on fast days. Cabbage and green beans are useful FD veg as are Mediterranean veg – all low cal and versatile.

    Just remember that you don’t need a huge number of recipes as you only fast twice a week. I mostly stick to just 3-4 recipes that I regularly make on FDs. Because I don’t have any of these recipes more often that once a week I don’t get bored, but the repetition makes FDs easier to plan for. My FD recipes are either quick to make, or can be made in bulk and frozen. I do make sure that they are all meals that I enjoy the flavours of, as I don’t want that feeling of being punished on a FD by eating things I don’t like – you can’t stick to something long term if you do this.

    Brads, as LJoyce says, preparing bulk meals and freezing them is a good idea. Minestrone soup is great to have in the ‘fridge for a Fast Day or even for a Slow Day.
    Unlike, Joyce, we like a lot of variety in our household, so we try new recipes on Fast Days all the time.
    Do what works for you and enjoy the success.

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