Please Help – Do I really eat my TDEE on non fast days?

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Please Help – Do I really eat my TDEE on non fast days?

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  • Hi All

    I really want to properly start the 5:2 but have always been used to using MyFitnessPal which gives me a daily calorie goal of 1280 (and makes me miserable) so I’m struggling to accept that I CAN eat my TDEE on non fast days.

    I work out daily, I run approx 15k per week (just started back running a few weeks ago), I do one bodypump class, tone class, kettlebell class and legs, bums & tums class per week to help maintain my muscle but the mahority of my cardio comes from running and the stair master.

    On MFP I get a daily goal of 1280 but on 5:2 I can eat approx 1700 on my non fast days, I’m struggling mentally to accept this.

    People please tell me all is OK and if I follow this plan as I’m supposed to I will lose weight?

    I’ve read the book too, loved it but still can’t get past this calorie goal thing! I feel bad eating more than 1280.

    Thanks All

    @kf2018. Using MFP of 1280/day that equals 8960 for the week. Using 5:2, you have 1700/day for 5 days gives 8500. So if you have 230 for your 2 fast days you end up at 8960 just like on MFP. If I had a choice of restricting every day compared to only 2 days, no contest 5:2 wins hands down.

    @bigbooty – Thanks for your response.

    Yeah that makes sense, I had worked it out like this myself but I sometimes think that MFP calorie goal of 1280 is way to low, especially everyday and the fact I work out 4-5x a week too.

    I’m gonna trust the 5:2 way and have my 1700 on non fast days and my 500 calories on fast days.

    My main goal for doing this is so I can have extra at the weekend without feeling guilty, fedup of feeling guilty all the time over food and I’m not actually losing weight on MFP so I’m clearly going way over my calorie intake at the weekends but just fed up of feeling so restricted.

    Have you been doing 5:2 long? and have you had success?

    I’m currently 11st 11lb which gives me a TDEE of 1700 per day.

    I reached my target weight 3 1/2 years ago. 202lb down to 154lb. Been in maintenance ever since. I still water fast every Monday, so 6:1 rather than 5:2. Yes it works.

    Wow thats amazing…well done you!

    When you say you water fast on Mondays, does that mean you eat your last mean Sunday evening and then will eat again on Tuesday morning? Thats good going that is!

    I tried 5:2 about 6 weeks ago and even after the first week I felt great. I tend to do the 16:8 most days but not on purpose, I dont eat breakfast anyway and eat my lunch after my gym session so the fast days aren’t really the problem for me, its more the weekend where I go off track and eat nice foods and drink nice wine!

    I have read a lot on IF and I do find it really interesting, it can be challenging though to change lifetime habits can’t it…

    Well done you for maintaining – thats fab!

    Correct. Sunday evening meal and then Tuesday breakfast. It does get easier the longer you do it. I now do it because of the health benefits not for weight loss. Good luck it works.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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