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  • I recently decided after much research to embark on a plant based diet. I love this way of eating as I have never been over fond of meat or fish. I am coeliac and also dairy intolerant but I do enjoy eggs. I have followed the 5:2 way of eating over the last few years but very spasmodically,not at all for the last couple of months. I would like to get back into it by fasting on Mondays and Thursdays and wondered if their is anyone out there who would care to join a support group.

    There are lots of support groups here. Why not just join one of those groups? What do you mean by plant based? Sugar is a plant based food but I wouldn’t describe it as healthy.

    Hi, Pamie. A few years ago the doctor suggested that my husband try a plant-based diet for 6-8 weeks. Doing that time we continued Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays without too many menu problems. Eggs for breakfasts both days, then stuffed zucchini and other more vegetarian dishes.

    Happily for us, we did not have to stay on that diet [it didn’t solve the intended problem], but I can report that the two eating plans, Fasting and Plant-Based, can co-exist. In Fact, on my blog, I designate which menus are plant-based — and many of them are!

    Hope you have good menus to work with for foods with lots of protein. Red Beans & Rice is a winner.

    As bigbooty says, there are plenty of chat groups here to help to support your efforts. Good luck.

    Hi Pamie – I’m an ethical vegan, therefore eat a plant-based diet (a true plant-based diet involves no animal products whatsoever, including eggs). I’ve been vegan for nearly 6 years and started 5:2 about 12 days ago. Today is my 5th fast – Mondays and Thursdays are also going to be my fasting days, where possible.

    I am not coeliac (or at least, the tests I’ve had say that) but I am gluten intolerant/gluten sensitive (it brings me out in blisters on my arm). My dad is coeliac, however. Anyway, I’m also used to eating gluten free and plant-based!

    More than happy to help with food/recipe ideas, since I’ve been vegan a long time now I can certainly advise on substitutes and cooking tips 🙂

    There is a group on Facebook which you might want to join, called Intermittent Fasting for Vegans – it seems like a nice group of supportive people.

    I also have coeliac disease and my husband is vegetarian but he does eat eggs and fish. I’d appreciate any ideas you may have.

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