Pine nuts and smoothies

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Pine nuts and smoothies

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  • To share this discovery with you – pine nuts, besides being great for heart health and containing lots of nutrients – also act as an appetite suppressant – think Pesto! I used them in a smoothie blend and honestly didn’t feel hungry until 8pm. That – for me – is really unusual.

    Breakfast: Coffee – 2 cups (OK I did have wholemilk and two sugars in mine)

    Lunch and afternoon go to:
    Smoothie Recipe: (made by chopping up and throwing ingredients into a nutribullet blender – quick, easy and no hassle):

    Ingredients: 1tsp Garlic, 1tsp ginger, (I used lazy garlic and ginger – sold in jars – because that’s what I had to hand) handful of fresh parsley, handful of fresh coriander (cilantro), half a chicory, large apple, carrot, a handful of pine nuts, 1 tsp of ground turmeric (though fresh probably better), roasted almond milk: 300 calories

    I drank half of this at noon and then the other half at about 4pm. At 8pm I started feeling hungry and had a bit of bioyoghurt on top of muesli (200 calories)

    Do you have any scientific evidence to back up the claim that pine nuts are more of an appetite suppressant than any other foodstuff?

    @amazon – Hi, good question. I did my first fast day on Thursday – I used pine nuts – I noticed I wasn’t hungry – my second fast day – no pine nuts – I was starving! I then looked it up on the internet (OK – difficult to be sure you’re not reading rubbish I know) and it does seem there have been studies done that indicate tree nuts (and that includes pine nuts) may have a positive effect on your metabolism. I can only say, I love the taste and it worked for me – just a handful!

    Here are some links I found – but everyone should do their own research and see what works for them – also – be aware some people can be allergic – so know yourself!

    I guess to add as well – I’ve always found that nuts are a good way to feel full quickly, I guess as they’re generally high in fat and protein but pine nuts are also high in magnesium and potassium – which works well for me.

    @amazon and also found this site – which has lots of references to various studies and loads of data on nut nutrition and health benefits generally.

    and they have some great recipes here on the same site, which I’ve just found – so thanks for the prompt!

    All foods satiate our appetite to some extent.

    The links lead to articles that say may, might, could. Not one of them says that pine nuts are an appetite suppressant.

    @amazon, crikey, impressed you managed to read so many research articles in one day, there were over 50 on that site. I guess each to their own really. Like I said, it worked a treat for me, it might help others too, try it! In any case I’m glad I found this site because it has lots of really useful recipes for non fasting days I’m now looking forward to trying. So thanks for inspiring me to find it.

    I read a few lines from several of the links you posted and as I suspected they are full of ifs and mights rather than facts.

    I don’t believe in using smoothies as meal replacements. I prefer to eat one proper meal on fast days and extend the fasting period for as long as possible. This has worked well for me as I’ve already lost 68lbs. I fell off the wagon for a while and regained some weight but I’m now back on track.

    I still don’t understand how you can be sure that the pine nuts stopped you from being hungry. It could be due to many other things including on what you ate on the days before your fast days.

    @amazon, Well first of all, 68lbs is really impressive. I’m at 209lbs and need to lose 69lbs. Funnily enough I’ve never been into smoothies, but thought I’d give it a go for fasting. Why? Well for me it helps me not think about food all day – otherwise I’d be going nuts and it’s easy to fit into my work routine (I work from home). Plus it makes me feel pretty good, because I actually pack loads of good stuff in. Make sense? It’s just there – loads of nutrients in one jug that I can drink half at lunch and half when my next hunger pangs strike.

    I’m not posting in any scientific way and you are quite right – it could be any number of things – but my past experience with nuts and on this occasion – made me instantly ‘click’ – oh OK, I’ve eaten nuts, I won’t feel hungry for a while. This made me curious actually and prompted me to look it up online – and there is a load of research that ‘suggests’ this is the case. That honestly is my experience. I’m sure different foods do it for different people but it does work for me. Can’t say anymore than that.

    Personally, whatever works for you – and it sounds like you’ve had great success so would love to know your recipes!

    @aimingforhealth, I’ve found that green smoothies are a great way to get a lot of greens, kind of like drinking a big salad. They keep me feeling full for a long time, both because of the nutrient density and the liquid. I use a LOT of spinach and other mixed greens, sometimes a little cabbage, a banana, half or a whole lemon, a small handful of blueberries and enough ice and water to process in a heavy duty blender. They’re pretty thick. It’s kind of hard to think of drinking them in the winter when it’s cold, but I have them often in the summer. The greens are broken down much better than I could chew them, but still provide lots of fiber. They’re not too sweet and super filling.

    I often add pine nuts to green salads with a vinegrette dressing. It doesn’t take many to add a whole lot of distinctive flavor and some extra nutrients. It’s one of my favorite salad additions. The fat in nuts does seem to help with making me feel full for longer. Just have to be careful not to overdo it. Pine nuts are great in that respect because they have kind of an intense flavor and a just a small sprinkle can be quite satisfying.

    @califdreamer, yes I’m a smoothie convert now in just two days! It’s just so quick and satisfying plus it means I don’t waste any salad ingredients – in they all go!

    Yes, exactly, it’s the flavour of the pine nuts I love and another thing that makes them so satisfying. I find they bring a pleasant savoury slightly cheesey? taste (I know that sounds odd) to the whole mix when it’s blended. I think it just reminds me of pesto and then I’m tricked into thinking I’m eating a bowl of delicious pasta with pesto and Parmesan …

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