Over 60? It's tough, or is it just me?

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  • Where is everyone? I’m ticking over nicely, dipping under 9st, though, and needing to stay above.

    Pol. 🙋🏼

    Hi Pollypenny, I am 62 and just started a week ago, the 16/8 IF. I am getting GREAT results so far. I am so glad that there are other over 60’s here that I can relate to. Well done on 9 stone! I wish!

    Hi Everyone
    Have completely lost the plot recently but now have a real goal to work towards and want to lose 2 stone by 14 October starting now. Just need to keep focussed but please do offer any tips as all advice welcome! Good luck to all of us and thanks mates!

    Hi, Haifa and Curioser. Did you buy the 5:2 recipe book, Mimi’s I mean. That was our key.

    Yes we have all the recipe books- the main problem is sticking to the regime. Any suggestions re planning ?

    We looked at our week, what we had on etc and chose the best days – usually Monday and Thursday for us.
    I found a rough calorie count, in a beautiful little notebook worked for me, too. OH didn’t, but he must have been around the same.

    Any time I felt peckish I’d guzzle a large glass of water. Keeping busy helps. In the evening, if you tend to snack, paint your nails instead, knit or find anything to occupy your mind.

    Good luck.

    Pol. 💁🏼

    Great and do-able ideas Pollypenny! Thanks! Will try!

    My first post on this thread.

    I am on the challenge threads so doing the June challenge.

    I have lost 35 lbs on 5:2 in the wilderness, didn’t know about the site. DUH!

    Am in the UK, going through a traumatic divorce after suffering domestic abuse. I was very slim before I met the Ex at age 58 and stress plus lung infection and steroids I put on 60lbs in 5 months. That’s some doing and I didn’t realise it was happening to me as I survived day to day.

    I have at least 15 more lbs to go although I am facing my ex in court on July 10 and 11 after not seeing him for 2 years. So I am very very stressed and really want to eat a lot. I want to walk into court with my head high and under control.

    I love this thread as LA Chubster you look amazing, so inspiring to me. I keep rereading your posts.

    So today is Sunday and a fast day, I will be working on my divorce paperwork so triggered.

    I hope it’s ok I join you.

    Oh, you’re very welcome, rainbow smile. What a time you’ve had! However, well done on the brilliant loss. Onward and upward now!

    Pol. 😀

    Pollypenny thank you.

    Congratulations on being under 9 st. I look forward to the day!

    For the minute I am the jelly belly……

    My original target was 9st7lbs, needing to lose 24 lbs. however, after hitting target I continued to lose so amended key weight to 9.3.

    When I did the F Plan, an unbelievable 20 years ago now, I couldn’t stop losing. I thought I was the bees knees in my size 8 trousers, but I look at photos of the time and am shocked – a young colleague said ‘skellator.

    Learning to eat smaller portions, stop when enough and never eating breakfast is easy on 16:8. I weigh every other day and aim for between 126 and 129 lbs.

    Although it looks flat enough, my belly is still flabby! 😜


    Hi all,
    I am currently at my lowest weight for a long time, but two pounds are going off and on. It’s very frustrating. I am 3 pounds off 10 stone something… anything…. and can’t seem to get over that threshold. So annoying.
    @rainbowsmile I recognised your handle from the other challenge,which is so big it’s hard to keep track of everyone. You must have an iron determination to lose all that weight through all your difficulties. I’m sure you’re dreading that court appearance but I totally get your need to walk in there at your best. I’m know you’ll do it. Don’t put your self down. That ‘jelly belly’ will soon go. Stay strong.

    @Curioser, I follow a 16:8 routine,that is mostly I don’t eat until 11 or 12, when I have brunch, then my evening meal around 6.30. On fast days, I tend to follow the same eating pattern. I have something very light late morning. For my main meal, I tend to stick to a piece of protein and veggies/salad. I find that once I eat I find it hard to control my hunger, so I drink a lot of sparkling water and a bouillon drink. Good luck.
    @haifa I went travelling for 9 weeks last year, followed 16:8, ate and drank pretty much what I liked and only put on a pound. So glad you’ve had great results. 😀
    Have a good day everyone

    @debster251 my iron will? If only…….
    I think we get into the swing. I have such a tiny frame and bone structure, so I have to go less than 9 st to look good. And I do look good, it’s shallow I know but important to me.

    I am weight loss resistant and am now like our 10 stone.

    The stories are just so helpful and motivating, I feel like I am home. This is a new life style. I am loosing so slowly and it keeps going.

    I would like to join you all, as I am over 60. I would like to say that since I’ve upped my Fast day calories to Dr. Mosley’s updated 800 calories, I can finally stick to 5:2, and I’m still losing weight.

    I am going back now to read all your posts!

    @rainbowsmile I don’t think it’s shallow at all. We should all make the best of ourselves, both inside and out. Feeling good about yourself and loving who you are, to my mind, are two key starting points of any life journey. I have a friend who was quite overweight but always wore black. She looked dowdy and unhappy. She lost a few pounds, was convinced to buy pretty clothes and from that slowly emerged a beautiful woman. You wouldn’t recognise her now. Now all of have to do is take my own medicine. Ha!
    @sherylfromca. Welcome. I’m glad you’ve been able to find your own path to success. Good luck!

    Wore a dress yesterday I bought for a wedding in Bulgaria last year in August (as a guest).

    It fitted much better, although I was disappointed as that was a year ago and I expected it to be big on me and it wasn’t.

    Maybe I was much bigger than I thought back then and I had already lost 25 lbs by the wedding

    This is so so slow and actually I think we do have to be determined especially as 97% of those who loose weight put it back on and more. It takes a lot of grit to be in that 3% and stay there. This method including fasting seems to be the only method that helps keep it off.

    The only advantage I see in slow is that the gradual downwards keeps us in the down direction towards goal. This is a Marathon not a sprint and it’s all up hill. Ohhhhh how easy it is to put the weight on and how tough to loose.

    @rainbowsmile I had a similar experience. I pulled a dress from the wardrobe for a wedding, fully expecting it to be loose, and in fact it was too tight. Moments like that just reinforce the fact that there is a bit more to go on the journey. We’re NOT going to put it back on. This is for life.

    I want to ask a difficult question.

    I am 143 lbs

    My body was more aesthetically pleasing at 183 lbs (Not heathier)

    It looked better in clothes and naked

    Smoother, rounder and sexier

    Now it seems lumpy in the middle, skin has cellulite, face is rounder

    How do I get over those thoughts?

    That’s a 6 million dollar question and one only you can answer.
    You are not defined by your weight or appearance, but by the person you are inside – if someone loves you, they love you for yourself, regardless of the lumps and bumps. As we get older we owe it to ourselves to be as healthy as possible and accept that our body changes.
    On reading your profile, I’m struck by how interwoven your pending divorce proceedings and your OH’s unkindness are with your self esteem. My advice to you would be to make no major decisions until your life is sorted out. Then take stock and see how you feel. Stay strong.

    Rainbow, were over 60, so a rounder face is good! One of the reasons that my weight crept up was my thin face and high cheek bones. I’d say that I’m trying to lose a few pounds and would be dismissed. My friend with a lovely round face didn’t have any lines! And looks younger than I.

    I think cellulite is part of life at our age. You haven’t said his tall you are? I’m 5’3″, BMI now 22. 30 years ago I went down to 8 st, still healthy BMI, but I looked dreadful, I can now see in photos.

    How do you feel. Are you more energetic? You’ve certainly had lots to cope with.

    What a wonderful, diverse, and dedicated group there is on this thread!

    I’m 68 and have been Fasting for 4 years with my Own Dear Husband. This has been very successful for both of us. Now at target weight, although holidays and the Super Bowl cause a bounce upwards. Sometimes takes 2 Fast Days to work those off, sometimes more!

    I’m curious to know how each of you determines your weight goals. I initially had a goal of 110, but when I got below it, I found that I liked that better. If I look at actuarial tables, my weight should be 125, which is chubby for my frame. Must say I’m happy with my current weight, and since it is not a struggle to maintain it, it must be a good one for me. [my doctor approves of my weight and BMI too] So what makes each of you decide ‘125 is my goal’ or ‘155 is the target for me’ ??

    @debster251 how kind you are and gentle with your words. Thank you for caring and for the support.

    @pollypenny you sound lovely and I would bet a round smile has your face shining with beauty

    I am 5 ft 4.5 in, I have lost half an inch in the last few years in height anyways!

    @fastingme I am guided by how I felt when I was slim, so 125 would be a good compromise between face and figure. I also weight train so I pack a lot of muscle (with layers of the white stuff on top). I have a tiny frame which is very hour glass. And I value my blobs so want to keep those (but not the hips….lol)

    Muscle is denser than fat, and at the moment I am a UK size 12, and my biggest 45 lbs heavier a size 16. As I have been exercising with weights (I love body pump) then I am fit, although injured. I also spin and love that. I think the next 7lbs will make the most visible difference.

    Fat doesn’t sit well on toned muscles. Luckily mine is under the skin and not internal.

    Morning, all.

    Fasting me, I really think we know in our hearts, from experience when we’re at the right weight. In 1988 I started in a new school at 8st 10. Weight slowly crept up until I hit 10.8′ seven years later. A wake up call. So I did the F plan, aiming for 8.-0. However, the lack of a maintenance structure meant I couldn’t stop losing. I went below 8st. And I though I was the bee’s knees in my size 8 pants!

    Now I see how gaunt and scrawny I looked and am aiming to stay around 9.3. Just been 9.1 lately. Size 12 top, 10 bottom.

    Rainbow, you sound fabulous! Good on you for that exercise. I need to practise my tai chi at home more to try to pull the flabby gut in.

    Pol. 🙋🏼

    @ Rainbowsmile – I’m with you in the body pump and spin. Such great exercise. I gave up body pump some years ago because I left the gym I was with. However, I swim three times a week and do Pilates once a week, which is good for your core. That’s my weakness. I’m pretty slim apart from my middle, which of course is the worst kind of fat. Last year I lost 20 lbs and have kept it off. At 5’6″ and at around 11 stone, wearing a size 14, (although bought a pair of size 12 shorts)I’m aiming for about another stone off, but have been stuck on a plateau for the last few months. .I need to make more time for some spin. Slowly but surely I’m getting my mojo back. You’re great Rainbowsmile for dealing with your mental turmoil, losing all that weight and maintaining all your exercise. A big high five!✋️
    @pollypenny do you practise Tai Chi every day. It’s an wramazing a I’ve never tried.
    @fasting_me I totally agree with pollypenny. I think you know when you get there. I think when you get older it’s about healthy and not scrawny. That’s my goal. I’m hoping for inspiration from all you folks who are there already.
    Onward we go….

    Yes, we all agree: it is how you feel about yourself that determines your best weight.

    gosh, you girls are work-out fiends! Good for you. It is very important to maintain muscle mass as we age. We can even increase muscle mass, contrary to prior popular belief.
    Curiously, when I was 25 and just began my first job, I lost 12 pounds and got to the weight I am now. At that time, I looked underfed and my mother-in-law thought her son was starving me. Now I am back to that weight and I look appropriate. Go figure. Anyhow, I’m happy at this weight. and you will each get to your Happy Weight too.

    In addition to my projected 2 days of 1-hour work-outs at the gym, I try to walk 5 miles+ daily. The app called Seven Minute Fitness is also a great way to exercise. It takes you through a range of cardio and strength-building exercises in 7 minutes, right in the comfort of your own home! I don’t do it as often as I should, but when I do, I’m glad.

    Rainbowsmile, as your court date gets closer, keep working on your ‘Revenge Bod.’ Show him that he can’t control your mind or body any more. We do this for ourselves.

    Not being very tech savvy [ask my sons!], I don’t know what “@” means. i see that Debster and Rainbow use that. I just googled me at ‘@fasting_me’ and found I was not there, if that’s what that’s about. Fastigme works, though.

    Good morning!
    @fasting_me Great post. When you put @ in front of username it should create a link to your profile. It makes it easier to reply to past posts. You’re not so exercise shy yourself! I also have a fitbit for my 10,000 steps and have weights under the coffee table. When a good track comes on the radio I do some squats! Never say die! I’m going to check out your app.
    I love the phrase ‘revenge bod’. @rainbowsmile that’s the persona you need to cultivate when you look in the mirror!
    Have a good day. Xo

    @debster thank you, you have more faith than I have!

    Tough few days, sinking with paperwork for my divorce. I think I am doing well until I don’t.

    Yes revenge bod is a distant dream, but sort of getting there bod.

    Awesome eyelashes haircut and nails coming up.

    Go get em and keep it simple, so only going for 2Kg this month, easy on the exercise as it creates extra cortisol not good for weight loss.

    Gotta do it

    Hang in there, Rainbow, and keep trying to smile. Things aren’t pleasant now, but there will be an end to this and you are taking action toward it. 2K this month is a good goal.

    Debster, I love the image of those weights stashed under the coffee table waiting for a good track!

    I broke out today and went for a 4-mile walk. Haven’t done that since I was in training for Hadrian’s Wall in May. Felt good to do 4 miles/hour. Then it started to sprinkle, and the last 1.5 miles was cooler, tho no less humid. Felt good.

    Have a good weekend, Everyone.

    @rainbowsmile. I have every faith in you. As you say, get the warpaint on, pick a dress that is very tasteful, understated but flattering, hold your head up and smile (your namesake?). Be your beautiful best. The past will be behind you when this is over and you can start to live for yourself. Xo

    Rainbow, 2kgs in a month is fine – a pound a week is the sort of weight loss which can be sustained. You’re in it for the long term. Enjoy your pampering. I’m thinking if having my eyebrows tinted before I go to America.

    I’ve had a funny week, having to eat to keep weight up! I do not want to go below 9st, 126 lbs, or I look scrawny. I’ve always had a thin face.

    Very happy now! Just watched The Lions beat the All Blacks! 👏👏👏👏👏. Fantastic!


    If I have my eye lashes plucked, hair trimmed then that counts as weight loss?



    Don’t forget legs waxed too Rainbow!
    Great result Pol, although it took the All Blacks to be one man down! I don’t have the wherewithal to watch most sport. I’m too mean to pay for it, but it’s annoying if it’s matches like that. I’m starting to look a little scrawny around the face. My body is quite thin except for my belly, which is quite annoying. BMI now down to 24.8 but my waist is still too big, which is the worst possible place to have it. Ah well, onward we go….

    Rainbow, surely to God you don’t pluck your eye lashes? Brows, perhaps? I had a colleague who always said she weighed in the morning after she’d shaved her legs! 😀

    I’ve done loads if ironing, do rewarded myself with a Lidl’s Solero, even better than the original.

    Pol 🙋🏼

    Actually it was taking the fake ones off.

    Plucking may be the wrong word, peeling?

    I also cut my toe nails and used the loo

    36 hrs to D hearing, terrified

    Good luck, Rainbow!

    Good luck, Rainbow. Nothing to fear if you are in the right. Be strong and be yourself and be lovely.

    Debster, keep working to get the BMI down. The way our bellies look has a lot to do with less Estrogen and more Testosterone now that we are over 60. No, I am not advocating for hormone replacement therapy. There are some aspects of the older body which we’ll just have to accept. But if you get your BMI and weight down to as low as you can safely do, you should shrink your waist a bit.

    Fasting tomorrow for sure. Parmesan-Chive Baked Eggs for breakfast; something with halibut for dinner..

    Thank you fasting_me for that advice. With a waist of 36″, I am probably insulin resistant and reducing that big number is a priority. Am working hard to cut out that dreaded sugar and refined carbs, but am not sure if I am ready to go on a LCHF diet. I’ll give it to the end of this month and review.
    Good luck Rainbowsmile. Thinking of you on your big day.

    @rainbowsmile -thinking of you. Hope all is well. Xo

    Thank you all

    @debster251 it was very traumatic indeed and I think I held my own a little. At least I stood my ground.

    Which is good news.

    @fastingme spans and heels gave me something of a revenge bod

    Better than his bod anyway, pizza bod.

    @pollypenny thank you

    Rainbow, good on you for going to that horrible ‘event’ with your head held high and dressed to show you couldn’t care less, even if you did! I love the comment about your other half’s pizza bod!

    I’m in the USA now.going to be difficult to have my usual food. The gorgeous boys make up for it though.

    Pol. 💁🏼

    Does that mean you’re free now? This is the start of a new life Rainbow. Grab it with both hands and embrace it.

    @debster251 case part heard so judge asked for written submissions
    won’t know the answer until after 31 August 2017

    So preparing the submissions today

    It’s very tough not to be able to know, at least I won’t need to see the ex I now call the Gigalo.

    Sadly its dominated my life for quite a while.

    And the stress makes following a program very tough.

    Time will fly in Rainbowsmile. The end is in sight so stay strong and be true to yourself. Xo

    @debster251 thank you

    Hi, everyone. You’re doing do well, rainbow. Keep your chin up, I’m finding it hard here in the USA. Not easy to organise our fast meals when we have to sort out the boys first. Little visitors early every morning are tiring, too.

    I’ll be missing them in August, though.
    Pol 💁🏼

    Glad the 1st part is over, Rainbow. I’ve been thinking of you. Keep at it and when you get hungry on a Fast Day, just picture the Pizza-Bod and remember that you don’t want to be in his league. Yes, I’m sure it is stressful, but it will be over at some point this summer. Persevere.

    Pol, welcome to the US. At least you can find lots of fruit, can’t you? And fresh veg? Do some prepping the night before, if you aren’t too exhausted, and it might be easier… Have fun.

    Good words, Debster.

    We’re in our vacation cottage now. We walked 2 miles along the beach today. Lots of good seafood here and the strawberry season has been fabulous! Fasting is easy when the ingredients are good. Salmon and leek casserole last night. Yummy.

    Where are you, fasting-me? We’re in Princeton. The weather has been glorious, but it’s changed and reverted to British style, with grey clouds.

    Food-wise, our problem is feeding two fussy little boys, as the mother in law, I can’t argue with she who must be obeyed!

    Polly, we vacation on prince Edward Island, Canada. Lovely here in the summer, breezes off the water, usually cool which is how we like it, not too humid, water warm enough to swim in. And LOTS of fresh seafood. This is 12 hours N-E of our NH home.

    So of course you have to feed the G-kids as their mother says, but you can still eat what you want, can’t you? Sometimes if children see you eating something that they aren’t eating, then they want that instead. As long as its healthy for you, it must be healthy for them. Glad you had some good weather in Princeton [New Jersey, I assume]. When I was in Northumbria and Cumbria in May, it certainly was cloudy and cool. But we were hiking, so that was good. Some lovely sunny day, though, even the day in Scotland!

    Good thing tomorrow will be a Fast Day! I put on 2.3 pounds, what with lunch and dinner. Not obsessing, just think it curious how the numbers bob up and down. Topic for breakfast conversation.

    Oh, we’ve tried the temptations bit, fasting-me! Last year Gs 2 loved my feta cheese. Good example yesterday, they had chicken, pasta and broccoli. 2 wouldn’t eat the broccoli, but managed a bit when my son put Parmesan on it. I suggested a cheese sauce might work. Daughter in law said no need for extra calories, then she gave him a load more pasta! Lots of biting of tongue here! 😳

    I was naughty yesterday and have gained 2lbs, still under lower target though.

    Prince Edward Island sounds lovely and brings back memories of Anne of Green Gables, of course.

    Pol 💁🏼

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