Over 60? It's tough, or is it just me?

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  • Hello All
    I am 68 and am starting to get symptoms related to being too fat.
    Funny that doctors seem to shy away from telling their patients they are fat, don’t you think? Still it’s up to me now. Very much at the last chance saloon I fear!
    So am starting this extra-good diet today with a fast day. Trouble is I have no problem starting – it’s keeping going that I find difficult. What about others? How are you doing and what helps? All ideas most welcome! Good luck everyone!

    Hi Curiouser,

    Every journey starts with the first step! I guess that is a cliche, but the first step is often the hardest. So brilliant for starting the journey. This forum is really encouraging too.

    I confess that Im not quite 60 yet, but fast heading that way and Ive found the 5:2 doable as it is pretty flexible and allows you days off so to speak. So if you accidentally have too many days off you can always get back to another fast day when it suits you, and who knows but you could be surprising you GP in a few months time.

    Good Luck


    I am 67 and I think it’s a great way of life…it take time to adjust and the pounds slowly come off…

    If you go to Soul….Personal stories.

    First week weigh in …very pleased..

    You will see my hubby and myself, a journey of loosing 29 lbs…loosing the plot with two knee replacements, gifts of chocolate from visitors, going back to what we used to eat…..putting it all back on.

    Starting the journey again in November of last year…..I have now lost 30 lbs..hubby lost 17 lbs he had a bad back for 12 weeks in the summer so he’s lagging behind.

    It will give you a fair knowledge of what to expect…it is easy after a few weeks but you have to give it a chance. My food bill has halved!

    Good luck


    Hi Kathieannie and symba7

    Thank you very much for your encouraging words.
    It sounds as if you are both doing well and that is heartening!
    This website is pretty confusing though. I haven’r been receiving updates of this thread although I ticked the box and so I had to go looking for the thread this morning.

    Hi Curiouser, I’m 60 and have been practicing 5:2 since late June 2016. So far this is the only thing that has worked for me long term. I used to look longingly at Helen Mirren photos in the women’s magazines and wonder how on earth she was able to keep such a trim shape at her age? Even back in May of this year I wouldn’t have dreamed it possible to shrink to anywhere near her shape. Well, 5:2 has been like a miracle for me! Not that I’m anywhere nearly as endowed as Helen on my upper half, overall, I’m now as slim as she is! There are a few garments I wore in my thirties that I archived and have been wonderfully surprised to find how well they fit!

    I’d tried other diets and had limited success and often regained what I’d lost, not long after making progress. So far I’ve maintained my goal weight for over a month! That’s a record for me and I see myself continuing this way of life indefinitely not just to stay slim but for the health benefits! What I like about 5:2 is the flexibility and that there are no forbidden foods. I can be human and it still works!

    P.S. The first two months I practiced 5:2 were much more difficult. Like others noted, I too found those months rough, like you have Curiouser. My hunger was greater in those early months and my body just wasn’t used to going without as much food. Hoping you stick with it and I find this forum so helpful when I’m troubled and need an open ear or some tips! How did your first fast day go? …Tracking my weight and/or how my clothing fit was a great incentive to keep me going since I saw and felt mark differences in those as I went along, so knew it was working!

    Thanks Lael – some really useful and interesting points here. I often do water fasts for 36-60 hours a week and yesterday I just had a mug of an organic mushroom stock cube diluted with hot water plus a splash of milk.
    This morning I had 30g porridge oats with 1tsp Agave syrup, a handful of mixed nuts, a handful of dried sour cherries and dried cranberries, some fresh parsley and 2 tbsps each turmeric powder and black pepper.Made with Oatly milk – not sure how much. I feel very full & intend to eat only fresh veg & fruit the rest of today.

    Hello All,

    I’m new to 5/2 fasting and to this forum, as of today! My doctor recommended I try the intermittent fasting to lose 30 lbs.–he described it as very effective and easy and has seen great results with his patients. I’m 64, and I’ve been losing & regaining the same 30 plus lbs. over and over again. I followed the Weight Watchers program to lose the weight, but I’ve always gained it back. So, I know about portion control, tracking what I eat, drinking water, etc., which should help me on my non-fast days. I have high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, and I’m nudging up against pre-diabetes. I want to avoid meds and my doctor feels that if I lose the weight, these numbers will change for the better. He is not suggesting medication right now, but weight loss. I need to go back and see him in 6 months. So I have many reasons–the big “why”–of losing weight and a timeframe to make progress. I hope this approach to eating will help me get it done!

    Hi crill and welcome:

    Here is information that will let you get the most out of 5:2: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Hi Crillonparis

    Welcome! You sound similar to me. I have an added complication which is painful arthritis in the left foot. That means I take much less exercise than I used to and that is a nuisance.
    Yes I have tried WW and Slimming World and all have been successful for a short while but I always put the weight on again. Fingers crossed that we can stick to the Fast Diet!

    Hi everyone, another 67 years young joining you for the marathon. Almost 20 kilos to lose, having your problems of high bp (on meds for this), high cholesterol and blood sugar above a bit above normal. I’ve been on some sort of diet since high school, as my mom used to frighten me that having taken after my dad’s family, I’d be fat, sooner or later. Greatest success with Ducan (17kg), but during the year that followed the weight came back with some more. I tried to eat less and exercise, but it crept up, slowly and steadily. I’ve been trying to hide my bulges and boops in baggy black clothes with myself esteem so low, I have the feeling everybody is looking at me and feeling sorry. I had almost lost all hope when I saw Dr. Mosley’s documentary and got so inspired and hopeful. I am doing ADF, as fasting is no problem with me, I just eat a light dinner on FD. Tomorrow will be my fourth week weigh and after losing 2kg and gaining back 800g last week, I hope to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I do see it at least an year before I look my old self, so I’ll need some encouragement along.

    Hi Bjanna and Welcome!
    I wish you all the best and I know how disheartening it can be when times make it difficult to stick to a programme.
    What is Ducan? It sounds interesting!
    Let’s all keep going and keep supporting each other!
    Good luck everyone!

    HI guys-

    I’m 69 and I’ve been intermittent fasting since Christmas last year — with one loooong episode of backsliding between April and the end of September.

    Intermittent fasting really works for me because I find it much easier to fast 2 days a week than to be “moderate” or “sensible”. And I also need large volumes of food to feel “full” when I do eat. There’s just nothing moderate or sensible about me or my life so instead of fighting it, I’m enormously grateful to have found a program that works with my eccentricities and weaknesses and pleased to have found other seniors working to be their best.

    The vacation from food and then completely avoiding my trigger foods when I do eat helps tremendously with the insatiable cravings I’ve lived with since I was a little kid.

    Can’t say how much weight I’ve lost as I don’t weigh myself but I’ve gone from size 20 jeans to size 12s currently. I feel sooooo much better in every possible way and I can see this as a way to eat for the rest of my life. NOT saying I don’t expect there will be other episodes of backsliding and struggles to come to get back on my pattern. But I feel so much better in my body and about my life that I also imagine I will always keep trying to get back to what works for me and always succeed eventually.

    As for the maladies, my biggest ones are asthma and arthritis from a broken knee cap that get in the way of physical activity. But I’ve worked out a regimen of cycling and walking on an incline that don’t do too much damage and every pound I take off my body is one less burden on the ancient joints.

    Thanks, simcoeluv and curioser, for welcoming me! And, LA Chubster, thanks for sharing your story, which is motivating me to stay the course. I think fasting will work for me, too. I’ve already lost weight just after one week and I’m finding my FD’s are manageable. I started WW 6 weeks ago and on my NFD, I’m still following the WW plan. I’ve lost 10 lbs. total. When my WW subscription is up in a few weeks, I’ll switch to fasting only.

    As for exercise, I use a Fitbit to track my steps and just try to get out and walk a few times a week. I also have a treadmill. But, after rupturing my achilles tendon a few years ago, I have hip & knee problems from the over-compensation to the non-injured side of my body. So, a lot of walking, will kick in the pain and sideline me for a few days. I’m hoping losing weight will ease the pressure on all my joints.

    I sincerely hope that I’m where you are now. What a great success story! Do you have any tips to share?

    I’ve found the constant tracking with WW is not sustainable, but I did it because there was nothing else as effective! WW says you HAVE to eat throughout the day and use all your points or your metabolism slows down. Turns out current research says that’s not true. Fasting and eating less is beneficial for living longer & healthier. I’m so glad my doc suggested this fasting program. For me, it’s a bright light at the end of a tunnel that I know I can do for the rest of my life.

    Hi Curioser and all the over 60’s,

    You have made the right decision to use 5:2!

    My story: I am female, mid 60’s, been on 5:2 for 2 yrs this week. Lost 21kgs, after 11 months we hit a high stress period of Capital L life challenges which lasted 8months. During that time I maintained my weight successfully by still doing 5:2, despite there being some stress eating and non completion of some Fast Days. For the last 5months. My FDs became fully completed again, the stress eating stopped and I am now 0.5kg ( 1lb and a but) to go to my goal weight.

    Exercise: none! You read that right, none. I do 1 weekly short session with an exercise physiologist who helpms me keep my muscles from spasming, and tendons, ligaments etc fuctioning, stretching etc. For me exercise is showering, washing my hair, cooking a meal, doing the light things in the house while my husband does the heavy, shopping, appointments, washing clothes, and some social times.

    Health: I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a chronic, multi-systemmic neuro/immune condition, that causes the body to produce much less energy than normal, make it at a much lower pace than normal, and no backup energy store. It is badly named as the “fatigue” is not normal fatigue we talk about and experience, instead it is “cellular fatigue” which is a very different thing, and very different to experience. I got it after a very severe viral infection 18 yrs ago. I was previously very active, medically diagnosed as hyperactive, strong, fit, with a biological age much lower than my actual age. I had to exercise every day to burn up excess energy. After the virus I was 2 yrs mostly in bed, then 4yrs till I was able to go out of the house regularly 1 or 2/week for short times. I put on much weight, ended up with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, though my blood sugar was normal. I developed tachycardia from the ME/CFS, My balance was poor etc walking slower than normal, short distances only,

    5:2 results: Blood pressure – normal, off meds in 2steps under medical supervision, cholesterol not checked recently but was lower a year ago, balance much more normal, heart function improved to point where I no longer need a yearly batch of cardiac tests, i walk a bit faster, I can walk further, stride a bit longer, I have danced – not for long or fast but I can dance, Gone from going up 8 steps slowly to a few more a bit quicker, can walk up a low slope OK, my ceiling heart rate has gone up 10bpm, (the rate at which I can oprate without doing damage), Can go down steps without holding on, and this last 2 weeks have gone down quickly without holding on – balance much better etc etc

    In other words 5:2 has given me a greatly improved quality of life and a positive movement towards normal. I am ecstatic! It works! This thing works, and I am incredibly grateful to Dr Mosely for overviewing the Intermittant Fasting research and coming up with a way to do this that is do-able by most people.

    Please give this your very best try and effort. Not only your physical body will thank you but your mind and emotions will thank you too. Within a very short space of time you will find that your body will beging to feel like it’s functioning better, and your mindset will begin to change too. Yes it takes a little perserverance at first to get to what I call you”best fit” on 5:2, but you will get there.

    Good Luck all,vstay on the forum, find the thread or threads that work for you. The forum is your secret weapon. Do straight generic 5:2 for a couple of months so you understand it will before you look at teaking it to anything else.

    Onwards and Downwards,

    Hi Over 60s
    Like most of you I am in my mid 60s and need to lose some 30kgs for better health. I have mild bp but bloods are creeping up to cholesterol and sugar levels that will start to cause problems. I started 5:2 about 4 weeks ago and fast Tuesdays and Thursdays. So far, not a lot of weight has gone (about 3kgs) but I seem to be thinner – maybe it has just shifted south!!

    I’m inspired by the stories I have been reading on this site and am determined to continue until all 30kgs are gone – no matter how long it takes.

    @curiouser: Thanks for welcoming me, I am fascinated by all the personal stories about 5:2 and hope to become an example to follow myself, even though it will take sooome time. You can google the Ducan diet, he’s the French Atkins with a twist. The problem is I am not a big fan of meat and love my carbs. They seem not to be very welcome in the 5:2 diet as well, but I am trying to reduce them.
    @merryme: Congratulations on having lost 21kg, that’s my goal to achieve within one year (or two). I am also on bp medication, hope to get rid of it in a few months. I shall give 4:3 a try to see how it goes, I am a fighter and will stick with it no matter how long.
    @wwall: I have the same problems as you and also started 4 weeks ago. Let’s compare results and support each other through good and bad times. Keep it up!

    Good morning, Sexy 60s!

    New week starts for me today with 2 days of fasting.

    I started walking on my treadmill on 10/9. This morning I lightly jogged out a few intervals. Each day I feel like my recovery improves between intervals. But I broke my knee several years ago and it has no cartilage in it at all. I just got lubricant injections. They help tremendously but I still don’t think I’m going to be able to work up to any taxing jogging or do it 2 days in a row. I’m going to need a day of recovery and maybe two so I don’t aggravate it to the point that I can’t jog at all. Happily, a new recumbent bike is supposed to be delivered today. I’m hoping that will work better without my weight over my knee on these recovery days.

    It’s bliss having the machines here at home so I can even do my work out in my comfy jammies and slippers (tho I’ve learned that it’s really easier to do the jogging with secure running shoes on). And I love that the machines can set the pace and do the hard work of pushing me out of my comfort zone a bit.

    My grandson is here with me today because he has the flu. I wonder if there’s any aerobic component to building with Legos and administering air sick bowls? πŸ˜‰

    Wow! What strong, determined women we all are! Not doing very well myself I fear as a close cousin has just died and I find the new cold weather difficult. But I read your posts and I am heartened to know you are all here and struggling like I am.
    Thank you all! You inspire me!


    I’m 61 and hypothyroid and thought I’d never lose any weight as it started creeping up on me since my early 40s. I also suffer from arthritis and had a hip replacement in summer 2015, so exercise of any kind was out and even walking was difficult for a long time.
    But I started on the 5:2 diet in late August this year and on 2nd Nov, I had lost 10kg. Still can’t believe it but I’m carrying on with it.
    I find the cold dark evenings difficult too, but what keeps me going is that I look and feel so much better and I’ve just purchased a couple of pairs of jeans after nearly 2 years of not wearing any jeans and only leggings or tracksuit bottoms (I work from home).

    I hope I’m in for the long-haul with this diet as it simply works where nothing else had worked before.

    I just read this article on IF and hypothyroid activity on the Every Other Day forum. http://www.drsarasolomon.com/fasting-and-thyroid/

    It might be of interest.

    Thanks very much! It was actually my GP who told me about the 5:2 diet.
    If you’re interested, there’s also a thread specifically about people with thyroid issues in this forum.

    Hi All–

    I finished my 3rd FD–I do them on Thursday and Sunday. Yesterday, I had an egg and 1/2 light multigrain English Muffin for breakfast and ministrone soup for dinner with lots of seltzer water during the day. It was fine. I expected to see another weight drop when I got on the scale, but I’m the same weight. I’ve noticed my stomach has gone way down and I feel lighter. Since joining WW & starting 5:2, I’ve lost 10 lbs. over 7 weeks. I’m traveling this week on business starting Wednesday, so fasting on the road (Las Vegas) will be a challenge. I may switch FDs to Friday and Sunday, instead. Friday is a travel day and I can easily ignore the airline food! Wish me luck…I’m concerned about eating over my TDEE on the NFDs in Vegas.

    Good luck!
    I wouldn’t worry about fasting when travelling and carry on with the FDs after that, but that’s your choice, of course.
    I went on holidays for a week in September, less than a month after I started the diet. I ate normally and even had some treats of Italian icecream ore a huge pizza, and didn’t put on any weight. My husband even lost weight.
    So don’t panic!

    If it helps to know it, crillonparis, I don’t weigh myself and I don’t pay much attention to my TDEE. When I go to the doctor’s office a few times a year they weigh me. That’s the only time I take note of it. And periodically I’ll estimate the calories of my typical meals and run them by the TDEE. I take my measurements every week or two and record them on the Tracker app on this site. But that’s it.

    I gauge how I’m doing solely by how I feel and what size clothes I’m wearing. I find IF to be wonderfully flexible and versatile when I pay attention to my trigger foods and stick to my pattern. And I’m sure taking the pressure off adds to my comfort within my healthy zone and makes it all more do-able for me. Besides, that feeling of being mobile and energized and liberated from cravings instead of logy and insatiable and depressed is as incontrovertible an indication that I’m on the right track that I can imagine.

    That may or may not be right for you but I thought I’d make you aware of one option to approaching this.

    PS I DO fast when I’m traveling or even for special events like Christmas. Fasting is critical to me so I may shift days but I fast 2 days in every 7. That “vacation” from food really REALLY makes a difference to me. It’s part of my pattern for living now so it isn’t a burden. I actually look forward to my fasts to reset my metabolism and prepare me for my best success.

    Thanks, msgadjetty, for the advice. Helps to know it’s OK not to fast on a trip, but get right back to it when it’s over. I know I can do that!

    LA Chubster, I appreciate your point of view on weighing in/TDEE and how you manage IF. Helpful to know about taking measurements, instead. WW is so prescriptive that I need to re-adjust to IF and find what works for me. Since I’m so new to it, I’m more anxious about regaining any of the weight I’ve lost, especially during a trip. That’s always been a problem. I’ve decided to fast today, because I’m so busy getting ready, and yesterday I was a tad over my WW points. It actually feels good to take a break after a day of lunch out with wine and pizza/salad/garlic knots for dinner πŸ˜‰ I know I’ll get the hang of it, because I’m already mindful of what I eat. I may need to figure out those trigger foods, tho! I’m so impressed you fast during the holidays and when you travel. I can see how IF becomes so much a part of your life that it feels natural.

    Hello All
    Well, another FD completed and I am enjoying my breakfast this morning – porridge never tasted so good! All in all, I had a successful day fasting but it got a little worrying around 4:30pm when all I could think of was food so I made myself wait until 5:30pm and then had a bowl of soup – problem solved. I was trouble free after that and went to bed as normal. Weighed myself this morning and am now down 4kgs since I started on 14 Oct – very happy.

    Thanks to bjanna for offering a travelling companion on this road – I am very happy to take you up on that as it can be a lonely journey at times. May we all have success!

    Hi crillonparis,

    Whether you fast on your holidays is your choice. There are plenty of 5:2ers who continue to fast on ther holidays and many who don’t. The difference is that th ose who fast keep going when they get home, and some of the non-fasters go back to fasting when they get home, and some settle back into their old habits get discouraged by the weight gain and don’t go back to 5:2.

    I’ve fasted while travelling a couple of times and take a small portable travelling scale with me, called Petit Mignon, which I bought online, and continue to weigh every morning. It keeps me on track. I also don’t eat breakfast while travelling, starting to eat at lunchtime and sometimes a late morning tea at 11am. Trying different and new food is part of travelling for me so I try everything I want to but not large portions of it. Then at dinner, choosing a clear soup is less calories, keeping portion size down a bit for other things helps me keep my weight stable during travelling. Nmy goal for travelling is to come back the same weight as I leave, but I know there are others who just keep right on with their 5:2 weight loss through travelling. Usually those people are those who walk long Kilometres or are diabetic and need to keep strict control on blood sugar.

    Make your choice ion your individual factors and enjoy your holiday,


    Thanks, merryme! My trip is for business and quick–only 2 days–so I can fit in my FD afterwards. I semi-fasted today–think I may wind up maybe at 650 calories, but that’s a good way to start off the trip tomorrow I’m thinking. I will watch my portion control, though, and limit my alcohol and sweet intake, or not (lol), depending on how I feel πŸ˜‰ Traveling is, like you say, a great time to try new foods, etc. and to me, at this stage of life, a time to really enjoy myself, since I still have to work & earn money. But, I’m traveling with my hubby, so we’ll mix biz and pleasure. He’s not a big eater, so that helps! The longer holidays will test me more, I think, especially if it’s Mexico! My mango margarita calories alone will send me over the top to weight gain. So, I’ll cross those bridges when I come to them. I’m just hoping FDs alone will help me lose weight. Thanks for all the great advice and for this great community. Helps to share with all of you and get the encouragement.

    Hi to all of you,
    Hurrah! After yesterday’s FD, which ended with wine, I was worried about the weigh in results this morning and was pleasantly surprised to be 1.8kg (4lb) down from last week. It’s altogether 4kg (almost 8lb) down since four weeks ago when I started. I think it’s fantastic! I am so motivated to go on and hope to reach my goal of 65kg by June (well, wishful thinking). Still another 12kg to lose. I have completely lost appetite and eat so little, that am a bit worried, because today I feld dizzy twice. My blood pressure (I am still on meds) is going slowly down, today it was 111/59 at 10am. Maybe I’ll have to lower my daily dose. I’ll wait for a while to see how it goes and then will decide. I live in China (Beijing) and here it’s not very easy to communicate with doctors, so in most cases I am my own doctor.
    I am doing 4:3, feeling fine on FDs on water and bouillon at lunchtime, eating one meal at dinner. It seems to work so far, so I’ll keep it up.
    @crillonparis: Hope your business trip was fine and you are back to fasting. Where did you go?

    Congratulations Bjanna! You’re a real inspiration though it sounds like you need to eat a little more on your FDs?
    What do you eat for dinner on a FD? Think I might have my meal at lunch. Still struggling am sorry to say…


    Speaking from my personal experience of same situation as my weight went down – it’s time to halve your Blood pressure meds. Keep drinking plenty of water so you don’t get a bit dehydrated and drop blood volume, especially on FDs. That 59 is getting a bit too low. I did my meds drop under medical supervision but still passed out once and ended up in emergency. Half the quantity and don’t wait.


    Hi ..64 years of age and have gained over 5 kilos in 5 months. For 4 months this year I moved into my best friends home to nurse her through the final stage of cancer. She died 2 months ago. Now I need to mind me. I need to get my health back. And I would love your support…. I did this 5:2 2 years ago with great results.

    That sounds like a very important message to be aware of, Merryme. I don’t use BP meds but I have had to dial back on my synthetic thyroid hormones as well.

    So sorry you learned that the hard and dramatic way! πŸ˜– But good of you to share your experience.


    Welcome, Maoiliosaott! What a sad and stressful experience you’ve had. I can well understand how it caused you to pack on some pounds.

    Rightly said that it’s time to take care of you!!! I hope you will with the same kindness and tirelessness. And I hope you’ll have a much happier outcome.

    Sorry for your loss but happy to have you here with us!

    Hi everyone!

    I’m back from my trip and today is a FD. Had a 240 calorie egg/ham/english muffin this morning and will have a 300 calorie dinner in about an hour (counting the minutes!!). While I was away, I did a LOT of walking–4 miles per day–which I think helped me stay even on my weight. I didn’t gain! I made good choices during lunches (chicken, salad, no cream sauces/dressings, unsweetened iced tea, etc.), which were all buffet style at our conference, and then paced myself for dinner, but didn’t hold back at all. I didn’t feel deprived, but didn’t get carried away either. So, I’m thinking this was a good road test for the upcoming holidays. I plan to eat what I want on Thanksgiving Day and Friday I will fast. I think this may work:)

    @curiouser, I do not prepare anything special for dinner on my FDs. just eat much less. For example, on the last FD had salmon, boiled egg and black caviar on two buttered WASA wholewheat crackers (that was screaming for white wine). Otherwise it’s usually a modest piece of meat with vegetables, or sometimes it’s a small vegetarian portion. I do not count calories neither on FD, nor on NFD. No exercise either, ashamed to admit to a very sedentary style, but in Beijing the pollution is not advisable even for brief walks outside. My exercise is going up and down the stairs at home at least ten times a day. I’m planning to start weight lifting again to strengthen my floppy upper arms, which do not seem to lose weight very gracefully.
    @merryme, Thanks for the good advice, I’ll give it a try. My problem is that my daily bp is not higher than normal and then some nights, at about 1-2am it would shoot up. It happens 2-3 times/ a month and is very unpleasant. I had several check-ups, but they could not find the reason, so put me on meds. I think it happens because I am an extremely emotional person and the smallest emotion, negative or positive, makes my bp go up. Yet, sometimes there seems to be no reason for the shoot-up.
    @maoiliosaott, Welcome to the thread. Yes, it’s time to look after yourself now after your noble sacrifice. Join in at full speed, we are all behind you! Happy slimming!
    @crillonparis So glad you didn’t put on weight on your trip. A commitment is a commitment even on the road, you should be proud of yourself resisting the temptations of a buffet table. Carry on towards your goal and let us know how it goes. Have a great week!

    Thanks very much Bjanna – really helpful information re what to eat in the evening. They say that going uphill is better than jogging so those stair trips sound great!
    Maoiliosaott – you’ve had a really gruelling time so you need to treat yourself very gently now. Welcome to the thread! Don’t expect too much too soon and be patient with yourself.
    Crillonparis – Congratulations! You’ve done very well! And your thoughts around the holidays sound sensible and achievable. Good luck! Tell us how it goes.

    Hi All

    Big fail for me today. I fast Tuesdays & Thursdays and today I went to work (am retired but go in two days a month to do bookwork). Started off OK, cup of green tea at 8:30 and then on to work. Planned to fast until mid afternoon and then have a bowl of soup. Boss said I’ve been hanging out for you to get here, let’s have our thai lunch. When I was working full time we often worked late once a week and discovered a wonderful Thai restaurant with simply divine chicken satay which we ordered in.

    So today my willpower failed – I didn’t have the strength to refuse and thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. On the plus side, it’s the first time I’ve failed to complete a fast since I started almost 5 weeks ago and have no intention of making a habit of lapsing. Oh well, will try again tomorrow. Sometimes, life just gets in the way!!

    Hi wwall
    Thank you for being so honest! I think that facing the truth of the times when I fail makes me much more determined to succeed- hope this is true for you too.
    Good luck today – I wish you strength!

    wwall, I totally agree with you. Don’t treat it like it’s the end of the world. You can do your FD tomorrow and everything’s going to be hunky-dory! You’d be much more likely to fail if you remained rigid and inflexible on occasions like this. πŸ™‚

    Oh, btw, 25th FD was yesterday and I’m more than 11kg down. πŸ™‚

    That doesn’t sound like a major infraction, wwall. And there’s really no reason to have to treat it as a fail either. Just switch your FDs and no harm done at all!

    You’re doing great!

    Well done, MsGadjetty, as well! 11kg is outstanding. You must be feeling great and buying new clothes!

    Anyone else here celebrating Thanksgiving this week? I managed to fast while doing some of my advance prep yesterday. And I’ll be fasting and doing more of it today. Happily my husband came home and did the tasting duties so I don’t get too off on any of the seasoning.

    I’m planning to have my regular salad and salmon on Thursday. I’ve only been back on track since October after a very long hard slog to accomplish that so I don’t see a lot of value in tempting the Culinary Fates by engaging what’s been a lifelong cultural exercise in overindulgence.

    Christmas parties start in just a couple weeks and it will feel great to look better than I ever have and that’s reward enough for a bit of discipline now.

    mwall, I’m switching my fast days this week, so I can fully enjoy Thanksgiving Day. I’ll fast on Friday and Sunday, instead of Thursday and Sunday. I agree with LA Chubster–it’s no fail at all if a pre-set FD goes off track due to unexpected circumstances, especially if you can find another day that week to fast. I think the flexibility of this program is what makes it workable. The “have to” is taken away and we can live our lives customizing the FDs to our schedule and needs.

    I haven’t read the “fast” book yet, so I’m wondering if you all track calories on NFDs? I don’t seem to be losing any more weight, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m really inspired by all of you and the success you’ve had and for the candor in how it’s going. Maybe I need to walk more?

    I haven’t read Dr. Mosley’s book either and I wouldn’t discourage anyone from doing it, but I think there’s a tremendous amount of information in his documentary which explains the research and the basic — altho entirely flexible — concepts. That and the tips I pick up here are all the info I’ve ever needed.

    As for a plan for your food days, there is a utility on this site for calculating your TDEE. I forget what that stands for but it’s your daily calorie requirement to maintain your body in it’s typical activities. You plan meals that fit that guide, more or less — I’m really flexible about that and simply eat what I want once my appetites are regulated to a sensible diet of natural foods. Then you are maintaining 5 days a week (or 4 if you’re doing ADF) and going into calorie deficit on your FDs.

    If you haven’t calculated your TDEE yet you also might not be familiar with the progress tracker either. It’s a good record keeper of your success. Here they are:



    And here’s the BBC doc that got everyone started: https://vimeo.com/103656060

    LA Chubster, thanks very much! I’ll check out the links and figure out my TDEE. That could be the missing piece. I did watch Dr. Mosley’s terrific video and I may take another look for a refresh. I should not be plateauing after a 10-pound weight loss in almost 10 weeks (WW & recently fasting). I have about 29 lbs. to go to get to my target weight. Thank you, again!

    Well, none of us should EVER plateau. But we DO. πŸ˜‰ It’s inevitable and just one of the lousier aspects of Life when we work so hard and diligently. But they end too and that’s the good news! πŸ˜‰

    Hi all! I saw the “over 60” thread and just jumped right in now! I’ll go back and read all the posts after I post this.

    I am 63. I did 5:2 about 3 years ago, but only lasted a month, because I eventually just found it hard to do my second fast day of the week. But in that month I was 5:2ing, I lost 7 lbs. effortlessly, and I hadn’t lost that much in a month since my youth.

    This time around I’ve decided to do two consecutive fast days a week to make sure I get them both in. I feel this will work for me. Also, I’m reading Dr. Mosley’s new book The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet, and in that version of 5:2, you can have up to 800 calories on your fast day. Now I KNOW I can do that! He says you will lose slower, but I can live with that.

    Glad to meet you all. I have about 50 lbs. to lose.

    Welcome, let_it_be!

    I think you’re approaching this in the right way. When it’s gone you won’t care how long it took.

    I’ve been at it a year and I’ll probably be at it a year more before I work out my maintenance. I started out with 80 pounds to lose. Still working on the last 40 or so. But I *feel* so much better all the time! Calmer in my head without the awful food cravings and more vibrant in my body. What more could I want? Oh, that’s right! New company in the effort! Welcome!

    Thank you LA Chubster! I must say, I really enjoy reading your posts. I too don’t like weighing myself a lot, and also, I NEVER pay attention to my TDEE. I hate counting calories, and counting twice a week is more than enough for me.

    Years and years and years of being a Weight Watchers member – gaining, losing, gaining…really made me hate daily counting. It never kept me thin anyway.

    Thanks again for the nice welcome!

    Just wondering if any of you meditate? I find that when I meditate – just focusing on breathing for 20 minutes calmly – I become much more aware of what I am doing and how much I am eating the rest of the day.

    Curiouser, great tip. Thanks!

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