Oral glucose tolerance test

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  • In the Fast Exercise book it says that to take this test you fast for 10 hours then drink a certain amount of glucose, wait one hour and test your blood glucose sugar level and do the same again after you have waited another hour. Are you allowed to eat breakfast during the two hours after drinking the glucose?


    No, you should not eat anything else until you have finished the tests. You are seeing how your body deals with that glucose drink over time, and if you ate or drank anything else your body would have to digest that and it would change your glucose levels.

    Thanks Barbarita,

    That is what I thought, but I am not sure that putting off my breakfast until after 10am is desirable. I guess that if I have breakfast just after taking the glucose drink, and making sure that I eat the same things for breakfast, and at the same time, will at least make the tests consistent.


    @vivski when I have this test done by my GP, I have to fast from midnight until 8.30 when I have blood taken and then have the glucose drink. I then have nothing until 10.30am when I go back to have a second blood test. I have been told every time that I must not have anything between the two tests as that will cause a false reading as the idea is to establish how your body deals with the measured amount of glucose in the drink. Having breakfast between tests will interfere with this as the amount of glucose will be increased.

    having nothing from midnight until 10am is no different to fasting.


    Thanks Sylvestra,

    I will follow your advice.


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