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  • over 60 lady wanting email buddy for motivation…in country victoria.

    Hi there! I’m a newbie to this site but have been doing the 5:2 for a couple of years on and off. Starting to realise that it is a lifelong commitment if you want to keep the weight off. I fall into that category that says if I just lost another stone I would be happy, but losing that stone is really hard. I attempt to fast for four days a week and eat normally three. I bought an exercise bike and endeavour to cycle for 30 mins every day. My big downfall is chocolate and wine. I am 61, happily married with three grown up children and nine grandchildren. What about you? How long have you been doing the diet? And what is your downfall? Forgot to say I live in Oxfordshire, UK

    Hi. I am 61, a recently retired teacher and live in Belfast with my hubbie. I have 2 grown up boys and no grandchildren yet. I’ve been doing the 5:2 since February. I started really well, losing 10 pounds up to mid May, but have fallen victim to weekends away. We have a touring caravan and go away a lot, where drinking wine causes me to sabotage my eating regime! I exercise quite a lot – I swim 3 times a week (about 150-200 lengths in all) and try to walk daily – I wear a Fitbit to encourage me to do 10,000 steps and do yoga for flexibility once a week. Sadly exercise keeps me fit but doesn’t really contribute to weight loss. I have a low thyroid which doesn’t help. Up to now I haven’t posted but I’m going to my sister’s Nr. Brackley for a big weekend and then going away in the caravan for a week and hope by doing this it will make me more accountable to myself! As you say elliepops 100 it needs to be a lifelong commitment and I need to start afresh, factoring in my lifestyle. It will be good to share with someone to keep focused.

    Hi, great to hear from you. I know what you mean about weekends away being a downfall, we went to a BBQ last night and I was really pleased with myself for resisting the bread rolls but had three glasses of wine! Which then made me want to eat more. The great thing with the 5:2 is that if you do over indulge you can get back on track on your fasting days. We’re off to York for a few days tomorrow so won’t be back online till Wednesday. How are you getting on with your fasting days?

    Hi Just found out hotel has free WiFi hey! So how is it going with you? Whilst I’m away I’ve designated next three days as non-fasting days but hope to not go crazy lol. Just off for a stroll down the Shambles in search of a restaurant best wishes ellie

    Hi, hope you’re enjoying your break. Just to update I decided to fast two days back to back because of family plans. The first day was fine, but the second day was really tough, especially mid afternoon. However, when I stood on the scales they were three lbs down – was delighted, although I know I’ll put a bit on when I’m away. I’ve also lost 3 inches altogether from my tummy, which is great. That is my biggest problem – the rest of my body is OK but when I put on weight my tummy just gets bigger and rounder.🙁 However, my motivation is high now, so onwards and upwards! Enjoy York Ellie! It’s great place. Regards Deb

    Hi Deb back home now having had a super time and thrilled to have only put on two pounds! Fasting tomorrow and Friday weigh in on Saturday. Do you have a weigh in day? Do you fast completely or stick to the 500 calls.I endeavour to stick to between 500-600 cals three times a week, usually Monday, Thursday and Friday. When are your fasting days? Bye for now Ellie

    Hi Ellie, I’m glad you had a good time. Like you I try to stick to 500 -600 cals twice a week usually on Monday and Thursday. I don’t fast altogether. I see you have been doing the 5:2 for a while. Have you always fasted three times a week? Do you find it better? I might try that when I get home. I would confess to weighing myself a couple of times a week especially after fasting when the scales are usually more encouraging. I log the lower weight now too instead of just a weight on a specific day. I find this gives me a bit of encouragement
    I have tracked my food, exercise and weight with ‘my fitness pal’ app for a couple of years, eating about 1400 cals a day. My weight has gone up and down and recently staying still, so I decided to do the 5:2 starting in March with some success. I have lost 10lb altogether. As I go away I too would be happy with a couple of lbs on! We shall see! Talk soon

    Hi Deb good luck with your ‘eating regime’ whilst away.Over the years I have tried most diets and have found the 5:2 to be the most user friendly. I have found that from when I turned 50 my metabolism really slowed down and now I’m in my 60s it is no better:( that’s why I find fasting three days a week works well. Even on my NFD I tend to avoid bread, pasta and rice. Last year I’d lost one and half stone and reached my goal by September but found it hard to fast through the winter so put it all back on hence I have a renewed determination to get it off again and hopefully keepit off through the winter months. This winterI am going to experiment with soups but for the present I am enjoying eating lots of salad based meals.I agree that exercise doesn’t necessarily lose weight but it does help with toning up. Any way better go so have a lovely break and look forward to hearing from you soon, Ellie

    Hi Deb realise that you may not have internet access whilst away but thought I would post a comment to keep post active. Getting on well today with my second day of fasting. Got back on my exercise bike last night and did my usual 7miles in 30 minutes it felt really good.
    Just out of interest what happened to Robbie2 who started this post? If you’re still out there we’d love to hear from you and support your progress. Bye for now Ellie

    Just checking in. Start back to work today. I am a part-time receptionist at a care home. It is only round the corner from where I live so ideal except I have no excuses for not turning up in bad weather lol! Fast day today planned to have total 540 cals. Will also go on my bike. Thinking of getting in touch with a personal trainer who has advertised in our local paper. Would like her to give me some pointers into toning up. Greatly depends on how much she charges per hour. Bye for now Ellie 🙂

    Morning update! Home for two days after a lovely time with my sister and a couple of friends. Brought home excess baggage though – 3 lbs on, which I expected but my problem is I’m home for two days when my son and his girlfriend are here, then we are going to the lakes in Fermanagh for a few days in the caravan. I can usually get rid of the excess quite quickly but being out of routine in the caravan will make it hard particularly as friends are there and fasting will be difficult. I also haven’t been wearing my Fitbit – we didn’t do much exercise which I must also address. I won’t be swimming either. Next week I might try fasting every other day for a few days.
    Do you have an iPad? There are lots of online videos for toning you might try. I have a spin bike and have tried following videos on YouTube which helps to motivate. There are also some good Pilates videos. A personal coach would be good though to make you work to your best. Good luck with that.
    I will probably be out of wifi this coming week but will try to check in at some stage. Have a good week.

    Hi Deb, sounds like you’re having a super family/holiday time. Not so good for the diet though. Good idea to try intermittent fasting next week. My week going quite well now I’m back in the routine of work. Fasting today so keeping topped up with calorie free drinks. Saw a personal trainer yesterday who gave me some good exercises for my abdominals and back. Going to do some Pilates next week. Won’t be able to have more than a few sessions due to cost but decided to seek professional advice as I am prone to bad backs after an injury a few years ago. Look forward to hearing from you when you’re next online, bye for now Ellie

    Hi Deb, I hope you’ve had a fab time and not done too much damage. I’ve been quite good over the last few days but today we’re having an impromptu BBQ with our son and family so caution may be thrown to the wind LOL! I’ll just have to put a lot more effort in on my exercise bike later. Oh for the days in my twenties when I could more or less eat anything, now I only have to look at food and it goes straight to my hips. Look forward to hearing from you soon Ellie.

    Home today and the party continues! My son, (who lives in Dublin with his girl) girlfriend and her parents are arriving tomorrow for a couple of days. I haven’t weighed myself but can feel my clothes tight😟 But do you know what, I’m not even going to worry about it till Saturday when they’re gone. Life’s too short and it seems awful bad manners not to participate with enthusiasm! That’s my story anyway! Hopefully then I’ll knuckle down and work hard to remove the weight. Didn’t really exercise much either, so will get stuck into that too. No sense beating yourself up and I have had a great couple of weeks! Hope all is well. Does your son and his family live close? Our eldest lives round the corner, which is good, but we don’t see the young one so often. Talk soon Deb

    Hi Deb glad to have you back. I’m sure you will soon get back on 5:2 track and exercising when your visitors have gone. I’m fasting today and finding it quite easy thanks to the weather, just want to keep drinking. I have three children a boy and two girls who between them have given me nine grandchildren ranging from 18yrs to 10mths. I am very fortunate in that they all live fairly close. Diet-wise I’m really frustrated this month as I don’t seem to have lost hardly anything at all. I usually weigh myself every morning but only record an actual weight at the end of the month so I’m going to go all out next week and try and stick strictly to the 4:3 principle in order to be able to record an actual loss at the end of July! Enjoy your family time with your son and co. Bye for now Ellie 🙂

    Hi ,Ellie, well the visitors have gone and the scales tell me that I have put on a total of 4 lbs, which is no surprise because as soon as I take my eye off the ball at the best of times, my weight starts to climb. I was in Croatia at the end of June, away in the caravan then this last batch of socialising so there has hardly been any normal I for a while. It could have been worse. We are going to Australia and New Zealand in October, and I would like at least a stone off so the serious stuff starts. I’m think going to try 4:3 this week coming to see how that works. I usually track my calories on NF days so that I don’t overdo it but I still enjoy a glass of wine or two and I have a sweet tooth, which is my downfall. I guess I just need to find and adopt a sensible regime for all those unstructured outings! I am fasting today so here goes! Bye for now.

    Hi Deb, 4lb gain not bad as you say could have been worse, but good to be back to some normal eating and exercise. I envy you going to Australia and NZ what an incentive to get back on track. Is it just a holiday or do you have folks down under. My brother emigrated a couple of years ago to NZ he says its lovely and he most definitely would not come back. I’d love to visit but hubby really not keen on the long haul flight. We’re off to Seville in September so that’s my incentive to get some more weight off. Ideally I too would like to loose a stone so let’s encourage each other with regular updates on our progress (or lack of progress as the case may be)Bye for now Ellie

    Hi Ellie, yes, lots of encouragement is what we need. Seville sounds exciting. We’re going for 2 months. A holiday of a lifetime really but I hate to think how I’ll manage my weight then. We have family in Melbourne and Sydney but are going to NZ just because we’ve gone that far and it would be silly not to do it. I have kind of stabilised at my current weight of in an around 12 stone and even if I lose weight, I seem to climb back up. Icarry all my weight around my tummy, which is so unhealthy and my key goal is to get the waist measurement down. I noticed at the beginning you said you’ve been doing this diet for a couple of years. You must have had good success to stick at it that long? I’m off to my swimming class now so I’ll sign off now and talk later.

    Hi Deb been busy past few days looking after grandchildren who are now on summer hols. I really like the 5:2 because it is so user friendly, having said that I find doing 4:3 better for actually losing weight dropping to 5:2 for maintaining. Sadly I find it really hard to stick to during the winter months, (too many stew and dumplings lol)I’m hoping to be more disciplined this year especially with a diet buddy 🙂 Youngest daughter’s 36th birthday tomorrow so birthday cake and meal out means no fasting tomorrow but back on track on Friday. Do you do exercises in the swimming class or lane swimming? Bye for now Ellie

    Hi Ellie, just posting now before we go away for the weekend in the caravan -again I hear you say! I think my husband has wanderlust. I really would have preferred to stay at home but hey ho! It plays havoc with the diet. Fasted Monday and Wednesday. 1 lb off the scales this morning, which I was a bit disappointed with. I would like to regain my weight loss quickly and get back on track to that stone. I am trying to have a new mindset – I was going to fast on Friday but that’s not really possible, so I’m going to try a ‘lite’ day instead. I will maybe eat a banana or apple for lunch and then eat a small dinner. We’ll see how it goes. I have been swimming at the class for about 8-9 years. It is lengths in lanes – 20length warm up and then drills to improve your strokes. I have learnt to do buttferfly (badly) and my technique has improved. Just shows you though. You can be fit but still overweight! I’m signing off now to pack our caravan. Will post again on Sunday or Monday. Have a good weekend. 😀

    Hi all I am new to this what sort of meals do u cook I am from Shropshire and have struggled for years so I thought I would give this a try thanks

    Welcome Paula 69, Are you doing the 5:2? On fast days I do my best to stick to the 500 cals. Initially ate breakfast but found I was hungry and tempted so now I eat lunch and dinner. I have made soup – you can get good value from veggies – a good bowl of soup comes in around 100 cals to leave 400cals to play with. For dinner I eat an omelette, salmon and the likes with lots of veg or salad. I have struggled with my weight for years and have at last had some success with this. I fast on Monday and Thursday, but as you can read above I am doing a very good job of sabotaging it, so I am going to try fasting 4:3, probably Mon, Wed and Fri. It’s great to have support – I have never posted on a forum before and I find it very helpful. At least with only fasting for 2/3 days a week the rest of the week is reasonably normal, although you can’t go mad, as I have found out! Good luck! Talk soon.

    Welcome Paula, I do 4:3 that’s where you eat normally for four days and fast for three. My fasting days are Monday, Thursday and Friday where I eat between 500 – 600 cals. Even on my non-fasting days I try to stick to about a 1000-1500 calories which is just below my TDEE of 1784 cals. On a typical fast day I will eat muesli and yogurt for breakfast (190 cals), an apple for lunch (50cals) then Protein, salad and sugar free jelly for my evening meal. I find it quite easy to stick to during the summer months but struggle in the winter, however with online buddies this year I am hoping to be more successful. Exercise also plays an important role and I cycle (on an exercise bike) for 30 mins every day covering 7miles. If I stuck to it I would be like a twig LOL but sadly there is much falling off the wagon but again with encouragement from my online buddies this too will become a thing of the past – I live in hope. Look forward to hearing from you and Deb. Bye for now Ellie

    Hi Deb and Paula, just checking in and hoping you are both well. I had my end-of-month weigh in at the weekend and have lost 2LB. Bit disappointed but considering I had a few days away last month better than a gain. This week is going to be a bit tricky diet-wise due to me having a picnic on Saturday, BBQ yesterday, eating out tonight and Wednesday evening so I’ll have to juggle my fasting days around a bit. Planning to fast tomorrow instead of today and then on Thursday and Friday as usual. How are you both doing? Bye for now Ellie

    Hi Ellie and Paula, out of interest Ellie, do you log your weight once a month? Maybe I should do that. I tend to do it when I’ve lost a pound or two, but now I’ve put on weight, I think it will be a while till I log it! It kinda makes you more accountable. Managed to stay the same over the weekend – was quite well behaved. Am fasting today and I think Wednesday and Friday this week. We’re home for a couple of weeks so I am trying to exercise hard and watch what I eat. Do you use an app to keep a check of your weight? I’ve got out of the habit of logging everything I eat but I’m starting afresh (you know, 1st Aug and all that!) my fast is going well today – it’s amazing the effect your mindset has on fast days. I haven’t really been hungry today. An omelette with veggies tonight and a swim. How are you doing Paula? It gets easier after the first couple of fasts, once you find what foods suit you. Talk soon, Debby

    Silly me! I thought I’d posted yesterday but it doesn’t seem to be here. Anyway Not doing too badly this week considering I ate out on Monday and yesterday. For once I was quite pleased that last night the portions were quite small (although it was still on the pricey side).Fasting today and tomorrow and feeling good to be back on track. To answer your question Debby although I weigh myself every morning and use Saturday’s weight as a benchmark as to how I’m doing through the week I only log my weight at the end of the month. Frustratingly I am a stone heavier than this time last year but am all the more determined to get it off! Paula how are you doing with your fasting days? It can be hard at the start but it does get easier as you persevere plus at this time of year you can always fill up on veggies and salad. Better get back to doing some work, Speak again soon Ellie

    I’m an ‘over 50 lady’ about to start the ‘plan’ with my first ‘fast day’ tomorrow…
    Happy to buddy up!

    Hi T2811, you’re very welcome. I’ve found chatting with Ellie really useful – my hubbie glazes over when the ‘Diet’ word is mentioned and it’s so good to share experiences. You’ll soon find which way to fast suits you best. I don’t eat till lunchtime, then have soup or a salad. In the evening I tend to stick to fish or an omelette and veg/salad. I know Ellie has breakfast then a banana for lunch and then her dinner, I also exercise hard on my first fast day (which doesn’t seem to be a problem). The second fast day is more of a problem in terms of willpower. Like Ellie I try to stick to under 1500 cals on non fasting days. Good luck for tomorrow! Do let us know how you did. Bye for now.

    Hi everyone just checking in. Quite happy with weekly weigh in this morning considering the week I’ve had just stayed steady no gains no losses. Son’s fortieth birthday today so birthday cake and glass of wine enjoyed as today non-fasting day. How are you all doing, Debby,2811 and Paula hope you’re all still with me on this fantastic journey. Speak again soon Ellie x

    Good morning Ellie, Paula and 2811. Great news Ellie. That’s very positive. Very well done! You’ve obviously found a way to manage ‘life’! I weighed in this morning and have lost two pounds from my recent gain which is encouraging considering I only fasted one day. I have had problems with reflux, which is a problem I have had for 20 years. This diet seems to exacerbate the problem so I am trying to work my way round that one. This is the only diet that has worked for me so I’m keen to find a solution. I’ve kept my NFD calories to about 1400 and that has worked. How did your fasting go T2811 and Paula? You’re right Ellie, This is a fantastic journey to a long and healthy life!

    Hi all, so how’s it going? Well done Debby with your loss, it’s so encouraging to see the weight slip away. Pity it doesn’t come off as easily as it goes on. I’m having a better week with no socialising so hope to see some progress on Saturday. NFD today so looking forward to venison sausage salad and a glass of wine tonight. Just off to do a work out now so feeling very pleased with myself. Bye for now Ellie x

    Just popped on whilst having a coffee at work. On a fast day today and started new regime of not having breakfast, just apple for lunch then protein and salad tonight. This keeps me to 500 cals exactly. struggling a bit so having milk in my coffee (usually have it black)and drinking plenty of water. How is everyone else doing? Bye for now Ellie x

    Hi everyone, I am having a good week. Just 1 1/2 pounds off my lowest ever weight and feeling really positive, although I ate a Crunchy yesterday. 😢 One of those silly impulse buys at the checkout. Am fasting today too – had a light early lunch and will eat an early dinner, like you Ellie, some protein and veggies this time. I cope better by not eating breakfast. I try to drink green tea and water, but can’t do without my early morning tea with milk and I indulge in a coffee with milk in the afternoon. Am helping a friend move today. We’ll be so busy I won’t notice the day go, which is good. You sound really positive Ellie, which is great. I am pretty motivated too. I am planning my itinerary for NZ and can’t afford to pack 2 sets of clothes! Have a good day. Xo

    Hi all, good news and bad news. Good news is that I managed to stick to my FD yesterday despite there being a Chocoholics Tea Party complete with chocolate fountain at the care home were I work in the afternoon. Bad news I succumbed to an egg custard that Hubby had treated me to after my evening meal. Having said that I didn’t fall off the wagon elsewhere so shouldn’t have done too much damage. Third FD of the week today so determined to do better. Weekly weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed for a loss. How’s everyone else doing? Big encouragement vibes being sent out to everyone – remember: This I Doable! Bye for now Ellie x

    Good morning everyone, what will power you have Ellie, and I’m sure the egg custard won’t really make much difference. Sadly my FD went pear shaped yesterday. The friends we re moving come to ours for dinner after all our hard work. It was late and not planned so I popped to M&S for a bite to eat. Lo and behold there was a meal deal on. Had a nice healthy piece of sea bass, veggies and ….. Key lime pie. Never mind, I did resist the wine and the scales are still looking good this morning although I’ve only managed one FD this week so far. I’ve probably burnt it off with all the packing, cleaning and my usual swimming, I’m going to try to be really sensible on my NFDs over the weekend and start afresh on Monday. Onwards and upwards! Have a good weekend everyone. Deb xo

    Hi all, weekly weigh in went well with 2lb down – well chuffed and more determined to do the same next week. Eating out tonight at an Italian and have a picnic planned for tomorrow but like you Debby hoping to make sensible choices. Key lime pie sounds lovely, I’ve never had it but is it a bit like Lemon meringue but with limes? I imagine it to be quite tart which I like. Been doing some work on my abdominal muscles so feeling quite sore but now noticing a difference in fit of clothes which is always encouraging. A little bit of what you fancy does you good (so long as its low calorie lol!) Bye for now Ellie x

    Hello T2811,

    I started on 7th August, doing Well so far, my first weigh in is on Monday.
    I also started a facebook group for mutual support, there are only 6 of us and its a private group so you can join be me adding you. Let me know if you are interested.

    Did a long post yesterday but it hadn’t shown Grrrr Anyway had a good FD yesterday nearly wobbled when I saw opened bottle wine in fridge but managed to stick to sparkling water, just polishing my halo lol. Had a planned heavy carb day today to trick the metabolism then back to NFD tomorrow and FD Thursday and Friday. How’s everyone else doing? Lets keep strong and see those pounds melt away. Bye for now Ellie x

    Mornin all, just signing in to report the ups and downs. Had a good, successful week last week, was relatively good over the weekend but got on the scales on Sunday and the 2lbs I lost last week had gone on again along with another pound, so I knuckled down. Fasted successfully on Monday and Tuesday and the weight has gone again. However, I usually find I am lighter after fasting, and this tends to fluctuate during the week. I have started logging my weight on Sunday. Perhaps a weekly log will make me feel more accountable. You’re doing really well, Ellie. Am interested in your heavy carb trick. Do you think it works? Have been really inspired by the Olympics. Am going to try to up my exercise levels. I have a spin bike in the bedroom covered with dust so here goes….
    T2811 and Paula, how’s it going with you? Would love to hear from you. Bye for now.

    Hello Debby you sound really positive and I agree the Olympics are really inspiring. Best of luck with the cycling, I love going on my exercise bike each evening.I don’t think the ‘heavy carb’ day did me any favours as I’ve felt quite bloated since. It has confirmed to me that I need to be careful with bread whereas potatoes and rice are fine on a NFD. Pasta is also a no no even on a NFD. I am slowly getting to grips with my abdominal exercises but can only manage them with my toes anchored under the bed! And golly they are quite sore (the abs not the toes). Just seen that the Brownlee brothers took Gold and Silver in the triathlon – Well Done to Them. I really admire all the athletes’ determination and stamina. I’m hoping some of it might be permeating through the TV lol. Positive vibes coming your way, best wishes Ellie x

    Hi Debby just checking in with my Saturday weigh-in and sorry to report 1lb up! The heavy carb day did me no favours at all so won’t be doing that again. Determined to be ultra good next week as only got three weeks to my break in Sevill. I’ve got a pair of crop trousers I’d love to get into. Frustratingly they fit beautifully this time last year but never mind we persevere. Fingers crossed for your weigh-in tomorrow, strong willpower vibes coming your way! Bye for now Ellie x

    Hi Ellie. Just signing in from Roundwood, Co Wicklow just south of Dublin. Have popped down for a few days to visit my youngest son and his girlfriend so no scales and no bike! Will weigh in in a couple of days. However I’ve drunk lots of water, just a couple of very weak gins and have cut my carbs on NFDs quite dramatically. I’m hoping that will keep my weight down. I will fast on Monday as usual and possibly 2 more times depending on the scales. Feeling quite lean thoughave, which is encouraging. My friend has lost 2 stone by cutting carbs 2 days a week and eating lean those days (basically like fasting except he’s not counting calories) so we’ll see! You seem very motivated too Ellie. Keep it up and talk soon.

    Hi Debby hope you’re having a super time and not being too naughty lol! My week is going quite well and in fact like you I’ve massively cut back on the carbs.The warmer weather helps in making more healthier choices. Second FD tomorrow. I struggled with FD on Monday so hoping to get on better tomorrow. Look forward to hearing from you on your return. Bye for now Ellie x

    Well Ellie, arrived home this lunchtime. We stayed an extra couple of days as the weather was so great. Got home and decided to have a quick weigh in (usually do it first thing in the morning so I’m at my lightest) and to my delight, I’m half a pound lighter than before I left, so couldn’t wait to check in because I’m so pleased! I had a semi fast day yesterday [the only one in a week] Didn’t count calories, but ate no carbs and although I had a couple of sneaky gins and a couple of glasses of wine during the last week, which I don’t usually do, I think my secret was going easy on the carbs, eating lots of salads and drinking lots of water. I shall weigh properly on Sunday, and that will be the proof. My strategy for next week will be 2 fast days and on NFDs will avoid carbs after breakfast. I bet you can see my smile from there! Xo

    Hi Debby sounds like you’ve had a super time visiting your son. . And we’ll done you still managing to be half a pound down after being away. It’s a bonus that gin (and vodka which is my tipple) are both low in carbs and calories which is great when you are watching your weight. I too have been cutting out the carbs this week so hoping for a good result in the morning. Just finished third fast day today and got on quite well. Remembered that celery is good to snack on when feeling like a nibble and drank loads of water and chamomile. Hopefully the scales will be kind. Bye for now Ellie x

    Hi Debby just ‘weighing in’ and pleased to report 2lb loss. Also have reached a mini goal of losing half a stone since beginning of June so well chuffed. Just got to keep motivated and not rest back on my laurels. Can now get into my cropped trousers and do them up but can’t move or sit down! Sending positive results to your scales for tomorrow bye for now Ellie x PS Also finding sugar free gum also a life saviour when I want something sweet to chew.

    Well done. If I am the same tomorrow as I was yesterday, I’d be well pleased. I worked with a girl many years ago who never weighed herself. She had one pair of trousers which she tried on once a month and if they were too tight she cut back till they fitted. She had no idea what she weighed and had stayed slim for many years. Maybe that’s the way to go. Until tomorrow.xo

    Hi Ellie, Sunday weigh in and 1lb heavier than yesterday 😢 Never mind, probably just fluid. Am feeling positive for a new week.

    Hi Debby, how frustrating for you but it could be fluid. I weighed 2lb heavier this morning than yesterday so I’m in the same boat as you. Like you though I too feel very positive about next week and am actually looking forward to my FD tomorrow. We’re having a Alice in Wonderland themed Bank Holiday at work so tomorrow I’m going dressed up as the Cheshire Cat. I bought a onsie which is quite baggy so if the weight doesn’t come off I could always resort to wearing that more often! lol! Bye for now Ellie x

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