On Target October – Monthly Challenge for October 2021: Come & Join Us :-)

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On Target October – Monthly Challenge for October 2021: Come & Join Us :-)

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  • Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @emma-taylor – the potato/bread advice baffled me too, & the ‘lower fat’ suggestion? People still believe low fat = healthier.

    @daffodil2010 – great news from the physiotherapist! No comment re DTF. Day 20! 🚫 🍷 It’s worth it just for the better sleep. According to my tracker, 25% of my sleep last night was the REM variety, ie the brain restoration/improved memory & learning part. The benchmark is 8 – 16 % for men my age.

    @northgeorgia – 46 hours?! 🥇

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫🐪

    Day 20, London, UK, FD,

    I’m sticking with the B2B2B’s at the moment as they’re relatively easy whilst at work and by day 4, my 1st NFD, the dragon is so weak that I can drown him & his grumblings fairly easily with water rather than wine or a lovely miso soup. I’m feeling comfortably back on track at the moment, but still not counting ANY chickens!!🐔

    Yesterday was actually a LFD at 430cals 2 bowls of soup – no chewing as the tooth is still making its presence known!!! I had an appointment at the dentist almost 2 weeks ago, I mentioned the sensitivity so she checked with a cooling gel which didn’t kick in for a few seconds so she determined the nerve was dying & root canal was required, but the earliest appointment was 7 weeks away 😧😱. Three days later the pain came from nowhere like a⚡, maybe she irritated the nerve, but it’s now settled to a dull ache which I can cope with until my appointment, but I AM living in complete & utter fear the pain returns!!!🥺

    Catching up on posts, too many things to comment on, Sicily, surfing, scrabble, new words ( @penz thanks!! @funshipfreddie said it perfectly – “Coolth/warmth – now it makes sense!”)

    LOL @stitchincarol, sad but true this was my problem with keto as a true born & bred flour-baby – you can have as much meat, butter or cheese as you want………………. Just no rice, bread, potatoes or crackers to smear, spread, mix or melt it on!!!!😥😭😢😲 Cruel is not the word!!!🤬🤬🤬

    @penz, DTF is probably only suitable for those who can put the cork back in the bottle until the following day, not me of course🙄 (that’s why it’s Sober October!!) but I wouldn’t dare to presume😏 you’re in the same ‘empty the bottle’ camp as me🤣🤣🤗!!!

    @daffodil2010, glad to hear the prognosis is positive, the relief must be immense!! 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️

    Stay strong folks, think skinny jeans!!!

    “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.”
    — Oprah Winfrey

    Day 20 – USA/GA – NFD (but for real!)

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. Today is our brunch potluck at work, so although I’m not having breakfast at home, I can’t really call it a ZBC 🙂

    I’ll do my second FD tomorrow. May not do a liquid fast day though because I have an early morning potluck again on Friday at a location nearly an hour north of home. I can say that breaking the liquid fast by slowly eating a banana and then eating a full meal (OMAD maybe?) when I get home settled the stomach a lot better.

    “There’s no use in us waiting around either,” Wesley says. “We’ll come with you to Edward’s Pancake House.”

    “Hmm. You folks really don’t know them, do you?” Rev. Smith responds.

    “We just met them this weekend after a trip to the Overlook.”

    “How amusing. Well, the caterers are here waiting to be paid, so I think we’re good. Wait until they find out none of us are getting paid. Well, at least they’ll get to keep a deposit. No one puts a down payment on a justice of the peace.”

    “Charming, isn’t he,” Lola suddenly whispers in my ear.

    “I don’t have any room in my car. Sorry — full of junk. But follow me out of the parking lot. It isn’t far away.”

    We follow the minister into the parking lot. Lola takes a sorrowful glance back at the decorators and caterers leaning slumped over and sitting on the grand staircase.

    “Come on. Maybe they’ll come back soon,” I tell Lola.

    Lola sighs and we enter the parking lot watching the sun rise high over the Overlook.

    Good luck to everyone today!

    Day 20 – UK – NFD

    Hi all, it’s been a while! I hope everyone’s ok. It’s been a tricky 10 days this end – I spent last week with my dad which was lovely but not so great for having proper FDs. I managed a couple of OMADs none the less. However, this weekend my beloved cat suddenly stopped eating and I’ve just found out he has what looks like an aggressive cancer in his abdomen. Waiting to hear what was found on the biopsies that have been taken but it’s safe to say my mind has been all over the place the past couple of days from when we were told they could feel a mass. He’s been fine up until now, so this has come as a big shock. I feel like I need to apologise for being so upset over ‘a pet’, but I’m sure so many of you will understand how it feels. It doesn’t look like there are really any options for him, bless his heart.

    So I can’t really tell you what my eating has been like these past few days, though it’s safe to say I’ve lost quite a bit of my appetite through shock and sadness.

    Sorry this has been a negative Nelly post!

    However, @northgeorgia – I’m over the moon to see you’re safely in the 210’s now!! I was so happy for you when I logged in and saw that figure! Way to go!

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – ??

    Yesterday’s WF was easy and I weighed in at 143.8 this morning. Today, however? Wednesdays are always tough to decide on. I’d like to make it another WFD, but I may lose all resolve by later in the day. Plus, this week has the added complication of a conference DH and I both are attending, leaving tonight after choir rehearsal and coming back Friday evening. That will make any sort of fast tomorrow difficult! So I think it’s time I really psych myself up for a continued WF, to help compensate for the extra eating that I usually find far too tempting to ignore at these things (they’re a twice-a-year thing).

    @mariaelena Ugh, wrenched backs are so miserable; glad yours is healing well.

    @penz 😉😋🍷 Oh well, eh? Are you enjoying it enough to make it worth it??? 💗

    @daffodil2010 Oh, I so hope she can and DOES fix the pain, and soon!

    @flourbaby Such delightful news, that you’re on track again!

    @northgeorgia Well DONE on the extended WF!! But are you saying the liquid fast unsettled your stomach??

    @babs_b I’ve never been a pet person. Never. We got a puppy for our DD when she was in high school, and eventually said puppy-grown-to-dog moved to Colorado with her, and that was fine by me. And then the dog unexpectedly died. And I sobbed. And I still ache. Which is a long way of explaining I know EXACTLY how much it hurts a non-pet person, and imagine it’s even worse for a pet lover, and my heart aches for your ache. 💞

    I saw an article in a magazine yesterday about a woman who did OMAD and lost 100+lbs, and has a group of over one hundred people who have also lost over 100lbs. If you’re interested in her precise (sort of) details, go to http://www.eatlikeabear.com and check her out. She has a three day start up program and then some reasonable advice…well, reasonable except, of course, for the “no alcohol” part, LOL!

    Day 20, U.K. – FD

    Just a very quick post to say hello

    Fast day for me today….

    Will catch up with you all tomo x

    Day 20 UK NFD

    Nearly forgot to post – again ! Will catch up tomorrow x

    Day 20 – Ireland – FD
    Hi all. I hope you are all well! I have been MIA since my holidays (fab!) as work has been super busy and family events and my birthday have all distracted me but checking back in with you now and it feels good 👍
    I have not caught up with posts but hope to do so over the next few days – thanks @high5 for hosting 😇

    Looking forward to catching up and getting back into my fasting swing…

    Take care

    Day 20 – FD500

    Mother-in-law will be moving in with her daughter’s family and the house sale to sell the extra furniture and stuff is a couple weekends away. That entails a great reorganization and clean sweep of my home to take in a couple of pieces my husband wanted and send some pieces we really don’t need to the sale. Gawd I’m tired. Furniture moving was how I wrenched my back last weekend.

    Our home is a bit bigger than my husband and I need, and so many items have accumulated- often hand me downs from others. Truly a lot of junk pieces I will be more than happy to discard, but plowing through the clutter has been a nightmare. If I had some disposable income I’d love to hire a professional to help me discard the accumulation of flotsam and jetsam.

    It will look very nice when done, I think. Although a lot of our furniture is well worn and tattered from feline claws, I’m happy with our aesthetic and it will be good to eliminate the superfluous and more ragged pieces.

    @dafodil2010 I’m so glad help is nigh! Crossing my fingers relief is soon.

    @babs_b I’m so sorry. Please don’t apologize for your honest feelings, and much empathy from me.

    @stichincarol I think that changes in routine like your conference highlight the benefits of our fasting a couple days a week lifestyle. You should enjoy it with an easy heart knowing you need not feel guilty, you planned for it and know how to address any weight gain if it occurs.

    Ok, more clutter to address! Warm thoughts to all.

    Day 21, FD, Aus

    Thanks @daffodil2010 – I might be failing at DTF but at least my FDs feel solid!! And great news re your optimistic physio. Amazing how interconnected the body is that a trapped nerve in your spine can radiate down to create such a painful foot. And what exciting family gatherings you have coming up!

    Dear @flourbaby – I thought we established some time ago that we were kindred spirits, whether it’s PB or bottles of vino. Tho in Australia, most wineries these days use screw cap rather than cork, but the same principle applies. Of course, leaving some wine left in the bottle runs the risk it will go off, so much better to empty the whole thing!

    @babs_b – do NOT apologise for being upset over your beloved cat. He is most definitely not “just” a pet. Our animals are often more part of the family than human relatives. So sorry to hear your news and I can only imagine the anguish you are going through, especially with deciding what is best for him (and you).

    It’s a good question, @stitchincarol. I definitely enjoy the first glass of wine, but the rest (of the bottle!) doesn’t give me the same pleasure. It then just becomes habit. A bad habit.

    @mariaelena – I hear you! My OH and I also have a LOT of stuff. Fortunately with our work, we get the opportunity to move around a bit which is always an exercise in discipline to work out what we really need, and what we just cart from place to place because it’s easier than making the decision to get rid of it. What a great opportunity, tho, to be able to leverage your MIL’s house sale to off-load some stuff. You should take some before and after pictures of your house to give you extra satisfaction about how good it looks and feels once it’s all done!

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    @babs_b so very sorry to hear about your cat. I can only imagine how you feel, as my beautiful 14 year old Missie lies purring contentedly beside me. I know I will be devastated when it’s her time, so please do not apologise for the genuine grief you are feeling now. Pets ARE family.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Day 21, London, UK, FD

    3rd & final FD for the week unless that weird ‘I really need to fast’ feeling occurs over the weekend……………… highly unlikely, but miracles DO happen!!!

    @penz, my fellow wino!! I know you’re with me walking the vino-tightrope🤣 I’m just glad we don’t have empty plate/glass/jar syndrome when it comes to peanut butter!😱They don’t make knickers big enough to accommodate that particular habit!!!!
    In terms of the demon drink, you’re so right – the first sip is the best of all sips, the first glass, better than all that follow, the first bottle ……………………….😨 Here, of course, is the problem, am I chasing the pleasure gained from the first glass by continuing until the bottle is empty, or, as I tell myself, it’ll taste terrible tomorrow, so finish it!? I usually end up pouring the final glass down the sink anyway, the habit is emptying the bottle, not necessarily drinking it!!!😜

    At the moment, I’m combining low(er) carbs with my usual 500cal FDs, this seems to keep me satiated and FDs don’t feel like fasting, just delayed eating if you know what I mean. I think I’m trying to say I feel satisfied whether it’s a NFD or not☺ Lot’s of veg with some protein, guzzling water like a pro, Greek yoghurt, eating lots of pickles (gherkins, beetroot, onions & cabbage) & limiting my cheese since I don’t think a block of cheese a day is going to keep any doctors away😁

    @babs_b I read your post with moist eyes and a lump in my throat, no need to apologise, love is love whether for a pet or a parent, just of varying degrees, and sorrow at any level is painful. 🙏🏼

    Onward & downwards people!!!

    “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”
    — James N. Watkins

    Day 21 – UK – ??

    Thanks all, it’s nice to know so many understand. Yesterday it seemed we were going to have to make the decision of what to do there & then, but now looks like we get a few days reprieve while the lab processes everything. He’s 14 years old and hasn’t had a thing wrong with him until this past year, when there have been two minor niggles associated with older age (even though he’s still so kitten like!), but otherwise he only received a fine bill of health 4 weeks ago after a routine check up. Until last year he hadn’t been to the vets since he was a kitten! He’s a house cat too, so he is by our sides every single day and we are in such a routine with him. We don’t have children either, so all our nurturing love and affection has definitely been put his way.

    Many tears have been shed, and the poor love is looking rather bedraggled with the weight loss and now having parts of his fur shaved off for the investigations, but he’s still with us and it doesn’t look like we’ll need to make a decision until next week at least. Not much of a relief but a little less harrowing in the next 24 hours hopefully.

    @penz you summed it up perfectly, he is part of our family more than most of the human members!

    In slightly less gloomy news, I decided today was time to brave the scales again – I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself. I am still in my plateau but I’m also pleased about that. I’ve lost track of what I’ve been eating for the past 2 weeks and I haven’t gained any weight. I’ll gladly take that.

    I also measured myself and I’ve lost 1inch off waist, low waist and hips.

    Every cloud eh?!

    Thanks again, wishing everyone a good day x

    Day 21 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs. Considering I broke all the major rules yesterday with the office potluck, not bad. It was 8:30 am – 3 p.m. all day grazing on mostly carbs with a side of lemonade. Eeek! The nice thing is that my tray of three or four dozen tacos was demolished to a mere six.

    Going for another liquid FD today, maybe. Yes, I noticed that breaking a liquid fast is kind of upsetting to my stomach. I read up on it and it appears that the best thing to do is eat something very light and quickly digestible, then don’t eat again for another half hour. For me, I found that a small banana works wonders. So, I’ll just break my fast at, well, breakfast, tomorrow morning before driving an hour to the potluck/business meeting.

    As for now, I’ve got to run!

    Pocket list – day 21

    Day 21 UK FD

    Ohh @babs_b what sad news 💕

    I’ve been in a pickle mood @flourbaby Made my first ever batch of kimchi yesterday Hoping it tastes as nice as the one I had last week 🤞

    Straightforward <500 cals FD for me today

    Pocket list – day 21

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    late again, duh?

    @babs_b – so sorry to hear about your kitty, & I hope you get some good news from the vet soon. Sending you a hug 🤗

    rounding up the Thursday fasters:-

    Pocket List – Day 21 🎯

    Day 21 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    Whoo-HOOO, the scale this morning was 141.8!!!!!!! That is a full six pounds down since the beginning of the week, proving that vacation “easy on” can be, with control, “easy off.” And how do I know this, you ask, since we’re three hours from home in a hotel? Why, because I brought along my scale, of course! 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣

    But now I must go as DH is waiting for me to walk out the door. I’ll try to read everyone’s posts during the day, and maybe respond later; we’ll see how the day goes.

    Day 21 — 16:8

    Yesterday 500 day went well.

    @penz I’m still trudging through excess. We have lived in our home for 16 years, so I guess this is to be expected? Wow, I have never lived in one place for even close to this long, and it is hard to believe we have been here this many years.

    @babs_b and @stitchincarol: nice going on the weigh-ins!

    @babs_b: keep us posted on your kitty. I’m sending special mental scritches and love.

    Back to work!

    Day 21 USA – NFD

    Just checking in to say I am alive and doing well in maintenance. Maybe this is getting old for me to report that? Just know that maintenance still requires judicious eating, for me at least, many days only OMAD or two smaller meals. But I am finding I am able to maintain this way without having to do a 6:1 (the one being under 500 calories) which is more taxing on my brain. Ha ha! 😜

    It’s great to read about all that is going on in each of your journals!

    Onward and downward,.

    Day 22, NFD, Aus

    I want to create a new acronym – the PFDR – “relief” rather than “smugness”, that I got through it and resisted all temptation.

    I love the way you look at silver linings @flourbaby – so true that the PB jar does not have the same siren call as a bottle of shiraz: “You MUST finish me in one sitting!!” One spoon is more than sufficient; I wish I could say the same for one glass.

    @stitchincarol!!! You brought your scales with you on vacation?? Wow, that is dedication. Or desperation. I’m not sure which! BUT! The fact they were so kind to you shows who grateful they must have been to come along with you. Seriously – it’s testament to your fortitude. Well done!

    Have a great weekend everyone (esp @babs_b with four legged fur baby)

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another easy FD accomplished, really looking forward to a nice lunch later.

    Almost finished the Jason Vale book, re alcohol cessation, but I already started rereading Annie Grace’s ‘This Naked Mind’, which is more palatable. But they all quote each other, & use the same technique, ie liminal thinking to reach the subconscious. And they’re basically copying Allen Carr’s method.

    @stitchincarol – well done! Are your scales regular, or have you got the portable, travel variety?

    Day 22 – USA/GA – NFD

    About to head out to the brunch business potluck. Successful WFD yesterday (no broth) and I’ve just broken my fast with a banana.

    Weigh-in: 217.1 lbs. Only a few ounces from meeting this month’s goal! But… JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, AND SEPTEMBER GOALS MET! Hmm, proof that the plateau has ended? haha

    It also is a milestone. I’ve now lost a total of 62 lbs and have between 62 and 63 more to get to my ideal goal weight. I’ve arrived at the halfway point! Additional weight loss will mean I will have lost more pounds than pounds that I still need/want to lose on this journey.

    The obesity tank, long stalled out, has inched downward towards “1/5 full.” Less than 15 lbs remain until “empty,” then I’ll be medically “overweight” rather than “obese.”

    But watch out! The holidays approach! I feel better prepared going into them this year, though.

    Day 22 UK NFD

    Spookily quiet today ?

    Please do continue to drop in @songbirdme – I for one love hearing the maintenance threads

    Wow well done @stitchincarol – you are inspiring me 💪

    Day 22 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    I’m pleased with how I ate yesterday, both at the conference-provided luncheon and at our restaurant dinner last night; both times, I swerved the bread and potatoes (except for tiny bites of each), ate some meats with no breading and no accompanying pasta, some plain veggies and a massive salad. So far today I’ve only had water (there was no lunch served as the conference ended today at noon) and am planning on meat and veggies tonight.

    Any why did I take my normal, regular scale with me? Because I wanted so much to know what two days of water fasting were going to do to my weight, LOL! I began my WF on Monday around 9pm and didn’t break it until Thursday at lunch–and have a funny story about that!–and didn’t want never to know what the weight was on Thursday morning, LOL! And it turns out it was good to have taken it along and seen that lovely number, the lowest since around March 2016: it was so exciting that it really helped keep me on the straight and narrow: “What’s more exciting, that piece of bread you’re eyeing or the 141.8 this morning??”

    But by 11am yesterday morning, I was starving, I was shaky, and I was sweating…I think I needed food. But the only available solutions were all about flour and sugar, and I didn’t want to ruin the progress I was making in moving into ketosis. So I did something I’ve never done before.

    Wait for it…

    I grabbed a packet of butter from the luncheon table and ate that!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I kept thinking if HFLC is good, then butter must be good. And, sure enough, that tablespoon or so of butter had me feeling perfectly normal again after about ten minutes.

    The things we do in the name of “healthy” eating and losing weight, LOL! And thanks for all the congratulations from many of you; it’s so lovely to finally be finding the combination that’s working for me.

    @jaifaim Good to have you back!!

    @mariaelena While I agree entirely that true vacations deserve relaxed eating, I’ve done so much traveling since April that much of my time has been regaining ground lost on vacations, which doesn’t do anything for my ultimate goal of 125. So this conference was a time to eat lots, and go ahead and drink wine (although I ended up only with one glass!), but not abandon my HFLC determination. And if you’d seen me eating, I PROMISE I had lovely food, and lots of it, LOL! As to inlaws, you have my sympathy that your situation is so less than loving and warm. I have some experience with that, and know how wearing it can be on the soul and on morale.

    @flourbaby} What about boxes of wine, where it stays lovely for a month or longer; would that be helpful in limiting yourself to whatever quantity you chose?? When DH is joining me in wine, or on a Friday night, I open a bottle, but the rest of the week is often from a box so I can have a glass or two but not go nuts on an entire bottle. 🥴 🍷 😁 😇

    @babs_b Nicely done on the inch gone, and I’m glad you have a reprieve on decision-making for your furry one.

    @northgeorgia What a lovely number you again had! You’re clearly moving past the plateau that has plagued you for these past months!

    Okay, we’re home, the suitcases are unpacked, I’ve chatted with all my forum friends, and now I need to deal with the mail that came while we were gone.

    I look forward to hearing more reports from each of you as you have time to check in!

    Day 22 – 16:8

    Yesterday was fine.

    Today was a red letter day, as my mom used to say.

    My husband and I were married over 25 years ago, in the days of VHS. Our wedding was videotaped but in short order every VHS copy of the wedding met an untimely demise. Lost in a move, eaten by a videotape machine or in the case of my sister-in-law’s copy – a college football game taped over it.

    Well, I’ve talked about my Mother-in law moving- she’s been sending my husband home with boxes and bags of stuff. Inside one bag with his old D&D dice, some random LEGOs, and a partially completed model rocket was a musty, dusty video tape… Yes, our wedding video. Yes she did know we had been actively searching and hoping for decades … Anyhow …

    Lo and behold, today we picked up the transfer digital copy on USB. They warned us we might get little or nothing but it was remarkably actually really OK – great in parts. Seeing my mom looking so very happy in the video (I lost her 10 urs ago this month) made me cry. What a gem, treasure, wonderful joy, marvel! 💕🥲😁

    There are just not enough words!

    Day 22 – Minnesota – NFD

    Hello to everyone.
    My DH and I extended our vacation about a half week, and then when we got back I had much to do in order to catch up on daily life’s obligations.

    I hope everyone is well……I have not read anything for the last 3 weeks. In fact, our vacation included no social media for the entire time. Dear family and friends sent texts as needed. That’s it.

    I didn’t weigh myself, and still have not, and I didn’t count calories, ever. That was a lovely break after 14 months.

    I think it best if I admit to not doing this challenge any justice, and remove myself from it, and I will pick up on challenges in November, if they are ongoing.

    I can feel that my clothing is tight. But I think I’ll try for a very controlled week starting Monday, around 1000 a day, to ease back into 5:2, instead of trying to do a FD when I’m just not in the mindset to do one.

    We had a wonderful, wonderful time away. It was much needed for us both. Beautiful scenery, great food and drink (too much of both), and treasured time with family and friends. One of our best holidays, all around.

    I’m looking forward to having time this weekend to read the posts from the whole last month.

    Be well and be safe, everyone.

    Day 23, U.K. – NFD

    Oh my goodness, where has this week gone?

    It is Saturday already!

    This week I was aiming for two fast days and unfortunately I nearly completed one fast day. On Wednesday I had to abort because I had exhausted, cold and very wet and couldn’t see my way through. So I had a mud-afternoon OMAD instead …. Hopefully not too much damage done 🤞

    But I definitely need to get back to doing my 3X fast days next week!

    I just need to get rid of those 2 – 3 holiday pounds that sneaked on board!

    Next week I have a clear run to do at least 2x FDs, hopefully 3 🤞

    Otherwise I might be finishing my month heavier than when I started 😱

    Looking forward to catching up with all your posts !

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @northgeorgia – way to go!! What an accomplishment, 62 lbs gone & over the halfway point! 🏆

    @northerndawn – I’m not saying a word 🤐 except… 9 whole days left in October to get a head start on November! 😉

    @mariaelena – wonderful news re finding a copy of your wedding video, so happy for you!

    Have a great weekend everyone ⛅️ 🌈

    “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”

    Day 23 — 16:8

    Yesterday went well food wise. Chorizo (vegan) and potato (baked, cooled (for additional resistant starch) and reheated loaded potato skins experiment went very well and will be better next time. This allowed me the feeling and taste of a chorizo/potato taco (as someone allergic to eggs, this was a breakfast treat I got in my youth) without the refined carbs.

    Today is Moving day #1 for mother-in-law household. My brother-in-law (the only in-law in this or previous generation I care for) can’t make it and my nieces are not coming either so a silent masked work day it is. The leftover rosacea area on my face will be hidden by the mask, so silver linings… The furniture pieces my husband wants will come here so I’ve limited my disarray to the guest room and closed that door. Our living room, dining room, kitchen and restroom are spotless so I can check that box. sigh- I do not usually talk about/ see the in-laws so much – it will be such a relief to get this move done and have my space.

    @funshipfreddie I’m excited and planning to make video clips of the wedding festivities (lots of pre wedding footage of family and friends was salvaged) and give my family usb drives with the family clips. I think I’ll make a clip group of my in-laws and give copies to my nieces as x-mas gifts as well. They can then make copies fir their parents/grandmother if asked.
    @high5 fast days 3x a week regularly? Wow, not sure I could do that. I do it occasionally- when I realize it is late, I haven’t eaten and soup and salad sounds quick and easy – but I think it would mentally be a real challenge to try to do it in a planned for way. My respect!

    @northerndawn your break sounds lovely and refreshing! It has been so long since I’ve done any similar type of social media blackout – and in the interim since, things have changed so much, that I have to say Wow! It sounds like a smart and restoring decision!

    @stitchincarol – good for you! I like your resolve and upbeat attitude- and get a boost reading your posts!

    Everybody: have a great weekend!

    Day 23 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: tried again after my grocery shop, and settled at 218 lbs. I may switch my FD to tomorrow as next week is a little complicated with a banquet.

    @stitchincarol Thanks. Haha! Butter. Mmmmm 🙂 I love it! You make me want to take a stick of butter to work as lunch, take out my fork and knife, and call people into my office as I take a bite. LOL! Glad the little pat settled your jitters! How interesting.

    @mariaelena What a surprise treasure to have received. Wonderful to hear, and the video clips project sounds amazing!

    @funshipfreddie Yes, I feel like I’m back on my long journey downwards! I only have about one more set of clothes in storage I can switch out for a smaller size, so that’s pretty exciting. Sometime next year, once I’ve had to shop for even smaller sizes, I’ll donate all except one pair of trousers and a shirt from my largest weight. I have several containers in storage of “too big” clothes now, and only a few drawers full of smaller sized clothes inside, waiting 🙂

    Enjoy the day, everyone.

    Day 23 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    I ended up eating little supper last night and going to bed early because I was so sleepy from Thursday night when I didn’t sleep well that I couldn’t stay awake. And then I woke up LAST night also. This pattern must stop, LOL!

    @mariaelena How WONDERFUL that you have a copy of your wedding video!! I can fully understand the joy that gives you. 🥰

    @northerndawn Welcome home, and so lovely that your time away was so rewarding with rest and joy and food and fun! It’ll be so good to have your chatter back when you’re ready!

    @northgeorgia You and I are both living in a new 5-pound area (does anyone else measure in five-pound increments??) and it feels lovely, huh?

    It crossed my mind I should add the big reason I slept so badly two nights in a row: foot and leg cramps. I’ve seldom had cramps over the years, but in the last several weeks, I’ve had more and more and more, always in bed. I’ve done some research and also asked my doctor friend (the one we were with in New England last week) and there’s little to be done I’m not already doing. Ugh. Any of you suffer this way???

    Well, it’s time to get this day started in earnest. Have a grand one, everyone!

    2nd post

    @stitchincarol My foot and leg cramps were bad once upon a time. Personally magnesium helped that problem go away. The latest research is questioning whether magnesium supplements truly help, but for me personally they were a game changer.

    Are you getting enough calcium, magnesium and potassium? https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/ss/slideshow-muscle-cramps-foods

    2nd post

    That’s the problem, @mariaelena, is that I’m taking a magnesium pill every day before bed (the timing of which is also supposed to help with sleep, although I’ve seen no difference) and I’m eating many of those foods listed, and drinking lots of water every day–my MIL shakes her head like I’m nuts every time we’re visiting and she sees how big my water bottle is, LOL.

    I’ve actually wondered if coolth is causing it (see how I got to use that word?!??!), because our bed still has our summer-only quilt on it; it’s certainly time to put on the electric blanket we use in the winter to heat it up before we even get in and then turn off or keep only at the lowest number on very cold nights.

    We’ll see if the foot and leg cramps go away next week after we get the electric blanket on on Monday. However it resolves, hopefully this will pass at some point, as abruptly as it appeared, because I’m sure tired of it!

    @stitchincarol – you could be on to something – coolth 😆 might indeed be the culprit.


    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another sleepy Sunday on the forum 😴

    Here we go, into the last week of On Target October; let’s make it count 🎯

    “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
    – Theodore Roosevelt

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Weekends just aren’t working right now . I will be having a rethink for November will try to end the month on a positive week 💪

    Day 24 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs. It’s because I deeply considered and approved today as a FD, hopefully a pure WFD, so the angry pounds leapt on overnight haha

    It’s within the realm of possibility that I’ll meet my goal for the month this week! We shall see. I’ve been good on the liquid/water FDs, but a little naughty on pure Fung-mindedness. Leftover potluck items require eating — fortunately only two or three portions left. I could freeze it, but not really wanting to. I’ll just have to minimize it at meal times.

    I’ve rediscovered pork rinds, with homemade sour cream ranch dip. Ooooh…. Low carb deliciousness, but excessive snacking with anything is naughtier than food choices. I try to eat those right after a small meal if I’m going to have them.

    Not today, though. Water and carbonated water for today! Might even avoid the broth again as I did last week. Want to clean up the house really nice today, so I need to get started. Happy Sunday!

    Day 24. Ragusa Sicily

    Our friend from London is coming to meet us for a week, so I’m really looking forward to seeing him. One thing I’ve really noticed, moving from different Airbnbs all the time, is how important mirrors are to how I ( we?) feel about ourselves. In one place there was a VERY flattering full length mirror which made me feel great, in another the whole wall opposite the bed ( not quite sure why but I could guess….) have a much more realistic picture, and I spent the whole time we were there feeling fat and fed up. Now we are in a place with no mirrors ( except in the bathroom – face only ..) and I feel fine again. BIG lesson there. I don’t think I’m in denial, but I hate disliking my body.

    Day 24 — 16:8

    Yesterday turned into a WF day, unexpectedly. Was easy enough with donuts, bbq (not a favourite of mine) and gas station junk food or a fast food stop was all that was available. Lots of lifting and cleaning kept my activity up, even if no time for formal exercise.

    We have the day off today! Yay. I sit here in my spotless living room, next to a sleeping, beautiful, contented cat, reading a good book and drinking coffee. DH and I will prepare ourselves a nice brunch and relax together this afternoon.

    Emotionally, I am all over the place and somewhat struggling but little can be done about that today except try to sink into the lazy calm I hope for and am aiming for this day.

    I send good thoughts and well wishes to all.

    Day 24 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    This morning, I weighed 142.2 which is almost the 141.8 I weighed after my 65 hour WF. To say I was startled doesn’t cover it, LOL! I didn’t think I’d eaten so little yesterday, but clearly, I did eat little. I’m thankful for that, as I’ve already had a cinnamon roll (for brunch), and will have lasagna (for dinner at a gathering for 10 of us tonight), and am working hard to talk myself into swerving dessert. So, any progress I made yesterday will be so helpful to compensate for my food sins today! 😁😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    I bought some pills yesterday (vitamins, etc) billed as effective for leg and foot cramps, and we put a second quilt on our bed, and I only had two tiny cramps before I fell asleep, so perhaps it truly was just a case of coolth. My fingers are crossed!

    @northgeorgia Isn’t it funny how our bodies just suddenly lose and just as abruptly gain weight? You’ll shoot back down, I’m certain–probably at the same time I shoot back up! 😂🤣

    @emma-taylor Wow, that’s insightful…and very true for me as well, and, I suspect, for many if not all of us. So what do we do with such insight?

    @mariaelena I hope your afternoon has been calm and lovely and exactly what you’re longing for.

    Outside, it’s raining, the wind has been blowing steadily, the leaves on the trees I can see are almost all yellow, and it’s a wonderful contrast to the warmth of inside, with a burning cinnamon-scented candle, surrounded by family I love. And, I must add, sitting on a butt that’s not as large as it used to be!!!!!! (That’s the best, right?)

    Okay, with that, I’m signing off. See you all Monday morning!

    Day 25, FD, Aus

    Day 25 and we’re only 5 pages of posts into the month? We’re certainly not as chatty a bunch as we once were.

    I don’t log in over the weekend so it’s always nice to come in on a Monday and read all the (good) news: @stitchincarol, @northgeorgia – great new figures there. And fabulous re the rediscovery of your wedding video, @mariaelena – glad something positive came out of your interaction with the in-laws. I did enjoy your mirror story, @EmmaTaylor – I can see the revised Air BnB ads now: beautiful home in Sicily complete with flattering mirror!

    Day 25 NFD country west Australia
    Wow this month has certainly disappeared.😳😳
    I have not been as diligent with reading and posting as I had hoped but trying to make it count from now on! 🤞
    I always find I do better when I post daily and read the journey others are on.
    Life has been unbelievably hectic but am trying to prioritise my health with 5:2 at least until Christmas and then into 2022.
    Have maintained so it’s not a disaster but could be better!
    @penz, how is it finally being out of lockdown??
    Hi to all. Onward and downward.🙂

    second post after a lightning quick read of some of the posts…
    @babs_b I hope you cat is OK. Pets/furry family members are so loving and forgiving.🤞
    @mariaelena, so sorry to hear about your MIL…. It does make one wonder why some people act the way they do ?
    As to clutter and ‘ stuff’…. We have lived in our current house for 30 years plus. I keep telling my husband that I am going to move out – not because I am going anywhere but I seem to need a reason to clear things out. I’m not exactly a hoarder but…. the next closest thing😔I still have receipts from things I bought in 1990!!! Just in case….
    @songbirdme, good to hear from you and to know that it IS possible to get to one’s desired weight and it IS possible to maintain.😀
    @brightonbelle, how did the kimchi turn out? I went to a Farmers’ Market on Saturday and bought some Caraway seed sauerkraut which is delicious.

    Day 25, U.K. – FD

    October seems to be a month of festivities and celebrations for me, not to mention my holidays.

    Whilst I am not for a second decrying all of the wonderful opportunities to get together with friends & family this month, it is making fasting difficult!

    So I start this week feeling a bit F8T & bloated… I must try really hard on my NFDs this week!

    I can only fit in 2 x FDs this week abd it isn’t enough for me to lose weight!

    @stitchincarol – I loved your story about the packet of butter!!!! Just brilliant!
    Your story bears out all the Bulletproof theories – they just use oil instead of butter ! A little more portable and easier to store! 😄

    BTW, You might want to consider that there are at least NINE forms of magnesium and yet most magnesium pills only supply one it at best three of those …

    Mag citrate
    Mag malate
    Mag oxide
    Mag carbonate
    Mag phosphate
    Mag chelate
    Mag bis-glycinate
    Mag l-threonate
    Mag orotate

    There are only a couple of full spectrum magnesium supplements out there … I know “Magnesium Breakthrough “ is one of them.

    Anyway glad you’re cramps are now coming under control… 😅

    Congratulations on your amazing WFs and EVEN MORE congratulations on your weight loss! 🥂🥂🎈🎈🎉🎉

    @mariaelena – so glad to hear that at last you have a treasured copy of your wedding video 😍

    @northerndawn – I’m so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful holiday. Welcome back 🙂

    @emma Taylor – I’m totally with you on mirrors! Can be either depressing or inspiring…. Such a tightrope we walk!

    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @emma-taylor – I totally get the mirror situation. A while ago I was trying something on in a store changing room, where they have multiple mirrors & you see yourself from angles you wouldn’t normally. I was mortified. It put me on a downer for a couple of days. Not because I thought I looked fat; just… old! I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

    I’m changing my FDs this week to Tues/Sat, but sending RESOLVE vibes to today’s fasters 🎯

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍏

    Day 25 UK FD

    So what I’m doing at the mo is fine for maintenance- which I guess is an improvement for the last few months where I’ve been gaining but not enough for weight loss so I’m going to set new targets for November in the meantime hoping for a good last week

    Kimchi still in its early fermentation stage , should be able to taste in a week or so thanks @lilymartin

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍏

    Day 25 Ragusa Sicily

    Just thinking about the mirror topic – do you remember when changing rooms were communal? Whose idea was that!!!!! It’s bad enough trying on clothes which you might not look quite perfect in, without doing it in front of other people, some of whom appear gorgeous….Thank goodness those have gone.

    Off to Ragusa Ibla today – we went to Scicli on the train a couple of days ago. Amazing journey. And stunning town. Hang on. I might be able to add a link.

    Day 25 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 217 lbs. I took a little salt yesterday evening to complement my WFD. I read that WFs more than 24 hours should include some electrolytes, particularly salt, to help kidney function and stay hydrated.

    Tomorrow will be my next FD, and should do another one this week — maybe Saturday? If not, that’s OK. Friday will be a day off, so I may stay busy that day and maybe just do OMAD. We’ll see.

    Broke my fast this morning with avocado, lime, and banana. Trying some online advice to see if it settles my tummy. I seem to have issues within a couple of hours of breaking my water fasts. I also heard salt at the end of your water fast can help prepare you for the next NFD.

    Got to run. Happy week to all!

    Day 25 – Rural Nebraska, USA – OMAD

    We had a lovely time at our friends’ last night, I ate WAY too many carbs, slept like a log, and woke up at 145.6 lbs. Yuck, LOL! My contribution to dinner last night was a huge tossed green salad, and there’s plenty left for DH and me both to have a huge salad tonight, perhaps with shrimp and/or eggs for protein, so that will help overcome the damage of yesterday. It was sure a lovely evening and a lovely meal, however!

    @penz We also are missing many of our regulars…I keep hoping to see them back; I miss them!

    @lily-martin Well done on maintaining while you wait to start another downward path; that truly is tough, so you have every reason to feel some pride.

    @high5 Thanks for the information on magnesium. I tried to replace my Magnesium Citrate on Saturday, and there wasn’t any on the shelf, but I did find at least four other kinds, so I’d already learned there were lots! I’ll keep my eye out for “Magnesium Breakthrough” and may even simply search it out.

    @emma-taylor, Nope have no recollection of changing rooms ever being communal, thank goodness, LOL! And what a delightful video you linked for us; thanks so much!

    @northgeorgia Nice weigh-in, but bummer on the continued tummy issues!

    I’ve finally begun sewing down the binding on the quilt I finished and had quilted way back in June. Even with AC on, our summers are far too hot to be buried under a quilt while sewing down the binding, so this final step has had to wait until now. So I’ll do some hand sewing today, and some tidying (there’s always tidying…), and just have a wonderfully relaxed day after a long stretch of busy-busy-busy. It should be glorious!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

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