October 2017 31 day challenge.

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October 2017 31 day challenge.

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  • LindaSue take care and keep hydrated. My daughters and I all have low blood pressure but we keep hydrated and don’t faint. The last time I fainted I took my cholesterol pills and drink wine not so much afterwards as it was New Year’s Eve and fainted.

    Day 30, NFD
    Better late than never for checking in. Tomorrow will be a FD

    Day 31 – FD Brisbane. Australia

    Finishing off the month with a Fast day. Do we weigh tomorrow for our end of October challenge or do we record our weight today (31st)?? Please tell me it is tomorrow? Our Anniversay weekend away did a little damage and I am hoping to rectify that by fasting today.
    Some great (honest) posts lately…thanks everyone. Good to know we all face similar challenges when it comes to food.
    @flourbaby we could be related. I love breads, buns, cakes etc. I love to bake, then I love to eat what I bake. Generally if I bake now I bake for a specific occasion where I know it will all be eaten quickly.
    @at Happy Anniversary to you both. Congratulations on 37 years.


    Day 31 – Japan – NFD 80.6kg

    Another easy fast day. My body seems to be more adjusted to fasting now. I was worried about fasting after being sick for a few weeks, but my body seems to remember better than my mind.

    Thanks for the additional support with my daughter woes. We caught things before they went too far, which is good. Tension between mother is daughter is hard on me. I’ve been using the few minutes I get alone with my daughter to explain to her about teenage boys and what really successful men end up looking for. As a young teen I want her focused on learning and finding what she likes, not just being driven by her emotions. It is so shocking how much different teenage girls are from teenage boys. I had some rough times with my son too when he was a young teen, but they were totally different. I could handle him and knew exactly what he was feeling. With my daughter it much harder to understand her.

    Day 31 | Sydney Australia | NFD

    After 4 600-calorie fasting days in a row last week I came down with a really unpleasant throat infection. Hopefully unrelated.

    I got some antibiotics yesterday and they have gone to work very quickly. I’ll be right to start November off with a couple of successful fasting days (hopefully).

    Well done to everyone who has achieved their goals in October!!!

    Day 31, Norway, NFD

    Happy Halloween. Trying to stay out of the candybucket tonight!!

    Well, im actually pleased with my weight even though im at least 400grams/0.88lbs above my goal of this month. I ended up at 86.3 (190.25lbs) and my goal was to see the number 85 (187)…oh well, could have been worse 🙂 I think i did good anyway. And i want to keep on going. I forgot to do my measurements last night, they have got to have improved, i almost wore a thight black sweater to work today..lol…

    Congratulations to everybody reaching their goal, or who otherwise still are happy with their result, and hope to see everybody in November Challenge. Also so nice to see new ones coming in all the time 🙂

    Day 31 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -FD B2B
    October goal: 140lbs
    Current weight : 142.2lbs

    Tomorrow is official weigh in, measure up, take stock day. I still have 2.2lbs (up from my low of 141.7 on Saturday ☹️) to eradicate before tomorrow so today will be a liquid only FD. As it’s Halloween my darling husband has been assigned trick or treat duty at the door while I will spirit myself away from all the fun size chocolate treats and do something useful instead 😄

    Yesterday’s FD went well though. Funny how now I really do not miss breakfast, nor 10am snack, nor oftentimes lunch, but I do look forward to evening FD meal. However, it’s the final straight to the finish line so early to bed tonight with no supper and await the big weigh in. 😉

    So exciting 🍾….because tomorrow evening we have decided to have a celebration meal in our local restaurant to celebrate me reaching October goal (hopefully), but more than that, me now fitting into some size 10 clothing and losing 23.3lbs so far. Yes, it’s all about me ha ha 😂

    Best wishes everybody on the last day. We have got this. Together we roll on, stronger and better.

    FD 6 UK
    Planning a FD today.
    Yesterday Was FD. It is Getting easier. I had terrible headache around midday at work but managed to get through and had an early evening meal.
    But then could not stop and nibbled throughout .
    Planning to keep busy today and try out a FD B2B

    Day 31 UK NFD

    I am ending the month five pounds down from the last day of last month so that is good even if I haven’t quite reached my goal of 150 lbs. I still have until the 9th if it is going to happen. I am beginning to suspect part of why I bounced back up is that I added muscle from all the walking which is of course heavier than the fat I lost. My trousers are looser, even the smallest ones. I really don’t have much fat left to loose although I will hopefully lose a bit more weight from reabsorbing more loose skin. It seems to be going quite well, or at least could be a lot worse when you consider how big I was.

    Yesterday was a madly busy day and I didn’t even think about eating. I took in another 9 rabbits bringing the total up to 99. The poor things are really thin and are the survivors of generations of interbreeding having just been left in a cage to get on with it. Then moved it their cage and stuck in an outhouse like a piece of abandoned furniture when their owner was evicted with no food or water or anything except each other to keep them warm. I know the woman had a lot to worry about but treating them like a box of unwanted toys… anyway having heard about them I knew I had to take them even if they have to live in temporary accommodation here for a while it will be far better than that. They already look happier and the males have been separated out. By pure luck only one cage had males left in it, so there are only two who might be pregnant. And the potential Dad looks to only just have reached maturity. Obviously all the adult males died somehow. I have to hope the young fellow still wasn’t fertile. Or at least that his sister wasn’t mature enough. Sadly his mum is the one most likely to be pregnant by him. They only take a month to produce a litter so by the end of November we will know. It is quite hard to tell if they are pregnant until the last week. Must get on…

    Thanks to Saffy420 for hosting this month:)

    Day 31/CD 16:8/Melbourne Australia

    Thank you @saffy for hosting. Sorry I haven’t been very active lately. I’ll post my final weight tomorrow.

    Good luck everyone on a successful final day .

    Day 31, Newcastle UK, FD

    Halleluyah! I managed a good fast day yesterday of only, wait for it………333 calories. And surprise, surprise, I had no problems at all. Whatsoever. Why? Because I told myself very firmly yesterday morning that:

    “Discipline, not desire determines your destination” – thanks @aljomisaza and
    “Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind, change your body” – thanks @at

    What have I learnt this month:

    1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. B2B FDs Monday/Tuesday, 500 cals worked for me right up until the new 800 cals rule was introduced. Stick to what works.
    2. Stop thinking of this WOL as a weight loss diet. Remember it’s about the health benefits and weight eradication is a benefit. Focus on the health and the results will follow. For the last month in particular, focussing on a goal figure is proving very counter-productive for me.

    Final weigh-in tomorrow after what I know will be another successful FD today. Looking forward to a far more positive November now that my head is back in the right place.

    “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” – Confucius (551-479 BC), philosopher

    Day 31 – UAE – NFD
    Day 30 – UAE – FD
    Day 29 – UAE – NFD
    Day 27 – UAE – NFD (weigh-in 89.3)
    Day 26 – UAE – FD
    Day 25 – UAE – NFD
    Day 24 – UAE – NFD
    Day 23 – UAE – FD
    Day 22 – UAE – NFD
    Day 21 – UAE – NFD
    Day 20 – UAE – NFD (weigh-in 89.3)

    Sorry for not posting for a while. I Hope everyone is doing well.

    Day 31, London UK, FD

    So, it’s a FD to round off the month and I’ll be lucky to break even this month, just looking at my weekly diary, I’ve had the following bouncy-bouncy weeks -2 lbs; +7 lbs (what??!!); -4 lbs, +3 lbs, so I’m not optimistic about tomorrow’s final weigh-in!!!! I will post tomorrow morning with my results, good or bad!!! My hormones are playing havoc at the moment as well as my inability to LEAVE THE CAKE ALONE!!!!

    I seem to have collected a host of new relatives ( @lilymartin , @basyjames, @aljomisaza , also made from flour!!!! (or wine) I guess that’s why we’re here, clearly we all LOVE cake, but, alas, cake is NOT our friend ………..…………….. I still love it though!!

    Yeah for you @daffodil2010, congrats on the size 10’s and yes………….. it is ALL about you!!!!

    @strawberriesandcream, I’m with you on the 800cals, I wish I had never heard of it, 500 was going swimmingly, then 800 appeared on the horizon…….. Hello “any excuse to eat more”………… I know myself well enough to know strict, rigid, no deviation works for my brain ‘cause “just a little more” triggers an eating avalanche……… not pretty!!!

    Anyway I’m looking forward to getting back on track in November, Thanks again Saffy420 for October.

    @jessyoursize 2 months dry is enough for anyone, I managed September easily and joined you for Sober October after week 1, although I thought about joining @bigviking & @missybear for No-Booze November(?), I fear I would launch myself off that particular wagon somewhere about Day 3!!!!

    @coda, @lynzm, @happymargo I hope you guys are keeping on keeping on !!!

    @brightonbelle, still thinking of you and your sister sending positive vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Onward to November!!!!

    Day 31……..Florida…… controlled I hope.

    Wow the last day of the month….. time flies when your having fun!
    I’m down 1 lb for the month. Weigh loss is at a very slow crawl being where I’m at. I think it might be time to set a goal weight. I’m thinking it can’t be a wait and see type of thing anymore.

    @ flour baby…. it sure does sound like we are writing the same life book, many of the same reasons I can’t do diets either was my own self. I felt as if traditional diets didn’t help change my circumstances nor my thoughts it just told me I had to do this and that no exceptions, but 5:2 and this forum has taught me to be who I am, what food wise doesn’t work for me and how to listen to my body. So, this is my life now!
    Congrats to you, my friend! Nov. here we come!

    @dykask…… teenage relationships are so new to them, navigating can be difficult.
    I tell my boys all the time…. that in life we dig a series of holes. Who stands with us is strictly determined by how much they are going to help dig. The people who are willing to dig and work as hard as you are the ones to keep, the one standing outside yelling for us to hurry are the one we ignore and the ones who get in but watch are ones we leave standing as we dig further. True love can only be found as the hole widens and we look around and see who helped when you chiseled through the solid rock, wiggled through the roots, helped you when you thought you couldn’t go any farther. Your true love is the one who is standing at your back holding you up!

    Okay well I must be off! I don’t have a Nov.ending yet!

    I saw a little stiletto of a man, he’s on the loose, he’s on the loose carrying a can of fandango!

    Day 31 Halloween 🎃 NFD/cd

    Feeling great after my fast day. Slept like a log, think I’m getting used to fasting again as I used to find it hard to sleep but not last night. Not feeling hungry so just going to see how long I can go with out. At softplay,my friend has just bought me a slice of shortbread with chocolate bits, not even tempted think 💭I’ll keep it for later and push on through, have a good day x

    It’s hard to believe that this month has passed. It’s been a good one for me. The liquid fast seemed to do the job and I’ve currently a loss of 4.5lbs, which I’m delighted with. Fasting today to try to lose one more lb. I hadn’t really set an overall goal, but caught sight of myself in the mirror, and was disappointed by my waistline. So I’m going to try for a 4lb loss in November, which considering I’m off on holiday on Friday for a week is a big ask. We’ll see.

    @camcd I shall check out that app. Thanks for the heads up.
    @jarbia keeping everything crossed for your OH’s results.
    @flourbaby – EFS – ha! I did that well at the weekend including 2, yes TWO, packets of wine gums (2 for £1 in a pound shop) a Danish pastry and an ice cream. 🙁
    @mogaman – I’m off to Athens on Friday and looking to your good example ……
    @lindasue – scary stuff indeed! Hope your better now. 👍and I loved your quote.
    @aljomisaza – whenever it suits. Why do you think there are so many B2Bs these last two days? I’ll certainly be posting tomorrow to wring out the last ounce!

    Remaining strong in my B2B

    Keep your eyes on the prize everyone!

    Day 31, Emden Germany, NFD

    Starting weight: 52,5 kg, final weight: 52,1 kg, maintained to stay under 54 kg, so my 6th month on maintemance went well but my weight is getting too low. Will do 6:1 from now on.

    @saffy420 thank you for taking the lead this month!

    @jessyoursize and the others on the Planks-Challenge. The planks went fine, doing 7 minutes planks twice a day.

    Congratulations to everyone who lost weight or maintained, but also congratulations to the ones that didn’t lose any weight, struggled or gained weight, the most important is you didn’t give up and stayed with it. This WOL isn’t just about weight loss, it’s also about living a healthier life, both physically and mentally.

    Because of work/time issues I won’t participate in challenges anymore, my best wishes to everyone and take care!

    Day 31, CFD, US

    Happy Halloween – stay strong in resisting those delish treats. Reeses Pieces are my temptation but I plan to give them all away.

    Roll on November.

    Day 31 – USA (IL) NFD

    Congratulations to all of you who have lost or maintained this month! YES! This truly is a WOL at whatever stage you find yourself. Those of us on maintenance know full well that we don’t want to go back to the heavy selves we once were.

    @saffy – thanks so much for your time and effort hosting us this month!

    @lindasue – whew, that is scary indeed. I’m also one with low blood pressure who is careful not to get dehydrated. Did that once and fainted at supper, ended up in the emergency room the evening after I gave blood. I had donated that morning and did not start hydrating before as well as after the donation.

    Yes, I give blood again this morning (my 8-week regulation donation). I’ve already started extra beverages.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 31 FD UK

    I’m back on the Fds after spending last week at the grandchildrens’ house. I’m pleased to say that I did not gain much and am therefore hoping tomorrow’s weigh in will see me back to where I was the week before. I reached my goal that week (3 pounds down) so want to finish the month with my my goal still achieved.

    Day 31 Akron OH FD. I can’t believe October is over. We had another great month and I want to thank you @saffy420 for hosting us this month.
    I second your sentiments @stnowflake56 the point of our WOL is to keep going; win, lose, maintain, or struggling. Just stick with it and reap the benefits of a healthier way of eating.

    My starting weight and ending weight are essentially the same. While I am at a normal BMI for my size, I did want to drop below 150 because I have never been at that weight in my life. However like someone once said on this forum that would have been a vanity loss, if I can even call it that, because at 151 pounds I had almost nothing going on chest-wise. The girls fled as the fat melted, so this is actually a better size for me 🙂

    I will see you all (I hope) on the other side.
    My best to you

    Day 31, Gozo Malta, fd

    I’m 66.7 kilos this morning up by 0.2 kilos for this month.

    Reset and fd today too.

    Thanks Saffy for hosting the October challenge.

    Onwards and downwards, have a great Wednesday everyone.

    Day 31 Wales NFD

    Happy Halloween and Congratulations to everyone who has completed the October Challenge, @saffy420 thanks for hosting.

    Did my monthly weigh in this morning:
    1st Oct weight 144.6 pounds
    Oct goal 142 pounds
    Weight this morning 141.6 pounds.

    So, onwards and downwards and a brand new monthly challenge begins tomorrow.

    Day 31 – USA – NFD

    @big_bill, feel better! @daffodil2010, congrats on your 23.3 loss and new size 10 clothing! Have fun at your dinner! @Strawberriesandcream, I too have to fight not justifying 800 cals “just because”. For me, it’s there as an emergency store of calories just in case I go over 500, but I try to plan for only 500 on FDs. @taraga, was wondering where you were! Glad to hear from you again! @louis05, good for you, resisting shortbread! @debster251, great dispatch of 4.5 lbs this month, congrats and have fun in Athens! @snowflake56, please peek in once in a while to say hello; we will miss you! @saffy420, thanks so much for taking care of all of us in October! @jessyoursize, thank you for taking care of us in November!

    Day 31 – 🇬🇧- NFD

    Happy Halloween 🎃

    @annemarilyn 🇺🇸 LBD is little black dress…lived your guess though!!!!

    Day 31 – SW WA USA – NFD

    After a successful LFD yesterday, I ended the month at 198.4 lbs; down from 204.2 for a total of 5.8. Maybe finally moving off the plateau since April when I hit 197.2 for one day.

    @daffodil2010 – hooray for progress! Glad you’ll be celebrating.

    @debster251 – 4.5 lbs gone – Yay!

    @saffy420 – thank you so much for hosting October!

    Day 31 – ABQ – NFD

    I am going to try to make today a CD, but it is halloween and the candy is calling my name. It is the beginning of the potlucks, sweet treats, and food gifts time of year again. I am aiming to be strong, which is why I choose to host NOV. It’s a lot easier to be “good” when you are a “leader” (at least thats how its been since having my kiddo).

    Looking forward to kicking Nov off tomorrow with a FD!

    Thank you @saffy420 for hosting this month’s challenge!

    @snowflake – we will miss you! I too have been keeping strong with the plank challenge, though these last few days have been kinda hard since I hurt my wrist moving furniture over the weekend, but that’s what elbow planks are for 😀

    Last day October NZ NFD

    I did not reach my goal this month as I had a long vacation with good friends, food and wine!
    I’m okay with it as November is here and I am ready to refocus.
    Thanks @saffy420 for hosting this months challenge-

    Day 31 – Cumbria UK – 2nd B2B FD

    Went for a lovely walk wit h my usual Tuesday group and enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey tea whilst others had milky coffee and some even had scones……but I held firm 😇The place we went for coffee do make some of the best scones around here and they are huge!! I kept telling myself “I can have one next time”!

    And to add to the punishment I have a Chocolate Beetroot cake in the oven and it smells wonderful…….so I have logged onto here to keep strong and in control with a cup of tea to keep me going. I will get to have a slice of that cake tomorrow as it is for the group I volunteer at – one of the volunteers has just turned 60 and this cake was her request, I have never made one before and am following a recipe out of Delicious magazine.

    I have an extra yoga class this evening (one of my catchup classes) and I am very glad of this as it will help keep me focused.

    @songbirdme – this pocket wino just loves her wine too much to go dry completely BUT I do dry weekdays sometimes if I feel I have been overindulging a bit – like all things in life it is about finding a balance 😉I’ll make sure I stock up my wine supply promptly 😄
    @annemarilyn – I did a very similar FD on Day 30 to you – lots of cups of tea with a dash of skimmed milk and water and a bowl of Covent Garden Slow Roast Tomato soup (low cal and delicious 350mls for 98cals!!) for dinner giving me a total of 158cal for the day
    @mogaman – great job – I so agree with you – I follow the 80:20 rule – “It’s OK to give in to cravings every now and then. Losing weight and keeping it off means balance, not going without treats for the rest of your life”
    @lindasue – 🤗take care of yourself dear friend – make sure you are eating and drinking enough xx BTW some great quotes from you recently
    @aljomisaza – Oh Yes you definitely weigh in tomorrow for the end of this month’s challenge – otherwise what is the point of doing a B2B FDs to see the challenge out……..🤣It gives you your hopefully lowest weight and a good start for the next challenge!!! PS Thank you for your good wishes xx
    @daffodil2010 – what’s not to celebrate – ENJOY with no guilt
    @fatrabbit – 👍you never cease to amaze me – what a great journey you have had and are still having – a great inspiration to all – might need to get some smaller trousers before they fall off you 😉
    @taraga – good to hear you are still with us and still fasting
    @louis05 – great job on resisting that slice of shortbread with chocolate bits – as you say you can have it tomorrow if you still feel like it…..
    @snowflake56 – stay healthy and fit – we shall miss you on these challenges but if you can pop in to say hello and let us know if all is good with you – you will be in my thoughts – Hope the S does not affect you again (((HUGS))))
    @coda, @lynzm, @happymargo @brightonbelle – hope to hear from you all soon – wishing you strength and happiness and you are all in our thoughts here – if you feel able pop in to say hello and let us know how you are xx

    Huge congratulations to those who lost weight small or large; achieved their goals for the month or have successfully maintained 👏
    To those who seem stuck on a plateau, just think of it this way -“When you get to a plateau, think of it as a landing on the stairway to your goal. And maintenance is a lifelong plateau, so a bit of “rehearsal” for maintenance isn’t the worst thing in the world” 😇
    To those who have struggled or even put some weight back on – Tomorrow is the start of a new challenge – Let us all move forward together “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow” 🤗

    @saffy420 – Thank you for hosting this month’s challenge 💐are for you with a big 🤗 See you in November xx

    Day 31 California FD

    I don’t normally do B2B fast days but I’ve gone overboard on several NFDs this month and haven’t made much progress. This photo of an entry in the Pumpkin Decorating Contest from my sister’s office pretty well illustrates a couple of my NFDs: https://imgur.com/a/mHai9 😁

    @lindasue, sorry to hear about your fainting spells. That can be scary. I never fainted, but had some lightheaded episodes back a couple months ago. I had been taking 2 different kinds of blood pressure meds that I slowly cut down on and eventually eliminated as I was losing weight. I think I didn’t stop quickly enough. It’s nice to be off of the meds, thanks to 5:2.

    @saffy420, thank you for hosting this months challenge!

    @annemarilyn, congrats on the great weight loss for this month. Job well done!

    Day 31, USA, Missouri Ozarks, FD

    Hello all, thanks for the kindness. I am fine, have had fainting spells ( vasovagal syncope) my entire life. I remember being a little girl, fainted in my bedroom and cracked my head against my dresser – covered the bump with my bangs and didn’t tell my mom so I wouldn’t have to miss school. Fainted once when the dentist tipped the chair back, have felt dizzy even changing light bulbs if my head gets bent a certain way. I have learned to adjust over the years but once in a while – down I go ! I have always had low blood pressure (averages about 80/50 with a pulse in the 40s.) Used to also have hypoglycemia (reading was about 58 or so) but it has stabilized the last few years at about 75 and that seems okay.

    Thanks again. Everything is going fine, food, liquids, exercise !

    Well, group, we made it another month. It is really true that the older one gets the faster time flies by. Makes me rather melancholy to think that there aren’t a whole lot of months and years left that I will see – as opposed to those that have already slipped through the hands of time.

    My best to you all.

    The final weight for this month is the morning of Nov. 1st, right? That takes today (Oct 31st) into account.

    Final way in:
    Happy to report my weight has stabilised at 57.6kg after months of 1 kg rebound. I think that’s a loss of 500gm but I cannot access the spreadsheet on my iPad to check. It keeps crashing. This makes it 2 years and 6 months of successfully maintaining under goal weight. I love this WOL.

    Looking forward to dispatching a few kgs of excess baggage before Christmas along with new and old friends in November.

    Dry Oktoberites – I made it! I’m delighted to say I have no desire to break free today. Definitely won’t commit to dry November but plan to obstain during the week. No firm commitment though. I just don’t want to revert to a nightly 1/2 bottle and more and the threat of the overeating snack dragon.

    Good morning all, and thanks for sharing. I’m hopping over to November to start a new month. Hope to see you all there and a few old friends @okeydokey @coda @ciren @happymargo and @brightonbelle …?

    Day 31 Madeira holiday day 😁
    Getting heavier by the hour 😕😭😎
    5 days to the Caribbean. Hope you all did well in October. I’ll join November’s challenge when I’m home.

    Day 31 – McMinnville Oregon USA – NFD
    Happy Halloween 👻☠️🎃
    This should have been a FD but couldn’t swing it.
    I’m ending the month at the same weight I started. Thank goodness I can reset tomorrow.

    Day 31, FD

    Hello everone day 31 nfd, as has everyday for the last week or so.

    So so sorry I have not been posting (maybe someone noticed 🙁) very busy at work, which I can’t complain about, and not able to check in as usual or read posts. When I came home I just couldn’t get the energy. Went through a very difficult time. I think I was very naive regarding the time it would take to heal and got a bit down about it. Off course i did what I shouldn’t and that was not reading and not posting no matter how bad it was. If anyone would understand one of you would.

    So my foot still swells like a bap (A big one) right up my leg unless I lie with it raised. I got the pin out and had my first physio last Thursday. I drove myself for first time on Sunday (manual gears) so needed to make sure I could work the pedals. So I guess I’m moving in the right direction and there is progress. Then i feel guilty as there are ones going through much worse than me and on it goes. But at the moment I call my foot a hobbit foot tho I’m hoping it will start to look more like mine soon.

    Twin 2 moved out last Friday and twin 1 booked his Flight to NZ leaving Feb next year for his big adventure. He has a 12 month visa so hoping to work, rest and play. So many emotions!

    I will catch up on all everyone’s news but I hope all are doing well. I see in recent posts there is a November challenge so I’m glad they are carrying on. I will sign up and I’ll continue with this wol – what is the alternative? Tho I will confess to sugar,snack, wine, perfectionism and totally out of control dragons being unleashed and causing possibly weeks if not months worth of damage. Not back in their cages yet but a work in progress. So sorry again for going AWOL ❤ to everyone who have kept the challenges going strong and being here Liz x

    Day 31, Mountaintop PA USA, NFD

    Last day of October and Halloween! Only had one group in our small neighborhood. Grandmom, daughter and her 3 teenage boys and one girlfriend. Family grew up two houses up street. Made our holiday! Still lots of candy for the grandchildren when they come for Thanksgiving.

    Happy to report one more pound missing this month. Third month of maintenance. Aim for 2 FD’s per week but sometimes only one. Way below what I thought was my goal at 142 lbs. Am enjoying taking clothes to the dressmaker for altering and shopping for size 10’s and 8’s (US sizing). Good stuff goes on eBay and others are donated.

    Will reach my 1 year anniversary with Fast 5:2 mid November. Started to help DH learn and lose at suggestion of our daughter. I was comfortable with my 35 pound loss over 3 years from walking with my Fitbit. 16 pounds later I am astonished at the power of fasting and walking every day.

    I eat nutrition rich foods beginning with a protein waffle topped with fresh berries and fruit for breakfast and a delicious dinner including lean meat (once a week), fish, pork and vegetables for dinner. FD’s are 800 calories or less and NFD’s are less than 1500. Sugar treats are just that, now and then. Low carb, high fat yogurt, some butter and a cocktail and wine part of the program. All things in moderation.

    Thank you to every forum poster for sharing. I have been participating or 10 months. The reinforcement of this WOL is powerful. November will be awesome.

    Final weigh in – Ireland 🇮🇪
    October goal: 140lbs
    Current weight: 140.5lbs

    Yay. That pesky half a pound don’t bother me none. Made it through October challenge. See you all in November ☺️

    Newcastle UK. Final figures for October:

    Started 141.4lbs
    Finished 135.2lbs
    Eradicated 6.2lbs

    Ironically that’s only .1lb lower than I’d attained on 6th October after a successful first week. Then complacency and lack of self discipline set in big time. Fortunately, the good old basic 5:2 routine has saved the day and I’m very happy with my final result following an excellent B2B FD. Finished yesterday on 450 cals.

    Looking forward to a grrrrrreat November. Thanks again @saffy420 for your sterling work herding us through October. Onwards and downwards!

    Final weigh in Nov 1st
    Starting weight 240lbs
    Finishing weight 238.2lbs
    So nearly 2lbs gone. Not as much as I hoped but given the commuting probably better than I expected.
    Off to join the November challenge.
    Yesterday was a NFD as will today be,

    Final weigh in… no change from the start of the month. Not disappointed though as I can feel from my clothes and see in the mirror I have definitely lost weight and I have incorporated far more exercise which has made me feel so much better about life! Well done to everyone for completing the month

    Final October weigh-in,

    So I’ve managed to reacquire a couple of pounds!!! It’s disheartening, but not unexpected as there HAS been cake, biscuits, crisps and sweets galore over the last couple of weeks, followed by B2B2Bs to reset. Well that can only work so many times before the damage is permanent!!! I kind of lost sight of why I join these challenges and would sit munching & catching up on posts instead of being suitably inspired to STOP eating!!! I only missed 2 FDs, but the NFDs did enough!!!
    Start weight October 1st – 159.6lbs
    End weight November 1st – 161lbs, I wish I could blame the red wine, but no, it was ALL cake!!!!

    @debster251, If I had it in me, I would demolish all wine gum factories, but being the frugal type I would have to eat all the contents first, ‘waste not, want not’ (that saying alone, is responsible for at least 2 extra inches)!!!

    See you all in November, thanks again Saffy420!!!!

    Final weigh in 131lb (59.4kg) a loss of 5lb. I also managed to complete a Sober October and stayed sweet free.

    Thank you @saffy420 for hosting the challenge and thanks to all of you who posted here and helped keep me on track. A massive thank you to my husband too who helped me to stay alcohol free.

    Final weigh in 53.8kg/118.6lbs – Happy Maintenance continues (target was to stay below 55kg) – starting my 12th month soon as my first year anniversary in maintenance day is 7th December 💃

    @coda – You have been missed – great to read your post above and look forward to “seeing” you in the November challenge 🤗

    Great job to those who has dispatched some kg/lbs and to those who remain in happy maintenance. To those stuck on a plateau or even had a few pesky kg/lbs creep back on just remember “It’s not just about losing weight; It’s about losing the lifestyle and mind set that got you there”
    Steve Maraboli

    Thank you all for the support, advice and laughter over this past month – Thank you to @saffy420 for hosting November and looking after us all 💐🥂

    So, another month gone.
    Starting weight: 155.5
    End weight : 151.0
    Goal met and I bridged that 11-10stone watershed 👍
    This is my biggest weight loss for several months, but not even half an inch off that belly 🤔

    While I didn’t completely manage dry October, or the sweet enough challenge, I managed 20 days with no alcohol, no sweets, no scones, pastries, cakes… so I’m proud of myself.
    While I shan’t be going dry November, apart from my holiday, I intend not to eat sweet things and only drink one day per week.

    @snowflake56 – well done on your plank challenge and good luck for your future. We’ll miss your posts.Pop in if you get a moment and let us know how you are doing.
    @basyjames – your post made me chuckle😃

    A big thank you 💐💐 to Saffy420 for holding our hands over this last 31days and to Jessyoursize for taking over the whip!

    For all those fantastic losers, very well done. For those stuck on that dreaded plateau or climbing up the mountain again, take heart. This is a WOL not a race and the November challenge is here.


    “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose”

    Day 31 Sarasota, Florida NFD We’re in our road trip to FL so can’t fast yet. Today was my highest calorie day of the month with all restaurant food. I’m very close to my goal though so I’m not going down a slippery slope!

    @coda good to see your post. We missed you! Sorry your foot isn’t healing as quickly as you’d like. I’m sure once you become more mobile, the swelling will go down. Take care and hugs 🤗 to you.

    Made it through October without real gain — I consider maintenance at +/- 3 pounds. Morning weight today was 162.6# so will keep that as my beginning for November.

    It’s been grand, everyone — see you on November.

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