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  • Every night is a mini fast (that’s my understanding), so (minimally) how many hours overnight till you break fast? I do understand that you can stretch your overnight fast out. Can those hours be shifted around as long as I get minimum number of overnight fast hours in?

    Is the TDEE number the maximum number of calories that could/should be eaten on non-fast nights.

    Fast night is EZ to understand LOL

    trying to keep on top till I get an answer


    The best thing to do is invest in one of Michael Mosley’s books. It’ll answer all your questions and more.

    Good luck.

    I already have a revised & updated version of the Fast Diet (bought brand new from amazon LOL) from about 3 years ago. Maybe I’m dense but I can’t find that info.

    For me; there’s a lot of information that I’m not interested in, at least not at this time so it’s a long slog.

    The most important question; maybe you could answer it is the overnight fast – I heard somewhere a minimum of 12 hours.

    What plan are you following?
    5:2 you fast for two days and eat normally for five.(TDEE) A fast really consist of eating 500 calories for a woman and 600 calories for a man in a 36 hour period. So for example your last meal on a Monday is 6pm. On Tuesday you eat 500/600 the required number of calories, some have two small meals some have one large meal. On Wednesday you have breakfast at 6am. So you have consumed 500/600 calories in 36 hours.
    At the top of the page there is a ‘How it works tab’ give that a read.

    Fast 800 pasted.

    The New 5:2 Diet / Fast 800 Diet In a Nutshell
    Choose whether you want to fast-track your weight loss with the Fast 800 Diet or jump straight into the new 5:2.
    Boost the health benefits by eating within a restricted period of time. Start with 12-hour overnight fasts and increase to 16-hour fasts when you are ready.
    Eat no more than two to three meals per day and don’t exceed the 800-calorie limit. Use meal replacement shakes according to your preference.
    On your five non-fast days, eat healthy, low-carb meals inspired by the Mediterranean Diet. There is no need for calorie-counting, but keep the portion sizes small.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Doing the 5:2
    Great 12 – 16 hr overnight was the answer I was looking for. I have the rest of the plan down I believe. FYI I’m using My Fitness Pal as my calorie counter @ 2000 calories a day, which is a little smaller than the top TDEE # from this site.

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