not counting anymore! from a super calorie counter

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not counting anymore! from a super calorie counter

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  • Haha! I like this too. I love food from the Mediterranean region; it is tasty and full of things that me as a wannabe vegetarian can eat lots of (I do eat meat like once per week and then preferably chicken or turkey – I should eat more fish though but am just not very fond of it, unfortunately). I would be interested to see how someone on LCHF would react to some of these pieces of advice… I am sure they do not agree on everything :).

    I actually never counted calories since I started on 5-2. I do do rough calculations of course so I feel that I am well within the boundary of what is healthy on both fast days and feed days, but I never checked precisely how much I eat of everything. I am checking my weight every few weeks just to be sure it is not straying away in any direction. I have checked the blood once – after 6 months – and will then do it again in October just to check how it has all worked out over a year. That will suffice for me!

    Tobias Karlsson

    glad u liked it

    however, recent research 4 a type2diab

    i will go back 2 netcarb counting

    because a lowcarb mediterranean flexitarian vegan is better

    so i will compromise w/ carbcycling

    if u put fish in ur soups u will like it

    i do that 2 everyone who does not like fish

    hmmm this is good soup 🙂

    yes i still count @

    sigh once u have all the stats since march /13

    it’s hard 2 break that

    i’m glad u don’t have 2
    ur easy lifestyle is better

    this is not a computer glitch
    just checkmarking
    Notify me of follow-up replies via email
    u should all
    4 ur topics & replies

    however still counting

    don’t want 2 mess up my stats since 3/13

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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