Non fasting days….

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Non fasting days….

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  • Just started this diet after hearing great results from friends and colleagues

    Having a discussion with my wife and we need to understand what we can eat on non fasting days, some friends say they eat whatever and whenever they want, eating pizza, curry, chips, crisps, chocolate etc….

    Is this the case or do you have to stick to a certain amount of calories even on non fasting days?

    Any replies would be extremely helpful



    Hi Keith:

    You are confusing food being eaten with calories.

    5:2 is a calorie based diet. Two days a week you eat 5/600, and the remaining five you should eat your TDEE or below. Here is some information on TDEE:

    With 5:2, your calories can be all carbs, or all protein, or all fat, or any mixture of the three. You, however, may want to control what the mixture is.

    Good Luck!

    You should be sticking to your TDEE which you can calculate here

    You can eat whatever you want but if you want to make a long term difference to your health you probably want to moderate intake of the food you mention or at very least make healthier versions yourself.

    Good luck

    The problem is with the definition of eating what you want.

    Many of us have lost touch with eating enough so that you are satisfied, but not stuffed. The body will provide signals that you have had enough to eat, if you would listen to them.

    5:2 is not a license to eat without sense. Many can eat what the body needs without counting calories. Others have to teach the body what full is — it is a gradual process. Eating cakes, cookies and ice cream to the exclusion of good food — mostly veggies — is not a good way to treat your body. You would probably not lose weight eating junk food or desserts.

    Even if you don’t want to follow all the recommendations, the Fast Beach Diet has wonderful suggestions on getting a handle on the non fast day eating. I would recommend you purchase it. Chapter 4 has lots of invaluable information.

    Keithr10, it is possible to eat small amounts of the foods you mention on non-fasting days and still lose weight, but usually not possible to eat as much of them as you might be used to and still lose much weight.

    For example, I have lost 40 pounds in 40 weeks, going from a BMI of 26.9 to a BMI of 20.1, while still eating one scoop of ice cream three or four times a week and two slices of homemade pizza when my son makes it, as well as other occasional ‘treats’. One thing nice about 5:2 is that you don’t have to deny yourself any of your favorite foods (unless you have the unfortunate problem of uncontrollable bingeing on them). However, I do realize that, if I want to maintain my goal weight my average daily calorie consumption needs to be 1450 calories per day, so that is what I aim for, approximately, on non-fasting days. I like to think of the non-fasting days as ‘practice healthy eating at my goal weight TDEE’ days.

    I’d love to ask a question specifically of Mimi Spencer, or anyone who has experienced a similar starting and ending point in their 5:2 journey.

    I am a 26 y.o. woman with a BMI of 20. I’m 59 kg and 170 cm tall. I’m confused about what to eat, how much, and what exercise you (Mimi) did during your journey from 60 to 54 kg. I’ve always found it hard to shift the stubborn cellulite around my hips, glutes, and thighs. Really, to the point where I have begun to think it’s impossible to do in a healthy way! You seem to have done it quite well and I would love to know more about HOW you structured your routine, in particular what you ate on non fasting days. I have no trouble abstaining on a fast day but I really am struggling with the “eat what you like” on non fasting days. After years of calorie counting and restriction I really DO tend to eat whatever I want! Sometimes too much. 🙁

    Thanks for your support.

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